david white is so pathetic. LORD HELP him see THE WAY.

Heya Kevin Elkins – you remember this ? No one has NEVER come CLOSE to my skills in 3D ANIMATION in this area …

3/2011 – Dennis C. Latham 3D BUILDING MODEL – NorthPointe Television Intro
David White
David White Crickets
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham you know what David White – you only PROVE how much you hate me – but know this – no matter how much you hate me – and how much you make up lies about me, spread lies about me and tell lies about me ? I’ll NEVER hate you for your hatred against and towards me – because I FORGIVE you because you know not what you do – and I know you’re a very miserable person – and most people know it too. So keep up your hatred ? and I’ll just block you – because I don’t have time for childish and immature people attacking me because and I for sure don’t have time to deal with people who ain’t doing diddly squat in any community – who are jealous because of the many works that I AM doing.
David White
David White Jealous? I live in Atlanta you stay in Millbrook not even on the same level.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham just because you live in or near Atlanta – don’t put you on any level way above me – but I AM so glad that you would make a childish and immature statement like that –
1.) you’re jealous because I have 3D ANIMATION SKILLS
2.) you’re jealous because I have Television Production skills
3.) you’re jealous because I own several recording studios
4.) you’re jealous because I do lots of things in my own community and surrounding communities like Wetumpka – Prattville – and Montgomery and have EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH on VIDEO to back all of that up.
5.) you’re jealous because I have A SUCCESSFUL LIFE and not filled with wickedness like you are.
6.) you’re jealous because I turned down chris miles – and him offering me lots of money to produce his false doctrines from that cult he’s in – the same one you’re trapped in.
7.) you’re jealous because I play multiple instruments – and very good at them all – and have records and recordings out that are getting played EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK – multiple times – and those royalty checks keep roll’n in.
8.) you’re jealous because I AM ANOINTED by GOD HIMSELF, and BLESSED and FAVOURED with so many GIFTS, SKILLS and TALENTS – have so much more.
9.) you’re jealous because I used all of my BLESSINGS to GIVE BACK to those in NEED by HELPING and SERVING IN CHRISTS NAME to cast out demons, deliver and heal people IN CHRIST’S NAME THROUGH CHRIST.
10.) you’re just flat out jealous because you can NEVER compare or match up to THE GREATNESS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has PLACES IN and ON my life.
So …… while I continue to be successful THROUGH CHRIST ? and you continue to be miserable?

I’ll FORGIVE you – pray to THE LORD to soften your heart to stop making up, spreading and telling lies about me – and attempting to always degrade and disrespect me – because you hate me – because you ain’t me, and can’t be me or like me. While trying to boost yourself up – for doing absolutely diddly squat in any community.

Dawada White

Dawada White You have skills but you forgot to block this page. :/Dude you got all that going on but you live in Millbrook.

What is the estimated value of your worth? A couple of thousand maybe?

Kevin Elkins show is worth more. Ha ha

Dawada White
Dawada White Go head coward block this one too ha ha
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dawada White – I AM about to block this account – you’re not the center of my life – for me to go around keeping an eye on all of the false accounts you have to attack me. You’re not that important.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham I choose to live in Millbrook. This is my home now for almost 8 years. This is my choice. It doesn’t make you any better because you live in Atlanta. and now ? you’re BLOCKED here as well …..

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Kevin Elkins ??? It’s time for me to block this David Whitecharacter – he has absolutely nothing to offer me but demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness. I no longer have time for things of that nature.
Dawada White
Dawada White But you have time to promote yourself on another dudes page. Ha Ha. Millbrook finest con artist at his best.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham how pathetic – another dudes page – where do you get these people Kevin Elkins ???? Oh that’s right chris miles.

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