Terry Keith – stay in your lane – no wtichcraft practiced on my POSTS or WALL. witch

why ??? where does this mess come from ????

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John Crosby IV

Y’all pray for Cam Newton, ain’t nothing wrong with him he just look like a single black female addicted to retail

Terry Keith
Terry Keith It’s his business the way he wears his clothes. He is able to wear what he wants. At least his pants are up!

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Terry Keith – it’s good that the pants are up – but it’s not good that his skirt is pulled down. accepting the greater evil for the lesser is a bad choice ….
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Terry Keith
Terry Keith You worry about you and yours clothes and leave other people alone. You sound like some old woman talking about how somebody wears their clothes.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Terry Keith – 1.) don’t come to my POSTS and WALL and make up lies about me .. you won’t like the outcome.
2.) being a false witness is an abomination unto GOD. As for me and my house and my FaceBook account ? We Will SERVER THE LORD – not satan – as it seems you do.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Terry Keith one more thing . I FIGHT and STAND FOR THAT WHICH IS RIGHT – and for this clown to be a role model – he’s setting a very bad standard and state …. now if you don’t like it ? Carry yourself somewhere else- but you ain’t gonna, is not, shall not, will not and won’t control or manipulate any of my POSTS or WALL and you for sure won’t control or manipulate me – so take your hell somewhere else … you won’t be dumping your demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness on my POSTS or WALL.

Terry Keith
Terry Keith Dennis C. Latham You came up on my newsfeed. You don’t want people to post who don’t agree with you stop making your posts public. He never said he was a role model in the first place. You do you and leave other people alone!

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Terry Keith you don’t tell me what to do – nor do you order me of what to speak of. Whether he considers himself a role model or not – liar – he is one for children, youth and young adults who want to make it in football and other sports.

I AM about to INTRODUCE you to my BLOCK PROCEDURE ……. and ALL OF MY POSTS ARE PUBLIC and will REMAIN and STAY that way.

It’s not about whether anyone agrees with me or not.
I SHARE, SHED, SHOW, SOW, SPEAK, SPREAD and TEACH TRUTH – now …. take your hell somewhere else witch.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Terry Keith Meet my BLOCK PROCEDURE – u witch.
NO !!!! witchcraft will be practiced on my POSTS or WALL.


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