Jerimiah Lee hating the homeless and wanting me to re-post what FaceBook had removed. WOW.

Kevin Elkins shared his post.
“Please Help,Just a Little”…
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Kevin Elkins

“Urgent” Request: today i learned that two women are stuck living in a car behind Waffle House on Carmichael rd., they need water and other things, they are living in this car, can some of you go by and see what you can do. i did a little, but if we all do a little it will be a lot., they are living in a hot, hot,hot car, the people at “Waffle House” , i don’t believe are in a mood to help” i think , they think the will subject to being sued.. or something!!. I hope thoes that see this post will act in some small way. they do have a cell phone and here is the number:(817) 965-0875

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Why couldn’t you take them in for just a few days out of the heatKevin while trying to use your connections to get them more help? Or at the very least, let them park at your place in your back yard. That has to be better than where they’re parked now. And what about your church or churches in the area? There are all kinds of ways to help but they first need to be somewhere different than a commercial parking lot.

Kevin Elkins
Kevin Elkins you don’t know what i’ve done, are you just going to ask questions or are you going to do anything…???

Kevin Elkins
Kevin Elkins take them some water, or get them dinner..

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Okay, what have you done? You said you did “a little”. Does “a little” mean you posted it on your page and you’re calling that a little?

The bible says if someone is hungry, just don’t tell them that you’ll pray for them (pass them on to Jesus), it says you should feed them….yourself.

Water or dinner……they first need to be moved from where they are.

I live many states away but if I was near as you are, the first thing I’d do is get them from the hot, commercial, concrete jungle parking lot.

Kevin Elkins
Kevin Elkins Jerimiah Lee so if you live many sates away, why are you even commenting.. , man go watch tv or something.. don’t just be a pain in the butt…, i am looking for local people to help.. believe me if i had the resources i would not be “begging here” give me a break man.. we are just trying to help some folks out, i am sure there are people where you are, that need help too. go help them!!

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee People always need help Kevin….it’s 24 hours, 365 days a year. I hope you don’t think this is the first time in your area someone needs help….because it’s not. That’s not the point. I’m not trying to be a pain here….I’m just telling it like it is separating the doers from the pretenders..

You still didn’t say what little you had done for them which if you did, it could help encourage others. You want to keep it a mystery huh?

What kind of resources does one need to be able to let someone park on their property?

Kevin, when you really and genuinely care about people, you care about them no matter where you live.

You let them park at your place Kevin and take them to dinner and I’ll call the restaurant and give them my cc# to pay for it all including your dinner….how’s that?

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee – do you have any EVIDENCE, PROOF or TRUTH that you can provide of someone living in your back yard from their car ???? I mean .. geeez … I can see and know you might not like Kevin Elkins …. but what you said is some seriously wicked stuff …

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Dennis Latham….the last time you and I had a discussion on whether Black people should be called Black or not, you ended up getting mad, you deleted the post and you blocked yourself after I exposed all that mess you post. So I’m not going to waste my time responding to you when I know what the end result will be. I no longer want to be responsible for you going into some kind of fit.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee 1.) I didn’t get mad … but it’s ok to lie about me – I see now it makes a whole lot of people happier who aren’t doing diddly squat in any community – yet I AM.

2.) I never deleted any post – however – my comments and post was reported by chris miles and his crew – which got my main account suspended for 30 days and this account for 3 days ….. but hey – telling a lie about me is nothing to you.

3.) I never blocked myself – but hey – I see it makes you feel good to make up lies – and that’s your choice – I ain’t mad at you about it …

4.) Nice how you like to avoid addressing SERIOUSNESS – so you bring up stuff about the past – make up lies about it – because you don’t have any homeless people living on your property – but you attack @Kevin Elkins for trying to help a homeless family …

5.) you don’t possess the AUTHORITY, POWER or WISDOM to anger me – make me mad – get me in an outrage or upset me – you’re not that much of an importance in my life dude …… but if you think you are and it makes you feel good about yourself to make up lies about me ? Do your will and the will of satan … and have at it.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee You always say you don’t get mad (which is the first indication you do) but will be the first to claim everyone is lying on you, making up stuff about you when it’s quite obvious what you’re showing them.

You did delete the portion of the post where myself and another person responded to your insanity when you said and posted that crazy video that a Black person should not be called a Black person. You first copied that portion of Kevin’s post with our responsive comments to your comment to your blog before deleting/blocking the comments from FB because you had quite convincingly been exposed. So stop lying. I’m almost tempted to methodically expose you again so don’t push it, ok.

BTW, the past is not the past when what was happening in the past is happening today. You do the same ole mess today. What past are you referring to?

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham No … Jerimiah Lee – 1.) I didn’t get mad – you accused me of being mad or offended or something – and I only told you I was not mad or offended ….. and me telling you THE TRUTH that I AM not mad or offended is not a sign that I AM mad or offended …… and you’re mentality is really screwed if you think like that – however – how you attacked Kevin Elkins – I already see you have some serious problems.

2.) I did not delete any comments….. my comments were reported and FaceBook removed them and suspended my account – you liar.

3.) EXPOSE me ….. go for it…..

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee – you stated … “”You always say you don’t get mad (which is the first indication you do)””

dude … none of this stuff in life or social media makes me mad – I have too much going on – I AM TOO BLESSED – TOO SUCCESSFUL and the many BUSINESSES I OPERATE AND OWN are ALL BOOMING and GROWING FAST….. so any lies you speak about me or against me isn’t enough to make me mad ……

because you don’t know my life or me.
all you know is what people say about me – and THE TRUTH is still – no one on this earth has black skin ….. the darkest skin color is still BROWN … not black – so if you choose to continue making up lies about anything – do you – I AM going to DO CHRIST.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee You put the comments on your blog which fb had no control over whatsoever. Stop Lyin. So if you were just fine with the comments, copy them from your blog back here to fb. The situation with Chris came days/weeks afterwards. Stop Lyin. And you did get mad because you first threatened to block me before carrying it out. Stop Lyin

Wj Whitlow was the other person on that post.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Dennis….paste the comments back here from your blog…okay. And stop Lyin.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee – so you want me to post those comments from my blog back here on FaceBook – after FaceBook had them removed ……….- so you can report it and get me suspended ??? BWHHAHHHAHHAHHAHAAAAH !!!!

wow ……

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham I’m done conversing with the likes of you ……. you’ll do anything to avoid discussing these people who are homeless and helping those out that are homeless …
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Your comments were not vulgar or against FB policy….they were just stupid. FB allows people like you to be stupid. Stop trying to conflate whatever you had going on with Chris weeks later with the post you, myself, and Wj had to throw everyone off. Stop Lyin.. and stop always being deceitful.
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee while you’re attempting to be a distraction – I AM working hard on finding somewhere for these people to live – I know you care nothing about people – but only your own glorification – but nice try on trying to get my FaceBook account suspended …… all I can say is a woman scorned is a woman scorned. Now. I AM OFFICIALLY DONE conversing with you on this POST about people who are HOMELESS – if you want to talk about my blog ? Make comments on that blog – not here.
Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee Why don’t you go ahead and block yourself from me like you did last time Mr Macho. As I said, fb did not block those comments I’m referring to because they were not vulgar and against fb policy….your comments were just stupid and retarded. The incident with Chris came at a later time having nothing whatsoever to do with what I’m talking about..

Now, post the address to your blog that has those comments since you don’t want to post them here….let’s see you lie your way out of this one. If nothing else, one thing for sure is you are is a fledgling professional liar.

Jerimiah Lee When you are genuinely trying to help someone, no one puts the limitation on you what you can do. You could have joined forces with Kevin, each of you contributing 1/2, about $90 dollars a piece, and those homeless people would be able to get out of the hot car in a commercial parking lot and have a place to stay for at least one week. If they actually had the money, they could have found a place themselves for about $30 a day. In the mean time for tonight, you could let them park at your property.

Stop fronting….that’s what the devil does.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham Jerimiah Lee you know ? I know for sure now – you’re envious and jealous – because Kevin and I have teamed up with others – to put them up for more than a week like you suggested – but also it was my idea about the hotel room until we can find them something PERMANENT or to help them get on their way – and it was my idea to connect them with some people who want to help them out and offer them some jobs to help them get to where they are trying to get to and need to get to.

it’s also my idea to find out what’s wrong with their vehicle so I can fix it – since I AM A LICENSED MECHANIC – but you’re so filled with hatred – you just hate to see others helping others.

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham I will not comment any longer to your hate. I only commented then – so others will know – something is getting done – and not believe your lies.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee What about my suggestion, what do you find wrong with it?

Satan….go away!

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham @ALL – see how satan can’t understand LOVE FOR OTHERS ??? See how he controls this person ?

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee You commented to promote yourself as usual. No one would know the difference…right.

You going to block yourself from me again when I expose you and your hypocrisy? 🙂

Dennis Latham
Dennis Latham My LORD … I know what can be done about these people who hate when others step up to do THE RIGHT THING – as the haters sit on their high horse giving orders to people who are DOING – while they do nothing but order people around …… FATHER IN HEAVEN ???? Please soften his hardened heart or hatred.

Jerimiah Lee
Jerimiah Lee LOL!!!


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