Ben Brunner – racist wanna be cop – think it’s ignorant to discuss racism in american government ?

ben brunner DELETED all of his comments – after I unblocked him – because he sent me a message – privately to my 1Latham TV Account.

You can see that private message by clicking on the link below.

Here is the link to the original post on FaceBook – you’ll see me responding to him with his name tagged – but they were deleted by him.

Below is A FULL COPY of the original post on FaceBook


I KNEW IT !!!! I knew there was no way this murderer was my skin color ….. for him to be walking FREE….. I’ve seen this type of action all of my life. They feel no one their skin color deserves prison …. and I’ll just set that right there.

Montgomery County authorities have converged on the scene of a local church following reports of shots fired.
Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner This is an ignorant thing to say… You don’t even know what happened. I had family there. There’s more to the story that’ll come out. Not saying the shooter is innocent but he didn’t just pull a gun and start shooting.

Theresa Ksiazek Eastburn

Theresa Ksiazek Eastburn Oh wow Ben! Hope your family if ok. It’s a sad story for all involved.

W Douglas Banks

W Douglas Banks · 53 mutual friends

I have family there too. No one cares to explain why its was necessary for a worshipper to bring a gun to church. Ita not like he was security or an off duty police officer.
Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner Its sad but in today’s society what would have happened if someone came in with a motive to kill rather than getting heated over an argument. Look at Charleston. I think it’s good people carry for protection but they need to know how to use a gun and when they’re able to use it

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – I cover a lot of news – being the owner of a television network and all – and statistics prove a whole lot of things.
1.) People my skin color are more likely to go to jail and / or prison – for the same exact crime that a caucasian committed.
Now …. if you want to argue against THE TRUTH ?
Fine – go for it – knock yourself out.
GOD gave everyone FREEWILL.
I don’t attempt to force or make anyone do anythingFACTS PROVE – what I said to be TRUE.
I know all about race relations in america – and the prejudices and the racism that is a major part of the american government.

To deny it ? Is to be delusional and a liar.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – 2.) Answer this question. Why would an usher shoot and unarmed man – during WORSHIP SERVICE ???
3.) Then ? Answer this question. Why didn’t anyone break up this incident – before it got to the point of someone pulling out a gun?

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – 4.) When you call TELLING THE TRUTH – ignorant – there is serious a curse over you that’s keeping you blind.
5.) Lastly ? Since I AM sure you’re not going to answer any of my questions – but most likely – turn to a bunch of name calling …
How about proving I AM wrong in what I did or said.
Until then ? Keep it mov’n – and not on my POSTS and WALL.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Here’s PROOF of my STATEMENT – that Ben Brunnercalls ignorant.
Look … convicted of rape – no prison – skin color – and money …
yet he raped his own daughter.…/justice/delaware-du-pont-rape-case/

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Here’s MORE EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH of my statement being THE TRUTH – yet Ben Brunner – comes to my POST and WALL – and calls it ignorant …. well …. I call this double standard of caucasians going FREE and NO PRISON TIME for commiting hideous crimes to be ignorant to THE HIGHEST DEGREE of satan’s arm pits

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. LathamNow … here is the place …. where you say ….

I’m sorry –


I’m sorry – you’re right and I’m wrong


I’m sorry – you’re right – I didn’t know america was like that …..

1Latham TV / 1Latham TV has spoken.

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner How long have you had that article ready to prove your point? It’s a 2 year old case… And all it proves is we have a broken judicial system and that if you have enough money you can afford a law manipulating lawyer to get you out of jail time.

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner Saying that America doesn’t have a racism issue is ignorant and I would never say that. Humans will always have biased opinions and it’s terrible. But to blame every problem black Americans face on a group of people that are racist is a cowardly thing. Take responsibility. People never take responsibility anymore just blame their problems on others


Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – one thing that I do most of. Providing EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH to back up what I do and say. Whether you like it or not. I take it you couldn’t, didn’t and would probably comprehend or understand that I own and run a television network – with over 30 channels – and it’s my business to know INFORMATION – backed with EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – Where did I blame caucasians or any race – for the problems of people my skin color – which is not BLACK – but BROWN – in case you’re blind.

Or is it your making up lies about me – saying that I did this and said that ?

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner You provided 2 cases one outdated and one that involves one of the wealthiest families in American history.. Can’t really relate that to a typical case

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham but wait …. he didn’t answer any of my other questions – so why in his hell and misery would he answer that one

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – it’s not out dated – if the criminal is still on the loose – and that little girl has been raped…… or are you into defending and protecting pedophiles and rapists ….. ?

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham I have seen many cases – big crimes – small crimes – where caucasians got a fine and a slap on the wrist – while that person my skin color – committing the same exact crime – with no history of ever being in trouble – go to prison.

I’ve seen caucasians get a year or two – while someone my skin color got 10 – 20+ years.

I’ve seen THE GREAT MAJORITY of people released from prison – only to find out – they never committed the crime – are people my skin color –

I AM not about to sit up here – and POST case after case to prove anything to the likes of you – I have A LIFE – GOD’S WILL to keep doing – I AM not in the business of pacifying someone in denial or under strong delusions.

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner To answer your questions… They tried to break it up. It escalated (obviously) and from one story I heard from the police is that the man who was shot pulled out a cap gun and the other man shot him out of fear and what he thought was self defense. I just went thru the hiring process for this police department. It’s a great department and they would never falsely allow a guilty man to walk freely. They know all the facts and if they let him go it was because there was doubt in intent to kill this man for any reason other than self defense

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Now … you watch yourself – this ain’t a place to come and throw insults on the sly …. like …

“”How long have you had that article ready to prove your point? “”

Now … you wanna play some word games – do it somewhere else.
Not on my POSTS or WALL. you don’t like what I do, say or what you see ? Move to somewhere else – you won’t be coming here to harass me – say my statements are ingorant or any other un-GODLY mess here ….. not on my POSTS and WALL.

I run a tight ship –

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham PROVIDE EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH – I don’t do he say she say or hearsay –

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham and you didn’t answer all of my questions – one witness said the guy was arguing with the usher – earlier – and the usher later shot and killed him – 3 shots ……….. and no mention of any cap gun – so provide some proof of that cap gun – or the article that says it.

your words were false from the beginning – so anything you have to say is already tainted and void – no reason to believe anything you say –

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner I told you I had family there who saw it. Did the people that wrote those articles see it?

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham the witnesses were there – they saw the whole thing and talked to new reporters.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner you need to stop making up things I didn’t nor EVER SAID …. I NEVER said all caucasians get a free pass – you’ve been wrong more than once here – and now you’re making up statements I didn’t PROJECT or SAY ?

I know this routine oh to well.
attempting to protect your race – because I made A TRUTHFUL STATEMENT about the UNEQUAL and UNFAIR TREATMENT the american government gives to non-caucasians more than they do to caucasian.

Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner You are delusional to believe every Caucasian gets a pass because of their skin. I believe that because of the bias in America if you are black (or brown) then it is more difficult to just go through life but not that they get worse treatment in the courts because of their skin color.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Ben Brunner – look – I NEVER said all caucasians get a pass – I made it CLEAR, PLAIN and PRECISE – it happens TOO OFTEN – and it’s not EQUAL or FAIR – so you’re about to get BLOCKED if you make up ONE MORE false statement about me.

I hope you’re not a reflection of the people that go to that so called church …..

Ben Brunner
Ben BrunnerThese are my own feelings and opinions. I believe what I see and what I hear. I believe that people aren’t all bad and that people that blame all these criminal issues on skin color are cowards and can’t take responsibility for their own actions. Take responsibility no matter what skin color you are. #ALLlivesmatter
Ben Brunner

Ben Brunner The system is broken. No doubt but if you’re looking at specific cases where white people walk free I could find just as many where black or brown people walk free.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham then do it Ben Brunner – but you need to RETRACT those lies you made up about me.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Lathamyou’ve made enough false statements about me – and you’re acting a little too racists for my taste – I will INTRODUCE you to my BLOCKING PROCEDURE – followed by A FULL SPOT on 1Latham BLOG – 1Latham Radio and 1Latham TV….
Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham going to block you now – I don’t time to baby sit you – ADULTS come to my POSTS and WALL to bring PROVEN SOLUTIONS to the table and put them into ACTION – not all this childish and immature drama – of making up things I said – but didn’t say ….

I never said all caucasians or all whites get a free pass.
I take GREAT OFFENSE to that – that you would come to my POST and WALL and say something like that.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham BLOCK TIME.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham let him know. – I can’t unblock him until tomorrow – 24 hours I believe.
I got his message – but THE TRUTH still stands.
I NEVER made any projection that all caucasians – or all whites get a free pass.

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