Jeffrey Peterman · using his elite-ism in an attempt to control and manipulate what doesn’t belong to him.

NOTICE: if you don’t see the hatred, heartless and hypocrisy from this boot lick’n sambo ben carson – I’ll continue to pray for you.‪#‎rightwingersareofsatan‬

Daily Kos's photo.

A reminder that Ben Carson is a big ol’ hypocrite.

Thanks to Occupy Democrats for the image.

  • Woman 1
    Monico Soto-Granado Unfortunately you will be spending an awfully long time on your knees.. ! grin emoticon
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  • Jeffrey Peterman ·

    “I’m not interested in getting rid of the safety net,” he said. “I’m interested in getting rid of dependency, and I want us to find a way to allow people to excel in our society, and as more and more people hear that message, they will recognize who is truly on their side and who is trying to keep them suppressed and cultivate their votes.”
  • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – I have NEVER met one right winger who has actually agreed to fix welfare – so people can’t scam the system – instead they would rather just shut the whole system down and off.

    the same with planned parenthood – I was just in a debate with a right winger. He clearly wants planned parenthood shut completely down and all the people put in jail ….. even those who talked women out of getting abortions …

    so … I understand your need to defend or protect ben carson
    his party – the party he chose has a majority of hateful, heartless and hypocrites …. and the majority of racists belong to that party as well.

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    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      uh huh.
    • Dennis C. Latham basic right winger response to THE TRUTH. ……. nothing of meaning or TRUTH.
    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      Dennis I sense a lot of hate in your response instead of addressing a real solution to welfare abuse.
    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      Or a way out of the democratic plantation quagmire.
    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      Perhaps public jobs for those who are able to work.
    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – falsely accusing me will not be tolerated for to long on my POSTS and WALL. I don’t hate anyone – however I do hate deceptions, lies and tricks – but I don’t hate the people who spread deceptions, lies and tricks …

      so … before you come to my POSTS and WALL and bearing false witness against me – being a false witness and falsely accusing me ? I will advise you to not do it any more and to stop.

    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – I have already stated …. “”real solution to welfare abuse”” ….. you obviously didn’t COMPREHEND my response.
    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      I never saw that statement by you in this post so if i missed it I apologize.
    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – your response …. “”democratic plantation quagmire”” – I don’t belong to any democratic party. So before you get too far ahead of yourself. Know this. I don’t belong to any political party – but I know daily that the right wing party’s leaders, preachers, speakers and teachers are always saying something hateful, heartless and proving their hypocrisy …..
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    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      Never accused you of such Dennis.
    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – allow me to state it again …..

      fix welfare – so people can’t scam the system

      This can be done in several easy steps ….
      if you’re interested in discussing this as adults – and not childish and immaturity – I’ll be glad to converse with you ….

      but falsely accusing me will not be tolerated.

    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      Hypocracy is everywhere and in every party. Need real solutions not the more of the same old.
    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – these are you words ….. not mine….

      “”Dennis I sense a lot of hate in your response””

      I AM saying – your senses are way off – unless you can “”QUOTE”” my words of hate – I stand on THE TRUTH I spoke.

    • Jeffrey Peterman · 

      The “right winger” comment seethed of hate in my opinion. maybe I was wrong.
    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – I LOVE GOD, FOLLOW CHRIST and I AM A RECEIVER and RECEPTOR of THE HOLY GHOST ….

      and before I get started ? Don’t falsely accuse me of yelling.
      I capitalize all that is HOLY and SANCTIFIED.

      Now ….. I don’t believe in political parties – nor organizations that promote hate, heartlessness and hypocrisy …..

      I have well over 7 years of EVIDENCE, FACTS, PROOF of right wingers and how hateful and heartless they are. How un-CHRIST like they are as a whole.

      Most of my formats is in blogs of real conversations and many in audio and video format.

      Me catching right wingers in lies – only for them to come back and make up lies about me – because I caught them in a lie – or I caught them being or doing evil against SCRIPTURES while claiming to be christian.

    • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – if you think putting my FATHER IN HEAVEN and doing HIS WILL below a bill of rights, constitution or declaration or a political party is hate – then you yourself is against the constitution and against GOD my FATHER IN HEAVEN.
  • Preacher 1
    The state of Israel is the biggest welfare queen in the whole world . You wanna talk about skimming America ,lets talk about its biggest welfare recipients ,. We ar giving our taxpayer dollars to one of the RICHEST people in the whole world the Jewish people in Israel . Come on ,wake up America .
  • Dennis C. Latham Preacher 1 – see how right wingers act ? respond ? talk ? and walk ???
  • Jeffrey Peterman · 

    Heavy man. You are very passionate. I just saw boot lickn Sambo remarks and had to speak up. Hate speech is hate speech.
  • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – do you know what a boot licking sambo is ??? How is that hate speech ???

    You came here with hate speech when you falsely accused me of being hateful.

  • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – are you familiar with “”Uncle Toms Cabin”” ???? and Sambo ? who turned against his own culture – turned against his own family and turned against his own people who were being terrorized and tortured ?????
  • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – PROVE this hate speech you speak of …. because I AM about to introduce you to my BLOCK PROCEDURE ….. since you want to continue falsely accusing me with no remorse when I PROVE you to be wrong ……
  • Dennis C. Latham Preacher 1 – see ???? See how the evil feel as if they can go anywhere they want to spread their hate ????
  • Dennis C. Latham Jeffrey Peterman – since you can’t be adult and mature ….. stay away and off my POSTS and WALL …. find someone else to control and manipulate …. because you’ll NEVER control or manipulate me because I AM always going to stand on GOD, LOVE and TRUTH.
  • Jeffrey Peterman ·

    Just block me Dennis.
  • Dennis C. Latham no .. you just stay away …… don’t tell me what to do – you just stay off my POSTS and WALL … you liar.

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