shaunda sinju on YouTube breathing fire when held accountable and responsible

+Lawrence L I had to block Sam bee he’s a ignorant force and I refuse to let any one disrespect me in any way! This is social media and everyone has an opinion, however respect must be in order!

Dennis C. Latham

Jan 31, 2015

+shaunda sinju blocking and running from people won’t make them respect you…. it only shows how simple and weak you are. THUS the reason the so called black community is tore up from the floor up. Because they block and run – instead of standing and PROVING their AUTHORITY, POWER and VICTORY – instead of getting angry, mad, outraged and upset – when it’s obvious ….. that was their whole purpose was to get you mad …….

shaunda sinju

Jan 31, 2015

+Dennis C. Latham​​​ I have never been weak and will never be simple! However there is battles I would rather pick and choose, and a social media battle is one I would not choose especially when I will never see the person face to face! So I have that option to block! Now if u choose to argue with a simple minded person when u don’t have to then my brother that’s on u! U see I don’t have to do that! I’m all about respect and when u go far and beyond the respect line then I have no time for it! Therefore you will be blocked! I don’t have to prove anything to anyone! I’m not here for that! I didn’t get mad either lol I simply hit the block button! Now that was simple! ✌

Dennis C. Latham

Jan 31, 2015

+shaunda sinju I AM so sorry. You thought when I said simple and weak I was talking about physical. Well.
I won’t read you too much into you – but feel free to go on and block me now and read no further.

Those booty shots ? That weave ? That attitude of my all and all is all in my booty mentality that you have ? That’s simple and weak little texas girl.

When you learn that RESPECT is a characteristic of LOVE and disrespect is a characteristic of hate. You won’t be as simple and weak – as you claim that you are not – but yet you are.

If you feel as if you are above ALL and sitting on a high horse and can hide from hate ? When you actually show many signs of self hatred of yourself – then you will never be able to deal with people who hate you.

Anyway. I doubt you’re in a mood to learn how to deal with disrespect, hate and self disrespect and self hate …. so go on with that whacked out blond weave catastrophe around the edge and carry on …..

Learn who you are and stop trying to be something you are not. Stop trying to be who you were not meant to be. The sooner you move into your DESTINY AND PURPOSE – the sooner you will have all of THE AUTHORITY, POWER, TRUTH and WISDOM you should be desiring ….. just in case you think you got it all.

shaunda sinju

4:58 AM

+Dennis C. Latham I hope u feel much better my brother! Your insults made u feel like the man that u are not! Lol I love brothers like u that want to argue and insult sisters that they have no clue about! I’m going to lol again at you! You can judge me from my pictures, however you have no idea of who I am, and I have no interest in letting u find out! I’m not on this social media site to go back and forth with people that want to hear or read their own posts I’m merely here for fun! I don’t come on here to insult anyone at all! I’m bigger than that! I bet when u were typing this post u got hard ass hell cus for you to type all this nonsense yo ass don’t get no ass at all! Now I really didn’t wana go there with u, but u came on my shit insulting me! Look I’m a Big Texas girl I work hard over here I’m no where near dumb everything I have worked hard for it and I own it! U go post ur low self esteem ass posts on sumbody else’s page and stay the fuck off of mines! If I post something and u don’t like it who’s gives a damn this is my damn page I can post what I want! Go get yo life while ur on here insulting innocent people! Go find urself a girl and fuck her and stay the fuck off my page! Now I’m not gon block u cus now I’m angry and I’m breathing fire so bring ur no pussy getting cus u to fucking ugly ass on with it! I’m ready!
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Dennis C. Latham

5:26 AM

 +shaunda sinju 1.) This is not your page. This so called page belongs to +ExposureExpo  – another falsehood from you
2.) I don’t have to know you to understand where your mentality is – because what comes out of your mouth PROVES where your heart is.

3.) I come here to teach and / or tell THE TRUTH – to those who have been taught and told a lie and are living that lie.

anyway ….. since you’re getting perverted with your conversation and breathing fire – my point has been proven.

what you do and say – only PROVES your character.

I judged your actions – not you. If you call THE TRUTH an insult ? Then you have a lot of growing to do. If you think what you own makes you – I now see why booty shots and how you look on the outside is your main focus – and not your heart, mind and soul.

+shaunda sinju Here are your own words ….

“”+Sam Bee u have no pics up so enough said! Lol I won’t waste my brain on a unseen figure! “”

So … I see you hold some to a certain standard – but when someone holds that same standard to you – and reads your pics – for what they are – you get to breathing fire.

oh …. my wife ? Is all I need in that arena …. not interested in your that way – never was and never will be in that arena.

I just hope and pray you set a better example for the younger generations younger than you.


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