Mark Hardy – still at it – only seeing one abomination unto GOD and not any others – while committing them,

Rapture is soon coming. This man needs true support. Most of us are a lone who are trying to get the truth out. Please trust me, RAPTURE IS SOON. You must be as children 🚸 to get into heaven. Keep your hearts 💕 pure and trust in Jesus Christ alone.

You Are Not A Christian If You Support Barrack Obama, look at what Obama Stands for, He is for Welfare, Obama is for Same-Sex marriage, Obama Hates Christian…
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  • Dennis C. Latham if this is the case – you can’t be a christian and support america` – specially it’s government – Barack Obama is only the president at this time – there have been many more since before him – and I don’t see anyone actually taking on the corrupt government – but i do see a whole lot of people who claim to be christians – sit back and be silent to evil – last time I checked ? Silence to evil is submission to evil.
  • Mark Hardy He is trying to warn people of the truth. Many of the people in the government are all the same. Wolves are all in the pack. This is a perverted movement and queers are doing this. I am here to warn and invite those to the rapture thats coming soon. There won’t be another President in America. This guy is not speaking about the rapture and he may not even believe in the rapture? But he is correct about Obama. Obama has spoken obamination to God’s written word on television even. Most people haven’t even noticed.
  • Mark Hardy I am not here to support this government at all. I am here to warn you about the rapture coming. Nothing is going to stop what’s coming up. It will get worse befor the rapture and people who trusted Obama will be left behind.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— deals with PROVEN SOLUTIONS through BIBLICAL MEANS to shut down corrupt and crooked government….. specially in my area where I LIVE and other places as well …..
  • Mark Hardy It’s all over this nation. And it is the people who have been ruling us in America the past few hundred years. I can only trust those who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ alone. I don’t care what color some one is,I trust those who love the Lord Jesus Christ first.
  • Mark Hardy I wouldn’t marry a woman again unless she was in love with Jesus Christ first.
  • Loretta Ledsworth Lum Not necessary, He needs prayer support the same as all of us did & still do! Remember, we once wasn’t Christians & needed prayer support to repent & turn our lives over to God & ask Jesus in our hearts so who are we to judge??? frown emoticon frown emoticon I do know what you mean by this tho’. Try & Pray for him, he needs all he can get. smile emoticon
  • John Buttram As Christians we all need other Christians to pray for us and be there for us.
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  • Mark Hardy Many people who say they are Christian, are not. I have been warning people in churchs here and they are asleep. Excepted the perverted lifestyle, if you except what is an obamination to God, you are in trouble. Queers and lesbian people are evil 😈. You will see how wicked they realy are. These next few weeks will bring out the devil . God will not be mocked and he knows the mind’s and Heart of all.

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  • Dennis C. Latham Mark Hardy – gays and lesbians may be evil – but we are to LOVE them – whether they are our enemy or family or friends.

    They are lost or under strong delusions.
    CHRIST would cast out demons, deliver or heal them ,,,,,,,
    and that’s what those who FOLLOW HIM are to do

    However – there are other abominations unto GOD also that are being ignored – and it seems 98+% of the people are only against gays and lesbians … that in itself is hypocrisy ….

    and as far as america goes ????
    gays are and should be able to get married
    the bill of rights, constitution and declaration of independence says nothing about marriage …….

    if a person want to marry their child or pet
    in america – it’s allowed – because it’s not a christian nation and there were never no intentions of man for marriage to be holy in this land – because it is and was not of GOD.

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  • Mark Hardy Dennis C. Latham it’s an abomination. These people are perverted and evil. Any one who has feelings of homosexuality and acts on those feelings, they are dammed. Even sleeping with other women ♀ your not married to. I am here to warn people. You have no idea what you are saying. Queers and lesbian have nothing but evil.anyone who accept thesr queers and lesbian people or pastors who are lovers of this perverted movement are going to hell. I don’t hate these people, but I hate what they have done and I know what you think you know. I am here to warn people. You see the Trumpet being blown over my head. Do you think I am here to tell people queers are good for our children. They are pushing this crap in schools now. If you are in favor of this, please get off. I will and alway have deleted people who are perverted pastors or people who except this. America is finished. And those who are lovers of themselves and their perverted acceptance of what is the obamination to God’s written word.

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  • Mark Hardy The trumpet being blown over my head is to warm people, queers and lesbian people are evil 😈
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  • Dennis C. Latham Mark Hardy – is not CHRIST capable of cleansing and forgiving a gay or a lesbian if they choose to REPENT ????
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  • Mark Hardy Yes. But only if they repent. Living in the filth is not repentance. Accepting people who are active in homosexuality or sleeping with other women even. This world is sick and America is finished. It’s perverted and will be destroyed soon. I have no queers or lesbian or perverted pastors on my Facebook page.

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  • Dennis C. Latham Mark Hardy – was not the word REPENT in my question ???
    I teach and train – LIVING IN CHRIST vs living in sin.
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  • Steve Rosberg If people ask me if i am a christian i say i’m a follower of Jesus’ teachings. I dont say i’m a christian…..everybody says they are and saying yes means nothing anymore to that question.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Steve Rosberg – sort of like the rainbow – which is from and of GOD – but the gays have use it for their cause – so has satan with the word christian – while the mark of the beast – is not some number stamped on one’s forehead – but the actions of a person – bears the mark of the beast – just like the actions of a person who FOLLOWS CHRIST has the mark of CHRIST.
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  • Steve Rosberg Do you think the mark of the beast could be an implanted chip or is it the actions of the person? I dont believe its a stamp either. Noone, even non christians would allow a big black stamp of 666 to be tattooed on their forehead.
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  • Mark Hardy Yes Dennis. I hope many people will stop and repentance. America is finished, but God is good, he has many of us telling others to repent and stop killing yourself. Evil begets evil and there are many who will not be nice Dennis, it’s going to be getting wicked daily and more false teaching is going to increase as the hour gets closer. Be careful cause they will be trying to get you with your kindness also. Thesr are old spirts that rebels from the beginning. It’s going to be getting wicked daily. Watch carefully. Also, California is going to be destroyed soon. It’s going to slide into the ocean. There’s going to be a impact so hard it’s going to cause a shift. Many people on the coastal areas are going to be killed. Thing is, no one believes that. But it’s written that God will harden the hearts and minds of those who are perverted. Remember that thesr people are going to be very tricky, don’t let your guard down, it’s your crown they seek.
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  • Mark Hardy Yes. It’s going to be used like the credit card 💳. Either way, I am not going to sign up for anything that is coming up in America or this world 🌍. Watch out cause thesr people seek to destroy you and want your crown . Few have it today. Elect are in the most danger of thesr now. I have many around me now. It’s evil 😈
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  • Steve Rosberg We will probably have to live “off the grid” when we dont accept this mark. It’s going to be some hard times but he that endureth till the end shall be saved.
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  • Mark Hardy Rapture. Those who truly trust will be taken after the resurrection. Those who are left behind will suffer the wrath and have to do as you said. Some will follow up on the 2nd resurrection. But it’s few compared to the sure numbers of people who are lovers of themselves and their worldly ways
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  • Dennis C. Latham Steve Rosberg – I know it’s not a chip – of what THE HOLY BIBLE speaks of …. it is the actions of a person – where their heart, mind and soul is and heading …. GOD’S CHOSEN can tell – that lie about only GOD knows my heart – they forget or ignore that the GOD IN HIS CHOSEN know through THE HOLY GHOST.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Steve Rosberg – the chip is a mark from man – like tattoos are marks from man – all from satan.
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  • Mark Hardy They already have the red computer chip made and ready. Store’s are setting up for it. It’s in the process. Many pastors will be taking the chip so they can collect money to buy worldly materials. The chip is very real. And anyone who takes the mark of the beast to buy or sell are dammed. Make no mistake about that.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Mark Hardy – the mark on a person’s heart, mind and soul are seen by THE CHOSEN. Also THE CHOSEN are COMMANDED, ENCOURAGED, and REQUIRED to mark those who cause division and offences against THE TRUE DOCTRINE.

    Romans 16:17-18
    17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
    18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

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  • Mark Hardy It’s written that these people will have their hearts 💕 and minds set to be hardened. People should have been speaking up long ago. The Harvest is when? The time of year when farmer’s will Harvest? All signs point to September. Jesus Christ is going to give signs and those who will be saved will hear. But the time is short. God knows the mind’s and Heart of all. That’s why many people will not see what is coming. Even Obama said that to America and people didn’t hear that even.
  • Mark Hardy Jesus Christ is coming because it’s perverted here and people are in trouble. All will be known soon

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  • Marcus L. Daniel a lot of things that was wrong other presidents went along with I wonder why a lot was not spoken out about them like a lot of people are speaking about Obama?
  • Mark Hardy You can not support this perverted movement and say your a Christian. Your dammed if you do. I have been warning people for year’s. That Trumpet being blown over my head in mirror is the last warning some people will see or hear. I am here to warn people. These queers and lesbian people are evil 😈. If you have multiple lover’s is evil. You can not except what’s written by God as an obamination. Prosperity gospel and wanton more money and perverted lifestyle accepted and call yourself a Christian, you are a liar if you do and say I’m a Christian. The time is short. Weeks away.

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  • Mark Hardy Marcus L. Daniel. Obama had his road paved by other people. When Obama said America has not been reading their Bible. I knew what he ment and why he is here. When he said you won’t see it coming, I know certain what is coming. I knew about Obama long long ago. I am a true messenger. Hello . Ever watched the movie John Wayne called (Harm’s Way) his son is killed on the pt boat number #44
    Hollywood has been showing people signs also, but you have to have eyes open. I can help you with that. People are blaming cause they do not know the truth about the written word of God. Prosperity gospel and wanton more money has perverted people. Perverted lifestyle accepted is also dammed
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  • Mark Hardy Hollywood is very evil 😈
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  • Marcus L. Daniel I do not support mam & man woman & woman as husband & wife I will tell him that he should take a stand against it but like I said there are many other things other presidents should have stood against but they dident but I still respect them and the office always like I respect you & your ideas (GOD) bless-you and have a great day
  • Dennis C. Latham Mark Hardy – when are you going to start treating other abominations against GOD – as you do about same sex ????

    you keep repeating …. “”America is finished.””

    that’s not true – if it were finished ? It would be gone and wiped off the map.

    you also stated earlier ….

    “”I have no queers or lesbian or perverted pastors on my Facebook page.””

    you don’t know that for sure – specially with 127 FaceBook friends …. several with us flags as a profile pic – and one even with the confederate flag as a profile pic –

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  • Mark Hardy I have never respect for what’s happening today in America. Obama spoke against America and the Christian faith. Obama is queer. I do not support that. One would have to be a muslim to even say that, even Muslims know it’s wrong. You are false and seek to deceive. And division. Any one who support Obama is perverted and you are perverted. I will delete you. You have a destiny with Hell.
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  • Jerry R. Barton Sr. All sins are sins–

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    THUS this comment couldn’t be posted

  • Dennis C. Latham RESPECT is a characteristic of LOVE – disrespect is a characteristic of hatred Mark Hardy Why is it you can’t speak to teach – instead you speak to condemn and slander anyone who you claim or say is not of GOD ???
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