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Chris Heard steps up to ask – “”If I have helped you or even hurt you comment below.””

NOTICE: Have you ever seen the scam -where they try to shame someone into paying back someone else’s debt ??? Here is a classic EXAMPLE of how they do it – as they seek out a sucker – to pay back what someone else owes.

For all the people out here it has been some things said abput me and my business practices for the last past months. Im just gonna keep it simple for everyone. If I have helped you or even hurt you comment below. Cuz people need to know about me whether it is good or bad. Come on people don’t be shy
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  • Dunté Dangerously This the first thing I see after not being on FB for over a week. You changed my life bruh. Pause. But you changed my life. My loyalty gone supersede my physical existence. That’s just truth. Keep Winning Brother.
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  • Ron McIntosh Jr You have helped me a lot and we’ve only known each other a short time. People just love to be negative!!!
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  • Chris Heard And how much money have you given me Ron McIntosh Jr
  • Kimberly Smith Chris..I’m a new kid on the block. Without knowing me or asking for anything – you offered to help me! My hat is off to You! Thank You.
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  • KayDee Gray Your business is legit best choice I made
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  • Furqan Stout I saw a post and inquired about what was going on. I like to know who I’m dealing with. I am serious about the growth of our people and I am ready to give of myself…..we can’t have that type of negativity being passed around if we are to seriously build anything.
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  • Ron McIntosh Jr Brother Chris I never gave you a dime nor did u ask for anything!!!
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  • Shannon Bond My family has been helped. I am very appreciative of your services. I expect great things from Fresh Start Financial Services for our community.
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  • Kim McBride Hey Chris, Im serious about trying to obtain your assistance. I commend anyone trying to help our people do better! Keep on keeping on!!! Contact me when you can!
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  • Jesica Jackson So because you have done things for other people it makes it ok for you to take my money?
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  • Jesica Jackson All I want is my damn money back its mine that is all I want and just because you helped some doesnt make it right to steal from one helping others does not negate the fact that you have not given me my money. So by this post what exactly are you trying to prove?
  • Jesica Jackson Dont worry i’ll wait……
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya So your logic is that helping some, makes it ok to steal from one… I do not care about what your crowd of easily led followers think. They are free to allow you to take whatever they are willing to give. My daughter in good faith gave you a down payment for a vehicle you never delivered.. you lied continuously about refunding her money. You double talked and lied over yourself as if my children and I have not.the intelligence to think and discern for ourselves. This was discuss in depth complete with screenshots of the messages you sent promising the refund. Which I see you have taken that thread down. No problem. I have said it once and I will again fucking with any of my children will create a formidable enemy. This is the thing about the 5% we do not need to follow anyone. I do however have a nation of Gods and Earths at my disposal as well as some individuals who are pretty pow
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Powerful sprinkled across the globe. I do not care about your reputation
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya what I want is for you to honor you word and give my daughter back the money you took and get the fuck out of our lives. That is all notjing more than what you stole and then you and your band of worshippers can dissappear into fucking oblivion. Really you talk about advancing the people but steal from a 22 year old single mother who lives 5 states away from anybfamily with a 3 yr old. I am pissed one because that is my child two we gave you chance after chance to make this right. 3 I considered you a friend and trusted you. 4 you are using advancement of my people to shield your filthy dealings etc. Whatever the case maybe Jesica Jackson and I just want you to give her her 1k back and we will never make contact with you again. You could have refunded her 3 months ago like you promised and there would have been no need for this discussion. We still have the screen shots in case you need to bebreminded of what your lies were
  • Dennis C. Latham Well Chris Heard – I saw the phone texts – and would appreciate it if you gave Jesica Alba her money back – seriously. I don’t know much about you – but unless you can prove the phone texts are made up – I AM convinced that you promised to pay her back – and you didn’t.…/proof-from-jesica…/

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  • Jesica Jackson Jesica Jackson**
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Boy, you just do not stop lying huh… Be careful, who you tell them to you never know who is my brother or my sister…. Anyway it is ok.. You know, we will see what the Office of Consumer Protection, Better Business Bureau, and Small Claims Court in Deal County has to say… It is funny and curious to me that you chose to delete the Thread where this discussion started, and make a new post outside of that conversation…lol an honest person would have address that directly…. Psychology 101
  • Dennis C. Latham and I know how easy it is to get others who are part of the scam – to vouch for another – I was born in the morning …. but just not this morning. Now – if anyone wants to call it negative – that I AM bringing this up – then something is really wrong with you – if you think it’s ok for a grown man – to take money from a woman –
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – you saw the text messages … didn’t you ??? I hope you ain’t playing possum ….
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya People should also beware that everyone who claims to help them do not truly intend to do that…. Take it from one of the poor righteous teachers on the poor part of the Earth… The 5% or Nation of Gods and Earth, since teaching National Consciousness, community control, and peace is daily life for US and we do not charge for it.
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – it was you who got on me about not addressing the $1,000 that Jesica Jackson claimed that Chris Heard owed her ……
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – acting like you don’t know – when you do know – since you didn’t bring it up in your initial comment on this post.
  • Furqan Stout Im doing paperwork whats up?
  • Dennis C. Latham Did you or did you not see the text messages Furqan Stout???
  • Furqan Stout Yes I saw them. I also saw this….
  • Furqan Stout The truth is that Jesica Jackson and her mother Talibah Rayya actually was seeking to buy cars from me. I purchased bith cars totaling 14,000 dollars. Talibah Rayya never camed to get her vehicle and said that she had something else to do with her money. Never got the car which cost me 4000. Her daughter sent me 920 dollars as a down payment for a vehicle and wanted a car. I spent 10,000 on the car before she even got financed and the financing fell through because she only made 10 a hour and was over extended. I offered her the money back she said no she wated the car. I couldn’t release the car or finance for her because she is in Kileen TX. She said that she wanted togo through the other company and they approved it but she said she wanted her money back. So I am stuck with the car and all the work I put into getting the deal. I was on my way to send her back her money and her mom was threatening me to ruin me so I told her to goe for it.
  • Dennis C. Latham Why didn’t you address the text messages – or the fact thatJesica Jackson provided much proof of being ripped off and being hurt ??? and not helped … since you did say …. “” serious about the growth of our people and I am ready to give of myself…..we can’t have that type of negativity being passed around if we are to seriously build anything.””What negativity are you speaking of ?
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Calm down Dennis, you have to give a person a chance to answer. Furqan is here… To be honest, I am ttired of the whole thing and this is getting nowhere except that Chris Heard is just continuing to lie.. I just think it is better to call in reinforcements and let them handle it.
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – are you quoting someone else ? I saw no quotes – or are you part of this deal that kept Jesica Jackson‘s money ???and if anyone has this type of business – I AM sure they can find another buyer for the vehicle.
  • Furqan Stout From there I told him to call me. I also told him he never wronged me so I could not and would not slander him. What more do you want from me on the situation Dennis C Latham?
  • Dennis C. Latham I want you to act like you were over in the group – you kept pressing me to deal with the money being taken – and you acting like it never happened from your INITIAL COMMENT … and I AM not one to beat around the bush.
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – I AM not calmed up – so no need for me to calm down. I deal with THE CORE, FOUNDATION and ROOTS of problems – I AM not like most – who play with the leaves on the tree.
  • Furqan Stout im glad you have time for this right now. I have an actual business to run. I copied and pasted what I was sent on the situation. Im in the middle of designing something.
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM in the middle of putting together several commercials for several different clients – not to mention – some wood working to do and other things to do – to prepare for going out into the community on tomorrow and do what I do every day ….. I don’t have the time – but I AM taking the time to get answers … and see who is who up in this piece …
  • Furqan Stout besides I was riled up the other day in the group becuase you were aggressive towards me asking a question about the group
  • Jesica Jackson Look honestly I was not trying to slander him either the fact is I pissed off because he is ignoring me asking for my money that is honestly all I want I cannot afford to just charge a whole 1000 to the game I begged my mother to give him time to send it I honestly thought he would but he still hasnt I was nice and patient two things I am normally not and still he ignores it all I want is my money that is it
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya It is nothing for you two to get into an arguement about… That is not the nature of original people. We Build…. We work together for one common cause… Furquan is right since he was not harmed directly he has no true cause to slander anyone and I honestly would prefer if no one had to be slandered. I would much prefer that the situnation would be resolved in a diplomatic fashion and my daughter can be refunded and We all can move on in peace.
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – I didn’t mean to rile you up. I only saw ONE PERSON and ONE POST about any refunds – you clearly stated there were several – so I ADDRESSED what I saw not to be true. It was later that I found out some of the posts had been or were probably deleted about the refund.
  • Furqan Stout that was the explanation he shot me……PERIOD. What the fuck do you want me to do about it from here Mr. I’m putting together several commercials and building bird houses for humanity?
  • Furqan Stout I said they had been deleted. Man im off this shit I got work to do…..this is FACEBOOK nigga…..fuck is wrong with you?
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – not trying to get in any argument – however – just because a person has my skin color – doesn’t give him A FREE PASS to take advantage of someone else. I have PROOF ALL ONLINE FOR ALL TO SEE what I do – however – not many others do – but they run their mouth on FaceBook – and when I ask for PROOF – they get all secretive.
  • Dennis C. Latham Furqan Stout – I believe what you could have done in your first and initial comment – is to tell Chris Heard – as I did – about THE PROOF someone else SHOWED about getting hurt / ripped off. That’s all.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Furquan, I appreciate what you have done thus far had it not been for you this discussion my not have happened openly. Please go attend to your business with my peace and blessing.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Dennis the fact is that Chris Heard is aware of the fact that he has the money, and he knows that he owes it and he knows that it is wrong to keep it…. Here is where you begin to understand the power of a true devil he wouuld rather cause division among the people for his own gain than to let his word be bond… He is fully capable of making the situation right yet he chooses not to. You both have done well and it is appreciated but from here it is up to Mr.. HEARD too choose to make it right or face the legalities devil… He would rather cause division among hi
  • Furqan Stout My bad I dont have copies of text messages and shit…..then again I dont shoot commercials either which means I dont have that type of equipment…..I am a contractor not a fucking tabloid reporter…….fuck off asshole… you done did it
  • Dennis C. Latham here are copies of the text messages – filthy mouth devil…/proof-from-jesica…/

    Jesica Jackson 10 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins …
  • Dennis C. Latham you don’t have to have them – they were posted in the group
  • Furqan Stout Ok asshole
  • Furqan Stout fuck you
  • Furqan Stout raggedy ass muthafucka
  • Furqan Stout I removed myself from the group dick head or are you illiterate as well as fucking stupid?
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM a contractor as well …… and it’s what I do all day in the community – but I also have other skills and trades as well.
  • Furqan Stout good for you shit bird
  • Dennis C. Latham Those TEXT MESSAGES were posted BEFORE you left the group you filthy mouth devil.
  • Furqan Stout eat a bag of baby dicks
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Again, you both have done well, peace is the absence of confusion… Please Let peace be among you…
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  • Furqan Stout fuck him
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  • Furqan Stout I was minding my business
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  • Furqan Stout but im a devil
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  • Dennis C. Latham and you can not make me hate you either – Furqan Stout – no matter how much you disrespect these women on this post.
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  • Furqan Stout I was at peace till this shit heel comes out with my name in his mouth
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  • Dennis C. Latham damn right you a devil – when you cuss the way you do in front of these BEAUTIFUL LADIES – who only want the money back.
  • Furqan Stout only woman i see getting disrespected is you madame
  • Dennis C. Latham <— is still at peace ….. nothing you can do or say will make me loose my peace either.
  • Furqan Stout shouldn’t you be out molesting and sodomizing the homeless right now or something.
  • Furqan Stout thats good for you shit bag
  • Furqan Stout any things else you want to say?
  • Furqan Stout douche bag?
  • Dennis C. Latham “” molesting and sodomizing the homeless “” – you accuse me of this ? WOW …. Now we see who the childish and immature one is – and I believe you are part of this scam – only trying to play with the emotions of Jesica and her mother.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Ok This is Stupid… It does not matter who does or does not have copies of the text… We have them and they are posted in a blog everyone saw them… It makes not sense for original people to fight each other… The situation has been brought to the light it has become apparent that Mr. Heard has not intention of refunding the money and he never had the intention.. So from here it is best to just let the legal system and the OCP deal either it.
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  • Dennis C. Latham I can tell – you don’t like to be PRESSED or PUSHED to tell THE TRUTH – which is why you probably didn’t bring up the text messages in your first comment …..
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  • Furqan Stout you fucking idiot. do you know anything about GEOGRAPHY? you fucking moron?
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  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya the text messages are online for ALL TO SEE – and they were POSTED by your daughter – before this cussing devil left the group…/proof-from-jesica…/

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  • Furqan Stout What the fuck are you talking about?
  • Furqan Stout and that has what to do with me shit for brains?
  • Dennis C. Latham I know plenty about GEOGRAPHY – what’cha wanna know ? or what do you want to check me on Furqan Stout ????
  • Furqan Stout the fact that i saw some suspect activity and was questioning it because I dont affiliate with such?
  • Furqan Stout I do what I do and dont know none of you mufuckas……I travel all across the country…..consistently….how the fuck would I be part of the scam? Where do you get that stupid shit from? Are you retarded? Or just really fucking stupid?
  • Furqan Stout get over yourself……you aint building no furniture…you going home to watch Hentai porn and shove gerbils in your ass muthafucka
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya He has not disrespect me, I curse far more than he does… sometimes words go down better with seasoning…… What I am saying Dennis is that Furqan has done all he can. And you did what you could… And you both are appreciated. I AM going to speak to the Gods in Mecca and Allah’s Garden about it and then continue with the legal action.
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  • Dennis C. Latham and Talibah Yemoja Rayya – if you cussed ? I’d tell you about yourself as well – and I would tell you that you are BETTER than that – it’s all good – I AM about done here – but I have seen what I needed to see tonight. I’ve seen with my SPIRITUAL EYE and not my fleshly eyes.
  • Furqan Stout you saw what she said you sweaty bastard^^^^
  • Furqan Stout you looked into my brown eye with your spiritual eye and saw some real shit coming at you…..get the fuck outta here nigrodumbass…you cant see shit
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – my Father raised me to always respect myself and ladies as well – and cussing in front of ladies is always going to be A NO NO – whether they cuss or not – because I know their WORTH.
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  • Furqan Stout acting like you have the spiritual guidance of a whirling dervish or something…..fuck you and what ya pappy taught ya how bout that cupcake?
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  • Dennis C. Latham you are the true kneegrow Furqan Stout – since you admit to talking to Chris Heard on the phone and on skype and all that.
  • Furqan Stout fucking simp ass nigga……stop simping it aint a good look
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I do not think that anyone of you have anything do with the scam. I personally think Mr. Heard has a legitimate business, I honestly believe he simply promised what he could not deliver and spent the money and rather than saying that he chose to run, hide duck dodge and lie… Most business owners myself included will just default ti transparency and be honest.. For instance I have a client who has paid me for a service that I have not provided… I OWE her a refund and I have not paid it yet. But the difference is I am constantly in touch with her. i have not blocked her or lied to her… I SUFFERED A SETBACK AND EXPLAINED SHE UNDERSTANDS.
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  • Furqan Stout you are the true cock sucker Dennis C. Latham-since you continue to ride my dick like a bull at the rodeo
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  • Furqan Stout what an ass hat lmao
  • Dennis C. Latham I’ve learned in life – the very person who accuses another of riding someone’s penis – is the true one riding someone’s penis – it’s all for show with the words you speak – I saw through you from day one.
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – talk with you later. BE BLESSED ON THIS EVENING.
  • Furqan Stout Wow….Dennis C. Latham… are a fucking nut job….I dont give a hot shit what you say….I just like cursing at your stupid ass….its therapeutic for me asshole
  • Furqan Stout shit bird hahaha
  • Furqan Stout All i can say is I wasnt bothering nobody till Dick Buttkiss over here started riding me…..get my phallus out ya mouth man….thou shalt not use my name in vane nigga
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I am the Earth and I regulate myself…. What is disrespectful is whatever is perceived as such… Like spitting in my face… I do not mind it…. The cursing that is reminds me of my grandma… I grew up in a bootlegger house, .cursing does not phase me. I amight just not that upt especially when in my city there are babies killing each other profanity is the least of my worries you have to pick your battles.
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Furqan what the hell is an ass hat? Lol
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Good night Dennis.. Peace and blessings.. Beloved.
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  • Furqan Stout an ass hat is Dennis… it….a picture of Dennis will pop up
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya SMH I love you both.
  • Dennis C. Latham I LOVE both of ya’ll – and Chris Heard too – but I AM not about to treat a liar like A TRUTH TELLER – and I AM not about to treat A TRUTH TELLER like a liar. That’s what’s wrong with the hoods today and why they are hoods.
  • Furqan Stout eat that motherfucker
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Lol… He does love you that is for sure…… You have my temperment… That is why I laugh
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  • Furqan Stout I been laughing at this dunce
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya He is harmless tho and means well… A little overzealous
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  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – abuse, beating, cheating, harming, hurting, murdering, raping and stealing are all CHARACTERISTICS of hatred … not LOVE.
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  • Furqan Stout he think all this shit gonna get him some ass…..fucking simp….overzealous with the wrong one
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  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – you may think I AM overzealous – but in reality ? You’re too easy and light on people who spread lies – and you side with them over those who speak nothing but TRUTH. I ain’t here to please man or woman – I AM heard to please GOD and nobody else. Someone was done wrong – and the cussing clown is only trying to deflect and distract for his partner in crime.
  • Furqan Stout thats all this guy has been spitting^^^^
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya No one is lying beloved, just Chris and well I have decided that this is fruitless and legal action would serve me best…
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  • Furqan Stout thank you^^^^
  • Furqan Stout Talibah Yemoja Rayya thank you for understanding. Im going to sleep…I wasted to much time fucking around with this guy. Shit…..I was having too much fun
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – that’s where you’re wrong at – someone is lying besides Chris Heard – Furqan Stout has sat up in here and in your face done nothing but tell lies about me – and for you to say – no one is lying ? Is very sad. I AM done here. Clad I have a copy – of those who are under zealous – getting played by the con artists’ partner.
  • Furqan Stout Seriously tho…..Dennis C Latham….next time I want to hear from an asshole I will fart ok? HAHAHA
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya It is not a matter of being easy and light… What you fail to realize that as far says my brother furquan is concerned, he just met me and this situation is one that he has not enough knowledge of to be able to voicet but really what can he do? Besides hear it. Can he really change it? He is striving to be objective and that is fair. an honest opinion on one way or another. He saw the tex
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  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – I AM going to PROVE to you and SHOW you – what should have been done – while you protect your enemy.
  • Furqan Stout Enemy? LMMFAO……how am I the enemy? I barely even come to the group as it was…..for this very reason….
  • Dennis C. Latham @Kimberly Smith ?? KayDee Gray ??? Ron McIntosh Jr??? Shannon Bond ??? Kim McBride – Here is THE PROOF that Chris Heard has ripped someone off who is on this post – what are you all willing to do to help her get her money back ???????…/proof-from-jesica…/

    Jesica Jackson 10 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins · Like Jesica Jackson 9 mins …
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya He is ribbing you because you are opening yourself up for it…. It is a source of entertainment for him…. It is fun…. Sarcasm is what you call it…. Yes.. I am sarcastic asshole so I recognize it I know not to take it personally. I HAVE13 brothers.
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  • Dennis C. Latham KayDee Gray Shannon Bond Kim McBride – any comments ?
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  • Furqan Stout he aint ribbing me….he just proving that he is nutty as squirrel shit thats all
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – now you will see your enemy – attempt to make my comments dissappear inside the thread – so those who vouch for chris heard won’t see it – it’s been his plan and plot from the beginning. I AM OUT – I have proven my point.
  • Furqan Stout 0_o ^^^^^^
  • Furqan Stout hahaha
  • Furqan Stout dont nobody give a hot shit about you man lmao
  • Furqan Stout dafuck you think you Ron Oneil or something? fuck you Jack!!!!
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Thank you Dennis.
  • Furqan Stout yes thank you Dennis…you nut ass nigga
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Lol…. I am sorry… But you are hilarious…. I will tell you a secret… I do not like being treated like a weak. Damsel in Distress.. Hell I can kick a niggas azz.
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  • Furqan Stout who me?^^^
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya No not you…. I don’t think….lol..
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  •  Furqan Stout im talking about being hilarious
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  • Furqan Stout Simpin aint pimpin nigga remember that!!!!
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  • Furqan Stout I don’t appreciate that cussing clown – playing on you all’s emotions – like he is trying to help – but I believe he is part of the scam – and only brought it up in the first place – to see what kind of reactions he would get ….. in that group and even tonight on the post heard made …… chris knows – because he liked some of the earlier comments. He’s hiding – and furq the cussing clown is only helping him – that’s why he was able to COPY and PASTE that excuse for chris heard.
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya yes you are definitely hilarious
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  • Furqan Stout I see your bitch ass nigga…..trying to get you some pussy? Simp ass nigga…..
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Hmmm I sort of think Dennis feels as if I am not capable of thinking for myself…
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  • Furqan Stout Duke aint funny tho….nigga corny as hell…….I would leave him like his profile pic…..a fucking vegetable
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  • Furqan Stout Dennis Just hell bent on putting me in this shit……which dont make no sense
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya As far as that message Chris sent… He offered me A 95 Honda del sol for 5k… That he already owned… He did not get it for me he was trying to get rid of it…. My brother told me that the car was not worth the 5k he wanted, now as I was trying to research the car he constantly called me to question whether I was going to get it… I declined to purchase it, not because I had other things to do but what I told him. Was that the energy around the puurchave was not right… My intuition says it is a bad deal…. That had nothing to do with jesica nor did I sign any type of agreement and was fully with in my right to change my mind. Now I did threaten to ruin him and I mkwant that… But that does not negate the legal obligation he has to refund a customer for non delivery of a product. The purchase agreement that Jesica signed stated that he had 5 days to deliver the vehicle or a refund it was signed on April 16 and as of Today we have not received it… Once he said he would deposit it on Friday… We never got it when we inquired that day he said he had deposited it but the bank would not post it until Monday at 11am. When that did not happen he said he was on the way to the bank and was running late… Now if it was deposited on Friday.. Why would it matter if you were running late on monday? Maybe because you never deposited it…… Lol and you think people care idiots… And that is when I got pissed and spoke to my boss who is especially connected and he told me wbo to go to in the Gvgovernors office.
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  • Furqan Stout I had something to do with that as well….I put him up to it
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I do not know why. I am empathic and I do not feel that…
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I do notice that Chris disappeared from the conversation
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  • Furqan Stout I know you dont…I was talking about D
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Did you send it to yourself from his page?
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  • Furqan Stout i got that from a message he sent me
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I know…. You get in his craw as my granny used to say… It is your sarcasm… I don’t think he understands sarcasm..
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  • Furqan Stout thats his problem….i dont understand delusional asshole so I guess that makes us even
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I know I was being funny… But jesica had told me about it and the short conversation you had with her…. He never intended to give her money back and I think was pisses me off most is that he thinks people are stupid.
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  • Furqan Stout Dennis didnt know all that tho….I didnt know I had to report to him first….now I know
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I know that he did not know it, I just attempted to explain that to him and that the reason why you did not answer him right away was that I was talking to you outside of the thread..
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya He really is trying to help… Tho…. And I appreciate that since if he exposes Chris then maybe he will not be able to hurt someone else..
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya But don’t know what he expects you to do… And why he thinks I am such a fool for not wanting you to do whatever it is.
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  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Well it is always nice to chat with you…. You have a blissful night and peace to you and yours.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – I know very well – you are capable of thinking for yourself – however – I do know you are easy to deceive – while you lied – and said ain’t nobody lying – but you sit up here and team up with this cussing and lying clown – and won’t even admit – he’s a liar. I thank you very much though – for AGREEING with him so much and all the lies he told on me – right in your face – and you think it’s funny – which lets me know – you are easy to be deceived because you go right along with deceivers – you go along to get along.
  • Dennis C. Latham It doesn’t matter whether or not how much ya’ll talked off camera / FaceBook – I AM only standing against Jesica Jackson getting ripped off – PERIOD – and whilst this cussing clown goes all night at me – bearing false witness against me, calling me things that I AM not, telling lies about me, even making things up about me in private chat – you sit up here and side with him – and you find it funny – and I AM happy of it – since you are so happy of it – because you get’n played and don’t know any better.
  • Dennis C. Latham It is reasons like this – kneegrows fail and continue to fall and be at the bottom. The ghetto mentality and ghetto spirit is so strong – you actually laugh – when one is constantly lies about and you sit there and laugh along with the one calling all of the false names – out of ignorance – and I FORGIVE you all – because I know you don’t know any damn better….
  • Dennis C. Latham Jesica Jackson – I will ask you two question – and don’t answer – but just think about it for a while. Did furqan stout ever ask and tag Chris Heard – ONE TIME and ask him OPENLY and PUBLICLY ???? or did he keep everything OFF FaceBook and only to you and others where ALL can’t see ???
  • Dennis C. Latham it takes self destructive and self hating minds and spirits – to side with a cussing clown – and enjoy the company of a cussing clown who attempts to slander the one who has done the greatest to EXPOSE the criminal – all the while getting played – because they trust the color of his skin – but ignore the many lies that come out of his mouth ….
    Thus the reason – I AM the ONLY MAN who called out chris – and the childish and immature male – bamboozles, brain washes and hoodwinks you.
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  • Dennis C. Latham The only man who has PROOF of who he is and what he does is rejected – MEANWHILE – a no name who has no evidence of who he is or what he even does in his community – is accepted. Only in the mind of ignorance.
  • Dennis C. Latham Q: to ALL… Have you ever seen the scam -where they try to shame someone into paying back someone else’s debt ??? Here is a classic EXAMPLE of how they do it – as they seek out a sucker – to pay back what someone else owes.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Dennis it is obvious to me that you have no understanding of the concept of sarcasm or what humor is. As a 5%er, we take nothing on face value there is a vast difference between siding with a person and finding humor in something they have stated. That being said, there is nothing to side with him against you for.. The issue is between my daughter and Chris Heard, and the point at which I made the decision to allow the legal system and organizations charged with these types of matters handle it then there was nothing else to really discuss… Yes we stayed up and talked about you because you are funny as hell and entertaining, nothing more nothing less…. You seem to have a tendency towards fanaticism, but I am not one to make unsolicited diagnostics, all I know if the Chris took the deposit and promised a refund and owns the llc through with the transaction was done, being a level person there is not need for me to through around unfounded accuations at anyone… NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE anything to merit that…… Whether you realize it or no furqan addresses you as he does because you seem to have a need to attack him, with the most outlandish things. Please understand that there is a difference between a lie and an opinion, also between a lie and a joke. As far a I am concerned this matter is closed. The law will handle Chris.. I WILL MAINTAIN THE AUTHORITY TO HAVE MY OWN OPINION AND ALLOW OTHERS TO HAVE THEIRS.
    Peace BRUH BRUH.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya Boy, again asking you to pay it if you were so inclined was SARCASM…… calling Jesus white , was not a lie, it was SARCASM,…… Do you understand, SARCASM is a literary device that is most often used in satire. And quite often by me. I have no beef with you or furqan. It is mathematically unsound, illogical. And scientifically baseless to accuse a man of something that there is no evidence linking him tp.
  • Talibah Yemoja Rayya I am done with it,,,, dude this is a fucking social media site….
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – I don’t do sarcasm in serious situation – someone’s money was taken – that’s what I AM dealing with – slandering someone is not sarcasm either – but if you see it that way ? FINE .. have at it
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM kind of glad that Chris Heard has not unfriended me.
  • Dennis C. Latham Talibah Yemoja Rayya – opinions, sarcasm and satire can be lies – most of the time they are deceptions, distractions and tricks – but still can hate me all you want – I could care less – white jesus is a lie – whether an opinions or a joke – it’s still a lie.

    So … have your way – but as long as I live – I will always call out lies and liar.

pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this




pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this


pastor jiles williams and the Montgomery Ministers Association protects ministers like this

thomas martin – calls Dennis C. Latham a false teacher – but shows NO PROOF.

120+ comments on my post compared to one comment from him on his own wall
thomas martin

thomas martin

Dennis C. Latham · 97 followers

ronald simpson’s attack on single women – Marvin Carter of Mississippi

this guy ran for sheriff and lost – you will see why with all of his comments on this post below.

Ronald Simpson

11 hours ago · 

    • ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Single woman…… PLEASE…. STOP trying to act like you don’t need a man… When you know that you really do!!!! #IJS
      • Women 1 Funny….
      • Ronald Simpson Its beginning to become “Pothetic” to me. Breaks my heart….
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      • Women 1 Denial covers humiliation
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      • Ronald Simpson Then you die!!!!!!!
      • Women 1 Lol
      • Ronald Simpson Minister Denise.. This is becoming a very serious matter!!!!
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      • Women 1 I know
      • Dennis C. Latham Ronald Simpson – key letters from you – “”#IJS”” – that’s what you’re saying – but what does GOD SAY ? or JESUS SAY ? or THE HOLY SPIRIT SAY ?

        1 Corinthians 7:8 ►
        I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I.

        Most of the single women I know – only act that way towards the males who are either childish, dawgs, immature, or gay – and I know PLENTY of SINGLE WOMEN OF GOD who are seeking A REAL MAN and not a boy –

        I hope you got my PRIVATE FaceBook E-Mail to you on that other TOPIC – PEACE.
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      • Women 2 I don’t want a man , I want to be married , Ronald, I’m ready .
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      • Dennis C. Latham Women 2 – actually ? even if a relationship is not in the making – women need and want TRUE MEN OF GOD around them – there are very very few of them – those REAL MEN OF GOD will COVER them from the childish, dawgs and immature males who play holy but ain’t. Those REAL MEN OF GOD will set the EXAMPLE to submit to.
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      • Women 2 I’ve met a few childish males ,fake Christians who play holy, and play on your sympathy knowing your not in your right mind because you are influenced by diseases , medications , and a preexisting brain injury…These men are liars, predators, and dangerous, not only to woomen , but to all of the Christian community. I say this because they are excellent scammers. They can fix a documanet and have most people believeing anything…just a computer hacker.
        7 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 3
      • Marvin Carter Just chiming in. But honest to God I truly believe that it’s easier for a woman to find a righteous man than for a man to find a righteous woman. That’s probably why there are more men Prophets in the Bible than women prophets. Plus why Dr. John was called by God to write the song “A woman is the root of all evil.” Wink wink. That’s something to think about. Women masquerade more about whom they are than men ever could, plus women are programmed to act like they are better than whom they really are from childbirth. And yes, there is enough blame to go around, but men are expected to be perfect while women get excused from all the baggage they have like scamming men from the moment they meet for money until the very end and beyond. And honest to God. Black women don’t care anything about love if they don’t see dollar bills up front. And it’s the number one factor driving thugs whom are broke to get money by any means necessary to win approval of sex from a woman of his choosing. Lets be real about it. That’s the real problem with relationships in the Black community.
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      • Marvin Carter Plus Brother Ronald Simpson you must remember what the scriptures say. Wink wink. NONE OF THEM ARE RIGHTEOUS, NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD. NO NOT ONE. Though in this day and age we are led to believe Black Women in particular are saints and can do no wrong. Though there is a prison less than a hundred miles from me in Pearl Mississippi that has over two thousand women in it for mostly homicides. And that’s a satellite facility. REAL TALK.
      • Women 3 Marvin Carter ….Respectfully, that is a very broad brush you have painted Black Women with. It sounds like your past engagements with my sisters has not been one of a positive nature. You must know or by your prose maybe you don’t know Black Women are not monolithic. We don’t all think or act the same, or emasculate our men. I am a Black Woman who was created in the womb with a Black Man and reared with four brothers. I am a daughter of the Most High GOD, and I don’t masquerade and/or hide behind anything else. I am not a women who points fingers either I take responsibility for my actions and reactions as well. I am a Black Woman who loves and honors Black Men. I respect, and relate to them in a manner that says I believe in the “Black Man”. As for Black Women please know we don’t all put love of money over Love of God or our men and families. Also Mr Carter I don’t expect Black Men to be perfect. And nor do I know any man or women who personifies perfection walking this earth. However to your point, there are a lot of women/men who have baggage, and who project their pain (baggage) on their counterparts. Perhaps these individuals should not entered into relationships and/or parenthood until they have unpacked their stuff. And/or frankly until they have just matured and grown up. So I must say for the record we are all not in the picture you have so broadly painted! Peace and Blessings! And Ronald Simpson I am not a sister who thinks she does not need and or want a man, as you know!
        4 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2
      • Marvin Carter @ Dennis C. Latham. To say that most of the women you know only act treacherous towards the serious flawed men in our society and not others has to be wishful thinking at the least, and most definitely not reality. These money hungry women of today are what’s encouraging these thugs to resort to violence to bring $$$ back to gain favor from them.
        Plus do you remember that story in the Bible where God said he would spare those two cities if Lot could find 50 righteous people and Lot could not even find one. If God gave that task even to you with the ability to see through all these women’s fronts, you would indeed come back empty handed just like Lot of the Bible.
      • Marvin Carter Women 3, you may very well be just as you say you are, but as far back as I can remember, Black women have always said one thing and did another. Plus never speaking up when they should speak up about the dirty deeds of their peers. And that too is one of their biggest faults.
      • Marvin Carter Now Minister Denise did say a mouth full when she said Denial covers Humiliation. And that is exactly what I see or hear Black women doing everyday. SMH
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      • Women 3 to  Women 2 point is very true. And I would also say, Silence is also speech and speaks volumes.
      • Marvin Carter You’re right about that Sister Women 3. Because most of the everyday activities of Black Women are indefensible.
      • Women 3 Again Brother Carter I can not concur with you regarding “All Black Women”. Maybe Some but not all. Question can you actually say you don’t know any Black Women who walk with integrity?
      • Marvin Carter Honest to God, I don’t. I know countless one that put on fronts, but it’s like watching a bad actor each Tim Im around one because God has blessed me with the ability to see through Black Women’s charades.
      • Marvin Carter Sent from my iPhone
      • Women 3 Mr Carter where do you live? Is it a place where only men exist? What about your Mother? Are you painting her with this brush as well?
      • Women 3  I am not sure what prism you are looking through, but if you don’t know any Black Women who have integrity, than perhaps you need to look within. Also this brush that you paint regarding women. Does it apply to women of other races, or just Black Women?
      • Marvin Carter I know Black Women the best, so that why I will step out on a limb and say what I know to be true. The biggest thing I see Black Women lacking in is humbleness. ALL OF THE ONES I OBSERVE ARE ARROGANT, UPPITY, DIVAS, PRIMA-DONNAS AND SELF RIGHTEOUS. OH AND DID I SAY MEAN? EVERYTHING BUT HUMBLE AND MEEK. NONE OF THOSE QUALITIES LIKE A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE IF THEY REALLY WANT A MAN. No man in his natural mind wants a strong black woman as Black women pride themselves in being full of.
      • Women 3  Being a Strong Black Women is not Synonymous with, ARROGANT, UPPITY, DIVAS, PRIMA-DONNAS AND SELF RIGHTEOUS AND/OR MEAN! Mr Carter you didn’t answer my question does this brush you paint with, apply to All Women i.e White, Asian, Indian, Latin, Pacific Islander?
      • Women 1 Good morning all…Mr Carter and I had this conversation before Women 3 about generalizing. But as we discussed then and I will reiterate now, ALL black pots don’t cook the same whatever their gender.
        3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
      • Women 3  Also what about your Mother?
      • Marvin Carter Error: But I have heard that they are much less of a headache.
      • Women 3  That’s Pathetic, Mr Carter!
      • Marvin Carter My mother wasn’t perfect by no stretch of the imagination. And I would not want to be married to a woman like my mother was either. Now how about your Mother. But that’s OK. I know about her already. Remember, I could write a book over five thousand pages about Black women without saying anything good.
      • Marvin Carter Sounds like Minister Denise is already so early on a Sunday morning doing what Black Women do so well, and that is Deflecting rather that talking Real Talk.
      • Marvin Carter PATHETIC??? Well since you are a Black Woman I will consider the source.
      • Women 4  Good morning Women 3 I’m glad you answer that lonely black man who seems to think he knows all black women so well … He says we are a wreck but I know better and maybe he needs to leave his cubby hole in Mississippi !!!! He saying a whole lot of nothing and we Godly women who has integrity among many other attributes don’t have to defend ourselves … No real woman want a thug !!!!
      • Women 3  Mr Carter there is no need to be offensive! I simply inquired about you Mother because you stated you don’t know any Black Women whom have integrity. My Mother is the Queen of My Heart and I look up to her today, as I did as a little girl. I am sorry you are bitter. And I apologize for all those women who emasculated and abused you! But for the record, no one can do anything to us that we don’t allow! And lastly, you must give respect in order to get respect! You are angry which is very evident and it is sad. As you look to be an older gentleman whom I would think would not allow the madness of the world to penetrate ones psyche as you have. And would not color all the world..or my bad Black Women! Peace and Blessings to you Mr Carter! I am out!