Steve Donahoo… calling EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH wrong to protect right wing wickedness

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May your conservative friends’ heads explode.


“Debt vs. deficit: What’s the difference?”…/debt-vs-deficit-whats-differen…/

“The Budget and Deficit Under Clinton”…/the-budget-and-deficit-under-cl…/

“Obama says he has cut national deficit in half” (Rated TRUE)…/obama-says-he-has-cut-national…/

Steve Donahoo
Steve Donahoo

This is wrong. The republican congress forced clinton to cut spending and under obama the debt DOUBLED.
Obama raised the deficit tremendously and then raised taxes enough to offset some of the excessive spending and claimed deficit “reduction”
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Steve Donahoo – it’s clear – you don’t know the difference between the debt and the deficit – that you had to come here BOLDLY to state your claims that are looking pretty false right now ….. is this the type of person you are? Going to people’s POSTS and WALL – discrediting their posts and you’re not even on their friends list ?

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Steve Donahoo – I take a whole lot of my time – to CHECK, DOUBLE CHECK and even TRIPLE CHECK things before I post them – and for you to come here – knowing little or probably nothing at all about the time I spend to check things before I post them ……

here is some very solid EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH..

“”the former Democratic Presidents (Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Harry S. Truman) all reduced public debt as a share of GDP, while the last four Republican Presidents (George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford) all oversaw an increase in the country’s indebtedness.””…/History_of_the_United_States…

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Steve Donahoo – here is some more EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH.…/barack-obama-claims…/

When President Barack Obama reflects on 2014, he brings up a litany of highlights that include drawing down the Afghanistan war and Americans signing up for health insurance thanks to his health care law. Oh, and slicing up the deficit. Obama is super-pumped about that. He made a point to brag about…
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham and that was around the first of January ….. of 2015 … it’s over a year later.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Now .. my last EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH for you this morning – since I have to now PREPARE for THE SERVICE OF THE LORD.

and while I continue to use my FaceBook account to spread EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH – and I AM well PREPARED in right wingers and the wickedness protectors are always going to attack with deceptions, lies and tricks ….. I don’t stoop to that level – to fight back lies – with lies – I fight lies with TRUTH and I fight hatred with LOVE … and just so you know ? disrespect and lying and the spreading of lies are all acts of hatred and not LOVE.…/deficit-shrinks-1-trillion-obama…

Obama’s record on deficit reduction is practically a…
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham @ALL .. please read the descriptions in my posts – and the posts of others – before responding – so you don’t come out looking like a person who is wicked – when you rush to judgment to claim something to be a lie or wrong ….. especially when coming up against someone like me – who spends unrecordable amounts of time – checking before I even post ……. geeeeez …. and 9 times out of 10 ?

this person won’t even bother to either come back to respond …
and what makes it even worse ???
10 times out of 10 ?
if it’s a right wingers ? They will NEVER show any remorse for being wrong – nor say the words … .I’m Sorry…/obama-says-he-has-cut…/

In 2012, PolitiFact twice rated True claims that President Barack Obama failed to keep a promise to cut federal deficits in half by the end of his first term. At that point, the budget gap topped a trillion bucks and Republican congressmen called out Obama because the deficit had been reduced by jus…
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham (Rated TRUE) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ something right wingers lack the most.

Steve Donahoo
I am sorry that you dont understand economics and so fall fore these false articles.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Steve Donahoo – please provide EVIDENCE,. PROOF and TRUTH of all of these articles I have shared – as being false …… because it’s easy to say something is not TRUE – but to not provide any evidence, proof or truth – is just you running your mouth – protecting a political party – because you hate the other …..

Steve Donahoo
Steve Donahoo

You don’t want to see so I don’t waste my time. More honest people see this propaganda for what it is.
Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Steve Donahoo – I asked you to provide evidence – why must you make up lies – saying i don’t want to see. You’re wasting my time by posting your garbage here while refusing to back it up with any proof. Time to block you …… liar.

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