racist right – believe refugees are going to kill us all

Obama Sends Blackmail Threat To Every State… Give This Group Food Stamps Or Pay The Price!

NOVEMBER 28, 2015 8:59 AM
(Conservative Tribune) – Tis the season to be jolly? Not if President Barack Obama and the Department of Agriculture have their way.

In a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the state of Georgia’s social service agency, Obama gave an ultimatum: issue food stamps to Syrian refugees or face dire consequences for disobeying federal laws.

According to Breitbart, Jessica Shahin, associate administrator of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program at the USDA, dictated in the letter that if an applicant follows the proper procedure in applying for the welfare benefit, the state must issue the food stamps.

“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” Shahin wrote. “As you are aware, State agencies administering SNAP must comply with all Civil Rights requirements and laws.”

In addition to further stating (threatening) that a refusal to issue food stamps to qualified individuals would constitute a federal offense, Shahin also named which refugees could not be denied.

“Refusing to accept applications based on a household’s national origin is in violation of these vital requirements. FNS would like to clarify that all refugees, including Syrian refugees, are considered qualified aliens and are able to receive SNAP,” she wrote.

The letter from the USDA comes on the heels of Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s Nov. 16 executive order that put the brakes on Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program in the state. Deal instructed all state agencies to “halt any involvement in resettling Syrian refugees.”

Deal has not yet responded to the federal demands.

Georgia has joined 27 other states in opposition to Obama’s plan for Syrian refugees. Polls also indicate that 54 percent of Americans are against accepting the refugees. Fifty-two percent were not confident that the Obama administration’s screening procedures adequately vet the refugees credibility.

As these numbers clearly indicate, the majority of America agrees with Gov. Deal and does not trust that the president of the United States can protect them — or that he even wants to.

How did America get to this place of insecurity and mistrust where the president strongarms his people into compliance?

Americans should tip their hats to Gov. Deal for the strong stance he has taken. Clearly, it is that kind of gutsy action that will win the fight in securing America’s interest at home and abroad.


Dennis C. Latham ·

This is such a lie – but hey – when you hate someone as much as the racist right wing hates Obama – you’ll make up any lie to drive your hatred – even when you’ve been EXPOSED as making up lies or being wrong – the hatred is so strong in your heart, mind and soul – you stick to your guns and continue on in wickedness.

Peter Douglas Nielsen ·

Works at Farm Town
If I am such a racist why did I want Condoleezza Rice to run for president and am I rooting for Ben Carson now?
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Peter Douglas Nielsen ben carson is nothing but a token – a Sambo – that right wingers are using to attempt to gain votes from people my skin color – but it’s not going to work – because ben carson and donald trump – both non-CHRISTIANS – and have lying tongues and nasty mouths and they hate too many people …….

Now .. if you are proud to be a right winger ???
Hey .. that’s your right – knock yourself out.
I choose to not belong to any polictical parties at all ….
but I also noticed – how you didn’t bother to mention anything about this article being false …… because like most racist right wingers – they NEVER want to admit lies about someone they hate ….

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John Muldowney

Dennis C. Latham Whenever someone disagrees with you guys, you CRY racism. Where can I send you a box of Kleenex Tissue’s
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Dennis C. Latham ·

John Muldowney I don’t cry racism – and as far as disagreeing .. LOL … the article is false – a lie – every person who has commented believes this to be true and their hatred shows in every comment …..

claim not to be racist all you want – I could care less.
I know hatred when I see it – and I know racism when I see it.
right wing party is racist – and the t-baggers are more racist …

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Dennis C. Latham ·

John Muldowney oh … one more thing ….. about your lie ….

“”Whenever someone disagrees with you guys, you CRY racism.””

I could care less if someone disagrees with me ….. I just don’t like people who use deceptions, lies and tricks to alter or change my perspective of reality …….

However – since you want to prove you’re not CHRISTIAN … here’s a verse for you …

1 Corinthians 15:33
Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.See More

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Denise Cabral ·

You really need to look on your computer for real videos and hear people in europe how they have been treated by these muslims! This is not about hating a race or a religiouscbelief! These people obama wants here are going to kill everyone! You think cause obamas black, hes for the blacks? Or cause hes gay, he cares about gays? Hes using all those i said, when hes done, they will all be killed too! You dont need to listen to us, put up a video of whats going on, you cant fake whats being videoed!
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Daniel Mosier ·

Dennis C. Latham – You appear to be experiencing what Psychology calls Projection. Projection occurs when you see your own faults in others, but not in yourself.
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Greg Dimina ·

Why is it racist to see that Obama is the worst? Because he is black? I have many black friends and they all think he’s horrible and a hater of America! He is destroying this country! Wake up buddy! Maybe you’re the racist? Just because you share his skin color doesn’t meen you should follow him down this path to sure destruction
Like · Reply · 1 hr

Dennis C. Latham ·

Denise Cabral you’re a paranoid schytsophrenic …….
1.) you don’t know the difference between A Muslim and a lunatic who claims to be muslim – but is not – and runs around killing people- REAL and TRUE MUSLIMS don’t kill …
Just like REAL and TRUE CHRISTIANS don’t kill
THUS the knights of the templar – were not CHRISTIANS
kkk – were not CHRISTIANS –
george washington – thomas jefferson – were not CHRISTIANS ..

you’ve been so brainwashed – you can’t, don’t and won’t know the difference ….. and here’s what I LOVE the most ……See More

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Dennis C. Latham ·

Daniel Mosier Ifollow CHRIST you nut – not the right wing party of hate all who don’t look like me or think like me ….
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Greg Dimina I don’t follow Obama dude …… but hey – to ignore that this article is a lie ? Proves my point – and all of those black friends you have – just not on FaceBook …. because out of those 336 friends on your friends list …. I see none …. BWHAHHHAHHAHAAAAAAH !!!!!

you lying sack of spaz ….. LOL – how pathetic ….

Peter Douglas Nielsen Liberals are in Denial , Their Brains are composed of Goat Shit.
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Dave Rockwell

Dennis C. Latham HaaaHaaa When All Else Fails , Play The Race Card. HaHa Won’t Work This Time
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Dave Rockwell well …. we see what’s composed in your brain – I AM not a liberal …. you just told on yourself.
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Dave Rockwell didn’t play any race card – I call a liar a liar – just as well as I call A TRUTH TELLER – A TRUTH TELLER … just like I call a racist – a racist … it’s not playing any card – only stating THE TRUTH.

Still not one of you are able or capable to admit – this article is false – because the racism within – won’t allow you to do that.

Warren Hall ·

Works at Retired
Dennis C. Latham You sound horribly prejudiced and definitely view the world through a pair of different-colored glasses. In short, you are the racist elephant in the room. Take a hike, and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Warren Hall look at you – attempting to bash, can and trash my FREEDOM OF SPEECH …. out of your 120 friends over on FaceBook – you have ONE my skin color … BWAHHAHHAHHAAAAAH !!!!!!

Well … I have about 3 times your 120 of caucasians you lying racist – attempting to call me what you are.

I AM not prejudice one bit … any and every reasonable right winger I talk to – who isn’t so hateful and filled with deceptions, lies and tricks – love having conversations with me – I guess that’s why they said to hell with that party…. because it’s people like you – who has to attack me personally -instead of attacking THE TRUTH I speak.

I have tons of caucasians friends … not just one – but PLENTY – and they will come to my defense to prove it any time I ask them to …..

and I have proven it too many times on FactBook and YouTube with VIDEO to back up my claims …..

So … while you ordering and telling me to take a hike????
I say – rot in hell you racist ….. and I won’t tell you to take a hike.
I have no problem with people having their FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
but you OBVIOUSLY do …

just like a right winger – claim to LOVE the constitution – but hate for anyone who doesn’t look like them to have the SAME FREEDOMS ..

you racist spaz.

Ron Johnson ·

Dennis C. Latham Since you have no affiliation with either party must be an indication that you do not even bother to vote in our elections. If that is the case then STFU! You have no right to post or complain! You want to see a racist? Try looking in the mirror.!
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Dennis C. Latham ·

Ron Johnson “”Since you have no affiliation with either party””

I don’t.

“” must be an indication that you do not even bother to vote in our elections. “”

I vote when I find someone worthy to vote for.
i would NEVER vote for a chronological or pathological liar.

“”If that is the case then STFU!””

another right winger – attempting to cut down my FREEDOM OF SPEECH – because he feels only he and his kind have the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

“” You have no right to post or complain!””

1.) I AM not complaining – crying or whining like you right wingers do about any and everything that doesn’t bow down to you.
2.) I have a right to post any and everywhere I choose – you non-american right wing scum who hates the constitution when others use it – but you love it for yourselves when you want to do evil against others ….

How’s that abortion going ???
Ronald reagan – you all’s savior signed it into law – back in the late 60’s early 70’s – a right winger – and it spread to every state after that.

That’s a right wing thing …
and how’s that same sex marriage legalization in this country working for you .. LOL

ya’ll act like you hate abortion but you have few, little or nothing at all to say about adultery and fornication – which leads to pregnancy …

you right wingers are pathetic.

“” You want to see a racist? Try looking in the mirror.!””

no thanks – i don’t want to look in your mirror – while you’re looking in it …… I don’t want to see the ugliness of your racism


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