Joel Young protecting the sin – and not the sinner

Joel Young

Yesterday 1:52 PM
+Dennis C. Latham EVERYONE is breaking Biblical laws and rules. There is not way around it…we are born into sin and we will forever sin – it’s the CONSTANT running to the feet of the Cross that is needed and seen by God.

With that said, to say they are playing church after singing love songs (that may be raunchy) doesn’t qualify their hearts as not submitted to Christ or just loving Christ. They didn’t exploit the Gospel – truth be told, I didn’t hear any “GOSPEL”, i heard praise – and the end, he tags it well by letting people know – Give God the Praise.

We have got to be stop being so limited in our perceptions to how God can work, where he can work, and who he can work through. These guys may have the biggest hearts for the world and decided that this segment in their “show” is just as important and needed to be there for the expressed message of a BIGGER message than the love they sing about.

Half the musicians in the Black Church these days are playing secular gigs, and bringing all that secular crap into the church house every time the door opens. These guys are outside of the physical four walls of the church and are finding themselves giving God the praise.

How dare we sit back and judge the authenticity of this video? I mean, if we do, we’re actually limiting the Power of God. 1. they obviously have spent a considerable amount of time in Church 2. Clearly, something of God has been imparted in them at some point and time (Holy Ghost) 3. God is not so weak that he can’t use anyone – he used a donkey and a burning bush, so why not use a couple of able bodied men that claim to be Christian.

If we are going to slam them, we need to go ahead and slam each and every politician that has lived.

WE have careful how we speak out like this…

Dennis C. Latham

Yesterday 3:36 PM
+Joel Young oh well … I can see how strong you are under a false doctrine – but I will break a little of this down for you to understand – what you’ve been taught and still teaching is not of GOD but of satan.

“”EVERYONE is breaking Biblical laws and rules.””

Everyone ??? No. You’re dead wrong there.
To say so is a lie from the pit of hell.
See…. I teach about this very lie.
You can’t serve two masters.
No matter how you twist it.

“” There is not way around it…””

another lie from the pit of hell.
Once you LIVE IN CHRIST ? You have conquered sin – and each time you find out – about a sin you are still committing ???

Those who are a part of THE BODY OF CHRIST will CORRECT, EDIFY and WARN you.

However – you’re trying to lump a bunch of people into THE BODY OF CHRIST – who are not a part of THE BODY OF CHRIST – not even near it.

“”we are born into sin and we will forever sin””

Another lie – from the pit of hell.
see… this is the teachings of false doctrines, false prophets and false teachers – who RAISE, TEACH and TRAIN people like you – to be comfortable under a curse and ever in your sins.

I suppose you are under that false doctrine of no one is perfect – and it’s impossible to be perfect – so stop trying to be …. and oh …

there’s always the false doctrines of ALL SAVED BY GRACE …. do what you want – you’re under GRACE ….  if not yet ? Soon if you don’t get off of the path you are on.

“” – it’s the CONSTANT running to the feet of the Cross that is needed and seen by God.””

Another lie from the pit of hell … wow … you’re just filled up with false doctrines, false prophecies and false teachings …. WOW … you’re WHOLE FIRST PARAGRAPH is a slap out lie …..

well …… you can run to the “”feet of the Cross”” all you want – that ain’t gonna do diddly squat.

You can beg for forgiveness all you want …
but if GOD KNOWS you’re going to commit the same sin – later that day – or the next morning ? GOD, CHRIST nor THE HOLY GHOST will forgive you –

EXAMPLE … shacking up …..
having sex on saturday night ….
praying to GOD to forgive you Sunday morning before going to SERVICE ….

yet – you have sex again on Sunday Evening or Monday – or next Friday ….

you were NEVER forgiven – you’re still living in sin and not LIVING IN CHRIST.

It’s impossible to LIVE IN CHRIST and be shacking up at the same time.

Whilst you attempt to make this difficult ???
It’s very easy – here is A TEACHING ON being PERFECT IN GOD’S EYES and HEART.

It’s up to you – to see it and understand it – after viewing it.

But you’ve been lied to – you’re part of the slave cult of satan – who use specific verses in THE HOLY BIBLE to try and JUSTIFY their actions …..

Kind of like the way preachers use David as a scapegoat – saying David was after GOD’S OWN HEART …..  that’s a lie – and way out of context ….

David wasn’t after GOD’S OWN HEART when he sent a man of to be killed – so he could have his wife …..

like I said – you can’t serve GOD and mammon at the same time.

you can’t do PRAISE and WORSHIP and secular music at the same time in your life and be SAVED. It’s IMPOSSIBLE…..

and just like the videos they still make – fire up or light up the weed – and all that other buffoonery and coonery they do …..

they are still in the world …
and just because a preacher allows their musicians to play on SUNDAY- while they are clubbing it on Thursday through Saturday – doesn’t mean – they are SAVED.

it just means – the pastor is of this world and weak – not SAVED – but of this world and not LIVING IN CHRIST.

See…. I use to do that stuff too.
I wasn’t SAVED at all ….. but it was not until I REPENTED and TURNED AWAY – from that mess is HOW and WHEN I GOT SAVED.

Now … last thing.
Any one who is a part of THE BODY OF CHRIST will always DESIRE, EMBRACE, LOVE, SEEK and WANT CORRECTION …..

however – those who are not a part of THE BODY OF CHRIST ? living on the outside – of this world ?

they rebuke – refute – and reject correction – edification and warnings of the evil they do.

and they justify it with words to scratch itching ears – as you have done here today.

and then they make up excuses for the worldly people –

Dennis C. Latham

Yesterday 3:39 PM
+Joel Young “”I didn’t hear any “GOSPEL”, i heard praise – and the end, he tags it well by letting people know – Give God the Praise.””

you know what? rappers thank god too – but they ain’t thanking GOD THE CREATOR  – they are thanking their gods – their idols – because GOD doesn’t even hear them when they make up lies – to make you believe – they are thanking HIM – when in reality – they are only thanking themselves and their gods.

I could go further off into your comment – but … it’s been pretty painful to see how lost you are – and I want to help you – but you have to want to be helped as well.

I hope you enjoy the video – I have PLENTY MORE that are REACHING people’s HEARTS, MINDS, SOUL and SPIRIT to seek GOD MORE and not the things of this world.


Dennis C. Latham

Yesterday 4:55 PM
+Joel Young don’t get shy on me now. If I have HELPED and SERVED GOD in showing you THE LIGHT – let it be known ….. I can give you SCRIPTURES to back up each and everything that I have DID and SAID on this thread …..

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