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Now America has seen how blacks and poor people are treated when it comes to JUSTICE IN America.
I have to admit – blacks see this kind of injustice on a DAILY and NIGHTLY BASIS.


You have many friends now – because your life was taken from you out of hatred.
I’m helping your Many Friends to SPEAK LOUDER than the haters, sensationalists,  glory hounds,
spot light seekers, instigators, crooked cops who are covering up as much as they can,
and those who are working to protect the ones who set your killer free.



Analyzing Rickey Stokes – the liar – More About The Shooting In Headland Where The Headland Officer Was Required To Use Deadly Physical Force

More About The Shooting In Headland Where The Headland Officer Was Required To Use Deadly Physical Force

Rickey Stokes

Posted by: RStokes
Date: Feb 04 2012 12:04 PM

HEADLAND:  Thursday night there was a candlelight vigil held in Headland in memory of Opatrick Fitzgerald Humphrey. Humphrey was shot and killed in Headland this week in an altercation with family, fire medics, and then police.

RSN covered the vigil with Matt being there. I was out of town and did not attend the vigil. I have spoken to Matt and read the comments made by media sources about the vigil.

My friend, Kenny Glasgow was quoted in one article as follows:

“She (Opatrick’s mother) called them and said ‘my son is schizophrenic, I’m having problems and I need ya’ll to come and take him to the hospital,’” the Rev. Kenneth Glasgow said at the vigil Thursday evening. “She didn’t say, ‘I need ya’ll to come kill him.’”


Why is there a need for a special notice ? Obviously he is justifying something. Brainwashing before you read what is about to come – this should be good.

“”If you have read this web site for any length of time, you will know that I support law enforcement at times, and at times I take issue with enforcement.””

hmmm .. I am sure it is a one sided affair – with this guy taking sides MORE WITH Law Enforcement than against.
I wonder if this guy is a right winger – because if he is ? I should stop reading the lies now, BUT ? I will continue for the sake of reading the spirits all over this logic.

“””You know that I will point out positive issues and negative issues, and have never backed away from any issue that was controversial.””

More brainwashing – this is not a good sign – more justifications for his actions to come.

“”I have challenged the Governor, Attorney General, and Gambling Task Force Czar. Chased the Gambling Task Force through air flight services in Dothan with a camera.””

Propaganda is getting pretty thick here.

“”Over the years I have taken law enforcement officers to task. Over the years I have taken law enforcement commanders to task.  It is not something I am proud of but something I felt was needed to be done.  As a result of evidence I uncovered, some law enforcement officers are not law enforcement officers today.””

Propaganda is getting pretty thick here.
Is this a biography or does he like blowing smoke up his own butt ?

“”When needed, over the years, RSN has taken issue with Judges and the District Attorney. I have chased the District Attorney down the hallways of the courthouse in Houston and Henry County when I took issue with him and felt he was mistreating or abusing his power. Yet I have supported and stood for him when I felt he was right.””

This guys PRIDE is eating him up inside – I don’t want to go any further – because all of this is pride and I don’t like reading when people have price like this – a prideful look and a lying tongue BOTH are ABOMINATIONS UNTO GOD.

Why doesn’t this guy just report the news and get on with it already – this is a form of harassment.
I don’t want to know your life story – this is a news site … IS IT NOT ?
Why force me to read your life story ?


“”Currently, because of a position I have and am taking,””

BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!!  HERE IT FINALLY COMES.
I can almost bet the farm – here comes the lies and he’s going to be laying it on REALLY THICK.

“”have been subjected to a tremendous amount of powerful heat against me.””

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME – this whole article seems to be all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME

“”But, that is a part of life when you stand for something or someone.””

Well … you’re doing a GREAT JOB – standing for yourself … that’s for sure.
This is one of the most craziest web sites I have seen in my life.
A man has been killed – and all you care about is yourself.
What a moron. Pride Fill Selfish Glory Hog.

“”None of the above has been said to brag,””

What a crock of lies.

“”but I felt needed to be said before I continue with this article.””

That’s right – to hell with the article – it’s all about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.
this is beginning to get too old – I know the lies are about to come in like FLOOD WATERS NOW ….

“”Because I am taking issue with some people””

some people ? seems one sided but let me move forward through this mess.

“”who have decided to attempt to bring injustice against law enforcement””

uh oh … another unarmed black male gunned down – and he’s taking sides with law enforcement.
OK … I’m going to have to call this nutt – so he can show me ONE UNARMED WHITE MALE GUNNED DOWN.

“”when they do not know all of the facts,””

Well … I’m obviously a nutt – for reading all of this garbage and justification for your actions I am hoping to read some time THIS LIFE TIME …. It seems I know ALL THE FACTS of your life .. and NOTHING about the facts of this man being killed.


“”or they have personal agendas””

this guy is singling out someone – it’s coming – I can tell ……
This is the MAIN REASON for his BOOK that everyone has to read before they find out about the frick’n article.

“”to create turmoil as a result of a bad situation.””

BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!! BINGO !!!!!!!  THERE IT FINALLY IS !!!!!

He’s blaming someone for creating “”turmoil”” for their own “”personal agendas””

“”TO THE FAMILY OF Opatrick Fitzgerald Humphrey””


“”My heart goes out to you for the loss of your son, brother and friend.””

Your heart goes out to glorifying yourself.
but we had to read your biography FIRST ? What if I don’t care about your bio – maybe I just want to read the frick’n article. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE.

“” No one wants to lose someone to death.””

Even a bad liar will use a little bit of TRUTH.

“”In no way does this article intend to lessen the tragedy that has occurred.””

That truth didn’t last long – and went right back to the lies.

“”A tragedy that has occurred on all sides of the issue.””

hmmmm … the only tragedy is for the ones who have lost a loved one – so a few cops got a little scratched up.
What happened to beating someone with a night stick – what about tazering someone to death – instead of shooting someone to death ?

“”To Opatrick’s mother, I feel for you.””

I doubt that very much – I believe he is saying this – because it’s what news people are conditioned to say.
He probably cares less –  what they think – he obviously has some readers – so ….. he’s full of it.

“”I feel for your pain.””

I have NEVER heard this crazy stupid line before – I FEEL FOR YOUR PAIN ????
Something is not right about that.

“”You have tried to get your son the medical treatment he needed and deserved.””

back to a little more TRUTH – now has to come MORE LIES ….. TRUTH doesn’t travel in packs from the mouth of a liar – only in singles, doubles and once in a while triplets …… let’s see where this guy is going.

“”While I did not know Opatrick,””

Second Truth possibly Back to Back.

“”I know, when he was on the appropriate medications, he was a fine son.””

propaganda – you obviously had and have no respect for this family or their dead son.

“”But when the medication failed or he failed to take the medication,””

bashing the victims – this is going to be GOOD – this guy is about to BURST HIS OWN BUBBLE.

“”your life was a living turmoil.””

um …. WHAT ? How could her life be in a living turmoil when he didn’t take his medication or the medication didn’t work ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ? ARE YOU SAYING SHE ONLY LOVED HER SON WHEN HE WAS DOPED UP ?
O H M Y G O D !!!! N O H E D I D N ‘ T !!!!!!!

“”I understand your pain and frustration.””


“”I realize your recent attempts with medical providers to get the medications right so that Opatrick could live as peaceful of a life as possible, and so that you could lead as peaceful of a life as possible.””

You realize probably after she told you …..

“”I realize the morning all of this happened, that was not the son you loved,””

WOW … that’s a heartless thing to say – I can assure you – she LOVED HER SON JUST AS MUCH …..
and it was THE SON SHE LOVED ….. this guy is wicked.

“”but the son that without medication, which caused a chain of events that has been a nightmare.””

justifying for the murder now ….. that was all a BUILD UP to justify the murder and brain wash the readers.
You won’t be brain washing me today – boy.

“”I do not know you,””

You obviously don’t – since you think she possibly hated her son when he was not on his “”medication””.

“”but have to feel you are a loving woman or would have never wanted this chain of events to have occurred.””

dummy – who wants their son killed ? Probably before their eyes.

“”A woman who just wanted to live a peaceful life.””

hmmmm … the only people who don’t want to live a peaceful life – are people like the one who wrote this article.



“”First, Rev. Kenneth Glasgow a calling to seek out wrong.””

um …. a reverend ? has a calling to seek out wrong ? Are you serious ?
um …..  you don’t have to have any type of calling to know right from wrong.
you also don’t need a calling to seek out wrong and stand up for what is right…. GEEEZ.
Now this guy is a prophet now.

“”But he has made some dangerous statements at this vigil that can invoke civil disobedience and cause danger to persons.””

OK … Let me see if he well tell  – what the quote is – and I do remember – for the record.
blacks very rarely start riots – specially in the south – I want to know what this preacher said.

“”His statement as quoted by is a dangerous statement.””


“”On Friday night I spoke to Kenny about this issue.””

ok .. .no quote – maybe if he re-quotes it – it will cause a riot – ok … I can see now I will not be able to JUDGE for myself.
I will just have to take the words of a liar.

“”He was asked to speak and we had a very good conversation.””

You’re a reporter – you sure it wasn’t a very good interview as your attempt to probably pick him for answers as to what the family and the other protesters were going to do ? You did take the side of the police right ? You were playing the ROLL OF A MOLE – REMEMBER ???

“”I consider him a friend,””

you consider him a source – not a friend – liar.

“”and he and I have the relationship to talk about issues.””

respect for each other when conversing – doesn’t make one friends or brothers.

“”In my opinion, Kenny was not/is not aware of all of the facts.””

WOW …. that was a BIG JUMP – from friends claim to JUDGING –
So if Kenny was asked to speak –  and he has a calling to seek out wrong – and he OBVIOUSLY talked to the family – hmmmm ok … I know there are two sides to every story  –  but you did take sides with the police on this one.
You said that earlier –

“”One thing I will agree with Kenny about is relationships can always be improved upon.””

WRONG – you agree OPENLY – but behind closed doors ? you’re a snake

“”But what took place on Hollan Street in Headland Alabama this week had absolutely nothing to do with relationships or racial issues.””


“” What took place on Hollan Street was about, a person that had a severe mental illness, was not on his medication or was on the wrong medication, and had gotten out of control.””

Well …. it’s about time – finally getting to the story – filled with lies and opinions of evil and wickedness.
In my 47 years – I have been faced with many mentally ill people – on their medication, off their medication and on the wrong medication – I will say now – the cop didn’t have to kill him – it was a senseless death – and I can only imagine that this clown who wrote this article – is sticking up for his own kind – ……

“”It was about a person that had already assaulted two ladies, to include his mother, two fire medics there to help him,””

Painting a GORY STORY I SEE ….. I bet there are NO STATEMENTS from these 2 ladies or the 2 fire medics in this article.
Now after this is viewed ? I am POSITIVE they will get some stories together. To protect the officer – since he still has his life ahead of him and his career – OH WAIT – he might have a family – and that what the good ole boy system does. Makes sure they are taken care of – and damn the family of the one they murdered.

“”had ambushed a police officer before he could get out of his car,””

cop should have learned to lock his door – or maybe – WAIT … AMBUSHED ????

am·bush  (mbsh) n.
1. The act of lying in wait to attack by surprise.
2. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
3.a. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise.
b. The hiding place used for this.
4. A hidden peril or trap.

So let me get this right – a deranged person – hid – waited and planned out an attack – RIGHT ?
Ok … I am seeing now – where this is going –

“”assaulting the officer, “”

ok … after the ambush – he assaulted the officer. He might need to have gotten more training ….

“”and was running towards the other police officer in an aggressive manner””

WHOA – was there TWO OF HIM ? What happen to the officer he AMBUSHED ??? and ASSAULTED ???
Well .. I will just ASSume the officer he AMBUSHED is dead or unconscious.
Ok .. … running towards another officer – after killing the other officer – or AMBUSHING him unconscious.

“”which placed the officer in fear for his safety and life.””

ok … a cop who has weapons, tazer, billy club and gun – is in fear of his safety and life.
Oh Wait …. this officer also has a car – he could get back in to – hmmmmm

“”That morning the fire department was called to respond to a medical emergency on Hollan Street.””

possibly – I don’t believe anything this guy says because he is too mixed up in the article – instead of him reporting the frick’n news.

“”When the fire medics arrived, Patrick assaulted the fire medics. The fire medics called for police to respond.””

I wonder if he ASSAULTED them – or just wouldn’t cooperate.

“” When the first officer responded, before he could ever get his car door open Opatrick is reported to have jerked his car door open and started assaulting the officer. The officer could not get out of the car. And the officer is very much a man and had he been upright and out of the car, he probably could have manhandled Opatrick. But he was caught inside his car and assaulted. The first responding officer never made it out of his car in order to attempt to gain control of Opatrick.

As the second officer arrived, he is reported to have heard a gunshot and saw the first officer lying on the ground beside his police car and man in black running away. The second officer runs towards the passenger side of the police car, yelling out at the first officer lying on the ground, on the left side of the police car, are you shot, are you okay. The officer never responded.

Picture the scene, the house was the left of the police car. The first officer is on the ground on the left side of the police car. The man was seen running to the left of the police car behind the house.

When the second officer was approaching, he was approaching to the right of the police car. At that time reports are Opatrick came from around the house towards the second police officer. The second officer told the Patrick to stop…stop. He and as the patient continued into the safety zone of the officer, the officer had no choice but to stop the patient from assaulting the sixth person, being himself.  And at this point Opatrick failed to yield to the warning and continued towards the second officer. Once Opatrick entered into the officer’s safety zone, and continued in an aggressive manner, the officer felt his life and the life of others was in danger, and fired his weapon striking Opatrick in the abdomen.

Both police officers had to be transported to the hospital. The first officer with injuries sustained when he was ambushed in the car before he ever got out. The second officer was on the ground throwing up and emotionally distraught over the fact he had to shoot Opatrick.

While officers are trained for safety measures and what to do in situations, officers do not like to use deadly force. Emotionally, this has caused this officer to be sick, crying, and seeking GOD’S wisdom over the choices he had to make in seconds. Choices made not in minutes, but in seconds. The choice was not one the officer wanted to make, but choice that he was left no alternative to make.

Was this shooting justifiable? In the words of a black leader Ron Wilson, “deadly force should only be used when someone else’s life is in threat or feel their life is in danger”.  That was the situation in this case. Prior to the second officer’s arrival, Opatrick had assaulted five people, to include his own mother.

What would a reasonable person do in this situation?

This shooting was justifiable. Could it have been avoided? Absolutely. Had the patient been on the medication, it would have been avoided.

But under the circumstances, and with the ACCURATE facts of what happened, the Headland shooting on Hollan Street of Opatrick Humphrey was a justifiable shooting.

I refuse to allow some people with personal agendas cause a racial divide in this situation. I refuse to allow people who do not know the facts to be critical of the police in this situation.

This situation is an unfortunate situation. Mental illness is a serious problem and causes people to make bad choices that lead to bad results.

But for people to recklessly call this a police murder, for people to reckless criticize law enforcement in this situation, for people to recklessly create a situation of hostility between citizens and the police over this case, is wrong.

This has nothing to do with race. And those hollering that issue know this is not about race. The mother did not call for her son to be shot, the fire medics and police did not respond to shoot Opatrick. But under the circumstances, any reasonable and prudent person, presented with the true facts and situation, would have made the same decisions, decisions made in seconds.

This situation has had a dramatic emotion effect on everyone involved. The officer has cried his eyes out, thrown up, not been able to eat, and sought answers from GOD and what GOD’S judgment of him is for using deadly force. But it was a decision he was forced to make for the safety of him and others.


I was on the scene that morning. Whether you call me media, blog or whatever, I was the first of whatever I am on the scene.

I serve as Deputy Coroner in Henry County, but was there in the news capacity. When I was Houston County Coroner, I have worked probably 1,000 death cases. Cases that have included where the Napier Field Police Chief murdered the Napier Field Mayor. When I was a cadet with Houston County Sheriff Department I have been involved in murder investigations where a train engineer was murdered her in Dothan as the train was coming down the railroad tracks. Over the years I have been involved in murder cases where the body was dumped in creeks with concrete tied to them.

As Houston County Coroner I graduated from Police Academy in the 1980’s.

What I am attempting to say, I have been on many death scenes and involved in many death investigations. I looked at the scene on Hollan Street when I was there; I looked at some evidence markers and evidence in the street. I saw where items were, and listened to what was briefly described to me. The evidence I viewed, while I was not conducting an investigation, matched what I was told.

I have checked into this case before I wrote this article. I have asked questions.

Without a doubt in my mind, the officer of Headland Police Department was left WITH NOALTERNATIVE but to use deadly force at that moment and time.

To those who are talking and leading the issue and playing on the emotions of Patrick’s mother, your efforts in this case destroy your credibility. There are enough fights and issues, enough issues when things are wrong, that you focus your efforts on. But right now, you are wrong, and your continued efforts will destroy your credibility down the road on issues that matter.

It is time to stop and refocus.

Rickey Stokes


I am attacked, disliked, and hated by many –
because of the way I see reality. Take Notes.

Will take care of himself – Mentally, Spiritually, Physically and Socially.

Mentally ?
He will learn the ways of males and females – be a part of THE SOLUTION and never the problem – when he has reached his MANHOOD.
Spiritually ?
He will have a foundation that is SOLID AS A ROCK – UNBREAKABLE – without deceptions and lies – able to prove what he believes in at any time.
Physically ?
He will be strong and walk with NO FEAR at all times – When he walks in a room ? Everyone knows – not that’s a REAL MAN. –
Weightlifting has nothing to do with it – a man who is 50LBS over or underweight is not a good sign of being a REAL MAN – for a REAL MAN works hard daily – rain, sleet, snow or heat.
Socially ? He will keep his location up to par – single or married. He will be a MAJOR PART in his community at least. He will stand up for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who is being mistreated around him or make preparations for them to be safe.

A REAL MAN is a protector of ALL THAT IS GOOD.

Most males who come after me ? are pissed because I am – what they want to be – or they don’t understand – why I am like I am – so because they don’t understand ? They attempt to take me out. Some also have the fear – that the ladies will tell them or they already say – now there’s a REAL MAN –  and that makes those males angry and jealous
I’ve gone too far – to turn back now ….. This was probably too much – but it needed to be said from what I know and have not seen –

There are some other topics – like relationships with his WOMAN …
He is able to look at a woman – mentally, physically, socially and spiritually – and decide – WHETHER OR NOT – she is good for him or not – if she is no good ? He might attempt to show her the way – but he will not waste time – sleeping with her – to only screw her mind up more – he will protect her – without turning it into a sexual blah blah blah blah –

He will pursue her in a respectable way – and TRUST ME – in a world like today ??? There are very few GOOD WOMEN and /or GOOD MEN.

So many are deceived and delusion-ed by today’s way of life – when in REALITY ? Today’s way of life is WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG. I think that’s enough – I’ve said too much.

Allow me to add this in …..
A REAL MAN doesn’t abuse or bully a weaker person.
A REAL MAN doesn’t beat up on children or women.
A REAL MAN doesn’t make single parent homes. 
A REAL MAN doesn’t do one night stands.
ONLY childish immature males do. 

At least I’m close to A REAL MAN – and headed in the directions of being A REAL MAN. I’d rather be heading that way – than to be running away from that way.

Black Women !!!!!!! HELP !!!

CONCLUSION of the black community problem –
1.) black males have willingly handed their authority way
– to whom ? It doesn’t matter
– they don’t have it.
– and don’t seem to want it

2.)The majority of male church leaders have handed their authority away as well.

It is up to the very very very few men and the majority of black women now – to help men REGAIN their authority
– in all this time ?
– it hasn’t gotten any better.

It’s getting worse and worse –

HOPE and LOVE are gone –  unless you step up RIGHT NOW BLACK WOMEN.
I know you have already STEPPED UP – I need you to step up EVEN MORE – PLEASE.

Because black males aren’t, isn’t or won’t.

Roland Martin ? I UNDERSTAND NOW !!!

Although I disagree with the words of Roland Martin –  I have to respect him in his thought process.

I will only speak for America because America is the country I know the best.

This should be the start of the holidays in America to change and take more of a foundation into what each holiday is actually about –  too many distractions are taking over all parts of America.
I will start with Roland’s Comment.  When you see more people wearing green and drinking ? and not celebrating or talking about the REASON for St. Patrick’s Day –  we have a serious problem – companies then make a way to make money off of this holiday – if we would STOP – CELEBRATE THE REASON for THE SEASON and not play into the hands of those who want to make money and commercialize these holidays  –  LIFE IN AMERICA would be something to be proud of. I am still against the statement –  but I understand.
Shame On Roland

Shame On Roland

“” Is today St. Patrick’s Day? That’s a holiday I care nothing about. Never have. Is there a point other than wear green & drink? “”

I am ASHAMED that someone who seems to have such knowledge would ask a question like this and at the same time – have no respect for THE IRISH.

Saint Patrick (c. AD 387–461), the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland, and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.[2] It is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland),[3] the Eastern Orthodox Church andLutheran Church. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official feast day in the early 17th century, and has gradually become a celebration ofIrish culture in general.[4]

martin's disrespect to THE IRISH

martin's disrespect to THE IRISH