Anita Maria Whitby-Davis calling me out – behind my back – oh well.

I recently responded to a individual on a post… simply because. Until we understand that this group is to uplift EVERYONE when they want to give life, to marriage…we are not the example.

Have a great day!

Dennis C. Latham
Let me say this…. I feel Kimberly Richardson gave wonderful video and here is why…and not because I agree with everything she said….
Everyone commenting with a negative does not seem to realize that her video is for Someone. … maybe not everyone. …but Someone.
Each wants to over analysis, criticize, and over spiritualize her statements.

Every time a man or woman lays with another…. it is dangerous. . However what makes you think that every person that watches her video is at that place to understand that conversation.

Now I can give you dialogue about that topic as it relates to generational curses and the entire spiritual degrees of forgiveness and brokenness that has caused the destruction of family. …..

Once again….. Kim does not need to change the video. … it simply was not For those who find criticism with it.


Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Well … since you have my name in this – I AM going to respond.
1.) It is a false doctrine to teach – as long as it helps one – but you leave out how it can hurt many – by making people think – they are the problem as to why their spouse cheated on them. That can hurt many – but all you’re concerned about is that – as long as ONE PERSON is helped by the video.

2.) I also like how my comments were reported – causing my account to be suspended – for speaking TRUTH.
Bottom Line – I think the video had a few good points to it – but it left a bad taste in my spirit that she would make it seem as if it’s the other person’s short comings as to why the spouse cheated.

3.) anyone who cheats on their spouse – does it out of hatred. However – I understand the need for people to be under strong delusions and say – oh – your spouse still LOVES you – when in REALITY ? If the spouse LOVED their mate ? They wouldn’t cheat on them nor wouldn’t have cheated on them.

that spouse who cheated – is showing hatred to their spouse and the person they cheated with – bringing all kinds of soul ties into the lives of all involved.

4.) adultery and fornication – like other sins – like spreading false doctrines – lying tongues and so many more abominations unto GOD and sins are condoned, promoted and supported by the masses – THUS the reason more will be going to hell than to HEAVEN.

Even with that TRUTH – I will NEVER just give up on speaking and spreading TRUTH.

5.) Lastly ? Making this post about me is real petty – but it’s all good. I LOVE THE LORD and I work CLOSELY with THE LORD.
So … I AM not angry, mad, outraged or upset about you doing this – and I FORGIVE you – for you know not what you do.

so if you want to spread that false doctrine of – as long as it helps one – that’s all that counts – well…. I say go for it – fine – knock yourself out. GOD GAVE ALL FREEWILL to make their own choices.

Just know – I have every right to speak against that which is demonic, evil, satanic and wicked – just like I have every right to speak up for that which is GOOD, HOLY, SANCTIFIED, TRUTHFUL and WISE and lines up with SCRIPTURE.

you will NEVER find a scripture – that backs up – as long as it helps one – while misguiding and misleading many others.

Oh .. and THANKS for the material for 1Latham TV / 1Latham TV

Tanya Sappleton
Tanya Sappleton I’m lost….I don’t remember seeing a video but I’m not on here like that
Dennis C. Latham Tanya Sappleton – out of PURE LOVE which includes RESPECT – here is the link to the video.
'My spouse cheated on me and I forgave them but I don't trust them or keep bringing it back up in their face..... My spouse texted/called another woman/man and I don't trust them.... Press play. Share and tag.'

My spouse cheated on me and I forgave them but I don’t trust them or keep bringing it back up in their face….. My spouse texted/called another woman/man and I don’t trust them…. Press play. Share and tag.

Tanya Sappleton
Tanya Sappleton Dennis C. Latham thanks for sharing….this is the first I’m seeing this

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. LathamTanya Sappleton no problem- I only had ONE PROBLEM with the video – and that was the point being made that it’s the woman’s fault that the man cheats – when I know different – however – after looking at it again ? I see way more wrong than before – especially about the two types of cheaters … anyway …. it is what it is …….

I was condemned, persecuted and unrighteously judged – because of CORRECTIONS and EDIFICATION – anyway.


My INITIAL COMMENT to the video

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham she’s in denial – making room for many excuses to have low self esteem ….. adults don’t cheat – but childish and immature folks do.

Jenny Mimi Green
Jenny Mimi Green Jessie T James I love his comment and thinks he. Has a point

Cameron Jones

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