clinging to their enemy – because of skin color being the same

This is what our problem “is” and has always “been”! Talk and camera posing for media attention with no action! Nothing bit show! Why not privately deal with your political masters like you do to sway the black vote! There was no media present then and you seem to have mastered that accomplishment! Most all of these coons supported Todd Strange against four blacks just a couple of months ago! Now these same coon politicians and pastors are kissing up to Daryl Bailey our current District Attorney who has no competition just as all the other previous DA’s! Azz kissers indeed! The police officer has a good chance of never being indicted for murder at all now! They will blame it on the jury when every 1st year law student know that a good DA can endite a ham sandwich if they choose to! I’m personally sickened that John Knight has the nerve to call this case a cover up since he holds a masters degree in violence! What a shame! Strange and the state republican party (Todd Strange) owns Knight and many of these undercover democrats in Montgomery! Lets not fall for the game anymore! Hold all these blacks out front supposedly out front for the Dunn family accountable for the actions or lack thereof for justice in this case! The defendant has already been presented smooth treatment in his arrest or lack thereof! He never even saw a jail cell and most likely never will! Given the games these coon niggas play! God bless the Terrance Smith family who lost their son 15 years ago and the coverup continues today!‪#‎jailJohnKnight4corruption‬
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By Montgomery Police Body Cam Malfunction Shot 3…
Rudo Richardson
Rudo Richardson Come on wit it

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – I can’t and won’t go against or say anything against DA Daryl Bailey – because he has been STRAIGHT UP with me in EACH and EVERY CONVERSATION – and has NEVER turned me away when I need to SPEAK or TALK to him about anything – however – the many years I FOUGHT and SPOKE against da ellen brooks – folks were too busy inviting her to church and kissing her butt – to see how she was guilty of jury tampering – making sure no one our skin color was in the jury – nor did anyone push for AN INVESTIGATION and RETRIALS on those cases she screwed up to keep her racist agenda and motives in place ….

Now if Mr Bailey does something crooked or wrong ?
I will be THEE FIRST to speak out …..
but instead of looking at Bailey ?
folks need to be look’n at the real house kneegrows – Sambo’s and sell outs ….. not many want to NAME NAMES like I DO and talk about them by EXPOSING them …. because they are PRAISED and WORSHIPED by the blind, deaf, dumb, lost, simple and weak minded enslaved idiots – and they PRAISE and WORSHIP the ground they walk on – all because they say or speak against a caucasian – like Mayor Strange – ….. but not one – will step to the SBI like I DID ….

Not ONE will step up like I DID to bring 1Latham TV / 1Latham TV to REALITY – and since then ? the haters who hate me have grown – and I AM going to EMBRACE and LOVE every MINUTE and MOMENT of it ….

because it was that same hatred against me – when I was abused, beat, cheated, harmed, hated, hurt, almost murdered by law enforcement.

NOT ONE stepped up to help me – and people like kevin elkins – who so many seem to PRAISE and WORSHIP – who hates his own race – did nothing but hang up on me – and say I was lying – then slander my name – like so many others have – like some of those same people – being PRAISED and WORSHIPED right now …. like willie knight and chris miles – destroyed one of my cameras … and got away with it too.

BUT GOD !!!!!! helped me to win in court – when willie knight filed charges against me for calling him and threatening him and his family – and I PROVED IN COURT – with NO ATTORNEY by my side.

with PHONE RECORDS … I NEVER CALLED him EVER .. didn’t even know his number to call him – didn’t even want to be bothered with him – didn’t ever want to deal with him or chris miles – because I KNEW they were rotten to the core.

and all they are doing – is play’n ya’ll … even you Tom .. to even tag him…. ya’ll are get’n PLAYED by many – who are only looking for political positions for NEXT TIME – and others attempting to be favorites of the community – so they can milk you as they play and toy with you all’s emotions.

Yet …. I nor 1Latham TV has ever asked any of you ….. for one donation or a single dollar – I have PROVEN – you don’t need all of that to be A POSITIVE ENTITY – with PROVEN SOLUTIONS put into ACTION … I’ve done it too many times over – and still doing it.

but folks can’t see – for the BEAM in their eyes… as they PRAISE and WORSHIP house kneegrows, Sambo’s and sell outs.

folks lov’n chris because he said we don’t want any white officers in our community ….. and those who love that kind of talk – don’t know any better – and have NOT ONE CRUMB OF PROOF of anything they are doing in the community – but running their mouth …. messing with people’s heads and emotions to get them stirred up.

Lastly ? 1Latham TV is SELF OWNED – and I ?
can’t be bought and can’t be sold.
and THANKS for sharing my video.
If you notice. THE AUDIO and VIDEO is better than that of the top news stations in this city.

and I didn’t ASK or GET ONE RED CENT from anyone …..
and I still turned around and handed THE WHOLE NETWORK with over 30 CHANNELS back to the people – and they returned hatred, ignorance and wickedness….

but I say. If ya’ll want to PRAISE and WORSHIP your enemy because they have your same skin color ?
I’ll keep on keep’n on – and continue – putting PROVEN SOLUTIONS into ACTION.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – did Harriet Tubman let everyone GO with her ?
HAIL TO DA NAW – she left those behind – that would get her messed up and the others messed .

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham ya’ll need to get A SPINE – GROW UP. Learn to CAST OUT and DENOUNCE your enemies amongst you – who are making back door deals … like that pathetic borrowing and thieving never paying back jamel brown … and so many more… it is what it is.

if you can’t tell the difference between GENUINE LOVE and a con job to gain the people’s favor for their own personal agendas, gains and motives ? you all DESERVE just what you’re about to get.

and I’ll be over there… at a distance .. get’n it all on FILM – at PEACE.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham that’s why ya’ll keep voting in the same exact crooks as the year before – the year before and the year before … NEVER holding any of them ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE or TRANSPARENT …

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham your sell out city council members…. those 4 of 9 that should be at MINIMUM 5 of 9 – since we are THE MAJORITY OF THE CITY.

should be able to do what’s needed to be done on this case ….. where
NOT ONE OF YOU should have to even DREAM or THINK about having to MARCH – PROTEST – or RALLY ……

but hey …. if ya’ll want to remain childish and immature – doing the same thing over and over and over again – expecting a different result ?

GO FOR IT – knock yourselves out …..
you deserve just what you’re about to get.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Tom Simon – I AM done now. PEACE …. and oh …. you know you’re supposed to be doing something for me … REMEMBER ? Don’t let it slip ….. like you did last year and before that.


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