Edwin Pruett. …. playing dumb and tempting to hide his racist ways …


  • Edwin Pruett · 

    Ali was a great boxing champ, no doubt. But he claims his enemy was the “White Man” smh. Ali states he didn’t want to go over and kill his people, what people is he referring to? Maybe I am in need of additional education, I welcome all comments. I am a man who was reared to never judge another due to the color of his skin
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – like today – even in the 50’s and 60’s …. people my skin color were abused, beat, cheated, harmed, hated, hurt, murdered, raped and ripped off by just about any and every caucasian around – and only a very few actually took a stand to help and stand with people of my skin color.

    here’s the education you should have ….

    the us government who did nothing to help people with my skin color – wanted Ali to join their military – now I ask you.

    why would you go kill someone who’s never done anything to you – for a group of people who have done every evil to you ???

  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – if you’ve been raised to never judge a person by the color of their skin – you’re either 10 years old or less – or just wanting to start some trouble ….. both are welcome here – but know – this is my POST and I don’t mind backing up what I do or say with PROOF.
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    I agree with the notion “Why fight for a country that hasn’t fought for me”. It’s when Ali refers to Korea as a ” white ran” civilization or Koreans as his “darker skinned” brothers that I get lost. No….sadly you feel that a person reared not to judge a person for their skin color must have been born in the past 10 years. I was reared to judge people. To judge them for their work ethics and how they treated others. So I’m not hear to start trouble or spew vile information on your post. Ali was a great boxer whom as a man preached much hatred. Ali was praised to the point that he was also worshiped by both African Americans and Caucasians. If you could share how he experienced abuse, cheating, harm, hurt, murder, or being ripped off by whitey I’m still interested in learning. I am one of those not looking for a fight. I believe in spreading the TRUTH thru PROOF smile emoticon.
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – Ali wasn’t preaching any hatred in this video – you’re missing the whole point – because you’re looking at it as if it’s 2034 and not 2015 or 1960 ……

    If you don’t know or understand how Ali and mostly everyone his color was mistreated – I’ll advise you to go somewhere else.

    I AM not about to explain racism to you – nor play any head games you have in store.

  • Dennis C. Latham since you claim to have been raised to not judge a person by their skin color – you certainly jumped on how a person’s work ethic is ….. that’s that racist right wing talk – right out of the how to be racist for dummies.

    I don’t go by a person’s work ethic – I help anyone – even willing to teach and train them a skill or a trade – if they don’t have one –

    you ??? on the other hand ??? are bringing that heartless hate fulled conservative right wing mess here.+

  • Dennis C. Latham those same racists – that you seem to have no idea about – stripped Ali of his titles – banned him from boxing – the same way they did Jack Johnson – they strip you of making money in the things you’re good at and love – but I see you can’t comprehend how that in any kind of way is abuse, beating, cheating, harming, hating, hurting, murdering, raping or stealing …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – here … listen to this video – this will explain the racism in america today – in 2015 …. and your whitey remark ….. since you feel the need to protect your race ….

    '"In too many places, black boys and black men, Latino boys and Latino men, experience being treated differently under the law." —President Obama making the case for criminal justice reform: http://go.wh.gov/ULpLhX'

    “In too many places, black boys and black men, Latino boys and Latino men, experience being treated differently under the law.” —President Obama making the case for criminal justice reform: http://go.wh.gov/ULpLhX

  • Edwin Pruett ·

    Sir, I know…. Your correct….its hard to prove me wrong with facts or knowledge. Much easier to excuse this as ignorance and pretend that “YOU” personally have experienced some form of racism that I will never be aware of. You will feel its your duty to post videos of famous African Americans preaching something you’ll never understand. And like so many others you’ll hide behind Christianity or God pretending its alright. But let me remind you of this brother, its God whom teaches forgiveness. God does not encourage separation, hatred or division. It’s OUR Lord whom teaches acceptance and forgiveness. God Bless you my friend.
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – look you liar …. GOD does teach separation – and I have face racism for many years – specially since I moved to the south. What ever lord tells you to accept evil – I want no parts of it.

    I was born in 64 … and I’ve seen racism my whole life from people just like you – you’re not my brother – and I hope Kathy Cheatham can come here and explain a few things to you – because I AM not the one to play or toy with.

  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – you stated nothing I need to prove wrong – it’s not worth my time ….. you don’t know my life and what I have lived – with your stupid questions – attempting to come in and seem like something you’re not.
  • Dennis C. Latham Kenneth Young – see ???? what’s in a person’s heart – comes right out of their mouth ….
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – one more thing. I don’t sit around all day -sharing videos just like this – that exposes how people like me are treated even today – by people just like you …..
  • Dennis C. Latham I can see the magical white supremacy coming out – in an attempt to control, order or tell me what to post and what not to post.
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    Why so much hostility? I haven’t threatened you in any way. I’m not toying with you. I will do you a favor sir….I will delete my posts so that I am no longer an offense to you. You say we are not brothers but both are created in the image of our Creator. I encourage that we all share a message of union, not of separation.
  • Dennis C. Latham
    Write a reply…
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – there is no hostility coming from me – only a stance that you won’t come here and take over nothing.
  • Dennis C. Latham continue to make up what ever more lies you choose – when I get done ? I’ll just BLOCK you.
  • Dennis C. Latham why delete ? Edwin Pruett – you see how stupid you look and sound ??? There’s no way you can offend me – you don’t have the authority, power or wisdom to do so ….. so don’t be trying to say I AM playing victim …
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    I didn’t, your being hostile…..not me. “I am not the one to play with.” I do not fear you but I respect you, and because of that…I am backing out. I am “turning the other cheek.” Have an amazing God filled day sir smile emoticon
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    Hopefully your days will be filled with the acceptance and love that you so kindly give to others smile emoticon
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – you came here with silly and stupid questions – I saw right through you ….. and don’t come back later begging me to take down the blog either….. once it goes up ??? IT STAYS UP.
  • Edwin Pruett ·

    Dennis C. Latham, a child of Satan….hiding behind the cloak of Jesus Christ
  • Dennis C. Latham bring it on Edwin Pruett – bring it on ….
  • Edwin Pruett ·

    New Age Christian…….Christianity when it suits or benefits them smh
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    Studies Love God and Love Thy Neighbor….. Yea….. I can tell lmfao
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – I AM going to ask you one time – edit out any cuss words or foul language and any abbreviation that pertain to cuss words or foul language. I’ll only tell you once.
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    My apologies, didn’t think of what the many lol stood for
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – I don’t hate you – just not about to allow you to come here and dictate to me – what to post and what not to post – and I AM not going to allow you to come here and say Ali was preaching hatred when he was preaching TRUTH – he never called all caucasians devils or evil – he had plenty of caucasians friends ….
  • Edwin Pruett · 

    My bad
  • Edwin Pruett · Friends with Kathy Cheatham

    Hey, you can view Ali how you want to. I respected him as a boxer. But I did not respect his political views. You have your rights, the same as I have mine
  • Dennis C. Latham well … take your rights right back over to your own POSTS and WALL and get your hell away from mine.
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – if you didn’t or don’t hate me – why do you falsely accuse me – all because I won’t allow you to come here and take over my POST and what it stands for ???
  • Edwin Pruett · Friends with Kathy Cheatham

    I accused Ali of preaching hate, not you. And I was not attempting to take over your post. I even deleted myself…feeling that this was something I no longer wanted to involve myself with.
  • Dennis C. Latham you don’t remember what you accused me of ???? you falsely accused me of being hostile – just because you’re caucasian – doesn’t mean you have the right to come here and call something hatred when it is not …..

    Ali NEVER called all caucasians evil – he was talking to the ones asking the stupid questions – the media and government ….

    now … stop posting to my POST and leave me alone.

  • Edwin Pruett · Friends with Kathy Cheatham

    We both have strong opinions and view a famous person differently. Your views may be stronger. He is a very famous and important man in the history of African American rights. We obviously view him differently
  • Edwin Pruett · Friends with Kathy Cheatham

    You are left alone smile emoticon
  • Dennis C. Latham Edwin Pruett – get off my POST with that african american racist crap – and leave me alone …. and what Ali spoke was TRUTH – because it was people just like you – sicking dogs on people like me – and turning on fire hoses on us …… don’t let me tell you again. DO NOT REPLY ANY LONGER or ANY MORE … GO AWAY.

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