Devetra Alexander actually believes in color first and all whites are from the devil

Melanin Family Beware

This is that average joe blow in the suit and tie, remember him…your boss, teacher of your children, government representative etc.

You’ll get it sooner than later…the true terrorist of this earth, their handprint is worldwide!

That pale faced parasite and its consortium of alliances…genetically prone to kill!!!

Ankcestral Rising
Orishas Gathering
Dark Matter n Effect

Elder for Liberation, Unification of African Nation aka 3rd Eye Visionary ~

'Usually we do not post stuff like this but this one left us speechless. What would you like to say to this guy in reply to his tweet? Write in the comment section. </p><br /><br />

Usually we do not post stuff like this but this one left us speechless. What would you like to say to this guy in reply to his tweet? Write in the comment section.

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  • Maakhrw Ra Amen A goddamn race of devils.
  • Michael Jorgensen it’s strictly a matter of skin color? Are you saying I’m the same as him because my skin is white?
  • Michael Jorgensen I’m just as much against this shit as you
  • Michael Jorgensen So when you condemn as a matter of race you put yourself in the same class
  • Devetra Alexander Okayyy Michael Jorgensen, so you’re on my friends list….hmmmm.Well if you wish to earn your keep and remain there…I’ll suggest you align with those of your likeness to make a difference, if indeed you are against the brut violence your likeness has reeked upon the world!Andduely refrain from theself righteous characterizing of myself as being in the same class as those that have clearly established their barbaric heathenism around the world as documented by their own historical account! Youdigg?Otherwise, you know what time it is. You do your work and I’ll do mine and know they are distinctly different! That would be your assignment, if you didn’t already know!

  • Maurice Copeland Devetra Alexander, isn’t it too bad when we have to clarify a clear vision of the division those of good intentions stick in the mix when they seem to get their toes stepped on…When they should simply continue with their good works and good intentions. I have bandages on many of my toes, but I continue to “FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT”, even with A LIMP!
  • Arch Angel Shows how dumb they really are. Also shows how easily people can be programmed with total bs.
  • Devetra Alexander Michael Jorgensen, if toes are the least of your ills….well I wish you to join the ranks of my people that have endured every atrocity concieved by mankind that we no longer even know ourselves!That kind of man parasite that rapes, steals andmaliciously kills just to witness how blood trickles, squirts and flows from the hueman body!When you’ve experienced genocidal agendas hatched to destroy your people…then we can have a conversation!”FIGHT FOR THR RIGHT” If it wasn’t so piously ridiculous, it would be laughable! But of course you can’t see the irony in something that your consciousness is incapable of comprehending.

    Please stay in your lane…as typical your kind aways veers causing catastrophic ramifications!

  • Leroy B. Adams II if the suite fits were it with shame if not shop at the store across the street with pride.
  • Dennis C. Latham he’s a racist spaz – however – I know many caucasions who are not – and I know many my skin color who are house kneegrows and sell outs – but little or nothing is said to them.…/-Former-SC-GOP-director-The…#

  • Devetra Alexander When you tell that rabid pale faced parasite the truth…of course guess what.Poof…they disappear for a moment, but always lurking somewhere near to continue their barbaric behavior!
  • Devetra Alexander Let me be clear to all commenting on this post!I AM RACE FIRST…that means I’m concerned first and foremost with my people and their condition!I have no time to patronize the #ALLLIVESMATTER bullshit, as my people are dying hourly by the hands of thesepale faced mutants.So all those kneegrows that don’t get it…fuck off!

    I’m 57 and have lived to witness the continuing injustices perpetrated against my people!

  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – if you are race first …. let me ask you this … since the majority of those in prison are of our race …..Where is your race in this video for prison reform in Alabama ?

    Diana Smothers Summerford Speaking At Justice…
    10 hrs · Edited · Like · 2
  • Dennis C. Latham Well Devetra Alexander – what do you do about sell outs in your own race ?
  • Dennis C. Latham Do you give them high ranking positions as usual ?
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham, let’s be clear our people haven’t the leisure of idle time on their hand…majority are busy struggling just to house and feed themselves!Don’t even go attempting to equate our existence with that of the parasitic mutant that always exact itself into affairs that inevitably are strictly to and for their benefit!
  • Dennis C. Latham I’ve learned in my time on this earth… over 50 years. When a person AVOIDS, REBUKES, REFUTES or REJECT answering a direct question – they have too much to hide.
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM off to do what I do each day ….. building up THE COMMUNITY – EXPOSING those who are against and hate THE COMMUNITY. Not giving a damn about skin color.
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham, seems you might be a bit slow.No avoiding anything here!
  • Dennis C. Latham I supplied you with a video – I’ve given you enough time to answer that question …. so to me ? You are avoiding answering a direct question ….. anyway. I have work to do. No time to beat around any bushes – no time to sugar coat anything and no time to water anything down …. and you didn’t ANSWER the last question’re too busy typing in caps – yelling and listening to yourself …..
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham, it is those you seem to have entrusted you loyalties to that has made race an issue…our people in the beginning never had such a low vibrating frequency as to conceive such!
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – you want to act and be childish and immature ??? Tell me who I have entrusted ??? whom I own my loyalty to ??? Because I don’t agree with you in calling all caucasions evil ???No wonder you have no PROOF of what you do or aredoing in your own community – you hate those who are doing – by lying about them – making up lies about them ……I TRUST GOD, CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT – that is the only place my LOYALTY and TRUST will remain.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— is out now and will provide PROOF of a little of the many things I will have done today – to give AN EXAMPLE and MODEL of what works … instead of just bumping my gums and running my mouth like most do
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C., you provided the question, the video and the fact of there being no representation of us to be seen in the video!I don’t need to see the video to answer your question!Maybe you need another cup of coffee…LMAO
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham…smh…a bit slow I see, just an observation!First, I never said who your loyalty is to…I said it seems!Secondly, I never called allcaucazoids evil…I leave that to them for the proving!And furthermore more you don’t know what I do everyday!

  • Devetra Alexander Sorry Brutha Maurice Copeland, thought that comment was from another whom has since learned to stay in their lane and have properly dismissed themselves!
  • Devetra Alexander Dennis C. Latham, I see clearly now from your ranting above…you are very much delusional!
  • Belinda Misti Whitehead You @$$ hole your the savage beast!! My family was already here before Columbus and even before the Asians who landed her before Columbus. You are the native in a foreign country. You take you but back to the shadows of the earth pale face racist!
  • Maurice Copeland I have watched, read and seen the back and forth exchange with you two, that are in the same trench fighting for the best for us(our people). I think it a shame that one will not see, that the recipe for our advancement is in the communication of both. Let us cross our swords for Alliance and Unity, and not battle, I have spent OVER 50 years in this fight, and know, “Our biggest obstacle is the wall we place between ourselves.…/maurice-copeland…/

    It’s too bad that so many political and social activists…
  • Devetra Alexander Yes indeed you are correct Elder Brutha Maurice Copeland, but inevitably there will be those that don’t see the bigger picture and will be left behind
  • Maurice Copeland True and the bigger picture escape a lot of us as the First and Original Man, and what we created, if we are what we say we are, we generated the thing we despise most, the thing we desired for some reason, just watch us judge things established as right and sensible by scholarship and reason of the unreasonable. Figuring out the balancing act of life is best done with both feet on the ground, steady ground, then snap the picture, knowing the the earth moves under our feet.

    Maurice Copeland's photo.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice Copeland – I use my SWORD to cut of and slice through those who are sleep walking – playing like they are AWAKENED trying to cut me down while I AM ACTUALLY out there doing something …. I use VIDEOS to PROVE and leave EXAMPLES and MODELS behind that shows PROVEN SOLUTIONS in ACTION – for others to follow and know… just what works and what doesn’t work.My LOYALTY and TRUST is always in my FATHER IN HEAVEN – HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON and HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Actions ? Speak louder than words.
  • Maurice Copeland Cool and Peace. Dennis C.
  • Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad Beloved Goddess Devetra, those who know are not afraid, and CLEARLY? You are one of the FEARLESSLY TRUTHFUL.Nobody on this planet except white people have brought this fragile marble to the brink of extinction. Nobody. To equate an apple withan orange is one thing, but to equate an apple with a lump of dog shit, swearing it’s the same comparison is ridiculous. As for the myth of ‘nice’ white people?Are they ‘nice’ enough to jump in front of the next thousand bullets aimed at the next thousand Black Mothers’ sons and daughters who were patient enough to wait for EQUALITY?Yeah. Equality with what came outta the dog’s behind. That’s movin’ in the right direction for some who keep tellin’ Us, “There’s gold up in there. Just you wait….”

  • Dennis C. Latham Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad – can you show or tell me about the uproar about Marissa Alexander or Mitrice Richardson … or why there was no uproar about these two ladies – like it was for michael brown or trayvon martin ????
  • Dennis C. Latham I hope no one takes my questions as attacks – but if ya do ? HAVE AT IT … I could care less. I AM only bringing TRUTH to THE FOREFRONT that many don’t want to discuss…. iJs
  • Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad No uproar? LOL! You’re hangin’ around some Nogrow People, then. I know my People were CONSTANTLY RALLYING. We can’t do anything about the sellouts, though.
  • Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad Why do you think Sister Marissa has been FREED? Come on.Oh. And you’re an excellentdistracter. You come in with side issues, which is what you did to my SisterDevetra. Then when she didn’t want to answer, you had the nerve to accuse HER of avoiding the issue. This is HER POST.Have some respect.
  • Dennis C. Latham Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad – let me RE-PHRASE that ……
    Why didn’t I see MUCH NOISE about Marissa Alexander or Mitrice Richardson … like I did and everyone else did when it came to michael brown or trayvon martin ????
  • Dennis C. Latham Mitrice Richardson’s murderers are still on the loose – and Marissa Alexander is stuck with an anklet for probably 30 years and you call that FREE …….. ….. WOW … and you call me a distraction.
  • Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad You’re not worth the effort. Peace and Blessings. Your destination on this journey is easy to see and dull to reveal….
  • Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad Hug that white man real tight, Brother. Maybe he’ll cushion your fall……….
  • Dennis C. Latham if anyone is hugging the caucasion – it’s you – since you don’t want to comment on the murderers of Mitrice Richardson still on the loose – and then you calling Marissa Alexander … FREE ??? WOW … I AM not even going to bring up Raymond Hirresse …… because it’s a waste of time when the enemy wants to accuse me of hugging whitey, being loyal to white or trusting whitey …. but simple questions can’t, don’t and won’t be answered by those very ones who claim to be about something.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen The Goddess, Devetra Alexander owns no one an explanation. If you are doing your work then do it. Don’t bother to come here trying to convince the Goddess of what you are doing as if what you are doing is some how unique to our freedom. @ Dennis C. Latham.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – I AM not here attempting or trying to convince no one of anything – especially of anything that I AM doing ….. however – I know how many can be – when asked to offer a plate of PROOF ….. when they don’t have any PROOF.
  • Samuel Johnson Typical. Only a savage knows a savage.
  • Devetra Alexander ThAnkh you beloved family SistAR Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad and Brutha Maakhrw Ra Amen.Love you!
  • Dennis C. Latham Devetra Alexander – I AM glad you have people who come in to protect you and stand up for you – even when you’re wrong. However. TRUTH is still TRUTH all day long – even when you are wrong – and when your friends are wrong for trying to act like all caucasions are evil and wicked …. THUS the reason no one can dispute the video that PROVES just what I stated.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen @ Dennis C Latham. Your people are of a race of devils and even a devil can do some good especially for the gullible.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen Do you have a problem with us proctecting our Queen? It is our duty to protect our Goddess especially when she is right. KKKracKKKer, even before you come here we know you are a goddamn blasted liar of the highest order of the Devil. Dennis C. Latham.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – you call me a devil ? LOL … and if I present you with the same oppurtunity to PROVE what you are doing in any community ? You’ll crumble just like the rest – who are only out here bump’n their gums and running their mouths – you will provide NO PROOF – because you have NONE – and then you’ll run to the – don’t have to prove anything ignorance …..For if you were truly doing something that ACTUALLY WORKS ?
    You’d be showing others by EXAMPLE by leaving A MODEL for others to follow.Now …. you witch …… what you wanna do now ?
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – and for your information? I wasn’t attacking your so called queen …. I was only PROVING the very TRUTH that I brought to the table – to prove. All caucasion are not from the devil and are not all evil.However – if that’s how you want to live ? HAVE AT IT.
    skin color won’t matter on JUDGMENT DAY ..
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice Copeland ??? REAL POWERFUL JOB on the WHISTLE BLOWING …… now that’s the kind of stuff I AM TALK’N BOUT.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen @ Dennis C. Latham, The Goddess Devetra Alexanderisn’t a so-called Queen. She is the original Queen that you race of goddamn devils first tried to dethrone in heaven. Her sun Horus ran you and 70 other devils out of heaven. You succeeded in dethroning her on earth where you failed in heaven. Now you come acting good thinking you can trick us again. KKKracKKKer, your time is up. One day is equal a 1000 years and 1000 years is euqal one day. The most monstrous crimes you seeds of Satan have committed against the first people on earth -the biological children of Ausar and Auset are just hours on the time scale of our God The Almighty Amen-Ra. His forensic team is still on the crime scene. Judgement is coming and your little odd jobs you are doing cannot save you and your family of evil from the wrath of us, our Gods and Holy Afrakan Ankhcestors.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maakhrw Ra Amen – what is my race ?
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen That of Satan.
  • Dennis C. Latham LOL ….. you’re an idiot.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen and you are nincompoop.
  • Dennis C. Latham and you call me a “” KKKracKKKer “” because I PROVE all caucasion are not evil. Naw … you’re the idiot and the nincompoop.
    Thanks for THE PROOF.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen No need to thank me for giving you the proof. I’m always ready to correct an imbecile if that dimwit is ready to listen and learn. @ Dennis C. Latham.
  • Dennis C. Latham you’ve given nor shown any proof. delusional one.
  • Dennis C. Latham you ignore THE PROOF I dropped down – because it destroys your whole concept –
    Maakhrw Ra Amen You are one confused KKKracKKKer. You just thanked me for the PROOF. Now you are saying I ignore the proof. This nitwit needs to self-analyze what is coming from his pea brain, but then again most mad people can’t do that.
  • Dennis C. Latham look you lunatic……>I stated …. you’re the idiot and the nincompoop.
    Thanks for THE PROOF.The proof that you are an idiot and the nincompoop.

    Lastly ? You avoided THE PROOF that I PROVIDED – and PROVES that all caucasions are not evil – and you ignore it because it destroys your delusions and hate.

  • Dennis C. Latham That proof is you called me a “” KKKracKKKer “” ….. because you’re an idiot – you’re ignorant and you’re a lunatic. You’re too ignorant to understand that though.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen @ Dennis C. Latham, Listen Dumbo, we are not here to convince a race of devils about anything. We have nothing to prove to you. Nothing we say or do will be good enough for you seeds of Satan unless it suits you and can fit into your lies. All the proof is in the first civilization we gave to the world. Look at what you beasts did to it: you used it against us and turn around and gave the world your devilization!
  • Dennis C. Latham hey you lunatic … I AM not caucasion you stupid lunatic. LOL…. and now you have provided MORE PROOF of how stupid you really are.
  • Maakhrw Ra Amen You are a kkkrackkker and a stupid one at that to think we are going to blame a Necronegro for your ignorance.

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