Dyrell Moffett ??? Learn to RESPECT your elders little boy.

Q: Why is it that I NEVER see any other race of people – but ONLY people my skin color – BLOCK THE DOOR TO THE STORE with their vehicle – most of the times raggedy – split their blunts – fill it with weed – spit it down from front to back – burn it with a lighter – and then smoke a couple of puffs …. then spend a little time on their phone ….. AND THEN DRIVE OFF ….. WHY ????? you ignorant self destructive self hating lunatics ….. WHY ??????

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett You probably ONLY see back people in that area because you live in a predominantly black neighborhood for one. And two, black lives in fact do matter.

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Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham I Live in a very diversified community – predominantly caucasians. Most of the places I see this happening is all over – in all types of neighbourhoods ….. so you might need to come up with a better EXCUSE, GUESS or OPINION – but on this one ? You’re DEAD WRONG.

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett Sounds like you need to explore more if that’s all you’re seeing haha.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett I NEVER SAID that’s ALL I AM seeing – my statement was CLEAR, PLAIN and PRECISE … if your delusions causes you to see something that is not there – then that’s all on you.

I go to a whole lot of different neighbourhoods ….. of all types.
I don’t need someone like you – who knows little of what they’re talking about to order or tell me I need to explore anything …. last time I checked ? I was 51 years old.

i do work in ALL COMMUNITIES and skin color has nothing to do with – however – what I see people my skin color doing is pathetic

now if you want to act like people my skin color are all good and perfect – that’s on you. I know better.

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett I’m not saying all black people are good and perfect, people in general are not all perfect. All I’m saying is you’re 51 complaining about having to walk around a guy who happens to be black smoking in a car, then bashing him on Facebook. I don’t see the point in vilifying your own race.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett Look ……. liar. I AM not complaining, crying nor whining about some idiot lunatic who wants to roll weed at the front door of the store ….

I AM only asking a question to get an answer as to why people my skin color do so much stupid stuff like this.

I AM not complaining …. so before you continue bearing false witness against me – I will advise you ONCE and ONCE ONLY.

don’t make up any more lies about me
you don’t know me like that …

and I doubt you’re doing anything in any community that’s working – however I AM and I have plenty of EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH to back it up.

you accuse me of vilifying my race …
I AM a member of the human race …
i don’t side with any skin colors ….
HE doesn’t separate by skin color.
neither do I.

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett Lmao okay, I work in my local boys and girls club but thanks for assuming the worst. Have a wonderful day sir! Your rants are entertaining.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett you know… I ask a whole lot of questions – like this – about many different groups of people – why are you only on this one????

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett I’ll advise you to edit out your cuss words, foul language or abbreviations that continue cuss words or foul language – or I will DELETE your comment – I don’t allow cussing or foul language nor abbreviations of cuss words or foul language.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett Just because you work in a boys and girls club doesn’t mean what you are doing is actually working ….. Feel FREE to provide some EVIDENCE, PROOF or TRUTH … because cleaning the bathroom stalls or mopping the floor is no proof of what you’re doing actually WORKS.

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett Delete my comments, I don’t care lol. The fact that you’re hurt by words is sad.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett no you idiot. I AM not hurt by any of your words – I just don’t allow any cuss words, foul language or abbreviations of cuss words or foul language …… now you can make up all the lies you want – I only asked you to EDIT ONE COMMENT – not them all – but your hatred and need to protect your race and stand up for the wrongs of your race has been PROVEN on this day you liar and self hating lunatic.
Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett I hope you get help you are a very angry and senile old man LOL. I don’t hate myself but it seems maybe you do.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett I AM not angry little boy – and you do hate yourself – I can see more than you think I can see.

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett What do you see lol I’m very happy with myself Mr. Man.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett I know you will avoid providing any EVIDENCE, PROOF or TRUTH of what you’re doing in any community that’s actually working – I know the routine to hide …… but please – continue making up lies about someone you know little or nothing about.
Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett Are you gonna tell me how I hate myself or just go off rambling again. At this point I don’t owe you anything with how rude you are. And just remember you are 51, on your computer camping the comments, arguing with a teenager.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett just remember this you little snot nose disobedient gay acting little spoiled brat. This is my POST on my WALL – and I KEEP ORDER on my POSTS and WALL – unlike you – where you have a whole bunch of cussing and foul language – a whole bunch of mess …… you will NEVER control or manipulate my POSTS or my WALL I MANAGE this – not you – and you will not take over – boy.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett Now …. here’s a mark for you – as I INTRODUCE you to my BLOCK PROCEDURE … don’t come back later BEGGING and CRYING for me to take it down either – once it’s UP ? IT’S UP.


Dennis C. Latham Q: Why is it that I NEVER see any other race of people – but ONLY people my skin color – BLOCK THE DOOR TO THE STORE with their vehicle – most of the times ragged…

Dyrell Moffett
Dyrell Moffett It’s just Facebook dude, calm down. Now you’re calling me gay, nice one, are you in middle school? And since you are obsessed with proof, show me the cussing and mess on MY wall. You can’t, why? Because you’re lying. Lying, hating, old man.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Dyrell Moffett Now … you have ONE MORE CHANCE to blow this up ……. the ball is in your court.

1Latham TV
1Latham TV Dyrell Moffett your words …. “”she didn’t have to show them jack xxxx”” that’s just ONE OF MANY little feminine acting boy –

1Latham TV
1Latham TV now ? You’re BLOCKED … BOY.

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  1. You need help and I really hope you get it.

    • No … you need help. My FaceBook account is A MINISTRY that I MANAGE.
      You don’t come to my POSTS and WALL and disrespect me and think I won’t put you in your place when it comes to what I have been PLACED OVER TO MANAGE.

      What you should have done – was kept your mouth shut and stayed out of grown folks BUSINESS and TALK.
      But hey – I guess the monsters who raised you – taught you to call your elders senile and all.

      I supposed that senile mind of mine is why I OPERATE and OWN a 30+ CHANNEL FREE TELEVISION NETWORK …..
      but self destructive and self hating people like you – don’t choose to see what a person is about – before you jump in to protect your race ……

      I AM not about race. I AM about what RIGHT.
      Now little boy.
      Go wipe your nose and respect your elders.
      If you can’t PROVE me wrong with EVIDENCE, PROOF or TRUTH ?
      Shut your nasty mouth – but you’ll NEVER control or run any MINISTRY THE LORD HAS PLACED me OVER TO MANAGE.

    • See .. little boy – you say I need help – because I didn’t allow you to come to my FaceBook POST and WALL to disrespect me – attempt to discredit me – attempt to say the only neighbourhoods I AM around are neighbourhoods of people only my skin color.

      When you grow up – you’ll know not to step to a man with lies to his face – and expect him to bend over and bow down to you.

    • you’re not even on my friends list ….. but you think you could come to my POST on my WALL in front of all of my FAMILY, FRIENDS and LOVED ONE and disrespect me ???? LOL …
      yeah … I would need help if I allowed you to slander my character or name and do and say nothing to defend myself against your close minded lies to protect your wretched race.

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