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Still missing from Syracuse, NY for six years:
19-year-old Larry Stackhouse Jr.
Still Missing: Larry Stackhouse Jr. (NY)
Still Missing: Larry Stackhouse Jr. (NY
Still Missing: Larry Stackhouse Jr. (NY)

Six years after their 19-year-old son disappeared without a trace, Lorraine and Larry Stackhouse Sr. have not wavered in their quest to find out what happened.

“My wife and I will never give up. We will always fight to get this case resolved,” Larry Stackhouse Sr. told The Huffington Post.

Larry Stackhouse Jr. was last seen the evening of Dec. 2, 2005, when he left his parents’ Syracuse, N.Y., home to attend a basketball game at Christian Brothers Academy in DeWitt. The teen planned to attend the game with a friend he had known since elementary school.

“We know he attended the game because friends of mine saw him there, but he never returned home,” his father said. “The friend he went with later said he dropped my son off at a store by our home.”

When the Stackhouses were unable to locate their son, they filed a missing person report with police. They told investigators it was out of character for their son to take off without notifying them.

“We know that someone knows what happened,” said Lorraine Stackhouse.

During the early stages of the investigation, it quickly became apparent that police had no solid clues or suspects in the case. With little else to do, the Stackhouse family handed out missing-person flyers and waited for leads from the public. To their surprise, it was not long before the tips started to pour in.

The friend who accompanied Stackhouse to the basketball game allegedly changed his initial story, telling the Stackhouses that their son was involved in an altercation with a group of Native Americans at Corcoran High School. The tip was passed on to police, according to Stackhouse Sr.

A young woman who attended Corcoran High in Syracuse told the school’s principal she overheard two individuals brag about killing Stackhouse and disposing of his body on land belonging to the Onondaga Nation. Police questioned the young woman, but said she was incompetent, according to the Stackhouses.

A similar story was told to Stackhouse Sr. in a letter from a jail inmate who claimed to have overheard conversations about the killing. Again, he passed the tip on to police.

“We have followed up on a number of leads that have indicated he is on the reservation. We have not ruled out that possibility, but we still don’t have anything concrete,” Syracuse Police Department Chief Frank Fowler told HuffPost.

Fowler declined to elaborate on any leads his office has investigated.

In regard to a possible motive, the Stackhouses heard their son was suspected of taking $700 worth of marijuana from his killers. Neither believes that to be the case.

“My son worked at a nursing home. He was never involved in gang activity or anything like that. He was a good kid,” Stackhouse’s father said. “We raised him up to be respectable. My wife and I have modest jobs and he hung out with very positive people. He was leading by example. He was working and staying focused.”

Lorraine Stackhouse agreed and shared similar praises about her son. “I never found anything in his room pertaining to drugs, guns or anything like that. We raised him up in church. Everyone loved him,” she said.

The Stackhouses’ fear that their son may never be found has been compounded by frustration with local media outlets.

“The media would never give us an opportunity to state our story,” Stackhouse Sr. said. “My son, for example, had an outstanding loud music and a seat belt ticket. He never got them taken care of and when he came up missing, they made it sound like he was running from the law. These were misdemeanors but yet they put it out there like he was a real criminal. It disturbed us.”

Until now, the Stackhouses have been unable to get national media attention for their son’s case. “We have received denial letters from just about everybody,” Stackhouse Sr. said.

The family has also been unable to garner any support from politicians. The Stackhouses have sent letters to senators, governors, congressman and even civil rights activist Al Sharpton, but have yet to receive any response or follow-through.

“We’re stuck. We’ve been reaching out, trying to find someone to be a voice for us and we can’t,” Lorraine Stackhouse said.

The heartbroken mother said she is also upset with her local community.

“It takes a community to get action,” she said. “Just like (Trayvon Martin), the little boy who just got killed. You see how the rallies and those types of stands are heard, but if you just have a family, no one is going to listen and that’s where we are at.”

The investigation into Larry Stackhouse Jr.’s disappearance has been placed with the Syracuse Police Department Cold Case Squad. But authorities said the case is still being actively investigated.

“I’m glad and grateful for the attention (The Huffington Post) is showing for the case, and it’s our hope this may prompt someone to come forward with the information that we need to bring closure to the Stackhouse family,” Fowler said.

The Stackhouses are also hopeful for new leads. But, for now, their sad vigil continues. “It is so hard not knowing what happened to our child,” Stackhouse Sr. said. “I try to keep a smile on my face but it hurts deep inside not knowing what happened.”

Larry Darnell Stackhouse Jr. would be 25 today. At the time of his disappearance, he was 5 feet 10 inches tall, 170 pounds, with short black hair and brown eyes. His left ear was pierced and he had a tattoo of the name “Larry” on his right arm. He was last seen wearing a long-sleeved, white T-shirt, with a short-sleeved black T-shirt over it, blue jeans and tan-colored Timberland boots.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Syracuse Police Department at 315-442-5222.

zimmerman wanted poster by Dennis C. Latham – for Trayvon Martin and His Family

zimmerman wanted poster by Dennis C. Latham - for Trayvon Martin and His Family

zimmerman wanted poster by Dennis C. Latham - for Trayvon Martin and His Family

FALSE ACCUSATIONS against Dennis C. Latham of being sexually abused as a child, a molester, a rapist and MORE !!!

I have noticed that men are raised by women or a dominate mother, even if there is a man in the house tend to be: emotionally effeminate, nagging, talk too much and constantly critize things masculine men dont think twice about.
    • Crystal Jenkins-Merritt ahhhhhh True..lmbo!
    • Crystal Jenkins-Merritt Do they wanna tell men secrets like (No disrespect Michael Baisden)..why men cheat?!
    • Dennis C. Latham <—- was raised by a Father and Mother – My Father fought in 2 wars and raised me to be a LEADER OF THE TRUTH and not a follower of lies and mess – My Mother raised me to be the one they say – THERE HE GO – instead of THERE HE LAY. My Mother stayed in her lane – and my Father stayed in His – as a Father Should do – who is a REAL MAN.
    • April S. Bullock here we go. showing your feminine side again. ok. your a man. No one would have ever known anything about you,if you had kept your mouth shut. which you can not. like I said. I know you do not think I wrote this about you specifically. did you read when I wrote this? I just In boxed you in private. You have made this public. Once again, YOU!
    • Dennis C. Latham NO … you are wrong again – I know you wrote this 13 hours ago.
      I came to your wall to see what your problem is – and now I see – you have some serious issues against REAL MEN – who STAND TALL and MAINTAIN AS A TRUTHFUL LEADER.
    • April S. Bullock hahahahahahaha. yeah. thats it. Im the only one on this note with a problem
    • April S. Bullock once again, bye dennis.
    • April S. Bullock your boundaries are horrible.
    • Dennis C. Latham boundaries ? I have no boundaries – THE UNIVERSE IS MINES – what belongs to my FATHER belongs to me.
    • April S. Bullock first: the word MINE is already possessive. stop using it with an “s”. 2nd, I know you have no boundaries. I told you that “little secret”. It nothing to be proud of. It means you were child abused. Most likely sexually abused.
    • April S. Bullock Now, stop. Go away. You want to make this public for your own sick, demonic delight. do away dennis. for the last time.
    • Dennis C. Latham LOL ……. WRONG AGAIN … I was not abused as a child – nor was I sexually abused as a child – JUST BECAUSE I work with a lot of child abuse organizations – does not mean I was abused as a child.
      I am a member because I don’t like to see the weak abused and taken advantage of.
    • Dennis C. Latham You falsely accuse me – and expect me to run away ? WOW … you are truly amazing in your sickness.
    • April S. Bullock I had no idea you worked with those orgs. again, telling on yourself. You have no reason to be ashamed. just get help.
    • Dennis C. Latham You mad at me because I didn’t donate when you begging for money ?
    • April S. Bullock look, I feel bad for you. You are sick. But, seriously for the last time. get of my page.
    • Dennis C. Latham You are obviously JEALOUS – of what ? I have no idea
    • Dennis C. Latham get of your page ?
    • April S. Bullock begging for money? Oh I had no idea christain man that you were aware of that . I dont care. I can out to help family & it back fired on me. and? Mr christian. Mr man.
    • April S. Bullock get off my page.

      about a minute ago · Like
    • April S. Bullock you cant shame me. only the people who I helped in the past or so called friends need to be shamed. But by you making that statement, it shows how out of control you are. cant be wrong. emotionally effeminate
    • Dennis C. Latham I don’t claim Christianity – and you know that.
      I am a LOVE OF GOD, FOLLOWER OF JESUS and RECEIVER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD …….. I will leave you alone now – along with your deceptions, delusions and lies. I PRAY YOU FIND JESUS FOR REAL –
    • April S. Bullock go away. are you a rapist. are you the molester. is that why you work with those orgs? looking for victims. go away.
    • Dennis C. Latham LAST THING – I LOVE YOU April S. Bullock – there is NOTHING you can do to make me hate you …. NOTHING !!! Good Bye
    • April S. Bullock as soon as I called him a rapist and pedophile he leaves………………
    • Willie Knight Dennis why are you bothering people? If anyone wants to call dennis just call xxx-xxx-xxxx a man that lives in Millbrook Al with a Ga number wonder who he is running from{D T Marshall and the law}
    • Willie Knight Dennis is an evil man
    • April S. Bullock wow. I wasn’t expecting that Willie. Thanks for your support. But let it die. 🙂
    • Dennis C. Latham ‎April S. Bullock ??? You told me to leave ? Now you say I leave because of the lies you tell ?????
    • April S. Bullock willie, how do you report to FaceBook and law enforcement?
    • Dennis C. Latham try REMOVING ME from your friends list – that would be A START

      a few seconds ago · Like
    • Dennis C. Latham or I can do i for you
    • April S. Bullock be my guest but its not ending there
    • Dennis C. Latham but FEEL FREE to report me –
    • Dennis C. Latham so when is it ending ?
    •  April S. Bullock thanks willie

Do you choose to PRESERVE or DESTROY ? LIFE or death ? Part of THE SOLUTION ? Or Parts of the problem ?

This earth is just as much mines as it is anyone else’s
If I choose to preserve it ? That is my RIGHT.
If anyone is doing anything to destroy it ? It is my RIGHT to DEFEND it.

Although … I am no where near perfect.
I am working towards getting as close as I can get as being a person who is PRESERVING This Earth and not being one who is destroying it –  along with the people in it.

Now …. when someone murders another ?
It hurts A LOT of people – the family, friends and LOVED ONES of EACH – if the murderer is caught.

No one has the right to TAKE a life – because no one –  and I mean no one has the POWER to give LIFE. – not talking about sex here – and pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a part of a NATURAL PROCESS / EVOLUTION when man and woman do what they do.
Ending the life of the thing that is growing inside of a woman is murder.
If you don’t end it – The woman will birth a baby…… if nothing goes wrong during the pregnancy.

When someone rapes, steals, cheats, abuses, harms another ?
It effects the person who was hurt – and the family, friends and LOVED ONES.
Some times on BOTH SIDES – because the abuser is NOT always caught.

NOW .. here is a big part of The Destruction – because mass media has the majority brainwashed
and it’s spreading and has spread to almost every single one of us.

Encouraging opinions over FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS and Personal Experience.
As mass media does – and has turned into it’s big MONEY MAKER.
Not caring about what or who it is destroying.
I’m going to fight against it.


When FACTS, PROOFS, TRUTHS or Personal Experiences are presented on the table ?
Those who want to receive it ? Receive it.
Those who don’t want to receive it and be destructive ? They say – well .. that’s your opinion.
OR ….. they will give their opinion to change or sway the minds of others to their twisted benefit.

You know as well as I know
The majority of this world is corrupt and headed to self destruction.

in 2007 – the statistic shows.
4,264,141 annual birth rates / or 11,683 daily births
2,487,415 annual death rates / or 6,815 daily deaths

One thing is THE WHOLE TRUTH.

What one does before they die – is up to each individual

Do you choose to PRESERVE or DESTROY.

Warning to ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT !!!!!!! david white’s threat to Dennis C. Latham – – you are NOW warned – DO NOT COME NEAR ME – I WILL DEFEND and PROTECT MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY !!!

Warning to ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT – If you attempt to arrest me for protecting myself ?
You then will become my enemy and I will DEFEND and PROTECT myself against you as well.


david white ""He try to mix truth with christianity belief. That stuff dont work and it is going to get him killed.""

david white ""He try to mix truth with christianity belief. That stuff dont work and it is going to get him killed.""

this yellow male (who is obviously mixed somewhere down the line) hates that I LOVE GOD and that I FOLLOW JESUS and that I am a RECEIVER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

NOW ? THE WAR BEGINS. I will not deny or stop my LOVE FOR GOD, my WALK WITH JESUS nor my thirst of wanting to be FILLED with the THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD 
THIS yellow clown who hates white people and is pissed because I won’t – is a lunatic.


Man dennis is a joke, he only started calling the so called god The Most High after he heard Chris calling him the Most High. He used to call him jehovah.

He try to mix truth with christianity belief. That stuff dont work and it is going to get him killed. You cant talk about the white man if you dont have the right information to go against him with.

Just like he use to try to go against the white man about 8 months ago and they shut him down for a while almost had the dude locked up.

You keep talking that unlearned knowledge about the white man and see what happens too you.

Dennis C. Latham

‎@david – threatening my life now ? We will see what happens the next time I see you – in person. I’m done with this you yellow dog – for the rest of you savages ? stay in your hatred and hell …. I won’t be dragged down to your level of h…See More
David White ‎@dennis, kevin has already been made example of when we told him to stop eating pork and it almost took him out while he was on the show.

It seems like you would use common sense and notice how the white man who was debating left you to get tore up by us. In reality the white man is going to do you the same way but next time he will lead you to your destruction.

Dennis C. Latham all of these comments have been blogged on my wordpress blog



I am attacked, disliked, and hated by many –
because of the way I see reality. Take Notes.

Will take care of himself – Mentally, Spiritually, Physically and Socially.

Mentally ?
He will learn the ways of males and females – be a part of THE SOLUTION and never the problem – when he has reached his MANHOOD.
Spiritually ?
He will have a foundation that is SOLID AS A ROCK – UNBREAKABLE – without deceptions and lies – able to prove what he believes in at any time.
Physically ?
He will be strong and walk with NO FEAR at all times – When he walks in a room ? Everyone knows – not that’s a REAL MAN. –
Weightlifting has nothing to do with it – a man who is 50LBS over or underweight is not a good sign of being a REAL MAN – for a REAL MAN works hard daily – rain, sleet, snow or heat.
Socially ? He will keep his location up to par – single or married. He will be a MAJOR PART in his community at least. He will stand up for ANYONE AND EVERYONE who is being mistreated around him or make preparations for them to be safe.

A REAL MAN is a protector of ALL THAT IS GOOD.

Most males who come after me ? are pissed because I am – what they want to be – or they don’t understand – why I am like I am – so because they don’t understand ? They attempt to take me out. Some also have the fear – that the ladies will tell them or they already say – now there’s a REAL MAN –  and that makes those males angry and jealous
I’ve gone too far – to turn back now ….. This was probably too much – but it needed to be said from what I know and have not seen –

There are some other topics – like relationships with his WOMAN …
He is able to look at a woman – mentally, physically, socially and spiritually – and decide – WHETHER OR NOT – she is good for him or not – if she is no good ? He might attempt to show her the way – but he will not waste time – sleeping with her – to only screw her mind up more – he will protect her – without turning it into a sexual blah blah blah blah –

He will pursue her in a respectable way – and TRUST ME – in a world like today ??? There are very few GOOD WOMEN and /or GOOD MEN.

So many are deceived and delusion-ed by today’s way of life – when in REALITY ? Today’s way of life is WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG. I think that’s enough – I’ve said too much.

Allow me to add this in …..
A REAL MAN doesn’t abuse or bully a weaker person.
A REAL MAN doesn’t beat up on children or women.
A REAL MAN doesn’t make single parent homes. 
A REAL MAN doesn’t do one night stands.
ONLY childish immature males do. 

At least I’m close to A REAL MAN – and headed in the directions of being A REAL MAN. I’d rather be heading that way – than to be running away from that way.

Blacks Holding Blacks Back II – deceptions, false allegations and lies.

  • Al Mason Jr

    yo keuk u need to check ya man dennis im getting tired of this AGENT actin like he run ya group by always startn childish BEEF….PEOPLE CANT EVEN COMMENT IN PEACE WITH OUT DENNIS MISERABLE ASS STARTN TROUBLE……..SMDH OLD ASS MAN ACTN LIKE A CHILDISH TROUBLE MAKER…..
      • Tashame Ali lmao…

      • Al Mason Jr YO TASHAME i never saw a miserable person like this in my life this nigga wife mustve left his ass after she caught him with a tranny or something cus u got a lot of HATE in his blood for real sad how them jews got they black dog trained well…..dam shame

      • Al Mason Jr and the funny parts is he realy look like larry holmes lmao he need to stfu and get his body in shape old flabby ass old dude…..just full of hate for no dam reason wow

      • Kianna Cole HAAAAAA!

      • Nai S Green Tsk Tsk whre the hell is Mr.FIelds ass at anyways, how you got a group but you never be in it!

      • Nai S Green He needs an ADMIN

      • Tashame Ali sounds like a niggaz worse nightmare J U thank GoD he don’t have a badge driving in a blk & white..

      • Al Mason Jr the nigga prolly is a cop or an agent for real i think he was put here just to cause trouble so no true knowledge gets out…

      • Dennis C. Latham ya’ll follow Al Mason Jr blindly if you want to …. My CREDENTIALS are open to the public – Tashame Ali – it’s easy to talk about someone and call them names … but how hard is it for you to stand on THE TRUTH and KEEP THE TRUTH ? Nai S Green ? You see something wrong that I did here ? or are you blindly following al mason jr .. ???

      • Dennis C. Latham ‎’Do not go about spreading slander among your people.
        Leviticus 19:16

      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 34:13
        Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.

      • Tashame Ali damn the blak devil in the living flesh…

      • Tashame Ali i don’t recall calling you any names…but just truth is not your truth because your truth is all facts..

      • Al Mason Jr u the old faggot thats started with the name calling now u whanna cry when we call u what u are a fukn devil/agent/old miserable oldman! lmao im coming on this group page just to fuk with u larry holmes for now on lmao

      • Al Mason Jr no body has to follow me they can see clearly that u a miserable person dam go get some pussy or something dude oh i forgot no body wants to be bothered with ya old tired ass lmao thats why u in the young people group people ya age dont whanna deal with ya evil ass lmao old fukn pervert…..

        Dennis C. Latham ‎Al Mason Jr – I can prove the many things you accuse me of and call me are wrong and lies – although ? You will be the topic of tonight – so feel free to come in and stand for yourself – as I lay THE WHOLE TRUTH down – on you. – I would say BE BLESSED – but I know you won’t.

        Dennis C. Latham ‎Tashame Ali – so you think I’m the blacks mans worst nightmare ? Is there some facts or proof that you have ? or are you just following behind Al Mason Jr along with his house negroe mentality ?

Blacks Holding Blacks Back I / April 26-27, 2011 –

Katina Williams

What makes u smile……hmmmmmm
    • Dennis C. Latham Seeing other people at peace … because I KNOW I AM

    • Bernard B-Noyd Pettigrew GOD!!!!!!! Beautiful Women,Money,Intelligent People.People with Morals,Catching Big Fish,etc..

    • Al Mason Jr seeing my kids not have to worry for nothin!

    • Katina Williams Awwwww love my black men telllll it……..@ al, bee, and mr latham he trouble ;-)………..hehehehehehehehehe

    • Katina Williams Me…..the look on my kids face every damn day when they ask me for somethin…and I say leave me the hell alone heheehe…..I just loe them and then my startin 5 gives me puppy dog eyes they are my world ….and I wanna stop and thak god rigt now for my children…they are true blessings…….welllllllll.smh….smh……

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Katina Williams I’m only trouble to evildoers, haters, satain and his demonic angels … everyone else is kewl with me – and they come to me to end any trouble that arises up – just ask the DA of Eufala AL …. or the DA of Montgomery, AL.

    • Al Mason Jr lol yawn katina im out dont feel like getting attacked today!

    • Bahdra Handford My kids

    • Dennis C. Latham

      ‎Al Mason Jr – you call holding someone accountable and responsible for their actions ? or the lies they tell ? You call that attacking ? You made statements that weren’t true – so I brought the facts …. asked you to prove what you said ….you didn’t prove anything – I could care less about who hates me – society is 95+% full of corruption, lies and unrighteousness …. so I am glad to STAND on THE TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS …. I’m also glad to know – that the only thing you care about is … your kids and family – and no one else – as you put it … since everyone who does community work is only ripping off the people and trying to make a dollar – your words led to that analogy punk. Just like you and Katina Williams – you couldn’t leave well enough alone.
    • Al Mason Jr agree to disagree now LEAVE ME ALONE ((

    • Al Mason Jr go suk a dick or something and be happy please cus i dont see why u even in this group u only start trouble (old man syndrone must be kikn in ) i hope im not that bitter when i reach ya age for real smdh u get ignored for now on u old dik ryder………..ONE

    • Tashame Ali scary….

    • Tashame Ali ooh 2 answer your question Katrina to see my seeds happy and knowin truth..smiles of relief of no distractions…

    • Al Mason Jr and for old haters to get a life and a woman for pete sakes lmao @ larry holmes the jewish manS DOG/SLAVE

    • Tashame Ali dat kat is something else Bro..

    • Al Mason Jr LOL

    • Katina Williams Ummmm I asked ? And I’m getting yelled at wow….mh….@ al ssssshhh….be nice……we good……

    • Al Mason Jr im just tired of this dude katina what is he here for for real…..all he do is start shit smdh

    • Katina Williams ‎@ dennis….I didn’t do anything to u….don’t know why my name was put in it but u do whatever tht makes u happy…smfh……wow

    • Al Mason Jr thats how evil people are just mad at the world for no dam reason dam

    • Shaunell Hammonds my dude and my kids

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Katina Williams – you stated .. “”mr latham he trouble ;-)”” – it’s nice to play innocent – when your guilty … you brought my name into your conversation …. I believe that gives me the right …. to stand for myself … unless you are use to those spineless, gutless and nuttless males on a regular basis – who stand for nothing and fall for any and everything.

    • William Hines willie lynch should be added next

    • Dennis C. Latham ‎’Do not go about spreading slander among your people.
      Leviticus 19:16

    • William Hines Willie Lynch.

    • Tashame Ali ‎William Hines…lmao ” Willie Lynch should b added next” lmao incredible..honestly this is hilarious SuN

    • Al Mason Jr lmao willie lynch like u said will so sad

    • Stefanie Pack-Campbell my kids.. music..

    • Katina Williams

      Mr latham to be brutally honest I.dint mean anything by it…….but like I said u do what makes u feel better…….I’m not into be cruel to people or badgering people…….if we grown and a nd haven a lil fun every now and then k don’t s…See More
    • Dennis C. Latham ‎Katina Williams – 1.) lying on someone is not having fun – but then again – people like you see it to be fun – THE VERY REASON the blacks race in America is TOW UP from the FLOW UP – 2.) You are just pissed because I don’t “”BS”” around 24/7 – another reason blacks are headed into self destruction – 3.) Looks like you need a serious overhaul in your English Department – Another reason blacks in America are walked over and treated like animals and shot down and killed like worthless trash – 4.) I fight EVERY DAY to raise up, TEACH UP, and TRUTH UP blacks in America – and it’s people like you, Al Mason Jr and others – who hate on me – because I’m doing what you are scared to do – but guess what ? I’m not in the bucket – so you crabs … are only pulling each other back – 5.) It’s a shame that you say I am cruel to people and I badger people – Standing up for myself against TRAITORS and SELLOUTS like al mason jr – who wants to degrade me because I questioned some of his comments – and he had nothing to back them up – 6.) EXPOSING evil is what I do – So others may be warned and guard themselves – 7.) As far as me taking your joy ? LOL … ha ha ha – you like a house negroe who scared to leave the BIG HOUSE and go to the promised land – because the same person trying to lead you – you lie on – because al mason jr lied on him …. 8.) I retired @ 35 – and I’m living a GREAT LIFE – and I use my time to take on crooked government – that harms, hurts, and kills blacks people in America EVERY DAY – and it makes me feel VERY GOOD to be one who stands up for their race – but people like you ? and al mason jr ? and the other flies who want to swarm and fly over, in and around the feces in and of al mason jr’s mouth – are the same ones working for the racist whites and the devil himself – to destroy the messengers, the leaders, the scouts, the helpers and servers of BLACKS IN AMERICA – 9.) and ? I appreciate all of this ignorance – I’;ll be putting it on my blog – for people like Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornell West, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, and many others – to study and figure out – how to FIX this ignorance you all have done against me – because we know – if you do it to me ? Someone who is OBVIOUSLY A POSITIVE FORCE for BLACKS IN AMERICA – there’s no telling what you are going to the average BLACKS IN AMERICA who are just trying to get by. 10.) I can tell – thugs and wanna be thugs – and it looks like both of your hearts are pump’n kool aid – 11.) I LOVE YOU MORE now … because the more you hate on me ? the more you lie on me ? the more you attempt to persecute me ? THE MORE I AM GOING TO LOVE YOU … so ? With that said … I LOVE YOU ALL and there’s nothing you can do to make me hate you. 12.) PROVE where I have lied – or PROVE where I was wrong – PROVE IT – SHOW IT HERE in front of the world !!!!!!! If you show no proof ? Thanks again for the material – so we can use you alls ignorance – to help BLACKS IN AMERICA – because we know – too many think and act like you all – and do something with your grammar.

      Dennis C. Latham ‎Katina Williams – if you are not into being “”cruel to people or badgering people”” – – – Why did you even bring my name up – why did you lie on me – do you have a problem with me wanting to see others happy ?


      NOTE –  SUMMARY: Open choice to turn POSITIVE into NEGATIVITY.

      1.) When asked what makes me smile –  I responded “”Seeing other people at peace … because I KNOW I AM”” 

      2.) The author of the question – responded with “”mr latham he trouble ;-)………..hehehehehehehehehe””

      3.) Something else disturbing ? The author answers her own question with – 

      1.)””the look on my kids face every damn day when they ask me for somethin…and I say leave me the hell alone heheehe…..””
             a.) It seems as if – she finds joy in neglecting and / or pushing away her own children – with comments like – “”leave me the hell alone””
      2.) “”I just loe them and then my startin 5 gives me puppy dog eyes they are my world””
             a.)  The grammar used shows a possible lack of education and / or the choice to use slang, sluggard or torn up english.
             b.)  Could she have 5 kids ? and time to be on FaceBook ? After she has told them to  “”leave me the hell alone””.
             c.)  Could these possible 5 kids be off doing something they have no business doing?  Because the mother is not paying attention ?
             d.) Could this be a foundational truth as to why kids do just what they are not supposed to do –  when they think – no one else is looking ? 
      3.) “”….and I wanna stop and thak god rigt now for my children””
             a.)  I notice the spelling of GOD, could this be a lack of RESPECT for GOD and HIS LOVE ? or is it something that sounds nice to say –  to prove that one is a Christian and / or FOLLOWER OF JESUS
      4.) “”…they are true blessings…….welllllllll.smh….smh……””
      a.) Again …  I see and notice another statement that leads to GOD – but is this just something that sounds good ?
      b.) “”smh….smh……”” Why do you think they have to shake their head TWICE ?
      5.) Later on in the discussion – the author of this question states: “”Ummmm I asked ? And I’m getting yelled at”” 
      a.) Now I wonder – who is yelling at her –  or is this something to fuel the fire of the people who have obviously went into an attack mode against me.
      6.) “”wow….mh….@ al ssssshhh….be nice……we good……””
      b.) here the author tell “”al mason jr”” to “”ssssshhh….be nice……we good……“”
      c.) she has obviously poured fuel on the hatred and now seems to want to bring down the level of the flames – yet – being messy at the same time
      7.)  ‎””@ dennis….I didn’t do anything to u””
      a.)  She has obviously forgotten or lying to cover up her earlier and first statement – which was:

      “”Awwwww love my black men telllll it……..@ al, bee, and mr latham he trouble ;-)………..hehehehehehehehehe””

      8:) The author then shows a stater of Delusion and / or Denial            a.)””….don’t know why my name was put in it””  –  you will notice –  she seems to play dumb – forgetting that she called me out as being a trouble maker.
      b.) “”but u do whatever tht makes u happy…smfh……wow””
      It’s sad – but – here is the brush off – telling me to do what ever makes me happy – Like I need her permission – this statement makes her feel like she is in control, I believe – a last act of defiance. She says it twice in the discussion –

      Well .. This is my ensight of this mess gone wrong – blacks holding blacks back. I have lots more to do –  so I leave the rest up to you to analyze and see if we can do something to bring more POSITIVE FORCES among BLACKS IN AMERICA.