“”sequel to the bible”” ???? Ronald Farnham – book writer – movie maker – of GOD or of satan ?

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Will everyone please pray that my book that contains the solution to ending war and poverty becomes widely read and that everyone follows the six steps to ending war and poverty on earth? Please pray for my book. Here is the link to the book: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4156056/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2

Directed by Ronald Farnham. With Kimberly Pal,…
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Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ronald Farnham – not trying to come down on you – but “”sequel to the bible”” ??? There is no sequel – all of the answers are already in THE HOLY BIBLE …. I read the summary – but just trying to understand … that’s all. Can you explain a little more ? Or do I have to wait for the movie to come out ?

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Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham No .. Ronald Farnham – never heard of that book before. Maybe I got hung up on the words ….. “”sequel to the bible”” …..

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Correct. It picks up from where the bible left off, how the Global Military Industrial Complex formed. How the Three World Wars were written and formulated by Albert Pike. The solution to end war and poverty on earth by a Government analayst. The Rapture, Armagheddon, and then it goes into a thousand years of peace and how we will get there.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham um … sorry Ronald Farnham –
Ecclesiastes 1:9 ►
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.See More

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham I really do not understand what you are saying. Sorry.

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham By the way. Do you believe that the earth is a spinning globe? In the bible it says we are living on a flat plane. So what’s your opinion on that?

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Also, the Vatican removed and edited books from and of what would have been the complete bible. Did you know that?

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ronald Farnham – you said …. “”n the bible it says we are living on a flat plane. “”

Isaiah 40:22 ►
It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

Please show me this scripture – and please – make sure it’s not talking about A PLAIN OF LAND in the desert ….. or a section of land – make sure it’s speaking of THE WHOLE EARTH and not a section.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ronald Farm – I AM very aware of the evils of the vatican – and i know of about 8 to 12 books … but that does’t DISCREDIT THE HOLY BIBLE of King James – nor THE ORIGINAL SCRIPTURES from which I read from each and every day that are in GREEK and HEBREW ….

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham <—- is not in this for a battle – fight – or peeing contest …. but only in this for understanding of what causes or makes someone do the things that they do – so the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT can BRIGHTEN my UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM of GOD.

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham is a circle a globe?

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham It’s more SIMILAR – but a plain is closer to being FLAT … can you show me THE BIBLE VERSE you speak of that says THE EARTH is flat please ?

You said … “”In the bible it says we are living on a flat plane. “”

I asked you to show me THE BIBLE VERSE.. you haven’t shown it to me yet – and um .. well… I have A COMPRESSOR to install in a little while – and I kind of wanted to get that BIBLE VERSE before I have to leave.


Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Actually I was speaking of the verse that you brought out which calls the earth a circle. A circle is two dimensional and flat and is not a globe. So thank you for providing the proof that the bible says that the earth is not a globe but a two dimensional flat circle. Thank you. Now we know that NASA is lysing to us about the earth being a globe.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ronald Manning – now? You’ve crossed the line – to become demonic, evil, satanic and wicked against me and towards me …. NOW ? You shall REAP just what you have SOWN ….

CIRCLE is a description of the earth – from a human’s aspect of seeing the earth from afar – as nasa see it through telescopes from space – on satellites …

THE HOLY BIBLE did not – is not – and was not saying the earth is or was flat …. man’s definition is forcing and making you – make up lies about THE HOLY SCRIPTURES

I have no more time for your childish and immature games.
take your satanic book – and your satanic movie ….
and continue on in your misery ….

and I APPRECIATE what little you did answer.
I don’t appreciate you attempting to disrespect THE HOLY SCRIPTURE – neither do I appreciate you making up lies about THE HOLY SCRIPTURES …

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Here’s A SHORT MOVIE of TRUTH for you Ronald Farnham … I hope this BLESSES you – it’s based on EVIDENCE, PROOF and TRUTH – and it debunks – man’s definitions and leads people to understand GOD’S DEFINITIONS …..


Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham whatever you say.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham it’s what GOD says…. that counts. Whether HE comes through me or CHRIST comes through me – or THE HOLY GHOST comes through me – or if THE HOLY SCRIPTURES come through me.


Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham so then God speaks through me too? correct? Can I also have written something divinely inspired? Or are you the judge? Are you God? My writings came from me, from my mind. And if you are claiming that all things come from god then ofcourse so did my books. All books. Even things that you call satanic and evil. But anyway, my books are designed to end war and pverty on what we call earth and I can see no better reason for writing a book. It also appears that the Global Military Industrial Complex is perhaps using the bible in a predictive programming way to carry out what is written in revelation. But that is just based on my 13 years working in the intelligence community as a counter terrorism analyst.

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham I do videos too. But my videos are about actionable steps that we can take to regain human sovereignty from the global military industrial complex. They are not about some book written by the vatican with no tangible evidence of anything in it. Here is one of my episodes:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwg0qa9uEDI

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham Ronald Farnham – 1.) I told you from the beginning… I AM not in this to battle – fight – or have a peeing contest with you – nor anyone else in this group.

but only in this for understanding of what causes or makes someone do the things that they do – so the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT can BRIGHTEN my UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM of GOD.

2.) Now… you can take your false doctrines – and your hate – of THE HOLY BIBLE – and do what you will – as for me and my house ? WE ??? Will serve THE LORD. Not man – not you – nor your blasphemy …

◄ Joshua 24:15 ►
And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

3.) as I stated before. This time ? I will add ONE MORE VERSE to go along with THE VERSE I shared earlier.

Revelation 22:18-19
18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

So – I PRAY for PEACE in your LIFE for I want no ills to come to anyone – but many people ? actually Most people ?

are begging GOD HIMSELF to reign plagues down on them.

as far as you ? you’re just trying to make some money – and play as if you are A SAINT – SERVANT or SOLDIER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD – when in reality ?

you are serving mammon – and not GOD … so …
I part from you – because I have A CALLING on my life and I will WALK in GOD’S WILL – CHRIST’S WAY and in THE COMFORT of THE HOLY GHOST …

PEACE be unto you

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham @ALL – I didn’t condemn or judge him – I RIGHTLY DIVIDED THE WORD OF TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSLY JUDGED his actions ….. HALLELUJAH !!!!! BE DELIVERED !!!! BE HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME !!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!


Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Do you have any thoughts or ideas of your own?

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Additionally, I didn’t add anything to any book. I wrote my own book. And if one is to SERVE the LORD, then please explain how one serves. And please explain what is the LORD? What is the LORD made out of? What does the Lord look like? Where does the Lord Come from? Did you know that science is proving that we are actually living in a non-physical hologram made of light energy waves? And that nothing is happening out in front of us but on the screen in our mind? So therefore we are actually disembodied souls in a form of what you might call HEAVEN, or HELL, depending on what kind of life you are living. Anyway, think about the nature of reality and condier those facts.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham My PROOF from your own mouth …. Ronald Farnham – from your own video ……

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham If you are working in Law Enforcement as an officer then you are actually committing a criminal activity. That is fact that I have verified with the local police and the FBI. Additionally, if you use currency, like dollar bills then you are worshiping a satanic talisman with and evil spell used in dark magic ceremonies. And if you are a Freemason then you are doing wicked work. Just putting that out there. I will post my info about law enforcement next.

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Precisely, there is abolutely zero proof that the earth is a spinning globe. NASA even says they have no footage of the earth spinning on its axis in space.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham I AM done with you now …. I have LAUBOUR to do.. Not minds to attempt to confuse ….

Matthew 9:37 ►
Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

Luke 10:2 ►
Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.


Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham PEACE ALL – however – if it is GOD’S WILL ? I shall RETURN – but not on this mess … LOL

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Okay but whatever you do, do not labor for the police. Here is why. Here are important facts that I verified personally on the phone on 12 November 2015 with both the local Law Enforcement and the F.B.I.

The following information is vital to your human rights and personal freedom. AND illustrates why cops and FBI agents ARE criminals.

1. When Law Enforcement officers graduate from the police academy they are given the title of “Deputy”. Over time their rank-designation increases in the following order: field training officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, major, and commander. Some titles are different in different counties and states.
2. The same is true for FBI agents who start their official career as “special agent” and then move up to “supervisory special agent”; and the designations stop there.
3, For both Law Enforcement [Police, Policy Enforcers] and FBI, those title names such as for example SERGEANT Smith or SPECIAL AGENT Johnson are given to them by people in their office and these are merely designations and not truly, registered names.
4. In order to conduct business under any official name such as SUBWAY SANDWICHES, BURGER KING, WALMART, or the name on your Drivers License or Birth Certificate, those names must be officially registered with the Secretary of State. Because if you have a claim or law suit against them or anyone, then there exists an officially registered entity against which to file a claim.
5. Police and FBI never register those fictitious title names with the Secretary of State. Therefore it is illegal for those humans who are walking around under ASSUMED title names such as SPECIAL AGENT Johnson or CORPORAL Miller to conduct any kind of business because they are doing so without a commercial license.
6. Therefore all Police Officers and FBI agents are committing commecial fraud whenever they attempt to conduct official business with your CORPORATE FICTION. Your all capital name that is on your DRIVERS LICENSE and SOCIAL SECURITY CARD is a corporate fiction for which you the human being are responsible and that is registered with the STATE.
7. If you ask a Police Officer [Police Officer] or an FBI agent for their name they will not tell you the name that is on their drivers license or Birth Certificate. Yet those are the only names under which they can conduct legal commerce, such as hand out a citation, or a warrant or a record of an incident. On any form you will only see their Badge Number and unregistered fake title name.
7. In common law only two types of communication are official: Human being to Human being and CORPORATION to CORPORATION. A corporation that is not registered cannot legally conduct official business. And all humans have been officially registered by the STATE via the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.

The lesson here for your human rights is this:
1. Never give your NAME to someone who is posing as a CORPORATE FICTION when that title name is not registered with the secretary of state to conduct business.
2. All POLICE and FBI are conducting criminal activity by posing as commercial agents when in fact they are not registered as such.
3. If law enforcement or FBI attempts to communicate with you in an official capacity against your will then you first ask for their name. If they say or allude that their name is SERGEANT or SPECIAL AGENT such and such, then ask if that name is registered with the secretary of state. They must say NO to that question.
3a. They don’t want to give you their real name because they have no real claim against you personally as they are acting not on behalf of their own COMMERCIAL name but on the behalf of some other entity.
3b. If you go into WENDYS to order a burger, the employee behind the counter is there working under their own name. So if they poison your food or ask you to sign a fraudulent contract, then you can sue that person. If you slip and fall in WENDYS you can sue WENDYS if WENDYS was at fault.
4. If they say NO when you ask them if their name is registered then tell them that they are conducting commercial fraud and you are under duress and are going to leave now because an impostor is attempting to commit a crime against you and you leave saying “no further business can be conducted here.”
5. If they will not permit you to leave under force or threat of arrest, then have them call a supervisor to the scene and file COMMERCIAL FRAUD and FELONY ASSAULT [with a DEADLY WEAPON if they are armed] charges against them.

Ronald Farnham
Ronald Farnham Dennis C. Latham Seen that video. No stars in the background. The video is made of phtoshopped pics. Keep watching TV, another idol that is being worshipped by every human on earth. Except me. I write and create movies and shows.

Dennis C. Latham
Dennis C. Latham dude …. stop calling me – I AM done with conversing with you on this POINT, SUBJECT and TOPIC. I have work to do – and I like to keep my LINES OPEN for those who actually need and want my HELP and SERVICE.

Please stop – or I will introduce you to my BLOCK PROCESS – and that will INCLUDE A FULL BLOG of this conversation – and if that happens ???

I will NEVER take it down – even if you come back begging me to take it down – like 100’s have. Through other friends and sources …. I will only warn you THIS LAST TIME.

Now …. take your next step – carefully and with great wisdom.

Don’t forget – you’re peddling stuff to make money …
if they search for your name – my BLOG will come up on that SEARCH LIST …. and that will greatly damper your income when your real evils are EXPOSED.

So…. BACK OFF … and hope I don’t post the blog anyway – because I feel people need to know about you – and not support the evils you’re spreading.


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