William Boyd ??? You have a whole lot of people fooled – but not me. I AM SPEAKING OUT !!!

This is what happens when liars run into me on LIVE RADIO and LIVE TV.
1Latham TV 1Latham TV Dennis Latham
Now … I got them kicked off ABC after this ..
but now they’re on ABC’s sister channel – CW
because people my skin color KEEP them there and PUT them there.

I was banned from calling in to Good Morning Montgomery when it aired on ABC 32 in…

William Boyd – might want to block me or remove me from your friends list….. after seeing you roll with people like chris miles the liar and willie knight the pedophile – that coward who likes to make up lies to the police and get people arrested … like he did me – and others …. I have no ROOM or SPACE for people like you in my life ….

but the REALLY BIG REASON I AM telling you this ????
because I saw you on good afternoon montgomery …
sit’n next to that racist spaz joe haigler …..
like a good little house kneegrow and sambo

you are the type that will bed down and lay with the enemy …
as long as you’re getting in the spot light and making yourself feel relevant …..

Let me tell you this …. that guy who shot those cops ???
WAS NOT brave, courageous or any hero ….

he was a demonic, evil, satanic and wicked bufoon and coon ..
that’s going to cause a whole lot of us killed, murdered, profiled and shot at ….

you claim to be a deacon – did some trial sermon …
but dude ?
you are the FURTHEST THING from A MAN OF GOD …
you are a boy of oppurtunity ….
childish and immature …

you play with the people’s emotions to get them to like you ..
because the people who cling to you ?
are those who LOVE complaining, crying and whining …
they don’t really want any of these problems FIXED or SOLVED.
they wouldn’t have anything to complain, cry and whine about.

Now … I know you’re not going to ADDRESS me like a man …
That’s why I gave you the option to BLOCK me or REMOVE me from your friends list …

I won’t be removing you – because I AM going to keep an eye on you so I can find out – the next time you are in a public area with chris miles and willie knight …

so I can come see all of you all at once ……
and show everyone ….
how less of a man each of you are …
as they say ..
birds of a feather flock together ..

well …. I AM in the mood to pluck some feather’s little boy …
and I think you know by now …
When I say I AM going to do something ?
you can bet your life on it …. that I AM going to do it.

Now … your congregation, followers, praiser’s and worshipers really like you – and idolize you ….

Me ??? I LOVE you – don’t hate you ..
but I LOVE THE TRUTH more than I LOVE ANY MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD – even more than I LOVE myself …

I refuse to sit back and watch you manipulate these people and not fight against you and your scams …

Now ….. you turned down millions for the west side ….
because you were too busy bragging about how rich you are.
how you are almost a millionaire and all …..
well ….. you’re either going to STRAIGHTEN UP and FLY RIGHT ?
or you’re going to have to deal with the CEO, OPERATOR and OWNER of1Latham TV 1Latham TV …. and that’s me.

Dennis C. Latham / Dennis Latham

you don’t fool me one bit – NEVER DID ..
I was just hoping and praying you would change ..
but since you’re going in deeper ? like a tick ???


Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham that racist host that you were bedding with on LIVE TV today denied saying this – on LIVE AIR – and banned me from calling in – because he said I was a liar and he never said it ….. but here he is saying it – and you’re too scared to call a racist …. a racist to their face – but you’ll skin and grin with them all day long in public ….. and your congregation, followers, praiser’s and worshipers go right along with you when you do this evil.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham HERE IS THE PROOF of what I SAY William Boyd
I make it my BUSINESS to TALK about what I know about …
and keep my mouth SHUT – when I don’t know about it – until I can LEARN ABOUT IT …

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham See … this racist is still living in the 50’s …. and the only reason they’re still on the air – is because people my skin color ALLOW IT .. because they are COMFORTABLE under this curse and this type of oppression.


Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham I’m DONE here ….
I believe this is enough EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH to SEAL the case I have brought to the floor of discussion to CHANGE the HEARTS, MINDS and SOULS of the people of west montgomery.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham and here is my FINAL BONUS … the mouth of the south – mayor of west montgomery – too scared to call a racist – a racist – who cheated him out of $12,000+

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham This side RESTS …. and willing to hear and see EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH from any other side that opposes my EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH PRESENTED.
William Boyd
William Boyd Love you Dennis C. Latham–Keep hanging in there man!

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Believe me William Boyd – I AM here to stand tall – and I’ll NEVER treat a liar like A TRUTH TELLER – nor will I treat A TRUTH TELLER like a liar …. just like I will NEVER treat my enemies like they’re my BEST FRIENDS – nor will I treat my BEST FRIENDS like they are my enemies …. PEACE.

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