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pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this




pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this


pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this

thomas martin – calls Dennis C. Latham a false teacher – but shows NO PROOF.

120+ comments on my post compared to one comment from him on his own wall
thomas martin

thomas martin

Dennis C. Latham · 97 followers

ronald simpson’s attack on single women – Marvin Carter of Mississippi

this guy ran for sheriff and lost – you will see why with all of his comments on this post below.

Ronald Simpson

11 hours ago · 

    • ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Single woman…… PLEASE…. STOP trying to act like you don’t need a man… When you know that you really do!!!! #IJS
      • Women 1 Funny….
      • Ronald Simpson Its beginning to become “Pothetic” to me. Breaks my heart….
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      • Women 1 Denial covers humiliation
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      • Ronald Simpson Then you die!!!!!!!
      • Women 1 Lol
      • Ronald Simpson Minister Denise.. This is becoming a very serious matter!!!!
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      • Women 1 I know
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – key letters from you – “”#IJS”” – that’s what you’re saying – but what does GOD SAY ? or JESUS SAY ? or THE HOLY SPIRIT SAY ?

        1 Corinthians 7:8 ►
        I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I.

        Most of the single women I know – only act that way towards the males who are either childish, dawgs, immature, or gay – and I know PLENTY of SINGLE WOMEN OF GOD who are seeking A REAL MAN and not a boy –

        I hope you got my PRIVATE FaceBook E-Mail to you on that other TOPIC – PEACE.
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      • Women 2 I don’t want a man , I want to be married , Ronald, I’m ready .
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      • Dennis C. Latham Women 2 – actually ? even if a relationship is not in the making – women need and want TRUE MEN OF GOD around them – there are very very few of them – those REAL MEN OF GOD will COVER them from the childish, dawgs and immature males who play holy but ain’t. Those REAL MEN OF GOD will set the EXAMPLE to submit to.
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      • Women 2 I’ve met a few childish males ,fake Christians who play holy, and play on your sympathy knowing your not in your right mind because you are influenced by diseases , medications , and a preexisting brain injury…These men are liars, predators, and dangerous, not only to woomen , but to all of the Christian community. I say this because they are excellent scammers. They can fix a documanet and have most people believeing anything…just a computer hacker.
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      • Marvin Carter Just chiming in. But honest to God I truly believe that it’s easier for a woman to find a righteous man than for a man to find a righteous woman. That’s probably why there are more men Prophets in the Bible than women prophets. Plus why Dr. John was called by God to write the song “A woman is the root of all evil.” Wink wink. That’s something to think about. Women masquerade more about whom they are than men ever could, plus women are programmed to act like they are better than whom they really are from childbirth. And yes, there is enough blame to go around, but men are expected to be perfect while women get excused from all the baggage they have like scamming men from the moment they meet for money until the very end and beyond. And honest to God. Black women don’t care anything about love if they don’t see dollar bills up front. And it’s the number one factor driving thugs whom are broke to get money by any means necessary to win approval of sex from a woman of his choosing. Lets be real about it. That’s the real problem with relationships in the Black community.
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      • Marvin Carter Plus Brother Ronald Simpson you must remember what the scriptures say. Wink wink. NONE OF THEM ARE RIGHTEOUS, NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD. NO NOT ONE. Though in this day and age we are led to believe Black Women in particular are saints and can do no wrong. Though there is a prison less than a hundred miles from me in Pearl Mississippi that has over two thousand women in it for mostly homicides. And that’s a satellite facility. REAL TALK.
      • Women 3 Marvin Carter ….Respectfully, that is a very broad brush you have painted Black Women with. It sounds like your past engagements with my sisters has not been one of a positive nature. You must know or by your prose maybe you don’t know Black Women are not monolithic. We don’t all think or act the same, or emasculate our men. I am a Black Woman who was created in the womb with a Black Man and reared with four brothers. I am a daughter of the Most High GOD, and I don’t masquerade and/or hide behind anything else. I am not a women who points fingers either I take responsibility for my actions and reactions as well. I am a Black Woman who loves and honors Black Men. I respect, and relate to them in a manner that says I believe in the “Black Man”. As for Black Women please know we don’t all put love of money over Love of God or our men and families. Also Mr Carter I don’t expect Black Men to be perfect. And nor do I know any man or women who personifies perfection walking this earth. However to your point, there are a lot of women/men who have baggage, and who project their pain (baggage) on their counterparts. Perhaps these individuals should not entered into relationships and/or parenthood until they have unpacked their stuff. And/or frankly until they have just matured and grown up. So I must say for the record we are all not in the picture you have so broadly painted! Peace and Blessings! And Ronald Simpson I am not a sister who thinks she does not need and or want a man, as you know!
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      • Marvin Carter @ Dennis C. Latham. To say that most of the women you know only act treacherous towards the serious flawed men in our society and not others has to be wishful thinking at the least, and most definitely not reality. These money hungry women of today are what’s encouraging these thugs to resort to violence to bring $$$ back to gain favor from them.
        Plus do you remember that story in the Bible where God said he would spare those two cities if Lot could find 50 righteous people and Lot could not even find one. If God gave that task even to you with the ability to see through all these women’s fronts, you would indeed come back empty handed just like Lot of the Bible.
      • Marvin Carter Women 3, you may very well be just as you say you are, but as far back as I can remember, Black women have always said one thing and did another. Plus never speaking up when they should speak up about the dirty deeds of their peers. And that too is one of their biggest faults.
      • Marvin Carter Now Minister Denise did say a mouth full when she said Denial covers Humiliation. And that is exactly what I see or hear Black women doing everyday. SMH
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      • Women 3 to  Women 2 point is very true. And I would also say, Silence is also speech and speaks volumes.
      • Marvin Carter You’re right about that Sister Women 3. Because most of the everyday activities of Black Women are indefensible.
      • Women 3 Again Brother Carter I can not concur with you regarding “All Black Women”. Maybe Some but not all. Question can you actually say you don’t know any Black Women who walk with integrity?
      • Marvin Carter Honest to God, I don’t. I know countless one that put on fronts, but it’s like watching a bad actor each Tim Im around one because God has blessed me with the ability to see through Black Women’s charades.
      • Marvin Carter Sent from my iPhone
      • Women 3 Mr Carter where do you live? Is it a place where only men exist? What about your Mother? Are you painting her with this brush as well?
      • Women 3  I am not sure what prism you are looking through, but if you don’t know any Black Women who have integrity, than perhaps you need to look within. Also this brush that you paint regarding women. Does it apply to women of other races, or just Black Women?
      • Marvin Carter I know Black Women the best, so that why I will step out on a limb and say what I know to be true. The biggest thing I see Black Women lacking in is humbleness. ALL OF THE ONES I OBSERVE ARE ARROGANT, UPPITY, DIVAS, PRIMA-DONNAS AND SELF RIGHTEOUS. OH AND DID I SAY MEAN? EVERYTHING BUT HUMBLE AND MEEK. NONE OF THOSE QUALITIES LIKE A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE IF THEY REALLY WANT A MAN. No man in his natural mind wants a strong black woman as Black women pride themselves in being full of.
      • Women 3  Being a Strong Black Women is not Synonymous with, ARROGANT, UPPITY, DIVAS, PRIMA-DONNAS AND SELF RIGHTEOUS AND/OR MEAN! Mr Carter you didn’t answer my question does this brush you paint with, apply to All Women i.e White, Asian, Indian, Latin, Pacific Islander?
      • Women 1 Good morning all…Mr Carter and I had this conversation before Women 3 about generalizing. But as we discussed then and I will reiterate now, ALL black pots don’t cook the same whatever their gender.
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      • Women 3  Also what about your Mother?
      • Marvin Carter Error: But I have heard that they are much less of a headache.
      • Women 3  That’s Pathetic, Mr Carter!
      • Marvin Carter My mother wasn’t perfect by no stretch of the imagination. And I would not want to be married to a woman like my mother was either. Now how about your Mother. But that’s OK. I know about her already. Remember, I could write a book over five thousand pages about Black women without saying anything good.
      • Marvin Carter Sounds like Minister Denise is already so early on a Sunday morning doing what Black Women do so well, and that is Deflecting rather that talking Real Talk.
      • Marvin Carter PATHETIC??? Well since you are a Black Woman I will consider the source.
      • Women 4  Good morning Women 3 I’m glad you answer that lonely black man who seems to think he knows all black women so well … He says we are a wreck but I know better and maybe he needs to leave his cubby hole in Mississippi !!!! He saying a whole lot of nothing and we Godly women who has integrity among many other attributes don’t have to defend ourselves … No real woman want a thug !!!!
      • Women 3  Mr Carter there is no need to be offensive! I simply inquired about you Mother because you stated you don’t know any Black Women whom have integrity. My Mother is the Queen of My Heart and I look up to her today, as I did as a little girl. I am sorry you are bitter. And I apologize for all those women who emasculated and abused you! But for the record, no one can do anything to us that we don’t allow! And lastly, you must give respect in order to get respect! You are angry which is very evident and it is sad. As you look to be an older gentleman whom I would think would not allow the madness of the world to penetrate ones psyche as you have. And would not color all the world..or my bad Black Women! Peace and Blessings to you Mr Carter! I am out!
      • Ronald Simpson Well i see that Marvin Carter has offically met Women 3.. My sister and my brother… Are y’all requiring a response from me???? I hope not…
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      • Women 1  Out of fairness it I chose to point out flaws, I too could write a book about black men and their dogmatic ways and the largest chapter would start with my father. But who wants to point out the negative about someone when there is always a flip side to the coin. What kind of man were u to the women that u claim were so terrible? That cliche that mentions when u point a finger there are those other ones that point back at you. I don’t hold all men accountable for the ones that were worthless I learn something from it. You can never go forward as long as you allow your BITTER to keep you from getting BETTER. IJS
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      • Ronald Simpson Out for fairness how do we (Un flawed people) rectify our current situation??
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      • Marvin Carter Valarie Blackmore, take a look at my Facebook places map and see my extensive amount of traveling and that too is why Im able to say what I say. And without even looking at your map I am certain that it is lacking same as you.
      • Ronald Simpson I’ll say this! There are some pretty pertinent points made on both sides…
      • Women 1  I don’t think it’s a WE issue Ronald, it’s the truth that makes you free. Until women and men decide to speak the truth to themselves things won’t change.
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      • Valerie Blackmore Good morning Ronald Simpson and also minister Denise . I pray that your day be full of God blessings
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      • Women 3  Yes he has Ronald Simpson and I feel sad for this brother! He clearly has decided to hold all Sistahs in contempt, which is pathetic, I am sorry to say!
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      • Ronald Simpson Now you are cooking with gas Minister Denise
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      • Ronald Simpson I have a general rule! I never say never and I never say ALL….
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      • Women 3  LORD Have Mercy!
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      • Marvin Carter Morning Brother Ron. I believe that in order to rectify the Black Woman Syndrome Black men face everyday it would have to be on the level of breaking a Wild Horse like they did in the Old West.
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      • Ronald Simpson Morning! Brother Marvin CarterWomen 3 – Women 1,and Women 4 .. I personally think highly of all of you!!!!! I’m loving it!!!!
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      • Ronald Simpson Free expression is a trade mark of the 99!! W/ love….
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      • Women 1  Mr. Carter again as I mentioned before in my “deflection” I did not then nor will I now…trade insults with you. Although i will say this, mirrors are useful for more than just looking at they are also used for reflection and looking into. Try it.
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      • Marvin Carter You see Brother Ron, Im not trying to get any “you know what” from these women so I’m free to speak as warranted, that’s all.
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      • Women 3  It is always a good thing to converse and try to argue towards unity. I seek to understand, and not to point fingers!
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      • Women 4  Marvin carter I as well have traveled around the world government worker thank you … But all black man aren’t the same…. You need to let go of the pain and past that women have done to you and seek God for healing .. I’m a victim of Rape but I’m not blaming you .. I had on jeans and long shirt minding my own business when I was attacked.. But I’m still not blaming all Black Men just holding the one accountable ..
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      • Ronald Simpson Morning Women 2..
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – I know for a fact that you are full of deceptions, lies and tricks – but I will address your comment addressed to me.

        “”@ Dennis C. Latham. To say that most of the women you know””

        1.) Most of the women I know are women of GOD – headed towards being perfected in CHRIST.
        2.) There are a very few women that I know who are in their comfort zones and some who are headed back to slavery of satan.

        “” only act treacherous towards the serious flawed men in our society””

        from what part of satan’s butt crack did you get the word “”treacherous”” from any of my comments here or anywhere else ? 
        1.) I don’t even use that word – in my daily language – so it couldn’t have been from this post or any other post.
        2.) I never mentioned how these women that I know treat childish and immature and / or gay men – but they don’t fall for their mess – 
        3.) if a woman not falling for the games of a childish, dawgish, gay, and / or immature male is “”treacherous”” in your mind – you are sicker than I ever imagined.

        “” and not others has to be wishful thinking at the least, and most definitely not reality.””

        you don’t know anything about me – nor the women I ASSOCIATE with – so – take your false prophecies and stick them back up in the devil’s butt crack from whenst you got them from.

        “” These money hungry women of today are what’s encouraging these thugs to resort to violence to bring $$$ back to gain favor from them.””

        um … I don’t doubt that most of the women out there are money hungry – but so are the males.

        “”Plus do you remember that story in the Bible where God said he would spare those two cities if Lot could find 50 righteous people and Lot could not even find one.””

        I know the history of the “”story”” you speak of – your numbers are off some – not complete.

        “” If God gave that task even to you with the ability to see through all these women’s fronts,””

        GOD has given me that ability – to see through the deceptions, lies and tricks of women and men – just like I see through yours.

        “” you would indeed come back empty handed just like Lot of the Bible.””

        Lot didn’t come back empty handed – his family wasn’t all destroyed – and you are a liar.
        now you may come back and say it was your opinion later ? but that opinion and the rest of your opinions about me are FALSE – NOT TRUE and that make them lies.

        Oh … and you’re a coward too. – because cowards don’t know how to be truthful>
        Oh … one more thing – If you think that way about women ? You’re hanging around the wrong women – and you don’t know how to find REAL WOMEN OF GOD.
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      • Women 3  It was hilarious Ronald! HA! That’s all I can do is laugh, however I want to cry. As I feel really said for this brother. He is afflicted with HATE!
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      • Ronald Simpson Gesh Dennis!! Don’t you have a blog??
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      • Women 3  LMBO!
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – Good Morning – I will say one last time – that I sent you an E-MAIL through FaceBook – I hope you read it good and understand – that you were in deed and fact – WRONG the other day – about BODY OF SPIRIT being GLORIFIED …..
      • Ronald Simpson Ill post it! I need a second opinion!!!
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – yes… I have 1,000’s of Blogs – why do you ask ? or do you have a problem with me addressing a comment that was directed at, for and to me ?
      • Women 3  Good Morning Brother Dennis C. Latham
      • Women 4  Marvin carter get thee some much needed help and then you will see the love of Godly women !!! I will add you to the prayer list for your in need of mind regulation along with heart surgery and I know a Chief Physician who never Fails when he does the surgery …
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      • Ronald Simpson I’ll answer it for you dennis!!!!! After all those you confided in, you might as well seek out the “Witch of Endor” as well your sources are suspect.. Just read the bible for yourself, that will clear up a lot confusion. You trying to talk to me as though you are hard is kinda getting old as well! W/love
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – not hard – just FIRM – and not backing down – since you came in to attack and cause confusion against a dead woman’s flesh – and attempt to trash on her SPIRITUAL BODY that is now WITH CHRIST AND GLORIFIED. – I know you lack respect for women – THUS the reason you posted this evil above in the first place.
      • Ronald Simpson Hold on dennis .. Iam willing to show the world…
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – that evil above I am speaking of ? is this …. “”ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Single woman…… PLEASE…. STOP trying to act like you don’t need a man… When you know that you really do!!!! #IJS””
      • Women 4  Good morning Dennis C. Latham ..
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – something else before I go to service this morning – what the reasoning in asking me if I had a blog ???
      • Marvin Carter I figured Dennis C Latham would chime in sooner or latter speaking as if he’s blind deaf and dumb. Because any natural Black man living in this day and age speaking that kind of crap glorifying(lying to) these women the way you are has got to be sissified, to say the least, wanting to be a woman, or is really an undercover Brother that is really trying to get dome from one of them. 
        Sent from my iPhone
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      • Dennis C. Latham @Women 4 – GOOD GLORIOUS AND GRACIOUS MORNING.
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      • Marvin Carter Error: some, not dome.
      • Ronald Simpson Im a pretty patient person! Ive done all I an to reach an understanding.. Some people just don’t knoiw when the water is starting to boil “GET OUT” Or was that the frog??? 😕
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – I’m pretty patient to – I’m headed to service – I hope when I get back you have ADDRESSED the following 3 things – 
        1.) purpose of asking me if I had a blog
        2.) do you have a problem with me addressing a comment SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED to me
      • Ronald Simpson with that ? You can quickly remove yourself or I will be glad to remove you from my friends list – and block your hell up outta here.Thursday at 8:36am · Like

        Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy HalleluJAH for The TRUTH. Minister Latham, teach it!Thursday at 8:37am · Like · 1

        Dennis C. Latham Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy – See ? 
        Matthew 12:29 ►
        Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
        Mark 3:27 ►
        No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.
        Luke 11:21 ►
        When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:Thursday at 8:39am · Like · 1

        Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy Yes, I see. Amen.Thursday at 8:39am · Like · 1

        Ronald Simpson The dead in Christ are “SLEEP” . Glorification is when Jesus returns.. According to my bible.. If you want to ban/persecute me for telling you the truth. (As it is in the bible) Then glory be to god.. (Singing) When we get up. we shall be glorified!!! My Condolences…Thursday at 7:14pm · Edited · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – what is the purpose of your FIRST comment and the SECOND comment. Are you accusing someone of Glorifying another person ???Thursday at 7:28pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – there are no condolences from you – until you rectify the meaning and purpose of your FIRST COMMENT.Thursday at 7:29pm · Like


        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy and I, along with A GREAT MULTITUDE OF OTHERS – CELEBRATE the WORK THROUGH CHRIST BELOVED APOSTLE BIMPE DID and THE SEEDS SHE SOWED INTO peoples lives to carry on the torches she left behind in sharing GOD’S LOVE, JESUS’ SACRIFICE and THE HOLY SPIRIT’S COMFORT -Thursday at 7:32pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson AAight! Just ban me!!!! That has nothing to do with my response Dennis C. Latham..Thursday at 7:33pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – There is no reason to feel any sympathy up on this post for no one but yourself – WE knew her personally through HER WORK THROUGH CHRIST.Thursday at 7:34pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham I won’t warn you again – you might just need to stay off any posts about people you know nothing about.Thursday at 7:34pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Ronald Simpson U R truly blinded by your own lack of understanding… The bibles says not me…..Thursday at 7:35pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson Take your post and do what you will. DELETE ME…Thursday at 7:36pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – I’m not blinded by your FIRST COMMENT at all. Which you REFUSE to EXPLAINThursday at 7:36pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – you come here acting like you’re accusing someone of glorifying a body / personThursday at 7:36pm · Like

        Brenda Perry Bless her soulThursday at 7:37pm via mobile · Like · 1

        Ronald Simpson i was correcting the good Dr.G nothing more!!!Thursday at 7:38pm · Like

        Brenda Perry Only God can glorify and body and spirit.Thursday at 7:39pm via mobile · Like

        Dennis C. Latham “” Fool! What you sow will not come to life unless it dies.””Thursday at 7:42pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Ronald Simpson Now I’m a fool!! ok. Have fun…Thursday at 7:43pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham “” if indeed, after we have put on our heavenly house, we will not be found naked. “”Thursday at 7:43pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham I didn’t call you a fool Ronald SimpsonThursday at 7:43pm · Like

        Brenda Perry Do not call your brother raca.Thursday at 7:43pm via mobile · Like

        Dennis C. Latham but you’re about to get blocked after I post these last few scriptures ……..Thursday at 7:44pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson U block your self from the truth!!!! Hope you wake up! Easy..Thursday at 7:44pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Brenda Perry – my brother ? I will not call a fool – but Ronald Simpson is not my brother – he is too possessed with spirits I have dealt with before that are not of GOD.Thursday at 7:44pm · Like

        Brenda Perry He, and all are your brother, whether they’re mistaken or not.Thursday at 7:46pm via mobile · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – nice knowing you – but this has come to an end …….Thursday at 7:46pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Brenda Perry – some are children of satan – and he is acting and talking just like a child of satan – and I have WARNED him – the only person GLORIFIED here to my knowledge was JESUS. Unless someone can show me something I have missed.Thursday at 7:47pm · Like

        Ismaila Singley Why are people all up on Dennis? That is stupid. Thursday at 7:48pm · Like · 1

        Dennis C. Latham Ismaila Singley – because they have not be taught properly – because i am A STRONG MAN
        Matthew 12:29 ►
        Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
        Mark…See MoreThursday at 7:49pm · Like

        Brenda Perry I’m not up on Dennis.Thursday at 7:49pm via mobile · Like

        Ismaila Singley Maybe they have demons.Thursday at 7:49pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ismaila Singley – and folks who congregate under false prophets and false teachers don’t know their BIBLES … in the correct manner.Thursday at 7:50pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Ismaila Singley Uh Brenda, I was not accusing you. Feel guilty much?Thursday at 7:50pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Brenda Perry – not you ….Thursday at 7:50pm · Like

        Ismaila Singley True that.Thursday at 7:50pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham It took Ronald Simpson – 11 hours to come back and respond to his folly on a HOLY POST. he only came to bring confusion – and I’m bout to put his hell up outta here. 4REALThursday at 7:52pm · Edited · Like

        Dennis C. Latham and if he was correcting Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy – he should have been CLEAR AND SPECIFIC – instead of leaving the way he did …… satan is all about confusion.Thursday at 7:52pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham I’m not having any confusion up on any of my posts on my wall.Thursday at 7:52pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham it seems like rmg people hate TRUE SAINTS, SERVANTS and SOLDIERS of THE MOST HIGH GOD.Thursday at 7:53pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – you have 7 minutes to
      • Ronald Simpson “”QUOTE”” what Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy stated wrong -Thursday at 7:55pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson Apostle DrGwendolyn A Hardy YES AND AMENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE REJOICE IN KNOWING THE TRUTH!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! GLORIOUS JESUS APOSTLE BIMPE HAS A GLORIFIED BODY NOW! No person who died in Christ has a “Glorified body now” If so!! Show it to me in scripture ok!!!!!! Until then!!! Do what you need to do… May God show you the truth…Thursday at 7:58pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – in your lack of using QUOTES ? I will address you – in your attack against a woman – FIRST – then I will address you attacking an APOSTLE OF GOD – then ? I will address you attacking a post I made about a GREAT WOMAN OF GOD whose body has died and you being the SECOND from from rmg radio to come and crap on a post about her.Thursday at 8:00pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – 1.) “”APOSTLE BIMPE HAS A GLORIFIED BODY NOW!”” – is this what you have a problem with ? Because I want to make SURE of what you are saying – since you insist on responding in riddles.Thursday at 8:02pm · Unlike · 1

        Dennis C. Latham Romans 8:10 ►
        And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.Thursday at 8:03pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Colossians 2:20 ►
        Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances,Thursday at 8:03pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – this is the one that is going to bury you …….
        Romans 6:4 ►
        Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.Thursday at 8:05pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – now take another 11 hours and get with some scholars and come back – but I doubt – you will be able to post on any of my posts … but you can post it on your own wall.Thursday at 8:05pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson None of your scripture deal with the point. Let me help you out here… Until you are raised from the dead, you will never be glorified.. The same was for Jesus as well!!!!! You should stop being so defensive and more open to the truth as it is in scripture….Thursday at 8:07pm · Edited · Like

        Dennis C. Latham 2 Timothy 2:11 ►
        It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him:Thursday at 8:07pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – none of the scriptures deal with the point because of you ……Thursday at 8:07pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson “Glorified is the key word here Dennis C. Latham..Thursday at 8:07pm · Like
      • Ronald Simpson Ronald Simpson And you call me a devil!!! oooooooooooooooK!Thursday at 8:08pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – how was APOSTLE BIMPE’S BODY GLORIFIED ??????Thursday at 8:08pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – I did see JESUS GLORIFIED … now that’s what I SAW.Thursday at 8:08pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson I have no more energy for this post!!! Re-read a few things Dennis.. Have a eye opening night My friend….Thursday at 8:09pm · Edited · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – I didn’t call you a devil – I said you are here to only cause confusion – bringing things to my house that I don’t allowThursday at 8:09pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – run on – as I block onThursday at 8:09pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham and let dion know …. I’m coming after rmg next – because rmg radio is pumping out too many devils into my directions.Thursday at 8:10pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – make sure to tell dion – I’ll be kicking in on tomorrow – if not tonight.Thursday at 8:10pm · Like
      • Women 2  Hmm, Interesting disussion…Who is Marvin Carter? I wonder who it was that hurt him, she really did a number on him, he’s got it bad and that is not good.
        2 hours ago · Unlike · 1
      • Ronald Simpson Ronald Simpson OHHH so thats what its really all about! Hmmm “Paranoia”Thursday at 8:11pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson More serious than I thought!!!!Thursday at 8:12pm · Edited · Like

        Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – now you’re lying on me ? I don’t get paranoid … I just know too many people have raised up against my GREAT SISTER from rmg – yet no one else – first datanya and her sexually perverted ways and now you with these riddles …. and half and partial statementsThursday at 8:12pm · Like

        Ronald Simpson You addressed me! I really don’t care about anyone else…Thursday at 8:13pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham BELOVED APOSTLE BIMPE is surely REJOICING IN LOVE, PEACE and VICTORY right now – and forever more.Thursday at 8:31pm · Like

        Dennis C. Latham A NEW START !!!!!!!!Thursday at 8:32pm · Unlike · 1
      • Ronald Simpson Then there was a PM conversation… that could have been had in public as well! Kinda like.. Throwing rocks and hiding your hand…
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – you openly and publicly – attacked TWO apostles – ONE LIVING and ONE fleshly dead but very SPIRITUALLY ALIVE – ALONG WITH their many BROTHERS and SISTERS and Their Family Members OPENLY and PUBLICLY on my FaceBook POST and WALL – you owe her and everyone an OPEN and PUBLIC apology – not just saying you are sorry – which I doubt you will do or even mean – but a change in your actions against those you attacked OPENLY and PUBLICLY – and PURPOSELY – over on my FaceBook POST and WALL – That which has been put in My Management Control. It’s like you came to my home – crapped in the middle of the floor – and thought it was alright for you to disrespect my house and I no do or say anything about it.
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – for the record ? That NEW START was on that POST !!! That meant for you to NEVER COMMENT ON THAT POST AGAIN – unless you had something good to say – about BELOVED APOSTLE BIMPE and Others who LOVE GOD with all of their HEARTS, MINDS and SOUL.
      • Marvin Carter I don’t know what the Brother said, but with the history I have with Brother Ronald Simpson, I’m sure that it was either something that needed to be said or either totally misunderstood by you Dennis C. Latham. Which I don’t doubt at all.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – it’s common for evil to choose evil – if I asked you the question – you would deny the truth – to stand up for Ronald Simpson – and avoid and ignore THE TRUTH of what the scriptures say – which I doubt you know very much about the scriptures – you both are in the same sinking boat.
      • Dennis C. Latham @ALL – if anyone wants to see THE ORIGINAL POST … it is right here – just hours after my GREAT SISTER’S fleshly death ….

        BELOVED APOSTLE BIMPE is surely REJOICING IN LOVE, PEACE and VICTORY right now – and forever more.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – to address your other buffoonery and hatred towards women – I will address agains your comment directed at me – as I show ALL how evil and wicked you are.

        “” I figured Dennis C Latham would chime in sooner or latter””

        chimed in ? naw – replied to deceptions, lies and tricks you use to attempt to slander my name ? yes.
        those demonic spirits inside of you know me – and they know I will EXPOSE them every time.

        “” speaking as if he’s blind deaf and dumb.””

        I’m very far from being blind, deaf or dumb – but I know you have taken on a war against all women – because of the hurt you probably got from your wrong choices in women.

        “” Because any natural Black man living in this day and age speaking that kind of crap glorifying(lying to) these women the way you are has got to be sissified,””

        1.) color doesn’t matter with GOD nor satan – although satan uses color ….
        2.) you certainly are not a natural man – you might be black on the inside of your heart – but you’re no natural man. You’re more of a child full of hatred against women – 

        “” to say the least, wanting to be a woman,””

        Now you say I want to be a woman ? LOL … more of your false prophecies and false teachings.
        No matter the beliefs, color, faith, orientation, shape, size or what ever.

        “” or is really an undercover Brother that is really trying to get dome from one of them.””

        ain’t nothing undercover about me – but I can tell how you treat your mother though – and the mothers of others.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – can you answer ONE QUESTION ? Where did I say it’s ok for women to treat childish and immature males with treachery ?
      • Marvin Carter Dennis C Latham, it’s people like you that keep people like me from wasting time in church. I don’t need to see you damn post. I’ve seen enough of the crap SIMPS like you post all the time to last me a lifetime. Peace to your faggot ass.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – Psalm 25 ►
        King James Version
        10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.

        I appreciate your hatred towards me as a messenger of TRUTH – I FORGIVE you and I LOVE you – but you will NEVER have power over me coward. Neither will Ronald Simpson and his weakness to follow satan’s path
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – for the record? you body is a temple – it’s not my fault you keep it in shambles and tore up. You keep yourself – from yourself – you allow satan to control your mind …..

        Romans 12:2 ►
        And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – Matthew 15:11 ►
        Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
        Matthew 15:18 ►
        But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
        Mark 7:20 ►
        And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.

        you stay away from praise and worship services of THE MOST HIGH GOD because you are defiled – and you choose not to be HOLY……
      • Marvin Carter I couldn’t t care less about a thing you say faggot. Besides if going to the Christian church every Sunday was the answer, Black People wouldn’t have all the problems we have today so save all your misinterpreted scriptures and give it to somebody that don’t know any better. I have more respect for Witchcraft than I do any church folks like you promote. Black Power.
      • Marvin Carter I couldn’t t care less about a thing you say faggot. Besides if going to the Christian church every Sunday was the answer, Black People wouldn’t have all the problems we have today so save all your misinterpreted scriptures and give it to somebody that don’t know any better. I have more respect for Witchcraft than I do any church folks like you promote. Black Power.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – just as I thought – one of those house kneegrows – yell’n black power because you lack power …. BWHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAH !!!!!! and you have the nerve to call me a faggot ? – i am so glad that I know people like Ronald Simpson hangs around with people like you – it just PROVES MY POINT – HALLELUJAH !!!!! THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALWAYS RIGHT
      • Dennis C. Latham Women 2 – Women 3 – Women 4 – just wanted to bring out what was in the dark for you ladies – as you see – cowards ? they run – they find a reason to not ADDRESS DIRECT QUESTIONS – they are BOLD in their stance against women – but when it comes to standing up to A REAL MAN ? they cower, crumble and fall – I just wanted you ladies to know what kind of men ya’ll – Roll’n wit …….. BAM !!! BOOM !!! POW !!!! ZAP !!!!! ZING !!!!!

        TD Jakes explains how to tell if you have been in the presence of the Lord. When you have people who are acting broke, busted, disgusted complaining about th…
      • Dennis C. Latham Women 2 – Women 3 – Women 4 – Who ever has your ear – also has your mind. Better watch these cowards ….. iJs

      • Marvin Carter Look Motherfucker. Im driving right now and don’t have time to respond to your foolishness anyway. So fuck you and the bitch you rode in one. Peace.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – you put the gun to your own head – you and your foul mouth – and your disrespect for the ladies on this post – who might possibly read your words – I knew you were a real demon filled person – maybe Ronald Simpson can cast out some demons … oh wait – he has no power to do that. Oh Well.
      • Marvin Carter Only demon here is you faggot.
      • Dennis C. Latham @marvin cartiera … can you prove that I am a faggot ? and do you really know what a faggot is ? 
        It’s a contemptuous word for a woman or child.
        Do you know what contemptuous means ? 
        Showing contempt; scornful.
        scornful – disdainful – sniffy
      • Marvin Carter So long Cocksucker.
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – see … just like a childish and immature male – they have to make up names about another – to win a war they already lost – it just makes you look more childish – because the women here probably know I’m not a faggot or gay – and I doubt Ronald Simpson has the back bone to even think about approaching me in that manner of name calling – so I will allow you now to remain in your misery – you’ve stepped way out of your lane – because you hate women – and you hate REAL MEN – you hate yourself – you hate your life, you hate your mama, but worst of all ? you hate GOD, LOVE and TRUTH …. and that’s just pathetic.
      • Women 3 Wow the devil is a liar! Dennis I don’t know Brother Marvin, but I do know Ronald Simpson .
      • Marvin Carter Motherfucker, I told you that Im driving so God damn you and your bullshit.
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3 – this is Ronald Simpson‘s post – it’s what he allows – it’s what he condones – it’s what he harbors – it’s what he promotes and it’s what he supports. If this guy was his brother or friend ? What’s that say about ronald’s walk with CHRIST ? hmmmmmmm
      • Marvin Carter I know how to copy and paste a bunch of bullshit like you too. But Goddamn you.
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3 – that’s TWICE of him using GOD’S NAME in a malicious manner … but then again – i don’t allow that mess on my posts or my wall. Everyone knows it too – and if it slips in ? I handle it – like A REAL MAN – not like a coward.
      • Marvin Carter I don’t have any disrespect for Brother Ronald but total disrespect for assholes like you.
      • Dennis C. Latham someone is having a fit, loosing control and throwing a tantrum – who does that ? children and immature grown folks
      • Women 3  Brother Marvin I would he for you to get into an accident over a FB POST. SMH
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3 – is he really your brother ? is he really on the side of GOD ? cussing and telling lies as he does all up and down this post ?
      • Women 3  Hate for you to wreck your car! Over FB POST
      • Women 3  Brother Dennis we all fall short of the Glory of GOD,
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – all the cussing and foul language – you are showing everyone you have a GREAT DISRESPECT towards Ronald Simpson and what ever god he serves – and if he serves THE MOST HIGH GOD ? Then your cussing and foul language is against his GOD and him.
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3  – there’s a difference between falling short – and purposely jumping out of the GRACE and MERCY OF GOD – please don’t get the two twisted. this coward called me a faggot – because I won’t disrespect all women – like he chose to do – falling short is one thing – this ain’t falling short.
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3  – you wouldn’t be trying to make excuses for his behavior would you ? Would you be doing this to make me back down and say nothing ?
      • Women 3  Noted at Dennis
      • Marvin Carter The biggest thief in the Black Community is the Black Preacher. And I just saw where this MF is coming from. I thought he was one of your locals, but this MF is right over here next to me in Alabama. And most likely one of those little boy molesters. Con man with a bible. SMH plus don’t make me come over there and put something on your thieving ass. Always bullshitting poor people to reach as deep as they can into their pocket and give their money to God. Then he keeps it to buy a Cadillac. You goddamn crook.
      • Dennis C. Latham tWomen 3 – he claims to be driving – but has the time to look through my photos – and one where I am holding a FAT STACK OF MONEY – he has time to comment on that ….
      • Marvin Carter Im gonna come look you thieving ass up. I go through Montgomery pretty often. Im gonna see if your bitch ass is that brave in person. Damn lowlife begging Motherfucker. People like you is what gives preachers a bad name. Reverend Dennis C Latham.
      • Dennis C. Latham i see how weak Ronald Simpson really is now – and i see the type of males he hangs around – the kind that will brain wash him into hating women – that rmg is ruining peoples mentalities and spirits and leading them to satan’s side of the fence …
      • Dennis C. Latham @marvin cartiera – I’m not a preacher – but if you step this way ? I’ll be glad to meet you anywhere – BE WARNED – I ROLL WITH 3 CAMERAS AT ALL TIMES – and I don’t do weapons – but you’re welcome to bring what ever and as many people as you want – I’ll be waiting.
      • Marvin Carter We’ll see who the coward is when I come snatch your ass out of that stolen Cadillac you Danm con man.
      • Dennis C. Latham @marvin cartiera – i don’t own a cadilac – but I’ll still be waiting.
      • Marvin Carter Look con man, I’ve only met Brother Ronald Simpson once and other than that it has been here on Facebook. The brother is into filmmaking like I am and nothing more. Now how about the type of motherfuckers you are associated with bullshitting old and po…See More
      • Dennis C. Latham @Marvin Carter – I’m a musician / producer / Film Producer and MORE – you coward – I’m not a pastor and nor do I sit in any pulpit stages – but you make me what ever you want to make me – since that’s the only thing you have going for yourself ….. you have to make up lies about me – in order to build up your nerve to hate me – and if you’re ordained? it’s by man and not GOD.
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – you can continue to hide – but I’ll be waiting for your friend to come at me – all this – because you chose to disrespect a woman who died and her family along with it – HOURS after – let Dion E. Evans know … PREPARE – you all should PREPARE. ALL OF THIS IS COMING TO THE LIGHT ON THIS WEEK !!!!!
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 25 ► 
        10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.
      • Marvin Carter Goddamn you preacher.
      • Dennis C. Latham ok ordained by man and satan coward.
      • Marvin Carter A film exposing your crooked ass would be the very thing to do. My next project. Fuck You.
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 31:7-9
        7 I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities;
        8 And hast not shut me up into the hand of the enemy: thou hast set my feet in a large room.
        9 Have mercy upon me, O Lord, for I am in trouble: mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly.
      • Marvin Carter At least I don’t go to churches conning poor and old folks out of their much needed money. You goddamn crook.
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 31:16-17
        16 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies’ sake.
        17 Let me not be ashamed, O Lord; for I have called upon thee: let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave.
      • Dennis C. Latham BEHOLD !!!!! the false prophet and false teacher speaketh more lies – the very one who claims to be ordained – but ordained by who ?
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 33:18
        Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;
      • Marvin Carter I don’t give ad A damn about the scriptures you post asshole. When I come over there you gonna get a kicked ass. Even if I have to sneak up on your damn ass.
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 59:10
        10 The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.
        11 Slay them not, lest my people forget: scatter them by thy power; and bring them down, O Lord our shield.
      • Marvin Carter Stop thieving with your crooked ass and God may have mercy on your punk ass.
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 89:1-2
        1 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.
        2 For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever: thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens.
      • Dennis C. Latham Psalm 32:10
        Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.
      • Marvin Carter What a damn fool.