Chris Varga and his racism on rampage to protect the killer of Cecil The Lion – yet claims to be against what the dentist did

if someone from another country – came to america,
1.) just to kill a bald eagle …. what would happen.
2.) just to burn it’s flag on american soil ?
3.) killed a senator’s pet dog ?
4.) killed a show dolphin ?

  • Bill Dearing · Friends with Patrick DeBonis

    everything is back stabbing politics to liberals huh?
  • Bob Spellerberg · Friends with Patrick DeBonis

    Most irrelevant post that I have seen on the subject by far.
  • Dennis C. Latham Bob Spellerberg – irrelevant – because you have no RESPECT for other countries – you think it’s ok to go to another country – destroy something that is DEAR TO THEM – blow it away – and then run back to america and hide ….. because you’re also nothing but a coward.
  • Dennis C. Latham Bill Dearing – I wouldn’t know. I AM not a liberal – but hey ….. it’s nothing for you to tell a lie though … it is?
  • Chris Varga So what this guy did was appalling, and possibly illegal in Zimbabwe, but it has nothing to do with America, race, and especially the politics here. The guy was white his two guides who have already been arrested were black local Africans. All of you think this is somehow about “you” or “us” race, religion, political views. This is about Humans destroying the planet and everything on it, Including yourselves. White people hunt and believe it on not so do black people. Some do it illegally. Some do not. black people fight dogs and so do white people. Disgusting acts like these are done by all humans. This is the problem. Nothing will ever get solved I this world if we don’t focus on the problems and stop focusing on the distractions.
    • Dennis C. Latham oh … Chris Varga – the two arrested ??? one was caucasian – so you make yourself look like a dummy – when you come here only to protect your race.
    • Chris Varga Race has nothing to do with it. Sorry for the mistake.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – you can’t tell me or convince me this has nothing to do with america or race or politics ….
    1.) this is why so many other countries and people hate america and americans … because they go to other people’s countries – and basically ki
    ll their LIVING MASCOT and then people like you make up lies to say – this has nothing to do with america ….
    2.) this has everything to do with race – I AM sure he wouldn’t have went over and did this evil in Iraq – Iran – Israel – Russia – China or Japan – but he did it to THE MOTHER LAND because he feels superior over it – and people like you boost it RIGHT ALONG ….
    3.) this has everything to do with politics – right wing gun fanatics who have sold their souls to the nra and satan – to make it so easy for lunatics to get their hands on guns – to reek havoc all over this nation – and other countries as well …… because they refuse to do something about gun control in this country – but people just like you – do anything and say anything to BLOCK or STOP any gun reform – or any other kind of reform …..

    yet … if I came over to your house – and killed your pet …. I’d go to prison – but if you came over and killed my pet – the would make up some disease to get you off – like they did that 14 year old who killed off a family of people while drunk driving – or like that millionaire – who molested and raped his own daughter …. never doing a day in jail or prison ….

    • Woman 3 Dennis, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
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    • Dennis C. Latham Woman 3 – I wasn’t BORN, BUILT or CREATED to protect my race or any race. I was BORN, BUILT and CREATED to PRAISE GOD and resist all evil – and lead as many as possible to THE ONE AND TRUE WAY OF CHRIST !!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Clifford Ryan – they can’t make america send him back – but they are asking for him …….. and that land owner was caucasian …..
  • Chris Varga Well I guess there is no reason to tell you or convince you of anything.
    1. Have you been to any other countries. Because we have some of the strictest hunting laws in the world. Countries like Japan and China have raped the world of all kinds of
    endangered species. Rhinos for instance are all but completely extinct because of Vietnamese alone. Not to mention the whales that the Japanese are slaughtering.
    I have traveled the world and the main reason the rest of the world hates us is because we are egotistical and believe think everything revolves around us. They also think we are rude and fat and lazy. I’m not sure about the last part but Judi g from you picture you look like you could use a jog or two.
    2. I think what he did was horrible but the intent was to hunt lions and the Motherland as you call it is the only place where you can find lions.
    3. You say people just like me but have never met me. It’s sad that your so closed minded and equate gun ownership with the devil. Gun laws won’t stop gun violence. Cities like Chicago that have the strictest gun laws in America simultaneously have the worst gun violence.
    And I tell you this. You would not see a cell if you killed my pet. My wife would shoot you herself. You can pick and choose random cases of drunk driving or whatever to justify your beliefs in the system. If you think white people not going to prison in America have anything to do with this guy killing a lion in Zimbabwe you are delusional.
  • Chris Varga Zimbabwe processed his permits. The took the money. They are also to blame. Lol. I guess there’s no hope for people like you. You will blame the “white man” for everything bad that happens never taking responsibility for anything. Good luck with the race war that you are so hell bent on creating. Cause you don’t stand a fighting chance to win it.
  • Monica Watkins Underwood Or the flags that were placed on a historically black church in Atlanta Georgia
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – your racism has been noted – along with your lies of this imaginary race war – you and people like you already lost – the confederacy is done and ended – but knock yourself out with keeping it in your heart and mind.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – Zimbabwe processed his permits – for him to hunt legally – not for him to lure THE FAMOUS LION from the protected area – only to slaughter it –
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga you also refuse to address your lies about both of the people who were arrested not being caucasian while one of them were. I know it’s not in your best interest to have a respectful conversation – it’s people like you – why many say all caucasians are devils.
  • Chris Varga You got it all wrong. I am not a supporter of the confederate or do I believe in a race war. It’s you and people like you who think that everything revolves around these ideas. And I am totally against what this man did and trophy hunting all together. You can put words in my mouth and I’m done replying to your trolling. I apologizes for my mistake already about the land owner being white and can’t really see why it’s even relevant. This is all about race for you. Not for me. Enjoy your ignorance.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – the fact that this crazy doctor has gone to another country – to show disrespect and hate to that country – is my point – and this is and will only cause more people in other countries to hate america even more.

    and as far as you apologizing for your mistake – I didn’t read or see it yet – but if you know anything – about this case – you wouldn’t have told a lie in the first place –

    so .. show REMORSE and say you’re SORRY for the lie you told.

  • Chris Varga If you scroll you to the tenth comment in your post you will see it
  • Dennis C. Latham you told a lie – when you stated …. “”his two guides who have already been arrested were black local Africans”” That’s no a mistake.
  • Chris Varga Right. And you corrected my and I apologized. Get over it. Troll
  • Dennis C. Latham many other countries hate america – because they go toother countries and do evil – and then run away – like this dentist did and hide behind the protection of america.
  • Chris Varga Have you been to other countries? Curious?
  • Dennis C. Latham you’re the only troll here … and a liar ….. your words… “”I’m done replying to your trolling.”” – yet you still replied more – and you came here – with intent to discredit THE TRUTH I SPOKE.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – whether I have been to other countries or not – doesn’t even matter. While you attempt to tear me down – and build yourself up – I AM not about any race war as you falsely accused me – on my POST on my WALL – but i know – it’s nothing for you to tell a lie – and then call it a mistake – when you know nothing about me.
  • Monica Watkins Underwood Chris Varga this is a discussion. He is not creating any situation. One can not be blamed if one did not do anything. I read his comment and it is true that blacks have had a hard life. We, as a minority people, cant do anything without being criticized, ridiculed, accused, abused, followed, killed, and a plethora of other words that have been placed on minority races. If we walk in a store, we will be followed. If we walk behind a “white” person in a store, we are made to feel like a criminal. But it was a person of your race behind you, you wouldn’t think that the person will steal anything. Minorities have so many things to deal with these days that the human being can’t phantom this hatred and disregard for life. It hurts to be done like this all the time. So, you have to know how it feels to be hurt by people continuously, all the time. “White” people have so many privileges that it couldn’t possibly be understood how hard minorities still have to fight the encounters and etc… I feel that your comment was so mean and hateful. Blame must be placed at everyone’s feet. But why be such a bully with words. You are saying all of this with total disregard. A race war is caused when people debate against each other. When people kill each other. When people accuse each other. When people dislike each other because of the color of someone’s skin. Even within races. This man killed animals because he was just crazy. Forget his skin color. Pleasure hunting to me is barbaric and crazy. I don’t understand it at all.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – you can call me all the names you want – however – that will only be allowed for a short time – but i have PROVEN you to be wrong in your first comment – so – please – continue protecting your race -………
  • Woman 4 Not nice. Please don’t do the name thing. Please stop.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – your racism has been NOTED – and for the record ???? I don’t allow cussing, foul language or that nasty word on my posts ….. that’s how you racists are though – I knew your true colors when you first came here. I will now DELETE your evil – and allow the world to see your evil through my BLOG – and I will be EXPOSING you ……..
  • Woman 4 Going back and forth is hurtful. Let’s call it a draw.
  • Woman 4 To ere is human, to forgive is divine.
  • Dennis C. Latham Woman 4– I have FORGIVEN this racist spaz – however – he will not take over my POST or WALL – I manage and run this account – his racism has been proven by his own hand – and it seems he’s getting paid by tax dollars at that – because it seems he’s either in or use to be in the military ……. no one takes over my POSTS or WALL – EVER. Specially with deceptions, lies and tricks …..
  • Dennis C. Latham now … Chris Varga – on more cuss word – foul language – or any abbreviation of any cuss word or foul language – i will introduce you to my BLOCK PROCESS. I’ve already introduced you to my BLOG PROCESS.
  • Chris Varga The tax dollar comment is the funniest one yet. Glass house.
  • Dennis C. Latham don’t know if you’re military or not – but if you are ? you’re a disgrace ….. and if you knew anything about me – you would know. I AM against any race war – and against any kind of division because of skin color – but you’ve shown your here on this day.
  • Dennis C. Latham it’s just something about those kind of people from florida …… something must be in the air, food or water.

    'A Florida officer is on leave after he was captured on camera tossing food at a homeless man who was handcuffed.'

    A Florida officer is on leave after he was captured on camera tossing food at a homeless man who was handcuffed.

  • Woman 4  Wow. Dennis C. Latham. He threw the food at him? How awful.
  • Male 2 Whites should be barred from Zimbabwe.
  • Woman 4  Chris, Let It go.
  • Dennis C. Latham Monica Watkins Underwood – some people this cop’s skin color can’t stand and just hate anyone who is poor ……. specially right wingers – and that video proves it –
  • Chris Varga Right wingers, white people, Floridians, military. Lots of people you blame and hate. Good luck with that. It was just funny how you bring up tax dollars. If you only new how much I pay in taxes to support poor people. So your welcome for your food-stamps, disability, Medicare. Cause I pay in taxes what you make in a year.
  • Dennis C. Latham Chris Varga – your racism is open and public. I AM not on any food stamps – I own several businesses – and I help and teach and train others how to start their own businesses – and you have no idea about my income – but I see that racism has you believing – because of my skin color – I AM broke and poor – on food stamps and living off your pennies, nickles and dimes ….. only a racist would accuse me of being on welfare ……
  • Woman 4  Wow. Chris Varga
  • Dennis C. Latham Woman 4  – now do you see why – you NEVER call it a draw with hatred, racism and / or wickedness ??? I AM ALWAYS going to allow TRUTH to have THE LAST WORD – NEVER anyone or anything demonic, evil, satanic and wicked.

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