Johnny Williams and Lisa Johnson attempt to gang up with supposed to be attorney Mike Williams of the cochran firm and others

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mike williams with ny cochran law firm

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ray smith who used my WIFE’S PHOTO without either of our permissions.

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I REPLACED my DIFFERENT FRIEND’S Names with [Friend Of Mind] –

um …. she must have been high on the horse – too high up – and it made her feel good to pay someone to do her little baby’s nails …… um … why she couldn’t do them herself ? Is she that important ????

Only On ‪#‎CBS2‬: A video purportedly depicting a dispute between the owner of a Lancaster nail salon and a customer has surfaced online. The customer says she got angry when the salon wouldn’t do her daughter’s nails while the salon owner says she felt the child was too young to get her nails done.

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  • Friend Of Mind – I agree with that, plus the right to refuse service is a business decision. Still, the owner had no right to touch her; she started the fight when she grabbed the nail polish.
  • Dennis C. Latham Friend Of Mind – the woman wanted her product back that she took off the shelf ….. and I have to admit. Someone take something off of my shelf ? I AM going to take it back …. no one has a right to walk up in my place and take something off the shelf and not give it back when I ask for it …
  • Friend Of Mind  True, but she was demanding service and not stealing a product. I see both sides. The woman was stupid for even arguing that issue. The Asian lady was be disrespectful by snatching the product. The moment she starts to leave is when it is considered attempted theft, not otherwise.
  • Friend Of Mind  She picked up the product to show the color she was requesting. Not exactly considered theft man.
  • Dennis C. Latham yeah … I understand that too – but you can’t make anyone serve you if they don’t want to ….. is all I AM saying.
  • GUEST  · 4 mutual friends
    What is wrong with this woman, the baby is much too young to have a manicure. The mother is a nut. Since she wanted her baby’s nails done, she should have done them herself. She should be content to wait for the baby to be a bit older before she start to get manicures for her.
  • Friend Of Mind  Dennis C. Latham def agree with that!
  • Friend Of Mind The girl with the baby pretty much have a winning case from the video –she steal anything, store owner started while the girl was holding her baby
  • Dennis C. Latham Friend Of Mind – owned had a right to protect her product too ….. from being taken or touched – especially since they had already REFUSED to do her baby’s nails ..
  • Friend Of Mind My thing is that you haven’t stolen anything until you leave the premises
  • Dennis C. Latham Friend Of Mind – that’s true – but still – if you see someone doesn’t want to serve you – or want you in their store …. I know how to leave…. this girl didn’t- she acts like someone owes her something … or like she was going to make them do what they didn’t want to do.
  • Friend Of Mind  I agree with that
  • Friend Of Mind On point DL, this is a bad example for the little GIRL, Child Protective Services need to check her out. She could do her childs nails at home like most real Mothers do. SMH.
  • Johnny Williams Both were wrong, but I blame store owner for trippin’ in her response, thus escalating the whole matter’. Customer did not steal. Did not even leave the store. Why would she grab after the nail polish when the mother had the child in her arms.
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  • Dennis C. Latham heya Johnny Williams – I dare anyone to grab anything off of the shelves in my businesses and I’ve already told them I AM not doing business with them ….. watch what happens ….. they’ll get thrown out – and my product will be RETURNED UNBROKEN.
  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham, the nature of a nail salon service is to grab the polish off the shelf.The mother as trifling as she is for wanting the child’s nails done at the salon, DID NOT steal the product. Now, we don’t know what they were jaw jacking about before the store owner tried to grab the product. Maybe the mother was cussing her out before putting the product back on the wall? There is nothing in that video that suggests the mother was trying to steal the polish.
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  • Dennis C. Latham I believe you’re stuck on stolen and theft – and not this lunatic going ballistic in a business she didn’t own or run.
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  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham, I am stuck on a store owner or anyone who had the audacity to put their hands on someone and not expecting the result to be fists flying or worse. The store owner has no right to put her hands on the customer, lunatic or not. She had a silent button. If she pushed it like she said she did, then let the Po-Po come in there and remove the customer. Don’t take matters into your own hands. The escalation to fists flying lays squarely on the shoulders of the store owner.
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  • Dennis C. Latham well .. how I see it is this – when you up in my BUSINESS ? or HOME ? I RUN THINGS ….. the mother should have left instead of trying to force someone to do her baby’s nails …
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  • Friend Of Mind Right Dennis, in a person’s own place, I agree with you they run tings!!!!!
  • Johnny Williams The mom used poor judgment and is ignorant. However, the CRIME was when the salon owner hit her and snatched the bottle from the mom WITH A CHILD in her arms. At that point it was SELF-DEFENSE. The owner committed a crime – assault . She has the right to refuse service, but NOT the right to touch another person. I’m thinking ignorant Mom wins the battle on this one.
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  • Louise McChesney We’ll see in the end. First, I see the sign, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANYONE….and seriously, you want to put the crap on baby’s fingers…really, you really want that on fingers. I’m done with discussion, but I hear how it turns out, because I already know.
  • Johnny Williams The mother will win the case. Point blank, period. The outcome will show that.
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  • Friend Of Mind  Since you still talking about them fools,excuse me THAT fool, what you wanna bet?
  • Dennis C. Latham the only thing the mother might win is she didn’t steal anything – but going all ghetto was un-called for – again – if someone doesn’t like me or want me in their place of business ? I have enough sense to get out .
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  • Johnny Williams Sure Louise, whatcha wanna bet?
  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham many people have the sense to get out. But in a court of law, that’s not what a judge would look at, nor will a judge look at the fact that the Mom wanted to get her daughter’s nail polished. The judge will look at 1. Did the mom steal the polish? That’s not even a big deal either because a $4.00 bottle of polish being stolen is a petty misdemeanor. The bigger issue is the assault. The video clearly shows the store owner escalating. The judge will look at the Mom defending herself…at least at the beginning.
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  • Dennis C. Latham well … that’s how you see it – however – I believe the judge will look more at the fact that the mother was all the way behind the counter – tearing stuff up – like a savage – and that the owner or worker was only getting their product back and they told her they would not do her daughter’s nails – and they had that right – and they showed he the sign.
  • Friend Of Mind  Dennis C. Latham I agree with you concerning the lady going ballistic. I have no illusions about the way the legal system works. The African-American woman will be charged, but legally the store owner was not to touch the woman. That is assault. The right to refuse service is not to be confused with the right to assault and battery!! How we handle things in a business establishment should reflect professionalism.
  • Dennis C. Latham Friend Of Mind – I looked at it real close – many times – it’s obvious the mother was going ballistic before while holding on to the finger nail polish …. with her mouth – as if she was going to make them …and this is the last time I AM going to say this.
    If anyone comes to my business – picks up something from a shelf – and I AM not going to do business with them ? I AM going to ask them to leave my property – but before they leave ? I AM going to get my product back – and if I don’t ? That person is leaving and I AM filing charges of theft …
    It’s too obvious – and the mother even admitted – with her own mouth ….. she was basically going to make them do what they didn’t want to do.
  • Friend Of Mind   Now that I agree with. Those are the key points concerning the real law. If they refuse to leave you press charges. If they refuse to return your product you press charges. That’s what I was pointing out. Let the woman go to jail for wilin out!
  • Friend Of Mind  Any person, when deciding to open and operate a business should have training in public relations, meaning you’re going to encounter all types of people with all types of personalities. the owner got what she ask for once she grabbed Ms. Davis. (She had no rights in touching her) Instead of calling officers after the encounter she should have called when she refused to give her service and Mrs.Davis wouldn’t leave. The charge is robbery, come on now. The system will find a charge in order to capitalize off the poor. A person is gone to do a robbery and wait to get arrested.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Then Friend Of Mind – the mother had no right to try and make them serve her in the format she wanted to be served – ONCE and WHEN THEY REFUSED ….. and with that being said? There was no need for her to even pick up any fingernail polish – she should have left…. and said…. well … I just won’t do any business with ya’ll anymore..
  • Johnny Williams No excuse for the store owners behavior! Another angle. The Mom will not be charged in the end, no way does this happen.…

  • Dennis C. Latham Johnny Williams – the mother admitted to getting angry and arguing with the women – trying to force her to do her baby’s nails – the OWNER continued to REFUSE – the mother should have left – and the owner didn’t HIT her – the OWNER tried to grab her merchandise out of the mother’s hand- after asking her to LEAVE several times.the mother should have just LEFT when she saw her money wasn’t welcome there ….. and my point has always been – the mother should have just LEFT instead of trying to FORCE or MAKE someone do something they didn’t want to do ….I wish someone would come to my business and order me to do something that I’ve already told them – I wasn’t going to do. I would PHYSICALLY THROW THEM OUT !!!!!
  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham, indeed the owner DID hit the mother. Look at the video, slow it down. She grabs, then punches. The owner started it. Not ok. Horrible business decision over a $3.00 bottle of nail polish. Of course the mother should’ve just left, but she didn’t. Does that give the owner a right to put her hands on her, or to start attacking? Why didnt she just leave it alone after she pressed the button to get the cops there? Those are questions she’ll have to answer to, there is no defending that move. If you would physically put your hands on someone who did not put their hands on you, then as a business owner you better have plenty of liability insurance, because you will pay out.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Johnny Williams – Please. Don’t take this as DISRESPECT – take this as EDUCATION, LEARNING and WISDOM …… I SLOWED it down for you – and it is the OWNER reaching for her PROPERTY – not hitting – if you look CLOSER ? You will see the mother with thebaby hit FIRST. That store owner had and has every right to get, grab or take what ever belongs to her – ESPECIALLY IF THE CUSTOMER WAS REFUSED SERVICE !!!!!!! -and if you don’t AGREE with that ? I DARE you or anyone else – to attempt that mess with me….. I DARE ANYONE !!!!!!! to not give me back what belongs to me in my BUSINESSES once I have told you TO LEAVE or NO SERVICE.I will give you a version that BRIGHTENED to PROVE and SHOW you THE TRUTH shortly.

    baby’s finger nail polish and Owner reaching for her…
  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham, while I’m not a practicing attorney by choice, I am very versed on criminal law as my undergrad is in crim law. The store owner escalated this situation according to the law, not my opinion, but the law. Almost every crim lawyer debating this on social media are saying the same thing. The salon owner weakened her case but putting her hands on the mother first. Let’s turn the tables for a sec. If what she did was right, what would your thought be if getting a cheap bottle of nail polish caused the mother to lose her footing, fall with the baby and the baby was injured?
  • Johnny Williams The store owner is just as crazy as the mother. Aybody willing to take an a%% whipping for a bottle of nail polish is crazy! if anybody is stealing from you, you call the police and gather as much information as you can to pass along… all she should’ve done was TAKE A PICTURE, GET A TAG NUMBER AND GO TO THE NEXT CLIENT.If a bottle of nail polish takes you out of business, you don’t have a business. I’m not excusing the mother, I’m just not defending the nail salon owner. She was just as wrong as the mother.
  • Dennis C. Latham Here is another VERSION Johnny Williams – THIS ONE IS BRIGHTER for you to see MORE – if you still see it as the OWNER hitting FIRST ? I AM done.

  • Johnny Williams Be done then! Lol. She grabbed at the woman. At that point, the woman had a right to defend herself. Case closed.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— wish someone would step up into my place and attempt to take over ……. and spoil my goods ….Matthew 12:29 ►
    Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
    Mark 3:27 ►
    No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.Luke 11:21 ►
    When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:
  • Dennis C. Latham Johnny Williams – then I can come to your business or house and grab what I want then …. RIGHT ? or is it you’re defending skin color ?
  • Johnny Williams There is no way you are fully reading my posts Dennis C. Latham, if you did you would not have just asked that question. Smh
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    100% agree with J. Williams. Store owner is at fault on this one Dennis, just as much as the mother with the baby.
  • Dennis C. Latham Johnny Williams – it’s CLEAR that the mother holding the child HIT FIRST – she punched or pushed the OWNER in the NECK AREA – the OWNER had her HAND OUT BEGGING FOR HER STUFF – I read everything you have said here on this post ……. anyway. I SLOWED IT DOWN – gave you TWO VERSION – one even BRIGHTENED ….so if you feel like grabbing what belongs to you is hitting ? PLEASE – give me your address and let me come to your BUSINESS or HOME and start grabbing long as I don’t TOUCH you ? You have no right to stop be from GRABBING anything in your BUSINESS or HOME ….. and I like BIG SCREEN TV’S and anything that I can GIVE to THE NEEDY AND POUR … especially FOOD, FURNITURE and MONEY ……
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM saying THE OWNER did not HIT FIRST – I AM PROVING the mother holding the baby HIT FIRST.
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – of course you’re going to AGREE with your friend Johnny – you don’t even know me – but you know Johnny and you are defending, protecting and standing up for him … I have PROVEN the OWNER didn’t HIT FIRST.
  • Dennis C. Latham if you can see that ? FINE – it’s your choice to believe what ever you want to believe – even if it’s false and a lie.

  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    No way Dennis! The store owner HITS FIRST. She did it in response to the Mom stiff arming her away. How can you not see that? By the way, since you want to throw Scripture up in this convo, you are aware that Romans 12:19 says, Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. Good day sir….Lmao
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    Exactly what the store owner deserved!
    Lisa Johnson's photo.
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – I will ask you once – please edit out your abbreviation that pertain to cuss words – your comments are welcome – but your scriptures are out of CONTEXT –
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – please remove any content that refers to cuss words please ? Or I will have to delete your comments.
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    Sure, no problem. Deleted. Now you cannot act like a man of GOD talking about putting your hands on someone because you THINK or ASSUME they are stealing, which is what Chin-Chin the nail owner did. She was wrong and shame on you for defending her behavior. My scripture is right on point. It’s out of order to take matters in your own hands, especially when you’ve already hit the panc button. What was Chin-Chin trying to prove?
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – This is my POST and my WALL – I can bring up SCRIPTURE any time I get ready. I made A STATEMENT to ALL – and I PROVIDED SCRIPTURE to back up my STANCE – now either DELETE the comments that pertain cussing or references to cuss words or I will DELETE them in 60 seconds …….
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    Ok, so got that straight. What about what I just asked you? Why are you defending Chin-Chin the store owner?
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – I AM not defending anyone – and your disrespect to call her “” Chin-Chin the store owner “” proves where you stand. She is the OWNER – she has a right to be here in America and she has a right to run her business any way she wants to.It’s OBVIOUS that the mother is not A TRUE CHRISTIAN because if she was ? She would not have STRUCK FIRST – as you call it – strong armed – in your own admittance …..
  • Dennis C. Latham it’s not about color with me – I don’t deal in color – I deal in REALITY – I AM not going to go against the asian OWNER because someone with my skin color didn’t want to leave – and attempted to FORCE and MAKE them do what they DID NOT want to do and REFUSED to do.unless – you think asians owe us some reparations too.
  • Dennis C. Latham Paul-Jozef Macoy Torrevillas – you helped to RAISE, TEACH and TRAIN me in 3D and VIDEO PRODUCTION ….. can you look at this video and tell me WHO HIT FIRST ???

  • Johnny Williams Dennis C. Latham you and Lisa can carrry on. The bottom line is this. You can try to reaosn and defend that store owner all you want. She is why this situation escalated to the level it did. I don’t know either party so at the end of the day, I don’t care. What I do know is this, if you put your hands on someone, expect a response. Judge will throw out the case. When that happens, lets debate WHY…
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  • Dennis C. Latham ok Johnny Williams – can I come to your BUSINESS or HOME and just pick up and touch what I want ???? AFTER YOU TELL ME TO LEAVE ?????? I say home – just in case you don’t have a business ……. and I’ll be glad to debate or discuss after this is played out in court.
  • Friend Of Mind  Total ignorance. Her child is to young, babies put their fingers in their mouths, so I understand the Asian woman point.
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – you’re some type of character …… calling someone names like “”chin chin”” because of their outward features – cussing and going on – and have the nerve to bring scripture here and attempt to twist it ……. to counter what scriptures I POSTED because of my STANCE to PROTECT that which GOD has BLESSED me with ……… that’s very un-CHRIST like.
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    No one ever has a right to put there hands on you period! If you can’t catch that clue Dennis C. Latham, you are delusional. Before you start talking to me about outward features, I AM HALF ASIAN. So spare me.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Watch yourself Friend Of Mind – speak TRUTH and some will falsely accuse of defending and sticking up for the OWNER because she is ASIAN – yet all CAME from THE MOTHER LAND. – but HALLELUJAH ANYWAY for BRINGING and SPEAKING THE TRUTH …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – the mother holding the baby was asked to leave – she was DENIED SERVICES to her baby – end of story right there – the mother should have just left – instead the mother wanted to FORCE and MAKE THE OWNER do what she wanted her to do – AFTER THE OWNER REFUSED and TOLD her NO !!! ……..
  • Friend Of Mind  My brother you know me, I can’t be no other way or bring it no other way,
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    Nope, the end of story was when the panic button was pushed. No need for her to keep escalating with the Mom. No one with good sense can defend that.
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  • Dennis C. Latham well .. it was said THE OWNER HIT FIRST – I PROVED that to be wrong. Panic button don’t mean diddly squat when someone is tearing up your place and you have to WAIT for police to get there – THE OWNER had EVERY RIGHT to DEFEND her BUSINESS.
  • Dennis C. Latham she probably had your same hate Lisa Johnson – to call her “”chin chin”” – now that’s just flat out AWFUL – demonic, evil, satanic and wicked to call someone that.
  • Friend Of Mind I do agree with Johnny William, regarding what escalated, it does not show that she asked for the polish, but went to snatch it out of her hand, in spite of the child. I do hope that this is seen for what it is, that disrespect of others. (Reminds meSee More
  • Dennis C. Latham understandable Dorothy Walker Parker – however – I go to a lot of ASIAN businesses – and I AM TREATED with THE UTMOST LOVE and RESPECT – and ASIANS have RAISE, TAUGHT and TRAINED me in many skills – that make it possible for me to take care of myself – my family, and to survive …… so I have no problem with how people run their business – if I AM not wanted there ? I know how to leave.
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  • Friend Of Mind  Oh
  • Dennis C. Latham and they didn’t charge me anything either. They taught me for FREE – THUS the reason I continue to offer FREE TEACHINGS …. anyway….
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  • Dennis C. Latham I slowed the video down for all to see.

  • Friend Of Mind  What I mean is, not all Asian’s of course, just this woman’s ignorance. My nephew has settled in Japan, and married and now have his family, and my dear friend is Asian as well. Just commenting on what may have been her motive, not all ASIAN’S
  • Friend Of Mind  Lisa, I am not defending. I am speaking resolution, all of this could have been avoided, if the mother would have accepted the fact that services were not going to be rendered to her daughter. I think that we as a people get so caught up into foolishness and not the end result of a matter. Sweetie that’s a baby, not a toddler or a school age child and getting her nails done is crazy. Fact being, there chemicals in nail polish and babies put their fingers in their mouths, nail polish comes off in babies mouth and this is not healthy. I am not here to argue. I am just here stating facts, that we as a people need to begin to think more mature then we do, that’s all I am saying. Let’s look how this is turning out. A black mother, now has a charge and nine times out of ten, she will be found guilty; now this is on her record, if she doesn’t have one already.
  • Dorothy Walker Parker Ms. Valerie WELL SAID
  • Dennis C. Latham Valerie Coley – NOW THAT’S WHAT I AM TALK’N BOUT ……
    that’s like blaming someone else – because you smoke or sold crack and end up in prison for 50 years …. you already know the cards in the government’s deck is already stacked against you ….. LEARN TO LEAVE and not BEG and PLEAD with people to take your FREEDOM …..
    if they don’t want you there …. GET OUT !!! LEAVE !!!! geez…. anyway … HALLELUJAH !!!!!
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  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    @ Valerie, I’m not defending the mother in the least bit. It goes without saying that the baby is too young. There are TWO separate issues here. I honed in on the nail store owner putting her hands on the mother to resolve the issue. Why is that ok? That’s where it escalated and despite what anyone thinks or feels about the mother, you don’t do that. Please tell me where the justification is for that???? In add’n she used the silent alarm, all she needed to do was go on back to doing nails. Ignorant people enter places of business on a daily basis. Is the store owner gonna trip like this every time? She was equally wrong as the ignorant Mom
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  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – 1.) you falsely accused me of defending the OWNER – which you disrespectfully called her “”chin chin”” – and now you say you aren’t defending the mother ????
    2.) THE OWNER asked her to leave – the mother just didn’t and wouldn’t leave – because she wanted to be ghetto and ignorant and stay there – to raise hell – because she was ANGRY – as she ADMITTED – instead of LEAVING because it was THE OWNERS CHOICE to not SERVE her any longer or anymore….
    4.) So what she pushed the silent alarm – that doesn’t mean she has to go back to doing nails – she has a right to protect her store while she waits on POLICE or DETAIN or HOLD the person she feels committed a crime against her.
  • Dennis C. Latham your problem is you mad because THE OWNER grabbed or reached after what was hers …. and because the mother is a certain color – you feel she doesn’t have the right to do that …… I was born in the morning ….. JUST NOT THIS MORNING !!!!!!
  • Mike Williams Ok, my comments are strictly from an attorney’s perspective because I’m an attorney. By the way, I’m not one of your Fb friends Mr..Latham, somehow I saw this on my news feed the other day and I just followed the thread. I don’t know anyone on this thread. My opinion is based on the law and what a Judge in CA will likely rule on with this case. The fact that the Mom wanted to get the child’s nails done is irrelevant. A judge won’t even think twice about that. He or She will look at the evidence. Did the Mom steal the nail polish? Did the owner ask the Mom to leave? (Audio will have to prove this, because the video does not and a judge won’t go by the store owners version only) All we know is that the owner refused service to the child. The owner does not have a right to grab at the Mom. Reading this thread Mr. Latham, I know you think the owner had the right to do that, but she did not. The owner admits that she pushed the silent alarm. That is where it should have stopped for the owner. She should not have re-engaged over a little bottle of nail polish. Let’s say the Mom stole the polish, if so she would not even have been arrested for that because of the dollar amount of the nail polish. They threw the “robbery” charge in their because she tore up that store owner kicking her butt. That is why she was arrested. That Mom will get the charges dropped based on this video with no audio. We looked at this yesterday in our office at the law firm. The owner exposed herself to civil damages from the Mom, because she started the physical altercation just trying to grab for the polish. Not smart and not worth it.
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  • Johnny Williams Mike Williams, that is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to say. But it goes on deaf ears on this thread. Lol! You summed it up right. Mom will get charges thrown out. It’s not hard to figure out. A good atty will get the charges dropped for his or her client. Mom will get a civil atty and store owner will pay out a settlement. That is how this will play out.
  • Dennis C. Latham Mike Williams – I RESPECT your REPLY – however – Let me tell you this. I AM CLEAR and PRECISE on the things I do and say .1.) the owner did not HIT the mother holding the baby FIRST. She reached for what belongs to her – I could care less about the dollar amount.2.) It is CLEAR that SERVICE was TURNED DOWN – the mother should have just left.3.) The mother refused to give back what didn’t belong to her.4.) Since the owner pushed the silent alarm – should the store owner also GIVE OVER HE PROPERTY to the MANIPULATION of an arguing mother who is attempting to DEMAND, FORCE and MAKE them do what they have already AGREED to NOT DO ?5.) Several have said – THE OWNER HIT FIRST ….. I PROVED that is wrong ….. and I ask you. Can I come into your offices and take something off the shelf after you have told me you all don’t want to do business with me and the case I have against THE POLICE to PROVE police PLANTED EVIDENCE and I have it on VIDEO WITH VOICE as one officer tells the other officer – PLANT IT NOW – HURRY BEFORE HE RETURNS …… ???

    Would you allow me to walk out with your belongings while you all wait on the cops to come ????

  • Dennis C. Latham Johnny Williams – let’s not RUSH to say THE OWNER will have to pay out a settlement ….. mr who says the owner HIT THE MOTHER …
  • Friend Of Mind @ Dennis, If the owner of the salon is so concerned with the welfare of the baby…Why would she attempt to grab nail polish from the hand of the mother, who is clearly seen holding her baby…IT WAS NEGLIGENCE/WRONG ON BOTH OF THEIR PART!!!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Friend Of Mind– I see the wrong from THE BEGINNING.
    1.) SERVICE to the mother’s baby was turned down.
    2.) the mother ADMITTED to getting ANGRY – and ARGUING with THE OWNER.
    3.) the mother should have just left – but to beat the OWNER DOWN because she attempted to take what belonged to her ???? That was in the hand of the mother who was ARGUING with her ?
    4.) Where was the baby when the mother was fighting with the owner ???
  • Mike Williams Mr. Dennis C. Latham I understand your passion around the wrongdoing of the mother, but the law is the law. Also maybe I missed it in the many comments, but I see you justifying the owners actions. The courts will kick her behind, worse then the mother did. That’s really how this will unfold. She has no special rights, other than telling the Mom that she won’t do the child’s nails. She does not get free reign to grab or hit someone, especially with a child in their arms. The courts are going to look at the risk she put the very same child, she was trying look out for, with regard to not doing her nails. The owner got the beat down Mr. Latham, because she put her hands on the Mom FIRST at that point, it was self defense. That is the key. You’re saying she did not hit the Mom first, but the video tape shows differently. She forcefully grabbed the polish, then when the Mom stiff armed her, the salon owner threw the punches. There is also yet another video angle not shown on the news, where the store owner tried to hold the Mom against her will in the nail store. To the Mom’s CREDIT, she didn’t continue to beat her up. The store owner will end up paying a civil settlement because of her actions. You can’t take the law into your own hands, just because you own a business.
  • Dennis C. Latham Mike Williams – I AM not justifying the OWNER in any kind of way. I AM stating FACTS with PROOFS and TRUTHS and most of you who are roll’n together won’t admit it – because you’re using color to drive your decision – THE OWNER did HIT FIRST – the mother did. That was my POINT FROM THE BEGINNING when others were saying THE OWNER HIT FIRST. I PROVED the owner DID NOT HIT FIRST…however – I do understand how pride will not allow someone who is wrong – admit when they are wrong – because they are driven by skin color and disrespect to the OWNER because she is asian …I see lots of hatred going on that issue alone -As far as the OWNER holding on to the mother – until police got there – she didn’t want her to escape or get away …..Lastly ? I know the laws – but what I know better ? Is crooked lawyers …. like yourself – and the law firm you work for …. I know all about the many cochran law firms and how they scam people – and how they turn their back on people with my skin color who have UNDENIABLE PROOF of their INNOCENCE – and the cochran law firm is just like all the rest … just like naacp and splc – only out for the money and not the JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS or TRUTH ….so ….. I will wait to see how this plays out in court … but I doubt it turns out the way you stated.

    It’s people with our skin color who are always doing stuff like this – and then because of the color – most of us stick up for them – even when they are wrong …..

    that’s why you and the other can’t admit – the mother should have JUST LEFT – instead of trying to ENSLAVE the ASIAN OWNER and MAKE THE OWNER do what THE OWNER already REFUSED to do.

    I AM so tired of self destructive and self hate filled people with my skin color – walking around like the whole words OWES them something – so they have a right to
    1.) Park in front of a gas punk – block others from getting gas – while they didn’t even park there to get gas – only to BLOCK SOMEONE ELSE from getting gas …..
    2.) loitering around the door of the store ether begging for change or just standing around talking like they own the property
    3.) Get to the counter and say let me have this or that – and give me this or give me that …. RARELY ANY RESPECT for the people who plop up stores in your neighbourhoods – because you’re too damned and too lazy to open your own stores – so you complain cry and whine about them being in your neighbourhood – but you shop there and steal from there ….
    4.) I could go on – but it’s a waste of my time …… because I deal in FACTS, PROOFS and TRUTHS – not excuses, guesses and opinions …..

  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    You sound angry Dennis C. Latham. Relax and release!
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – you nor your crew have any AUTHORITY to make me angry, mad, outraged or upset. I use caps on certain words to show EMPHASIS – not to yell – but I know you are angry because you called the OWNER “”chin chin”” – out of hate – because you are filled with demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness.
  • Mike Williams Dennis C. Latham, I’m not talking about skin color bruh. I’m talking about the facts. I’m talking about the law. Store owner is guilty, guilty, guilty of foolish behavior. If she were white, black, purple, green or red, she’s still as wrong as the Mom, or worse. She has more to lose. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ will be coming out of her insurance policy, if not pockets to pay a civil settlement.
  • Dennis C. Latham Well .. I will wait for the courts to hand out the verdict – especially with a law system that is already against any and everyone with our skin color …….
  • Lisa Johnson · Friends with Johnny Williams

    Oh yes you are a very angry black man. The more you post on this, the more you are showing how angry and caught up you are. Get some therapyDennis C. Latham, you need some help. Bwhahahha. You are tripping over people you don’t even know. Long email posts, backing up crazy behavior from a store owner. Yeah KNEE-GRO, you are mad. Go take a chill pill and open your bible. Poof!!! Be gone angry black man!!!
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – since you have so much to say – about me – Answer this …… since when did you get the special powers to even HEAR words on a screen ? That should go into the RECORD BOOKS – you can hear words on the screen that I type – or …. you need a straight jacket and a padded room with loads of medication – however – I AM SURE JESUS can fix all of that.
  • Mike Williams I’m not getting involved in you and Lisa’s back and forth. Bottom line for me is law is law. You’re right the system is against us, that’s why the Mom was arrested for a $3.00 bottle of nail polish, called “robbery”.
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – look jezebel … you won’t manipulate my POST or my WALL. I AM ALWAYS going to have THE LAST SAY when it comes to what belongs to me. I AM standing on my statements – and you will NEVER get the last say so when you are evil and wicked.
  • Mike Williams Dennis, she blocked you. That’s what she said in her post. Are you connected to her on FB?
  • Dennis C. Latham Lisa Johnson – you come to my POST on my WALL and tell me to be gone ? you have really lost your mind – THUS the reason I know that the jezebel spirit has a hold of you – because jezebel is good at manipulating and taking over things that belong to won’t take over nothing here……
  • Johnny Williams She blocked you…
  • Dennis C. Latham she blocked me because she could deal with THE TRUTH of her hatred and ignorance …
  • Johnny Williams I don’t know about all that, all I can see on her FB status is that she blocked you. She screen shot whatvever you 2 were arguing about and put it on her page. Now she’s talking about you on her wall. That’s what I can see.
  • Dennis C. Latham that’s fine ….. I could care less – I ain’t here to please people – I AM only here to PLEASE GOD and keep my LOVE FOR THE TRUTH.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— is used to people coming to my POSTS and WALL – bringing in other friends to help them win what they’ve already lost and attempting to take control and take over ONCE TRUTH has been ESTABLISHED ….
    1.) not one person mentioned how the mother put he daughter between herself and THE OWNER the very FIRST TIME that THE OWNER attempted to grab and / or snatch her property ….
    2.) not one person mentioned how THE OWNER was trying to PREVENT her from walking out of the FRONT DOOR – since that’s where it started …. since she wouldn’t just give the product back and leave ….
    and lastly – I feel sorry for people who have to be guided by skin color – and hate someone of another skin color – just to protect their own – even when they are wrong …..
  • Friend Of Mind –  The store owner brought some issues to work that day. A professional business owner would not have grabbed & swinged at a costumer. plain and simple.
  • Dennis C. Latham Doris Carter – I expected a witch like you to come here and say something like that – you don’t even know me – yet she came here cussing – and slandering people because of their nationality – I don’t tolerate none of that mess –
  • Dennis C. Latham Rachel Smith – if you look at the BRIGHTENED VIDEO that I SLOWED DOWN and UPLOADED to YouTube – you will see the OWNER didn’t throw the first punch ……..
  • My Friend-  Dennis, As far as I’m concerned they’re both wrong for their behavior…the mom for not leaving and the store owner for escalating the issue…I personally would not put gasoline on a fire and yell FIRE!!! IJS
  • Dennis C. Latham Regina Barnes – I run several businesses – I also know many who are business owners of all skin shades and all nationalities ……No one acts as bad as us when it comes to someone else’s store.
    this mother attempted to act like she was the boss …. and take over
    the mother holding the baby ADMITTED with HER OWN MOUTH that she kept GOING BACK AND FORTH with the company – about doing her daughter’s nails – when she was CLEARLY DENIED any service to her daughter’s nails …..I AM not going to fault the OWNER for PROTECTING her livelihood.
    I know FIRST HAND how house kneegrows act.
    They will do any and everything to CLOSE a business down or SHUT DOWN a business – because their whole world owes me mentality takes over and they attempt to take over what belongs to someone else.and I have helped others to start their own – and I know how we can and will be – not everyone is going to allow ghettoism all up in their place.It’s not allowed in NONE OF MINE.
    I don’t even allow saggin pants in my recording studio ….
    anyway …. MUCH is being MISSED in this little clip.
    Especially what the mother CONFESSED with her own mouth.

    I doubt anyone here – if they even own a business ….
    will let someone come in and take over what they have worked hard to BUILD UP from THE GROUND UP ….. specially some foul mouth house kneegrow – who refused to just LEAVE when she saw she wasn’t WELCOME any longer…..

    Just like all the RIOTS ….. tear up stuff ….
    instead of going to THE SOURCE – because they are filled with fear.

  • Doris Carter Dennis Latham???? Shut up you fake mutherfucker!!! You and you bitchass behavior crack me up. I don’t know how your ugly wife puts up with your sloppy fat ass! You sensitive lil bitch!
  • Dennis C. Latham Doris Carter – just as I know – you were a witch – and thanks for the cussing fest – now ? I get to block you – and add this to THE BLOG – you dummy.
  • Doris Carter Fat ass faggot
  • Dennis C. Latham LOL … mad because you can’t and won’t manipulate me …. LOL
  • Mike Williams Wow, this is no longer a healthy debate.
  • Dennis C. Latham Mike Williams – you will never see me go to someone else’s POST or WALL and disagree with anyone – unless I AM INVITED ….. however – I get it a lot – I just don’t allow anyone to use foul language – the fact that I do a lot of LIVE RADIO and LIVE TV – I understand why many do come to my POSTS – and others for other reasons … however. It’s ALL GOOD – I AM HAPPY and VICTORIOUS ….. especially since I have A SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKING RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice Copeland is LIVE RIGHT NOW with me SPEAKING and WHISTLE BLOWING at #BlogTalkRadio

    PROOF of the mother starting the fight in Lancaster…
  • Mike Williams It’s still not a healthy debate bruh. The ladies were wrong but I guess calling them witches and jezabel is not helpful either. I’m done with this debate. Be well and have a good weekend.
  • Dennis C. Latham @ALL – doris’ comments have been DELETED due to an array of cussing …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Mike Williams – I AM well VERSED in spirits of evil. I know a jezebel spirit when I run across one – I also know a witch – when I run across one ….. now … if you have a problem with me calling a liar a liar ? and A TRUTH TELLER A TRUTH TELLER ??? Then you will not like me at all nor my POSTS or my WALL…..Even JESUS called people what they were.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – I don’t condemn or judge people – however – I DO and I WILL CONDEMN and RIGHTEOUSLY JUDGE the actions of a person –I tried their spirits ….. and it came up not of GOD – but of satan.1 John 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – why are you even here ?
  • Retty Jackson Because you are a trip! Saints who love the Lord don’t act like you do. You are touting on your page your love for Christ but you are acting a fool…

    Retty Jackson's photo.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – QUOTE any of my WORDS that prove I AM wrong.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – QUOTE any of my words that PROVE I AM acting like a fool.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – if you can’t, don’t or won’t CORRECT me with RIGHTEOUSNESS ? SCRIPTURES ? or TRUTH ? but instead – do as you are doing – and calling me names with no proof – by using deceptions, lies and tricks … it only proves – you are not of GOD but of satan.
  • Dennis C. Latham Retty Jackson – I AM waiting for you to CORRECT me with RIGHTEOUSNESS – SCRIPTURES – or TRUTH …… because you ain’t fool’n me …….
  • Ray Smith  Dennis C. Latham, listen to your wife. She’s lickable man. U wastin time talking shit to the ladies on hhis thread & you could be getting some good pussy from the wifey. U don’t want her? I’ll service her.

    (picture of my wife with words written on it) I REMOVED IT.
  • Dennis C. Latham @joJohnny Williams – this started with your friends coming over here…. to my POST on my WALL – all because you and your friends couldn’t learn to AGREE to DISAGREE – attempting to take over … I got something for ALL YA’LL
  • Johnny Williams Nigga SHUT UP!!!!! You could privatize your post. Dumbass!!!
  • Dennis C. Latham you’re a coward Johnny Williams – I got your card though …. you coward.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— goes to PRAISE and WORSHIP REHEARSAL – and comes back to this – people whom I AM not even CONNECTED with – throwing all this hate and wickedness – because I won’t BOW to them …LOL
  • Dennis C. Latham HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAHSee More
  • Dennis C. Latham If you notice. these heathens are just like the girl in this video – thinking they can come to someone else’s place – and spew wickedness ……. that’s why we are so messed up – we allow it – however ???? I WILL NOT ALLOW IT on what belongs to me.Matthew 12:29 ►
    Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.
    Mark 3:27 ►
    No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.Luke 11:21 ►
    When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:

  • Brian O’Dell Yawn! Move on Dennis Latham. You are looking crazy.
  • Dennis C. Latham Brian O’Dell – I AM not looking crazy – however – I can easily just BLOCK you too – This is my POST – I control this – not you or any other heathens …… you won’t take what belongs to me and smash it will evil and wickedness.
  • Brian O’Dell Then block me nigger

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