Jerimiah Lee – just so hateful to others attempting to help the homeless.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Kevin Elkins – I found ONE DEAL for $175 for ONE WEEK … and another for $219 for one WEEK … if they ever return my call – I have some people who might offer them some jobs to help them out as well.
BE BLESSED and THANKS for posting this – no matter how much the haters hate – they can’t stop THE LORD.

Jerimiah Lee

Jerimiah Lee There are places all around that people can rent. What are you talking about as if you really are doing something here. When people are without a place to live, it usually has to do with money, not that there are no places available for people who have money. What grade are you in?

Now you would be actually helping if you had said you found these places and you paid for it…of course that’s not what you said. So when they return your call you’re going to tell them you found places for $175-219 a week when they can find that themselves. So let’s say their problem was they ran out of gas because they didn’t have money to buy any. …..and you come along and tell them I know where there are gas stations for $1.90/gal instead of bringing them gas in a jug or giving them the money to buy the gas.

Go pay for the place for a week Dennis Latham and put them in the place. Then come back and report to us and stop all the showboating. Every time you showboat, you’re representing the devil, not the lord appealing to the flesh.

LOL….okay, I’m done.

Dennis Latham

Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee Look you hate filled person – I was asked to find some places and get the prices by people who are seeking to help these people –

you are so hateful – you hate that I have people willing to give them both A JOB and A PLACE TO STAY – not just put them up for a week and walk away – wow – you are seriously a troubled person.

@Kevin ???? This guy is seriously in some serious misery ..

Jerimiah Lee

Jerimiah Lee When you are genuinely trying to help someone, no one puts the limitation on you what you can do. You could have joined forces with Kevin, each of you contributing 1/2, about $90 dollars a piece, and those homeless people would be able to get out of the hot car in a commercial parking lot and have a place to stay for at least one week. If they actually had the money, they could have found a place themselves for about $30 a day. In the mean time for tonight, you could let them park at your property, offer them a shower and a plate.

Stop fronting….that’s what the devil does. I rebuke Satan and his shenanigans.

Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee you know ? I know for sure now – you’re envious and jealous – because Kevin and I have teamed up with others – to put them up for more than a week like you suggested – but also it was my idea about the hotel room until we can find them something PERMANENT or to help them get on their way – and it was my idea to connect them with some people who want to help them out and offer them some jobs to help them get to where they are trying to get to and need to get to.

it’s also my idea to find out what’s wrong with their vehicle so I can fix it – since I AM A LICENSED MECHANIC – but you’re so filled with hatred – you just hate to see others helping others.

Dennis Latham

Dennis Latham I will not comment any longer to your hate. I only commented then – so others will know – something is getting done – and not believe your lies.

Jerimiah Lee

Jerimiah Lee What about my suggestion, what do you find wrong with it?

Satan….go away!

Dennis Latham

Dennis Latham @ALL – see how satan can’t understand LOVE FOR OTHERS ??? See how he controls this person ?

Jerimiah Lee

Jerimiah Lee You commented to promote yourself as usual. No one would know the difference…right.

You going to block yourself from me again when I expose you and your hypocrisy? πŸ™‚


Jerimiah Lee

Jerimiah Lee You commented to promote yourself as usual. No one would know the difference…right.

You going to block yourself from me again since I’m exposing you and your hypocrisy? πŸ™‚

Jerimiah Lee If you were truly a Christian, you’d honor the passage, ‘ if a man is hungry, don’t just tell him you’ll pray for him (passing him off on Jesus and others), it says to (you) feed him’.

You’re a pompous self promoter at the expense of others. .

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Now, if you try once again to delete this part of the thread, I have it saved this time.

Dennis Latham My LORD … I know what can be done about these people who hate when others step up to do THE RIGHT THING – as the haters sit on their high horse giving orders to people who are DOING – while they do nothing but order people around …… FATHER IN HEAVEN ???? Please soften his hardened heart or hatred.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee LOL!!!

Dennis Latham @ALL … don’t worry. I have a full copy on my blog – to show the hatefulness of people my skin color – when helping the homeless my skin color. MORE PROOF of the many my skin color who are self destructive and self hating – you can’t LOVE anyone if you hate yourself.
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Post the link to your blog with the comments from your last a$$ whooping.
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Wj Whitlow….I’m sure you remember the post I’m referring to.

Have a good night Dennis Latham!
Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Brother Dennis is too weird for me…..I commend him if he’s doing what he says
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee If you’ll recall, he posted a video as evidence that he’s helping and contributing to the down trodden in his community, a video showing how he changed the brake pads on a Mercedes. When I questioned him on it, he admitted he was being paid as any other shop in the area would be paid. He’s a hustler like many others are hustlers but they don’t pretend they’re being charitable to the community, self aggrandizing. He uses ruses to present himself one way when he’s actually another way, a hustler.

He challenged you yesterday with the same bull.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Jeremiah Lee Yes, brother Dennis said he talk to and with God…..hope he’s not answering back and thinking it’s God…..he claims the bible is true, I don’t have a problem if he believes that but he said Facts and Evidence, that I have a problem

Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow glad to see you jump on the hate wagon – I LOVE IT – you haters are so envious and jealous – but when I don’t allow you to punk me into your beliefs – you go to hating – but hey. I AM use to that from haters who ain’t doing diddly squat in any community – and uses what they did some years ago – for a few months as credentials … when I AM out there EACH and EVERY DAY – for the past 20+ years ….. but please … continue on your current path – hating me because I AM one who does – while you remain one who doesn’t do diddly squat.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow First Dennis, this is not hate, I actually said I’m cool with it. What’s the deal with you saying people hate on you? I have no reason to hate you Dennis. You said you talk with God, I was wondering what God

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow it is hate – disrespect is not a characteristic of LOVE dude.

you can sit there all day and tell yourself it’s not hate – and fall deeper into your delusions – however – what I AM doing is WORKING – and I understand it makes people like you envious and jealous – and it’s understandable …… especially when you hate that I LOVE THE HOLY BIBLE and IT’S TEACHINGS whilst you hate THE HOLY BIBLE and believe it’s false.

At the beginning of the day ?
and at the end of the day.
What I AM doing WORKS – and what you and the haters are doing – is diddly squat in any community.

and your little I commend him – if what he says is true crap ???
I see right through your hatred.
I have already PROVEN myself to you and the rest of the haters … so please .. carry one and keep up the hate.

and for the RECORD ?
again ….disrespect is not a characteristic of LOVE dude.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow If you feel the world hates you, look inward Dennis, look inward deeply

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow Look delusional one – I don’t feel the world hates me – only you small time haters who are all mouth and no show – who are doing diddly squat in any community – but want to run around and check others credentials – then when they are shown – ya’ll go to trip’n ……. but I know your reason of truly hating me …. because I AM CALLED BY THE FATHER IN HEAVEN – and have PROVEN my willingness and worthiness to DO HIS WILL….. and it’s PAYING OFF and WORKING.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Dennis, I don’t care about you brother, you are nothing to me Dennis. Stop flattering yourself. I’m doing great in my own life brother. No one cares about Dennis like that. Stop being so simple and self indulging

Jerimiah Lee It’s now a new day Dennis Latham. Can you update us with a praise report on the two stranded homeless women?

1. Did your contacts help you help the ladies?
2. Did you with your contacts’ help find and put the ladies up?
3. Did you fix their car since you say you are a licensed mechanic or did you pass that off to these so called contacts as well?
4. If your contacts didn’t come through yesterday, did you leave the ladies stranded in their car in the parking lot?
5. Perhaps I missed something. Can you inform everyone how you helped them yesterday and last night?

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee I looked through this thread and did not see an update.

Dawada White
Dawada White I told you all! I told you! This would be the time for him to step up to the plate. This would be the time for the dude to prove his point

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Dawada White amazing … you pick a girls name to post on FaceBook because your david white account is suspended ???

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow to address more of your follow …

“”Dennis, I don’t care about you brother,””

1.) I AM not your brother – that’s part of your problem now …
you don’t know who you are or who I AM.
2.) you obviously care something – to make up lies about me in order to discredit me as a person…. I have not made up ONE LIE about you though – but only EXPOSED the many lies you spew …

you claim people our skin color have DNA LABS that THEY OWN and have TOTAL CONTROL OVER …. yet – all of the DNA places OWNED by people our skin color – sent their RESULTS to caucasian owned DNA LABS for their results ..

You tried to act and play like Howard University has A DNA LAB that THEY CONTROL AND OWN – yet they send their DNA OUT to get the results …. but you don’t know any better – because you’re too busy believing things that are not TRUE …

but you want to hate me because I LOVE THE HOLY BIBLE and you hate it …… and then turn around and hate me because you say I believe in something that isn’t TRUE.

all you’re doing is calling me – EXACTLY what you are.

:”” you are nothing to me Dennis.””

then why do you keep making personal attacks ? and ganging up with others to attack me ????

“”Stop flattering yourself.””

I don’t have to flatter myself …
I know you’re envious and jealous of me …

“” I’m doing great in my own life brother.””

you probably are … I don’t doubt that ….
but I doubt you’re doing anything in any community that for the good of THE COMMUNITY – your PEOPLE and so on.

“” No one cares about Dennis like that.””

LOL .. repeating david white I see – can’t be original huh ???
you have to copy from someone else …
how sad.

“” Stop being so simple and self indulging””

simple ? not .. self indulging ? No where near it …
Too busy making things happen for ME and those who seek PROVEN SOLUTIONS and PUTTING THEM INTO ACTION ….

but you ? you’re just trying to get applause and likes from a bunch of haters who like to tell lies …….

and your knowledge on THE HOLY BIBLE is so jacked up it’s just pathetic …

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Ok brother Dennis

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee I realize I could have missed it since this is a long thread, but has anyone seen where those ladies were helped by Dennis (or his contacts yesterday or any other commenter) on this thread….has he posted an update? I’m thinking he hasn’t helped them as he wanted to make everyone believe he was going to. He’s always asking everyone else for proof but provides none himself. He always provides himself hustling to make a dollar.

He has gone silent on the two stranded homeless ladies.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Delusions of Grander

Dawada White
Dawada White Nope he don’t help anybody all he does is create enemies every where he is at in Alabama

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow I hate he thinks I hate on him. I don’t and don’t know him. Hope he’s successful in his charity work

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee And I’m still waiting on the credentials that show he’s a licensed mechanic as he has said he is. This is where the rubber meets the road. Apparently he’s been doing this kind of stuff–lying and pretending in his fantasized world–for quite some time now to the point it comes regular as part of his personality…….disorder.

Dawada White
Dawada White And when the truth comes out he tries to block you or cause false statements. He blocked my page and is still being exposed.

Dawada White
Dawada White His excuse is that everybody is attacking him the dude is 9 feet tall having people page blocked. That is what cowards do.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee He’s not concerned whether you hate him or not Wj. This is just one of his techniques to change the subject if you question him, particularly when he has no answer or he’s exposed or caught red handed.

Yep, that’s how he operates Dawada.

I’m pretty much done with him now until he does something else stupid.

You know, I’ve run into people before who, for whatever reason, never considered themselves good enough as they were so they create this fictional character to present to everyone.

I just want Dennis to cut that bs out–no one’s buying it anymore on these threads.

Dawada White
Dawada White He has a red car but last I seen him he was driving a green doge pick up truck with a crack windshield. It was kinda beat up.

He was into fixing computers like Kevin and use to try to use Kevin show to try to promote himself

Dawada White
Dawada White He use to post on you tube going around following people with out them knowing and filming them but a couple of beat downs and people taking him to court slowed that down.

He plays piano around town in various churches.

Dawada White
Dawada White Real talk He can’t come out in public to many people are after this guy. Even if he wanted to help the ladies he couldn’t he has to keep a low profile It would take a lot for him to clean his image up.
Dawada White Last point and I am done. He hates on Chris but Chris has stopped dudes from actually taking him out. At one time it was a mob of dudes setting up to go to Millbrook and take him out Chris in so many ways talk dudes out of it.

Chris maybe the only reason he is still on the seen for real.

He maybe the most hated man in the River the Region. If he ain’t the most hated he is in the top 5.

The only good thing about this guy because he create so many enemies he will cause people who dislike each other to become friends.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Dawada White so chris miles saved my life ??? LOL

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham you sure are praising and worshiping chris miles …. like he’s your savior …

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Dennis Stop making people want to take you out

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow your threats don’t frighten me – but I understand your envy and jealousness.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow My threats? Wow brother. ….read carefully, I said stop making people want to take you out. Come on man

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow since you’re the type that will follow behind a lie – I will allow you to remain in your lies – and continue to be envious and jealous of me …… so petty for a male to hate on someone because they are a positive enforcement in communities …. but hey – that’s what your self destructive and self hating mentality makes you do.

I won’t be responding to any more of you haters nor your hatred.

My LIFE IS TO GRAND for you all’s childish and immature scorned girlish hatred.

Wj Whitlow
Wj Whitlow Dennis that was advise. ..just trying to help
Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Wj Whitlow my last response to you – that wasn’t advise – that was a threat – because you believe a lie – but I AM ok with that – I AM not going to hate you for it – nor am I going to make up any lies about you either – but I know you’re not built like that … THANK GOD I was RAISED, TAUGHT and TRAINED by A REAL MAN – unlike most males today – raised, taught and trained by a woman – and they have women tendencies … to gossiop – just like you’re doing.


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