I asked for PROOF and hard headed Errol Fleming – just doesn’t want to leave me alone … huh ????

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  • Conversation started today
  • Errol Fleming

    You got a problem with me what’s up? I’m not one these country niggas out here. I’m from Bklyn and I’m always ready to address a problem. All that tuff talk is wack. Where are you? Where you wanna meet? I’m not with all the internet tuff guy talk.

  • Errol Fleming
  • Today
  • Errol Fleming

    You need to take my name off of your wack ass website before I get my lawyer on your old ass. You are irrelevant. You are trying to be somebody through that cheap sounding talk show I helped him develop. You have no idea who I am, but I will tell you this I’ve worked with Glasgow so I know exactly how he gets down. Just because he let you take over that wack talk show doesn’t make you anybody, you’re are just a pawn. It’s not about racism you fool, so stop trying to always pull the race card. That shit is wack and it’s getting old. It’s about demonic spirits you idiot. And youu were used by one today. Get off of your holy high horse and use your brains. Glasgow isn’t the man you should be defending he’ll throw you under the bus and let you get ridiculed just like he did that brother that donated all that money to TOPS. That man isn’t terrorist and Glasgow knew it yet he didn’t speak up because he’s a straight coward who sleeps with every woman that will let him and steels from a dead man. Keep being his bitch, it’ll back fire on you. You’re just another fool with faith to him.

  • Dennis Latham

    1.) jon carroll took your job and money – I turned the job down – I knew about the video training – I AM a MASTER at video editing, special effects – 3D ANIMATIONS and much more. I turned down the job – Glasgow told me about you some time ago – I was going to do it myself – but I didn’t want to travel at that time … I was building my own TEACHING and TRAINING CENTERS HERE and getting all of my CLASSES LINED UP and IN ORDER so I can and could FILM them all and then offer them to the public for FREE. As I still do with all of my SKILLS and TRADES.

    2.) I AM not defending Glasgow or anyone else. I only asked you and jon for some PROOF. Since all either of you had was conspiracy theories – I saw how you both rolled.

    3.) you can call me all the names you want – and yeah. I AM 50. and for your wise cracks about my age ???

    Go get and tell your attorneys anything you want – it won’t be coming down – and I SHALL and WILL be posting this conversations as well.

    4.) I have asked you to leave me alone – you showed me NO PROOF and I AM DONE.

    5.) For the last time ? Leave me alone and take your hell with you.

    Just know – the link below ? PROVES my point and that money jon got …. for that very money he’s accusing Glasgow of using for something else….. but jon isn’t going to tell you about that – and I have PROOF from the HIGHLANDER SITE as well about the money Glasgow god and WHAT IT WAS FOR and it wasn’t for no equipment – it says it on the site – and if you had any sense ? You’d know – that all non-profits grants are public information ….

    jon has tricked ya’ll – and ya’ll fell for it

    Now read the link below – and keep serving satan – and being satan’s puppet …..

    WHAT I BELIEVE I believe that the poorest and most vulnerable among us deserve the same access to justice and media as our more fortunate citizens. I know from experience these are often the most s…
    • Thursday
    • Errol Fleming

      I read the link below and I must say it was very interesting. However I also took the time out to listen to your talk show yesterday and you my brother are trying to establish grounds using reverse racism. You tried to get your guest to say it was about race several times but like I said in my earlier post it’s a spirit. For you to proclaim to be a christian you have a lot of anger against white folks. Dealing with Glasgow can have that effect on a personal but I’ll tell you this being Pro-black doesn’t mean you have to be anti-white. You attacked me first in the post yesterday and I just simply defended myself. I’m not in any way affiliated with John yet you called me on of his minions smh. Well I apologize if I offended you about anything especially about your age. I was wrong for that. Age is a gift but I’m far from a boy. You continue to be blessed brother and be for the people. Just be careful with brothers like Glasgow who use other good brothers for his bidding. Respect!

    • Dennis Latham

      If you read the web site – you see jon carroll admits getting a grant – from HIGHLANDER …. he doesn’t give the amount – or the exact date – but it was 2013 – he got $6 g

      If you listened to the show – you also heard Tom say – I warned him = and he disagreed with me – and Glasgow did the same thing …

    • Dennis Latham

      but both have come out PUBLICLY to say I was RIGHT and they were wrong and BOTH wish they would have NEVER dealt with him ….

    • Dennis Latham

      Also … if you look deeper – I have no animocity or hatred with any caucasions – even the right wing t-baggers who attempted to label me as a terrorist – as jon did Hawthorne.

      I just don’t allow any racists or people using racism to get over – and most of those people who joined in to bash Hawthorne of being a terrorist – were straight up racists …… and jon b carroll is using that to his advantage.

      as far as spiritual ? I know this whole thing is spiritual and not flesh and blood – and I don’t claim Christianity ….. but I do EXPOSE those who claim it – but are nothing but liars and who are not.

      Lastly ….. I asked you for PROOF – because you were bold in your statements – I didn’t even get to the part where you mentioned about Glasgow getting money for the video equipment .. jon is spreading that same lie – Glasgow wasn’t given any money to buy equipment – only money to HOST the teachings of journalism and video editing and production – so those at a disadvantage can tell their story – because the media won’t.

      FINAL – I have several radio station that I RUN – and too many to count where I AM a guest.

      I don’t defend Glasgow – nor anyone else. I don’t dislike or hate caucasians …. if you look deeper – I have blogs up of people going off on me calling me a cracker lover and all kinds of stuff – because I PROVED how 85% caucasians showed up to fight for the RELEASE OF THE INNOCENT and PRISON REFROM and the RELEASE OF NON-VIOLENT OFFENDERS doing hard time as if they killed someone …

      only about 10% showed up with our skin color. I was kicked out of several black this and black that groups – because I have more caucasians helping me than I do my own skin color.

    • Dennis Latham

      this is my video that has gotten me kicked out of many black this and black that groups – because I PROVE all caucasians are not devils – so don’t play like I have something against caucasians …. but only people who use racism against people like me and tom

      Diana Smothers Summerford Speaking At Justice Reinvestment
      Diana Smothers Summerford Speaking At Justice Reinvestment
    • Errol Fleming

      Just because he’s a white man with privilege doesn’t mean you make it about race. Attack with facts. I’ve met John and I’ve seen how he himself defended Glasgow when other people attacked him. Glasgow is losing allies by the day because of his wicked ways. I’m a good person regardless but I refuse to be around a man who claims to be what he’s not. An advocate he may be, but a man of God wouldn’t do the things I’ve seen this man do. So eventually you’ll be exposing him if you say you are who you are. That’s exactly what I was doing on brother Eriks post, exposing Glasgow. You’ll see. He’s the real vessel being used by Satan, but he puts up a good front. Glasgow DID get money for the equipment because I was the person who helped order the camera, light, tripod, ect ect offline. He was supposed to get more but then he just stopped the project all together and started traveling. I saw this with my own eyes, I saw him commit adultery with women in his church. As well as a bunch of other infractions a preacher shouldn’t be doing. So his word means nothing to me. I judge a man by his character. Like I said before you really don’t know Kenny because if you did you would be more cautious on defending anything that had to with him. He’s an opportunist just like his brother is.

    • Errol Fleming

      I was down for the cause until I saw how manipulative this man is. Just know I’m not into making enemies. Like I said before, I apologize if I offended you in any way. I believe everyone has a right to their opinions, in my opinion Glasgow is a straight up crook who’s been institutionalized and has brought that same mentality out to the streets. A grade A con-artist is all he is. Just be careful man.

    • Dennis Latham

      you keep saying I AM defending him – and I AM not. I ASK for PROOF – not he say she say – and so far ? I have EXPOSED jon b carroll in his lies and over exaggeration …

      That was the goal GOD put me in place to do. I AM done with jon – and I hope he has the spine to attempt to make up a blog about me – and then I will come out with ALL THE PROOF of him being a racism – not believing in CHRIST – and only putting on an act – to trick people of my skin color – and I will also prove how he is infested with demons ….

    • Dennis Latham

      here’s how those our skin color hate me because I PROVE all caucasians are not devils – and how they hate me because I FOLLOW CHRIST …… and ADMIT to FOLLOWING CHRIST …..

      Devetra Alexander summons and tags her friends Maakhrw Ra Amen and Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad to…
      Dennis C. Latham shared Bishop T.D Jakes Ministries’s photo. February 26 at 7:39am · AMEN AMEN AMEN and HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!! Bishop T.D Jakes Ministries I am praying for the person reading this You…
    Seen 8:42am

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