patrick muhammad ‏- noi4life on twitter

    1. Thank u 4 quoting him cuz Jesus Christ = The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad!!!

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      Awww! Sissy boy? SMH! That’s when u know that truth hurts the guilty. Want 2 meet @ a dojo & find out?

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    Want 2 know what I do? Check out the 7th region of the NOI under my adm as a Rep of Min. Farrakhan.

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    Not 1 of ur links SHOWED anything u were DOING except 4 talking & changing a tire. SMH.

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    But u’ll trust that white Jesus as ur co-pilot that the white slave master gave u? That’s ur Satan.

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    Are you serious? I’m done. Wasting my time w/ a blind man. John 9:6, u need some serious spittle.

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    & as long as the FCN camera crew is also present. I sent u a link of some things we’re doing. Where’s urs?

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    As a result of 10K Fearless, 13 conflicts leading to crime in our community resolved in Miami recently. & u?

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    He saved my life. I’m not a silent witness of his. I’m 1 of his disciples. We can debate face to face.

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    Ur suffering fro E&J (Envy & Jealousy). That’s why ur on his pg. U couldn’t even call 1 fly w/ manure on u.

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    I’m challenging u w/ ur proof of ur so-called TRUTH. & I’m calling you a black devil full of envy & jealousy

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    strawman argument? What lies, deceit are u charging The Honorable Minister Farrakhan with?

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    u continued: “… u should be very CLEAR and PLAIN and not vague.” Now ur accusing him of lies & deceit

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    u came on his page w/ “not when your word(s) are filled with deceptions, lies, tricks and weakness..”

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    I don’t want to answer? Let’s review..The Minister puts out a positive tweet (as always)…

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    I already answered your 1st question. Read again.

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    R u also calling Abraham, Lamech, David & Solomon perverts & pedophiles?

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    your “honourable” question re: The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad manifests your IMPROPER view re: your 1st stmt

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    He’s The Messenger of Allah (God). Therefore, same honor as Abraham & other prophets. Do you honor them?

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    Thank you Bro. Minister for ALWAYS teaching us to be better!!!

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    I’m really sick & tired of negroes criticizing the Minister after his 60+ yrs of his work on our behalf!


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