Alan Owen – gun owner – using lies to create fear and scare others against groups of people he hates

Alan Owen

Alan Owen yeah, well when it comes to terrorism, mass shootings, ritual killings and gang rapes, mohammed definitely seems to be the most popular name. hard to argue with stats like that.

Man who owns POST – REPLY: This is the dumbest damn argument I’ve ever heard. Not to mention racist and offensive. Muhammad is the most common name on the planet. And yet, I’d be willing to bet that guys named Muhammad didn’t kill 30,000 Americans last year or 600 children under the age of 11 this year. Couple of dudes named Smith & Wesson played a big part though.

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Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham that’s what happens to closed minds – rapped around…. um …. fox news…. THERE !!! I said it ….

Alan Owen

Alan Owen im a glock guy myself, but can we please stop blaming gun manufacturers who have done nothing wrong whatsoever

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen – gun manufacturers have bought and paid for elected officials to cover up and overlook their many flaws – it’s people like you – who are OBVIOUS gun freaks who see no wrong in the company that continues to make millions of guns each year – although there are plenty enough to go around ….. but what do you care ? selfishness is your joy and pride …..

Rodney McGregor

Rodney McGregor Don’t forget about Blue Dolphin. They drowned almost 700 kids under the age of 14 last year.

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Alan Owen

Alan Owen Dennis C. Latham, why cant you understand that the majority of the people in this country still favor gun rights? the gun manufacturers are obeying all laws. conrast this with the abortion industry which has been documented on video sellling all kindSee More

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Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen– you ask why can’t I understand – as if you have my mind in your hand and can read it – and it tells you I don’t understand …. well …. that’s where you’re wrong …

1.) the pervertedness of your mind – tells you I don’t understand ….
2.) I favor gun rights – to legit and responsible people – not to lunatics that are on crazy meds – people who lie all the time – such as yourself ….. i.e. you asking me why can’t I understand ….. is based on a lie – as you attempt to pass off your conjectures about and of me – as if I AM ignorant or stupid ….
3.) you say ….. “”the gun manufacturers are obeying all laws.”” – and I say … that’s a lie from the pits of hell – because all of them are not obeying all of the laws – and every last one is in it for the money – as they make these weapons – and just about anyone can get one – which can be seen in the news – even little 3 and 4 year old children – but you don’t care about that – just like the gun manufacturers don’t care ………/hc-federal-firearms…

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen – 4.) I’ll point out some more lies by you …. oh …. for the record ? One of the worst things you can do – is use deceptions, lies or tricks – to change or sway my mind from THE TRUTH or to paint a faulty picture of my – my mind or my spirit …

5.) “”the abortion industry which has been documented on video sellling all kind of butchred baby parts””

You didn’t complete or finish your research …. those videos you’re speaking of – were HEAVILY EDITED – when you listen to THE WHOLE ? You will see – you’re going off of lies told by the right wing – fox news and other liars – to scare people into believing a lie.

“” and is heavily subsidized by our government .””

3% of what planned parenthood is related to abortions ….
I AM against abortion – but I will not make up lies about someone – to get others to hate them because they are doing wrong …. so ……. “”heavily subsidized by our government “” is a lie from the pits of hell …. again – and again from you …

6.) What da hell does abortion have to do with this ??? You having a hard time staying focused ??? Feel the need to bring in other POINTS ? SUBJECTS ? TOPICS ? In an attempt to what ????

7.) “”you do know that out of the 300 million guns in this country,””

No one has an exact count on the guns in this country – it’s probably much higher – and that is only an approximation –

“” it is a very fractional amout that are used unsafe or for violence.””

Every statistic in numbers – pertaining to THE WHOLE of america – is going to be fractional – DUHR ????

Like … 47,500 Murders
but you don’t care about that – you just need and want your fun and gun ….

“”Eighty-seven percent of all children ages 0 to 14 killed by guns in these countries are U.S. children.””
but you don’t care about that – you just need and want your fun and gun ….

“”For 15-to-20-year-olds, firearm homicide rates in the U.S. are 42.7 times higher than in other OECD countr””
but you don’t care about that – you just need and want your fun and gun ….

Anyway …. you;re nothing but a selfish spoiled brat who only cares about themselves – and pretty much – damn any and every one else and their safety – just as long as you’re a proud gun owner – making up lies – because you fear that Barack Obama is going to come knocking on your door – to take your guns away …. because you’re a believer in lies – THUS the reason you spread lies – from information not proven

“” the vast majority are used in the line of work for LEO’s, sport and hunting, or self defense purposes.””

DURH – like when you add in The Police – The Government …. of course the statistics are going to be in your favor of selfishness …… but why not just deal with citizens and only citizens ….…

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham When you’re able to come up with some PROVEN SOLUTIONS ??? to gun control in this country that is OBVIOUSLY out of control with guns ???? Walk away from all of the excuses, guesses, lies and perverted opinions ???

Then I won’t mind conversing with you – until then ?
I’ll continue to rebuke – refute – and reject – any more deceptions, lies or tricks you attempt to spread to my heart, mind or spirit …

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Alan Owen

Alan Owen well, you certainly got me there Dennis C. Latham. i guess we can move on, so tell me, what is your opinion of the radical hate groups, the new black panther party and the nation of islam? I think they are every bit as disgusting and despicable as the KKK and the Aryan Nation. what you say?

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham “”well, you certainly got me there Dennis C. Latham.””

Well.. what are you going to do about it ?
Are you going to stop spreading lies ?
like Planned Parenthood lies
and gun manufacturer lies
and so on ?
Or are you going to remain the same – and still continue to spread lies other places … as you’ve been doing now for quite some time ?

“” i guess we can move on,””

I doubt it – unless you show some signs of TRUE REMORSE or REPENTING and start dealing with TRUTHS and TRUTHS ONLY.

“” so tell me, what is your opinion of the radical hate groups,””

I don’t do excuses, guesses and opinions – I just do TRUTHS.
So … I’ll give you THE TRUTH about that I know.
If I don’t know about something COMPLETELY ???
I keep my mouth shut – until I learn it.

“” the new black panther party””

Like the original black panther party ….
although very misguided – but did a whole lot for their communities under the hands and thumbs of jim crow and racism – that kept their communities clipped, ripped and stripped from control, money and power – which remained in the hands of their enemies – and never ever being allowed to have complete control over their own communities and lives.

As far as the new black panther party …
Misguided – yes – but has killed no one – but have a legitimate gripe against the racism in this country that has inflicted many people my skin color ….. again – they have NEVER killed anyone according to american government

“” and the nation of islam?””

another group – pretty much misguided – but have legitimate gripes again of racism and what’s called white privilege and white supremacy …… Don’t know of anyone they have killed since Malcolm X was killed – and it’s hard to say about that – because gun shots came from an UPPER LEVEL – like A BALCONY …. according to the projection of the bullet holes in his body – and court documents suggest that the men on the floor – were given blanks ….. but I don’t know.

“” I think they are every bit as disgusting and despicable as the KKK and the Aryan Nation””

Well …. the kkk have killed so many …. 10’s of 1,000’s of people my skin color ….. out of pure hatred …..

Let us not forget about what was called Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and all …… bombs were dropped on them – their whole community destroyed by racist caucasions – many who were for and of the kkk …..

aryan nation – along with the kkk – both are responsible for the burning of many churches because the congregations were of people my skin color …..

and to hate someone because of their skin color ?
Is very disgusting and despicable ……

“”. what you say?””

I say that your perverted heart, mind and spirit condemns and unrighteously judges people of my skin color who rise up to fight against unequal and unfair treatment – the best or only way they know how ……who has killed maybe 3 people or caused the death of 3 people in the last 60 years

and you attempt to lump them in a bag or box with racists – of the kkk and aryan nation – who are known murderers – who have been found guilty – but set free because of an all racist jury – while many of their illegal acts of hanging were even documented by taking pictures and turning them into post cards….

and since I know and see you feel this way – about that ? ? ?
I know without a doubt – you are a very unbalanced – unequal – and an unfair person – which will only lead you to spew and tell more lies – about things you know little or nothing about.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham and there you have it ….. a perverted heart – mind – and spirit – will do and say perverted things …..

Not even CHRIST endorses guns …. but many people who claim to be christians – sure trust more in guns than they do CHRIST’S FATHER – which is GOD THE CREATOR and GOD THE FATHER OF HEAVEN …..

Alan Owen

Alan Owen im a fool for gun porn…

Alan Owen

Alan Owen i thought you would really love and appreciate the Crusader logos

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen – did you know – the knights of the templar were not CHRISTIAN – but went around killing people if they didn’t conform to their corrupt, demented and wicked ways ???

So … why would I appreciate pictures of guns – from you – who ignores how guns are out of control in this country – while you go around defending guns being out of control in this country – while showing no sympathy for the many killed by illegal guns – illegal use of guns – and the illegal purchase of guns ….

anyway … I can see this is going no where.
You have your mind made up – no matter how perverted it is.
However – that’s your FREEWILL ….. GOD gave everyone FREEWILL.

Alan Owen

Alan Owen my mind is definitely made up

Alan Owen

Alan Owen i know you probably know this, so i just want to here your response……

Christ was ok with arms and he did instruct the disciples to arm themselves, and said 2 swords would be enough.

Alan Owen's photo.
Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham and I have no problem with your mind being made up – but I also see – how hateful and wicked you are – against others who don’t bend over and bow down to your way and your will. As if you’re GOD ALMIGHTY ….. and that’s all I need to know about you …..

Just because someone else doesn’t believe in guns –
doesn’t give you the right to say the nasty things that you have said to others…..but you do it anyway – out of hate ……

oh … and I APPRECIATE the GREAT MATERIAL from a hate filled mind – that I can share with others – so they can know how to deal with hate from people like you –

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen – you’re A CHRISTIAN ??? That scripture only works if you’re A CHRISTIAN – FOLLOWING CHRIST …. and CHRIST and NON of HIS Disciples killed anyone.

LOL .. .you’re using scriptures to justify your evil actions and love for guns because of paranoia – that Obama – Muslim – or The New Black Panther party my come and attack you … LOL

but you’re not worried about the kkk attacking you …..


Alan Owen

Alan Owen Dennis C. Latham, ive been very passive through this all. you have made all kind of very personal judgements and accusations against me and you dont even know me.

Alan Owen

Alan Owen you call me hateful and wicked because i disagree with you and your very narrow view, that is all. ive not called you a single name or resorted to any personal attack against you and you have made many on me, WHEN I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. IM A LAW ABIDING GUN OWNER WHO HAS HAD A GUN PERMIT FOR OVER 20 YRARS. IVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED. but you make me out to be evil because we disagree. im not worried about isis or obama or the kkk and you shouldnt be either. you should get a gun or two, learn safety and be proficient, practice often, and carry it. there is absolutely no sin or any wrongdoing in that. and i really dont care if you think there is.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen NO!!! you liar. I don’t call you hateful and wicked because you disagree with me – or that I disagree with you.

I call you hateful and wicked because of what you do and say to others who don’t agree with you and the hateful and wicked things you do and say about people you know nothing about – like Muslims – groups who are fighting for EQUAL and FAIR CHANCES and TREATMENT …..

I’ve proven you to be a liar – and you continue on making up lies in that delusional and perverted mind of yours….


Alan Owen “”Keep waiting Jerry, and when your daughter or granddaughter gets gang raped you remember this conversation””

There’s more – I’ve already PROVEN and SHOWN it to you.
I could care less whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with me.

That Is No Why I Called You hateful and wicked. – you liar.

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham I have righteously judged your actions – not you – however – as you continue to make up lies and tell lies ? I will call you a liar.

I don’t have to know you – I can go by and tell by the things you have done and said on this thread.

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Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham Alan Owen see…your problem is – I OPENLY and PUBLICLY – PROVE and SHOW you what’s wrong with the things you do and say about others and to others.

Then you turn around – and lie – and say I call you hateful and wicked because I disagree with you.

That in a nut shell is your problem.
you make up lies to justify and make yourself feel better

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Alan Owen

Alan Owen i love your righteous judgement, how you bend ovee backwards to defend radical muslim killers, but righteously judge and condemn all the law abiding gun owners like me who follow the law. yeah, you proved it alright, lol

Alan Owen

Alan Owen how about your self righteous judgement?

Dennis C. Latham

Dennis C. Latham I have not ONCE defended any lunatics who claim to be Muslim – who bomb and kill people – you are seriously crazy ….

All people who claim to be Muslims – are not Muslim.
It goes the same with CHRISTIANITY ….
All people who claim to be CHRISTIANS – are not CHRISTIAN.

I can see now – your mind is a one way dead end street.
You have absolutely no remorse or repentance for making up lies or telling lies – even when caught in a lie.

I AM done …… I refuse to converse with a chronological and pathological liar …….

I know plenty of Muslims – who denounce and speak against those lunatics who bomb and kill. Those Muslims I speak with PROVE and SAY how those are not TRUE Muslims.

but your hatred for ALL Muslims – is a waste of my time – but GREAT MATERIAL for me to use later though.

and for that ???? I THANK you.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more from this guy ….

Alan Owen

Alan Owen Just keep drinking Obama’s Kool Aid and go back to sleep

Alan Owen

Alan Owen are you serious? muslims all across the middle east and America are making threats daily to wipe us and Israel off the map. isis is going crazy beheading people, burning them alive, taking women and grls into sex slavery, gang rapes all across europe, See More

Alan Owen

Alan Owen Keep waiting Jerry, and when your daughter or granddaughter gets gang raped you remember this conversation

Alan Owen

Alan Owen keep waiting

Jerry P Snow

Jerry P Snow Thought so!

Alan Owen

Alan Owen while you are waiting. ..

Alan Owen's photo.


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