Devetra Alexander summons and tags her friends Maakhrw Ra Amen and Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad to come help her to do more evil

    'I am praying for the person reading this
You and your loved ones will not lack money this year
good health and prosperity shall be your portion
If you believe type amen
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    I am praying for the person reading this
    You and your loved ones will not lack money this year
    good health and prosperity shall be your portion
    If you believe type amen
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  • Devetra Alexander So now Dennis C. Latham you are uplifting some heathen god after all that demeaning and bad talking you were doing on my post!

    You are indeed a hypocrite, as I’ve discovered that most religious oriented people are!


  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – you’re just filled with evil and hatred – and mad because I AM not like you and I will NEVER hate any race of people – no matter what …
  • Devetra Alexander I guess this is exactly what godly people do Dennis C. Latham, call people evil and hateful that they don’t even know!

    But people are judged by the fruit they bare and I must say your stated thoughts are ranking high on the scales of the very one spewing hate!

    You have a good godly filled evening…I’m so sure that God is quite proud of you!

  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – you brought evil to this post ….. This post is ABOUT BLESSING and not cursing – you brought cursing here and I AM going to be AGAINST you – until you come correct.
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – What heathen god am I uplifting ?????
  • Dennis C. Latham Everyone but you RECEIVED THIS BLESSING on this post ……. Devetra Alexander] – but nothing you will ever do will make me be like you and hate all caucasians ….. like you said … COLOR FIRST ..

    That is not of GOD but it is of satan – so I have every right to call you evil – because I know whom you serve – and it ain’t GOD THE CREATOR …..

  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham the only thing I brought to this post is TRUTH and your hypocrisy!

    Your god is watching as you continue in you hypocritical way!

  • Devetra Alexander You are a liar…I brought no cursing to this post!
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – the cursing you brought is the evil – I wasn’t referring to cuss words – I AM speaking of curses – you didn’t bring any BLESSINGS … but you did bring curses – however – I have REBUKED them and you have no control or power here.

    Call me all the names you want – you hate all caucasions – you said with your own words – COLOR FIRST – that is not of GOD.

  • Devetra Alexander You are very much delusional Dennis C. Latham…you brought the curse with your performance a couple of days ago. I only brought the TRUTH’

    Just for clarity…race first in no way infers hatred of the caucazoid!

    As I stated on my post, it simply means I’m concerned first and foremost for the condition and progress of my people first!

    But it is of no surprise that most that are so infatuated with their so called righteousness unto other races that they have forgotten how to love and submit righteousness unto their own!

    I do hope you are granted all the blessings you deserve!

  • Devetra Alexander I’m done here…I’ll deplete no more of my energy on a self righteous idiot! Smh

    To much religion I guess!!!

  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – what constitutes your brother and sister is not skin color –
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – your brother called me a kkkrackkka – you obviously hate caucasions – because you attempt to paint ALL caucasions as the same ….
  • Devetra Alexander Movin’ on this is a loss cause…Dennis C. Latham you have a knack for deflecting and misquoting conversations! LOL

    It’s obvious you’re only commenting to satisfy your own ego, because you make absolutely no sense!

  • 9 hrs · Unlike · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – 1.) Edit out the abbreviation that contains an abbreviation of a cuss word ……. or I will have to delete it …. I don’t allow any cussing – P.E.R.I.O.D. and I don’t allow any cursing – or curses going on without being ADDRESSED and REBUKED.
    2.) you call me these names – but you show NO PROOF.
    FOR ONCE – SHOW your PROOF of my hypocrisy ….
    3.) This is my FaceBook POST and my FaceBook WALL…
    I will have THE LAST SAY on it ….. not you …
    4.) There are your words ….
    “” That pale faced parasite and its consortium of alliances…genetically prone to kill!!! “”
    5.) and just to back up how much of a liar you are ?????

    Devetra Alexander shared World Hijab Day’s photo….
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  • Dennis C. Latham Lynda Sales Latham ?? She needs prayer bad. she hates me because I won’t hate ALL caucasion as she does ….
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham again you are a liar, anyone wth brains that can read will know the difference between your rhetoric and what I stated!

    ThAnkhz as you’ve done yourself a great injustice by posting my thread, showing all just how godly you are

    Please quit telling lies on me, you hypocrite!

  • Devetra Alexander And you can’t read either! There is not a hint of an inappropriate word in my statements.

    I was very cautious as not to offend any of the good people that may read this post.

    You on the other hand have addressed this and my post in such a manner that I have no regard for you or your inflated opinions.

    So, so sad how your mind is so entangled and twisted with what you THINK or WISH someone has said that any truth is quickly and maybe even deliberately turned into a lie.

    Maybe SistAR Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad and Brutha Maakhrw Ra Amenshould have some thoughts on how you have divert, deflect in an attempt to manipulate a conversation!

    I truly feel for the people you deal with in your everyday life…smhv

    As I stated previously, you are very much delusional and as my time is valuable you deserve no more of it!

    4 mins · Edited · Like · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – PROVE and STATE my hypocrisy …… out of ALL of my posts – you had to come to this one ….. PROVE my hypocrisy as I have PROVEN your hatred of ALL CAUCASIONS … you witch.
  • Devetra Alexander You are so pathetic, it almost laughable!
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – either PROVE and QUOTE my actions or words of HYPOCRISY or get BLOCKED……
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen · 2 mutual friends

  • Dennis C. Latham same goes for you Maakhrw Ra Amen and Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad – either prove what you accuse me of or get BLOCKED. You have NO AUTHORITY, POWER or RULE to come here and slander me with NO PROOF.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen · 2 mutual friends

    The only thing I can prove is what you have prove is that you are a jackass cart.

  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – in your FIRST STATEMENT – you said I was “” uplifting some heathen god “” – what heathen god are you speaking of ????
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – I don’t allow cussing on my POSTS or WALL – and will now DELETE your comment – because you have or show NO PROOF.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen · 2 mutual friends

    This tin pot dictator don’t even realize these devils he is warshipping (not worshippin) are of the fallen angels.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – LIST, NAME, PROVE or SHOW these devils you say I AM warshipping or get BLOCKED.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – you just GOT BLOCKED ….. you coward and foul mouth devil worshiper …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – you ready to get BLOCKED too ???? what about you Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad ????
  • Devetra Alexander I suggest you allow some other good person to be the judge of whether it has been proven of your hypocrisy in this thread alone! And because of your performance any god you serve would have to be a heathen!

    This is not rocket science, but common sense, which you very much seem to lack!

    As far as getting blocked…that would be a relief for anyone that has to deal with you…it’s certainly no great loss!

    You gonna tell me how to respond on your page!

    When your performance on my page was as overly dastardly and disrespectful one can get…therein lies your hypocrisy!

    So, so sad when one can’t accept their own mishaps and insist on turning them on to someone else…that god you serve has to be something other than righteous!

    The first business of righteousness is TRUTH!

  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – you’re mad because I PROVED that all caucasions are not devil or from the devil ….
    With this video …..

    Diana Smothers Summerford Speaking At Justice…
  • Dennis C. Latham Since you don’t want to PROVE anything ? I’ll just BLOCK you also Devetra Alexander – because I didn’t disrespect you – I only DISAGREED with you and PROVED all caucasions are not evil.

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