Ben Brunner – lying sneak – only wanted back in to delete his racist comments

MON 11:43AM

Ben Brunner
This message is for Dennis. Hey man I just wanted to message you before you blocked me but I wanted to apologize if I offended you. I’m at work and don’t have time to filter everything I say. I get heated too easily over Facebook posts. I prayed that the spirit would take my frustration away and He did! I just wanted to reach out to a brother in Christ. I’m sure if we were sitting down and talking about this we would hear each other’s heart and would be more understanding of what the other is saying. I don’t appreciate being called a racist as I hate racism. It makes me sick. I am becoming a police officer to fight it. I have family that are of minorities and people I consider my family as well. I just wanted to speak my heart. Hope you hear me.

MON 7:07PM

1Latham TV
Dude …. with a temper like yours – I don’t believe you need to be or should be a cop – and I AM DEAD SERIOUS. You made up things about me that just are not TRUE. My BLOCK PROCEDURE – is to BLOG the conversation – with your name in it. I warn people all the time – who come to protect their race against TRUTHS that I speak. I speak more against my race than any race. So ….. you used some very very bad judgment on your part. ESPECIALLY to come to my POST on my WALL ….. Just because you felt like you had the AUTHORITY to do so – and to call me ignorant – or what I said to be ignorant. When all I said was THE TRUTH. you accusing me of saying – all whites get a free pass really pushed me to the edge….. Anyone who knows me – knows – I AM EQUAL and FAIR but you ???? Were not – you were PREJUDICE – against my statement of TRUTH. I live this life – I have every right to speak about what I have seen with my own eye – what I have witnessed. and if you knew anything about me. you would know – I work with SPECIFIC people in law enforcement. at the same time – I EXPOSE crooked cop and criminal activities by law enforcement. but you didn’t know anything about me …… and I believe – you saw some of my blogs – and chose to back out of DISRESPECTING me in front of my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and LOVE ONES. you see….. I use my FaceBook for MINISTRY OF GOD ONLY – nothing else. I AM out there in the streets. EVERY DAY ….. BEAUTIFYING, BUILDING, DEVELOPING, IMPROVING and RESTORING my community and many others – EACH AND EVER DAY fighting against gangs – people my skin color who believes and thinks all caucasians are the devil – and youth going down the wrong paths and too much more to mention I have over 500 VIDEOS ONLINE right now to PROVE IT. so … your apology ?????? if you offended me ? REALLY ???? you need to be saying you’re sorry – for making up lies about me – openly and publicly – since I have UNBLOCKED you now – and you need to be saying you’re sorry for the other lies you made up about me as well. Matter of fact ? you shouldn’t have EVER came to my POST or WALL so bold as to call what I said – to be THE VERY TRUTH which I have LIVED and WITNESS as being ignorant. You don’t know how many people saw that conversation – neither do I – my account is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Never have I had someone like you come to me like that – and you want to be a cop ? I say HAIL TO DA NAW – and anything I can and will do to PREVENT you from becoming a cop ? I SHALL and WILL DO. this isn’t coming from someone with a hardened heart this is coming from someone who sees right through you. especially with your comment ….. “”How long have you had that article ready to prove your point? “” that is the most racist thing you could have done or said. I have 100’s of CAUCASIANS BROTHERS, FRIENDS and SISTERS. I have more CAUCASIANS that I work with – because I reject all ignorant people – especially those who are my skin color. so those one or two you have in your family ? is nothing compared to what I have in my family ….. oh …. and for the record ? it was spaz’s your skin color – who covered up my FATHER’S MURDER. WWII VET – KOREAN WAR VET – 9TH CALVARY BUFFALO SOLDIER. RETIRED 3 TIMES RAISED me to not see color but to see HEART, MINDS and SOULS and SPIRITS OF people ….. I fight against racist – but you ??? you have racist ways – but you claim to hate it. you’re just like those people who go to church every Sunday claiming to be CHRISTIAN and SAVED … but they’ll be busting hell wife open. So … now you have a choice. It’s up to you.
1Latham TV
For the record ? Those who actually LIVE IN CHRIST – don’t make up lies about people they know little or nothing about – over a statement they don’t agree with. So … I AM not your BROTHER IN CHRIST – until you REPENT – but you’ve shown yourself in a very bad light on this day. I bet you would break up into my home without a warrant because you didn’t like what you saw. like you did on THIS DAY – disrespecting me like that in front of everyone connected to me on FaceBook …. and to call me delusional ???? I speak and TEACH of this DAILY so .. you think about that for a while before responding and don’t do like most – go and delete your comments. I have A COMPLETE, FULL, and WHOLE COPY – ready to go ONLINE – all I have to do is hit POST – and your name and your lies will be out there for ALL to see.
Ben Brunner
I know where I stand in Christ and where my heart is to do all things for the glory of God. I’m human and make mistakes and I messaged you as an apology from man to man. Like I said before I am at work and had no time to read your blogs or carefully choose my words. If I accused you of anything it was because I typed it in a way that was quickly based on what I was reading when I had a chance to read at work. I’m still frustrated that you called me a racist on a public feed. That is making a false statement and attacking me doing the very thing you are calling me out on. You don’t feel the need to apologize for that, its fine. I don’t know you or your heart or if you feel as though God calls us to forgive. I know what I was taught and it’s to love other’s. I was called by God to serve as a police officer so for you to say You will do anything you can to deny me of that is completely uncalled for. Your basing this off of a Facebook argument..

MON 8:59PM

1Latham TV
you call them mistakes – you called what I stated THE TRUTH – something I’ve seen all my life – when it comes to government / law enforcement when it comes to america and the roll it places in the races – and the much prejudice and racism against people my skin color …. and you’ll NEVER catch me blaming any caucasian for any of my troubles. So – while you’re trying to make this like you made a mistake. I clearly told you SEVERAL TIMES what was going on … I backed up why I said what I said. you can’t change what I have LIVED through and SEEN. I kept WARNING you – telling you about making accusations I NEVER MADE UP. I never said caucasians – or all whites get a free hand .. NEVER did I say that – but you said I did. Straighten that out … stop calling it a mistake – straighten it out not matter how mad you get. when you speak lies – you are no longer in CHRIST until you REPENT now – you can run all the games you want about you know where you stand with CHRIST … so do I. you showed it now you’re trying to brush it off as nothing.
1Latham TV
I AM about through with this ….
1Latham TV
you state …. “”I’m still frustrated that you called me a racist on a public feed. “” Well .. when you stated…. “”How long have you had that article ready to prove your point? “” I know what that means – as if I was holding a caucasian crime in my back pocket – waiting to pull it out at any time. I know JUST what that means … then you call me delusional as well but you came in BOLD and LOUD – calling what I said ignorant .. and never did you back up and say – oh I’m sorry – I see what you mean now … IN A PUBLIC FORM. I own and run A REPUTABLE MINISTRY, BLOG, RADIO and TV NETWORK. With standards ….. with A RECORD of being RIGHT Backing up ALL with EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH. but look what you did to me in a PUBLIC FORM …. and you feel hurt because I said you were acting like a racist ? or I called you a racist ? in A PUBLIC FORM ….. if you attempt to play some white privilege on me like you don’t see your wrongs you did FIRST …. PUBLICLY but come to me in PRIVATE – while your slander was PUBLIC you should have CORRECTED your MISTAKES in PUBLIC don’t try no double standard on me …. I AM 51 ….. not 1. I’ve been some places – seen some things I ain’t ignorant or stupid by a long shot

1Latham TV
and this is the worst EXCUSE ever …. “” had no time to read your blogs or carefully choose my words.”” you shouldn’t speak – PERIOD – until you have chosen your words. See ?? That’s that same sign – you’ll do – when you’ve illegally broken into someone’s home – Like my home was ILLEGALLY BROKEN into – NEVER a search warrant. I know people – but I know their ACTIONS a whole lot better. GOD, CHRIST and THE HOLY GHOST has RAISED, TAUGHT and TRAINED me well in understanding the actions of people. I spoke TRUTH. I never bashed all caucasians …. I never bashed all whites I never made it seem like all people your skin color get set free when they commit a crime. My WHOLE POINT from BEGINNING TO END. The system is not FAIR … yes it is broken – but people my skin color are getting the short end of the stick on every level. so don’t play like it’s not that way …. I know and saw how my Father was TREATED …> After serving TWO WARS Don’t play me. I know actions – and I know spirits too …… I’ve had well over 16 YEARS of DIVINITY, SEMINARY and THEOLOGY TEACHING and TRAINING. APOSTLES – BISHOPS – EVANGELISTS – PASTORS – PROPHETS – TEACHERS call on me REGULARLY – for DISCUSSIONS on HOW TO LIVE SCRIPTURES – how to REBUKE evil. you might not admit it – what you did was evil…. and now you’re attempting to brush it off because you came in secret to say an apology – if you hurt my feelings. you don’t have the AUTHORITY, POWER or WISDOM to hurt my feelings. it’s what you did to me – OPENLY and PUBLICLY… came to MY POST- on MY WALL…. and thought you’d do me any kind of way you wanted –

1Latham TV
and I ain’t even mad about it – that’s why I haven’t POSTED THE CONVERSATION ONLINE ……… but I AM going to stand my ground.


1Latham TV
I have a good IDEA ….

Let’s start over and from the beginning …. How’s that sound ?

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