bill whatcott can sypathize terrorists with guns taking over a government building – but #blacklivesmatter ?

bill whatcott – sympathizing terrorists of america
bill whatcott - sympathizing terrorists of america

“”Sadly, I find myself sympathizing with the militants though I hope reasonable people will prevail on both sides. Under Obama the US government has become tyrannical and his policies seem all about stifling political, economic and religious freedom. I see a government war against economic growth, entrepreneurship and freedom in Canada too. Probably, these folks see no other alternative and sadly they may be right.

I think in Oregon of the Christian bakers whose consciences could not allow them to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. They were entirely peaceful and the homosexuals were only inconvenienced by 10 minutes or whatever it took them to go down the street to a non-Christian bakery to get their cake done. This “indiscretion” resulted in the bakers losing their business. They were also fined a whopping $150,000 US. They never resorted to arms, rather they appealed to their government for justice. Rather than getting justice the government emptied every single penny they had ($7,000 from their savings and chequing accounts) the day before Christmas.

The Ontario Wynne government showed us they are quite capable of comparable malice and appealing to them when they want to take your property and destroy your life doesn’t do much good either. The Montague Family there peacefully protested the gun registry back around 2010 or so. They publicly announced they were going to Parliament Hill with a deactivated, unregistered, .22 rifle to make their point. They went there, showed the gun to the press, gave some interviews arguing registering guns doesn’t reduce crime and harms property rights. Police were on hand but did not intervene, it was all good. A week later the police arrested Bruce Montague at a gun show, confiscated all of his firearms and put him in jail. The man was a gunsmith by trade, did work for the police and had no criminal record. The punishment for publicly defying the gun registry law was grossly dispraportionate to what he actually did. Bruce got 18 months in jail, a lifetime firearms ban and lost all of his firearms. But even that wasn’t enough. Then the attorney general got some convoluted reasoning that Bruce’s house (made from scratch with his hands and home to his wife and kids also) was an “instrument of crime” as it housed his unregistered firearms, and the Ontario Attorney General are now as we speak trying to take the man’s house from him.

When governments behave like this they must be opposed and the cases I cite above are why you don’t only want governments owning guns. Sometimes they are the criminals and sometimes when they have no God or moral compass to guide them they are quite ruthless.””


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