Matthew J. Mallory of Syracuse, NY – can’t, don’t and won’t handle TRUTH about his racist comments. is the original link to the FaceBook Post.

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  • Matthew J. Mallory All lives matter! It has sickened me for years that kids are dying in gangs and by the hands of gangs all over the country! Where is the outrage for that? Only when a criminal who assaults a store owner then dies because he then turned his sights on a white officer which makes Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson crawl out of a hole to make money is it a national outcry. Sickening! How about standing up for all lives to include kids in gangs, foster kids, and aborted kids!? Oh wait, that doesn’t make good news and fill the pockets of Sharkton or Jackass!
  • PERSON WHO POSTED THE PICTURE –  Matthew J. Mallory you have totally missed the point!
  • Matthew J. Mallory Nope I totally get the point. Officers die all the time it’s their job, so what! The military die all the time, that’s what they signed up for! Gangbangers chose that life, oh well. But stop the presses, a white cop shot a black guy! Call Al and Jesse! This should be national news! Oh wait, the black guy was committing a crime. No big deal, Al and Jesse can put a spin on it so people won’t care about that! I get the point and it’s sickening!!
  • PERSON WHO POSTED THE PICTURE Matthew J. Mallory first of all, Jesse and Al have nothing to do with this post! So you can stop the race baiting rant right their. Second, unarmed black men are dying, in large numbers, at the hands of overzealous officers. Whether or not they were committing a crime is of no consequence. Who made these cops Judge, Jury, and Prosecutor? There is a legal process that everyone is entitled to go through!
  • Matthew J. Mallory Black boys have been dying, in large numbers, at the hands of other black boys and men in gangs all over the country for years! Where is the outrage? Cops are sworn to bring criminals to the judge and jury. If the criminal resists arrest they are by law allowed to use force to bring them under control. If the criminal decides to go for the officers gun the officers life is in danger and they are justified in using g deadly physical force. I guess you feel it is okay for the criminal to be the judge and jury. I see now!
    military and it's belief in guns

    military and it’s belief in guns


  • This is the comment that got my MAIN ACCOUNT BANNED from POSTING and REPLYING ON FaceBook.””Matthew J. Mallory – you do know being a false witness who speaks lies – is an ABOMINATION UNTO GOD … right ? You are the one with the anger issue – because I have called you out and not backing down. You don’t have the AUTHORITY, POWER or WISDOM to anger me. I deal with shysters like you all the time. i see right through you and your agenda. So .. it’s fine to back away and not ADDRESS what I have EXPOSED about you – run away. I don’t care. while you trying to make up some conference call to do nothing but play your games. I have PROOF of what’s been done already and what works. It consists of people like you either ADMITTING and CHANGING or taking your hell somewhere else. Like I said … I scoped out your wall – and your need to be superior over other – you gun freak””

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