Awesome God facebook page caught in a big lie – 300,000+ shares – the shape of fake christianity that believes a lie.

I wanna see how many people will share this!
she served God for 53 years by cleaning outside part of the church to make the church beautiful without any payment. now she is 89 years old and she still serving Lord.
can she get 1 Like and Amen from you ?
Don’t pass this post with out typing “Amen”
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old lady cleaning outside of church
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Awesome God – you should be ASHAMED of yourself for being such a liar and spreading lies …..

you’re worse than the pimps who pimp from the pulpits – pimping people’s emotions

She’s 97 to all you liars and stupid people who are deceived and would rather believe a lie than THE TRUTH.

there’s no PROOF to this story – but I understand how most folks can and will be deceived and go along to get along under their strong delusions and reprobate minds ……

The grass wouldn’t be that much if she did this for that many years …..

Here is THE REAL AND TRUE STORY !!!…/vovo-de-97-anos-da…

Tony Gray
Tony Gray Amen. If you look at people around her age. They don’t ask for anything and are glad to help you. My Gma is like that. They grew during a time when you worked, respected your elders, and be thankful there was food on the table.
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Anthony J. Calabro
Anthony J. Calabro This is something my father would do. I remember one sunday after church, he was bothered by the weeds growing tall on the sides of the sidewalk on Beechwood between the train tracks and thruway which no one ever tended to. He went home and grabbed a sickle and returned to clean up the area. He explained to me how terrible it would be for women on the way to church, to get their dresses dirty. I’ve never forgotten!
12 Replies · 7 hrs

Carol Kent
Carol Kent Mark 12:41-44: 41 And he sat down with the treasury chests* in view and began observing how the crowd was dropping money into the treasury chests, and many rich people were dropping in many coins. 42 Now a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins of very little value.* 43 So he called his disciples to him and said to them: “Truly I say to you that this poor widow put in more than all the others who put money into the treasury chests. 44 For they all put in out of their surplus, but she, out of her want, put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”
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Colleen Oranmore-Brown
Colleen Oranmore-Brown This dear lady reminds me of dear Janet who
cleaned all the church toilets.

Shona Harrower
Shona Harrower Amen it’s the little thing we do for churches but never get noticed and never get to fulfil our callings through lack of support or care ..
because we are not married to a wealthy man ha seen it all in the church it’s a like being in a zoo u just never know what u will run into . Not easy ever …

Shirley Teters
Shirley Teters She is working hard to do something for Jesus. So many people are too lazy to work and live on welfare. She loves to work and enjoys serving Jesus Christ. She can’t see Him but he sees her. She can’t hear Him but he hears her. She can feel His presence and knows he lives. God bless her forever.

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