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Dr. Kenneth Glasgow, T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris Jr) and Ron Paul – THE WHOLE TRUTH !!!

Below you will see 2 videos- The first is a radio broadcast that interviews Dr. Dr. Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, in regard of the case against T.I. who attempted to buy firearms for his bodyguards trial.
The next video is a republican – Ron Paul – discussing the many years of discrimination against blacks being sent to prison at alarming rates – while whites are basically allowed to walk free.
As it is well known by many in America – blacks have been the target for attacks for 100’s of years. Now the fact that Ron Paul has finally brought this TRUTH to the forefront – it just goes to show – they have known about it all the time, but have refused to do anything about it or bring more of an awareness to this discrimination against blacks in America.
I have been in too many conversations over the past four years with conservatives, conservative christians, right wingers,  and tea parties and I have NEVER conversed with ONE that has admitted to what Ron Paul has admitted to in the second video below. I will admit – Every Last One of those on the right I have conversed with have ALL labeled blacks as being the one who put their-self in the position to be in jail – and the comments they make are –

  1. blacks are lazy and they don’t want to work – so they sell drugs or steal
  2. blacks just want a hand out
  3. blacks have a chip on their shoulder
  4. blacks need to move on past talking about slavery and what it has done to their race.
  5. Dr. King only needed two pall bearers – because that’s all it takes to take out the trash
  6. more I choose not to say. .

It’s time to come together as a nation and stand together – and stop separating ourselves by color and stop having so much hatred against one another – I will also add that Pastor Kenneth Glasgow is overlooked by many media sources – and to just name of few of the black media outlets – BET, CENTRIC, TV One, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, Essences, Ebony, JET and a host of other black media who targets blacks have over looked some of the great works Dr. Glasgow has accomplished. Stop blocking and hating – Start SHEDDING, SHARING, SHOWING, SPEAKING and SPREADING THE TRUTH.
If I am wrong ? Correct me with RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH – DO NOT attempt to correct me with deceptions, lies and trickery.