passive house kneegrows who attempt to act as if they are not passive house kneegrows


  • Asim Muqtasid Make no mistake, reguardless of what I choose to call myself I know this country was built on the backs of my forefather’s labor(be them slaves or otherwise). I know that my grandparents, myslef, and my children were born in this country. I am proud to be an American and I am whom I choose to be. I could live and be anywhere in this world, but I have chosen to live here where my mother and my mother’s mother were born. I know where my decendants hail from and I embrace my heritage with pride. Proven in my name given to me by my mother and also in the name of my brothers, and sisters, and in my children whom I have named in the heritage of my family. I am American and I have no shame in saying so. I Love my country. I have no shame in saying so. I’ve never had to search for “who I am” because my parents always made sure I knew. What I don’t like is someone else trying to prove that I am any less of a citizen or a patriot because of the color of my skin, my name, or political veiws. No matter who I have met from whatever country they hail from the agenda of trying to make a better life for themselves and their family remains the same. I am BLACK. I am PROUD. I am AMERICAN. NO prefix needed to define me. The only use I observe of it is to catagorize and divide the classes so that we can fight amougst ourselves and give demographics for corporations to sell us crap we don’t need,keep us in the poor house and push forward an agenda while we TALK about change instead of actually doing anything to change anything. Even now we all are the same, but argue in this thread about our differences… think about that… If we find our common ground the next step is to work together…
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid ???? What would you do – if someone your skin color was teaching something different … that only whites built this country ???Be careful how you answer that question ….. because I’ll hold you ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE and TRANSPARENT if you even attempt to act like you’d do something about it ….

    kevin elkins in his now natural character as a voice of…
  • Asim Muqtasid Thanks for the video, but it sounds like your arguing semantics. You work in America, you pay taxes. Our reletives are a collections of carpenters,politicians, community leaders, etc… Did you read my feed? The argument of our divide is what keeps us from working together. Instead of talking about what we have in common we are steady trying to convince each other whose perspective is more right than the next person…
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I was only testing your heart and mind through your statement: “” I know this country was built on the backs of my forefather’s labor “”This guykevinelkins – is probably darker than you and I put together.
    However – his show has more of us calling in than anyone else.
    he is the voice of racists – he says what racist fear saying on LIVE RADIO and LIVE TV …. yet …. I can NEVER find anyone who is willing to stand up to this clown who is a die hard right wing t-party supporting racist – because he hates any and everyone his skin color – he treats our elderly women like crap and talk very bad about ALL of our youth as if they can NEVER be anything but a thug …. and still…. he allows caucasions to call in and say what ever they want to say UN-INTERRUPTED – even when it’s against us – but when we call in – he’s always cutting us off and hanging up on us if we don’t agree with him …..
    So … I’ll let you rest with this – since this is the evil he speaks over us – but I and 2 others are the only one that stands up to him – out of about 50+ callers.

  • Dennis C. Latham I AM also finding out … that we as a race of people FEAR …..
    casting out and denouncing house kneegrows and sell outs.
    Well …. I AM NOT !!!!!
  • Asim Muqtasid I don’t worry about people like him. “When the revolution starts all he’ll probably do is squeal…” _Nas
    He only has to live with himself and one day karma will see fit that he wakes up and looks around and realize he’s surrounded be people who actually hate him for something he never had control of, and at that momment when he and his kind try to come back to there roots for help they will most likely get there throats slit for letting the white man put a crown and a tail on them and allowing themselves to be called “Moonshine King of the Monkeys” (I did love a “Soilders Story” such a good film…)
  • Dennis C. Latham I don’t worry about people like him either. However. I AM not a coward to look the other way – or turn a blind eye or death ear to a leader, preacher or teacher who spews evil – and teachers false doctrines to the masses …… I AM in the business of spreading TRUTH and EXPOSING those who spread deceptions, lies and tricks. Also EXPOSING those who are cowards who remain silent to evil – because they wanna be submissive to evil – and hate their own people.
  • King Maulid The system of white supremacy should be held responsible for all of the dysfunction and confusion among people of color.No exceptions.”It is much easier to blame the indoctrinated, call them sell outs and walk away, than to organize to empower ourselves. This is analogous to calling a rape victim a whore and ignoring the rapist. Apparently, it is always somebody else’s fault and never our own inaction.

    Righteous indignation, pontification on the Internet and name calling do not free a people. But critical thinking, hard work, sacrifice and organization can change things. We must learn to see the bigger picture and act accordingly.”

    –Runoko Rashidi

  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – one who is indoctrinated – is just that. Indoctrinated. However – there are many who are indoctrinated – who don’t want to be indoctrinated – and they are seeking THE WHOLE TRUTH. Those are the people I SEEK.I don’t seek people who wantto remain indoctrinated.
    I AM not in the business of forcing anyone to do anything.
    So answer me this. Why are you and so many others so soft on those who want to be indoctrinated ?

  • King Maulid Why? Because:

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  • King Maulid “That’s when the pen stops you don’t squabble with black people about anything, they are not in charge of anything. For a very logical reason. They are in charge of nothing.If they were in charge of something, white supremacy would not exist. That’sa contradiction. So back people squabbling with each other in the bottom of the slave ship, no matter what the issue is; is not doing anything about the fact that they are on the slave ship. They can squabble & squabble, and fighting, and hit each other over the head with chains into infinity. That ship it still on course.You have to deal with the white supremacist. One way or another, you have to engage them. That’s where the problem is.
    Not in one area of activity, in all areas of activity. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Black people squabbling amongst each other about it has proven, and there’s a long track record. Whether you are talking about Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey or whomever.
    Pick anything in history where black people spent time, hitting each other over the head, about the issue of their plight in dealing with racism, has it ever, in any instance help anything. As far as getting rid of racism and replacing it with justice.

    You always have to direct, like I’ve done on this program. Even though I think some things may have been misunderstood, but I want to reiterate, everything that I’m saying. I started off saying that its aimed at the white supremacist. Everything not some things. Even when it sounds like its not. It’s scientifically directed towards the white supremacist.

    Get rid of them as far as the business that they are running. That doesn’t mean getting rid of white people. It means getting rid of them as far as the business that they are running.
    Those who have chosen to run the business of racism and making it the dominant force on the planet. Getting rid of that system that they have institutionalized. And replace it with a system called justice and correctness.”

    Dr Claude Anderson.

  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – are you telling me – that we are NEVER the enemy ??? to ourselves ???
  • King Maulid Thats not what I said. I said why attack the symptom, when you should confront the disease.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – I ATTACK that which is darkness and evil with THE LIGHT OF TRUTH. I wouldn’t give a cripped crab a crutch or a flying horse a dime what their skin color is.You stated. “” you don’t squabble with black people about anything, “”To me ? That’s plain and simple…… although I don’t squabble – I just EXPOSE the lies and the liars.

  • King Maulid This may be a manifestation of Displaced Aggression:When a victim of oppression directs his anger and frustration, not on the root cause, but on what they have been conditioned to see as a safer target, which is more oft than not, another oppressed person

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  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – how do you attack white supremacy ? Because. I have my methods and they’ve been working ……. however – there will always be caucasions who hate me because of my color – and there will always be people with my same skin color – who hates me because they hate themselves.
  • King Maulid By divorcing from it.
  • Asim Muqtasid If we had a stronger economic community any attacks or descrimination against us would be a small thing. Asians and Hispanics having a strong economic community have no where close to the problems that blacks face in America. We don’t realize the power we have and do not use it to effect change as we should. Imagine if you would a world were Donald Sterlings comments were made public and ALL black atheles would have stop playing ALL sports including MMA and boxing. They would have kicks his azz out SO FAST to get the play-offs back on track…
  • Dennis C. Latham um…… King Maulid – how are you going to force someone with your skin color – to divorce from white supremacy when they don’t want to ?
  • King Maulid You dont, you divorce yourself, set up your own more just and Afrocentric system with like minded revolutionaries and lead by example by showing what is possible.
  • Dennis C. Latham Then what do you do about those who want to be married to white supremacy that have our skin color ?
  • Dennis C. Latham When they are out raising, teaching and training our CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS ????
  • Dennis C. Latham <—- is well known all over the world – to let the deceiver willingly drag themselves into THE LIGHT OF TRUTH – only to EXPOSE themselves..
  • Dennis C. Latham I’ll wait on that CLEAR, PRECISE and SIMPLE ANSWER to my CLEAR, PRECISE and SIMPLE QUESTION King Maulid
  • King Maulid You cannot do anything about them, except provide them with an better alternative. If they still choose the system then, well then they will share the fate of the system.But at as now, you cannot blame others of being complicit in the system, when you are cooperating too.Have you ever heard of Neely Fuller JR?

  • Asim Muqtasid If we take control of our community they will not be the ones teaching our children. You can trace the downfall of the strong black community damn near back to the beginning of the ending of segragation. It gave the powers that be the control of our education and placement of our youth
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  • Dennis C. Latham yes …. I know the teaching of neely for many years ……. please stop deflecting King Maulid and answer my question.
  • King Maulid For when speaking about showcasing, he never advocates, holding the people of color involved accountable. In fact he states clearly that we should hold the system of white supremacy responsible for all of its effects on people of color. He even goes further and says “All non-white people cooperate with the racists (white supremacists)”.Here is Neely Fuller Jr stating as much in person: Listen to the link
    Holding Other Black People Accountable (Neely Fuller, Jr and Gus Renegade)Or more poignantly “How to Handle ‘Sell-Out Blacks”
    On thispage

  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – maybe you missed my comment earlier. I know of neely’s teachings – very well. I will ask you ONE LAST TIME. Answer my question and stop avoiding, beating around the bush, deflecting and purposely dodging my question.
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – actually ? There were more male teachers of our color back then – than there probably is now in 2015. I believe there are about 2 to 3% male teachers with our skin color.
  • Asim Muqtasid What was the exact question?
  • King Maulid I told you let them be, they will not be a threat, if you destroy the system.
  • King Maulid As long as you live withing the system and help sustain it by working for it, paying taxes and serving in the military and police, you are complicit in the oppression, exploitation and genocide of your own globally as well. So you have no moral high ground upon which to blame others, for selling out.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – That’s bull ….. let them be ? ????? Then you hate the very CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS who are being taught by these lunatics who are indoctrinated.
  • King Maulid In other words, ego dystonic or not; All people of color are; at one level or the other- uncle toms. I think the codebook calls this a ‘Tragic arrangement’. I prefer “Acquiescence to subservience”, personally. That is the only way the system can operate.I have no doubt that you all have the best of intentions: But feel like all you are doing is establishing ahierarchal stratification within those uncle toms, and thus promoting even further division, amongPOC which inturn- is distracting from the cause, counter intuitive and counter productive. It may also be a manifestation of the “Crabs in a barrel” mentality.Counter productive in that demeaning each other in public only reinforces and validates the negative stereotypes and perceptions of POC. As you have stated, we need to understand the importance of imagery, and realize that we will always be judged and even act, according to how we are perceived:

    “ A people working towards emancipation will not achieve power as long as they are so easily manipulated. Some people are under a mass hypnosis of self denigration and self destruction. People who are trying to become powerful don’t join in the ridicule of even the worst of their group; they work, while avoiding the media, to solve or get rid of the problem because they know the world sees them as a chain, which is only as strong as its weakest link.. “

    Moreover, it goes against the stated goals of this page. It makes no sense for you to talk about another non-white person and how much they are cooperating with the system of racism (white supremacy) because you are cooperating too.

    Neely Fuller himself states: The only evidence you can present as proof that you are not cooperating with the racists (white supremacists) is to have divorced completely from the system and / or replaced it with a better one. Participation or interaction with the system in any way (except for purpose of destroying the system) automatically makes you complicit in the sustenance of a system that exploits your own.

  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid What do you do about those who want to be married to white supremacy that have our skin color When they are out raising, teaching and training our CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS ????
  • King Maulid Then do your own teaching to counteract theirs.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maybe you can answer with a pair.
  • Asim Muqtasid Where do we go the get away from this system?
  • King Maulid All you are young is promoting division among people of color and who does that ultimately serve?
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  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I AM not looking to run away – I stand my ground. I’ve had great success with little or no opposition. Only problem is – most are just like you two …… always looking to look over what should be ADDRESSED and HANDLED and TAKEN CARE OF.
  • King Maulid What are you fighting for?
  • King Maulid what is your ultimate goal?
  • Dennis C. Latham here’s a lie from the pits of hell – and this is a false doctrine that leads to self destruction and self hatred.“” you don’t squabble with black people about anything, they are not in charge of anything. “”They are in charge of their CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS. Now I see why we are in the shape we are in.

    Cowards don’t address the problem within – they just complain about the problem on the outside.

  • Dennis C. Latham this teaching of self destruction and self hatred makes this group stink’n think’n or stank tank …….
  • King Maulid Why is it you do not want to face the system? Why do you want to intergrate so bad? Do you agree that with your participation in the system now, you are complicit in the exploitation, oppression and genocide of black people worldwide? Appears all you want to do is come in here vent, and release frustration by attacking black people.
  • Dennis C. Latham I now see the OPEN and PUBLIC hate for our CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS….. only to be married to white supremacy – and act like you’re against white supremacy.
  • Asim Muqtasid I think you both are saying the same thing,but in different ways. We do not need to divide we need more education of our heritage. We need more support of our youth in stead of rounding them up and locking them away. Wr need more black cops and more of a curriculum that reflexs our contributions on a global scale. We need more “Reading Rainbow” and less “Real Housewives” and “Love and Hip-Hop”, but it all starts with US.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – are you falsely accusing me of not facing the system ????
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – we are not saying the same thing. FAR FROM IT. He’s saying “” you don’t squabble with black people about anything, they are not in charge of anything. “”
  • King Maulid Do you pay taxes?
  • Dennis C. Latham That means to give every person with my skin color a pass – even if they are raising, teaching and training CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS how to submit to white supremacy.
  • King Maulid Do you not work with the law enforcement agencies that unjustly profile, assault, kill and incarcerate people of color?


  • Dennis C. Latham I AM done with you King Maulid – you’re a sell out – trying to play like you’re not. when you are EXPOSED – you don’t want me to do or say anything about it.
  • King Maulid Answer my questions, any try to not be so emotional.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – I opened my own FORENSICS, INVESTIGATIONS and LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY – to counter white supremacy. To go in on these cases against people with my skin color. I don’t sit around and wait for white supremacy to commit the crime – investigate it and then turn around and hand me a verdict.


  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – I AM not emotional – but feel free to continue to falsely accuse me.
  • Dennis C. Latham You just got EXPOSED – and I will not follow your false doctrine of doing and saying nothing.
  • King Maulid So you do not want to divorce from the system, just to better your position in it to a more privileged enslavement.
  • King Maulid I did not say do nothing. I said confront the system, not the victims.
  • King Maulid Did you even read any of my comments, or are you just intent on ranting?
  • King Maulid ““For a people to vote and pay taxes for weapons that are going to destroy their very lives and the future of their people, they have to be out of their minds.For black physicists to build weapons that would end their lives and the lives of their children, they have to be out of their minds.For black biologists and for doctors with M.Ds to develop bacteria so that populations can be wiped out by disease, which also means that their own children and their future generations can be wiped out, they must be out of their minds.

    You think that you can sit in this country while this same nation and these same people that you serve, work for, sleep with and marry and love and so forth, can go out and destroy African people, and think those people do not see you as African because due to their conditioning, you choose not to see yourself as African.

    You better think again. You’re out of your MINDS, and your heading for DEATH through genocide. You must understand that. Hiding behind this “I am an American,” “I am a human being.” Is NOT going to save you.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the death, genocide and destruction of Black people will follow those kind of absurd abstractions.

    Amos Wilson. (paraphrased)

  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – it’s OBVIOUS that you have very low comprehension and reading levels. Did not you understand that I opened my own LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY to counter against the governments law system ??? To be our own and do our own investigations.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – this is why I don’t want to deal with you. You say one thing – then you say you’re not saying that. I EXPOSE you and your false doctrine – and you want to deflect and change the subject.
  • Asim Muqtasid In a way he is right(if I read this right). If we hab more control given our econonic contributions to this country things would be different. Media would be forced to rely a different message to support its economic base. Politicians would be forced to bend to the will of our spending power if we used it correctly. The system the “uncle toms” support would crumble because it would be a mole hill vs. our mountain… (is that kind of what you are saying?
  • King Maulid within the system any as per its laws, rules and regulations. How very revolutionary.
  • King Maulid May may suffer from conceptual incarceration that precludes you from understanding what I am saying.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – not within the system. My FORENSICS and INVESTIGATIONS are separate from the government. It stands ALONE with me and my crew. It is not a part of this government or it’s system.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – you’re trying to say I AM a cop and a part of the government’s law enforcement …… and I AM not. you are wrong about things – and you won’t admit when you are wrong.I AM DONE discussing anything with you – until you can take back and retract your false allegations against me.
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – if you don’t see what’s going on or acknowledge it ? Then I understand …. I know you have to follow protocol.
  • Dennis C. Latham <— doesn’t condemn or judge people. I RIGHTEOUSLY JUDGE their actions – whether they are of GOD or of satan.
  • Asim Muqtasid You losing me… what protocal is that?
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – the protocol of being passive. Not standing up to go against king maulid …. in his coonery and foolery. However. I will hold your words CLOSE to me to make sure I don’t fall into that self destructive and self hating mentality.“” ISee More

  • Asim Muqtasid I can protect myself, my family, and my people. I don’t feel the need to explain my actions as a grown man to another grown man, and I most certainly don’t argue with fools and people that think in that way are the most foolish to me…
  • Dennis C. Latham Well… last time I checked? The people who actually had PROVEN SOLUTIONS – put them in action – and left AN EXAMPLE and MODEL for others to go by. So others may pick up on it and follow suit.they didn’t go around quoting other people all the time – but they were more like a people who would SHOW ME instead of telling me.
  • Asim Muqtasid What would you like me to do?
  • Dennis C. Latham 1Latham FORENSICS, INVESTIGATIONS and LAW ENFORCEMENT got these racists kicked off the air and removed from ABC 32 Programming in Montgomery, AL.

  • Dennis C. Latham For any lunatic who thinks I fear facing white supremacy and kicking it’s butt.
  • Dennis C. Latham and for anyone who wants to falsely accuse me of being a part of the amerikkkan racist government. My company is SEPARATE and STANDS ON IT’S OWN.
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I would like for you to get up off your ashy, crusty, dusty and rusty butt. Go out and shut down those who spread white supremacy and the submission to white supremacy. If you can’t do that ? Well. I won’t say kill yourself. I’ll say learn how to – if you don’t know how to. If you don’t want to or you don’t want to learn how to ? ADMIT IT and be through with it.
  • Asim Muqtasid What would have ME do?
  • Dennis C. Latham Go out and shut down those who spread white supremacy and the submission to white supremacy. If you can’t do that ? Well. I won’t say kill yourself. I’ll say learn how to – if you don’t know how to. If you don’t want to or you don’t want to learn how to ? ADMIT IT and be through with it.
  • Dennis C. Latham Then ? If you know how to or learn how to ? SHOW SOME PROOF – so others may know.
  • King Maulid This is ridiculous. You fund these guys, who enforce gunboat diplomacy in your name, and then brag about winning a case?

    King Maulid's photo.
  • Asim Muqtasid Now this is what I’m talking about. I am asking you with NO anger or false intentions. Why be agressive with me?
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I AM not aggressive towards you or with you – I might seem aggressive to you because I don’t back down and because you’re very passive. I could have called you out a good while ago – but I was being patient. Allowing you do drag yourself out into THE LIGHT.
  • King Maulid You need to understand that participating in a system that was founded on and is sustained by the continued exploitation, oppression and genocide of your own, is complicity.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – How is it that I fund those guys ????
  • King Maulid Through your taxes.
  • Asim Muqtasid Well Dennis, I glad you know so much about me from just a few FB comments. Thanks for calling me out…
  • King Maulid You speak of teaching children, know this: Children are more likely to follow your actions, than they are to follow what you teach.
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I know much about you – by your actions. I don’t have to know you personally – I see how you act and acted here.Matthew 15:18 ►
    But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.
    Luke 6:45 ►
    A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – I teach any and everyone how to tell who their BROTHER and SISTER ARE – and how to tell who their enemy is.
    I teach how to cling to your BROTHER OR SISTER – and how to gain victory over their enemies.See More
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – this is the last time I will ask this question. How do I support that group or those people in that picture you posted ? I won’t ask you again. You said:“” You fund these guys, who enforce gunboat diplomacy on your own, in your name, and then brag about winning a case? “”
  • Asim Muqtasid I’m not a follower of the bible, but I do know that what what your doing can be catagorized as judging me…(that’s not very Christian brother)IJS…
  • King Maulid By acquiescing to subservience, by allowing the system to define you, and your reality. By acknowledging the system, and its criminal government and participating in it.
  • King Maulid You speak of Law enforcement:“Laws don’t protect anyone. So many of us who believe that fair housing laws, and anti-discrimination laws, and civil-rights laws, and voting laws and so forth, guarantee our freedom. What an illusion. What a flight intoSee More

  • José Justino Bronze .
    If the last name defines you, what use is the first part. Talking about defining your selves… how about a continent with that definition waiting for you?
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – you’re very ignorant to what my law enforcement persists of. It persists of enforcing the laws of LOVE and to stomp out self destruction and self hate in the many communities that are filled with us killing each other you dummy. It has nothing to do with your europeanized definition of cops ……..
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – I didn’t condemn you or judge you – I condemned and judged your actions. there’s a difference – and I don’t claim christianity …… mr passive.
  • King Maulid I knew black on black crime had to come up. Its the “piece de resistance”.” enforcing the laws of LOVE and to stomp outself destruction and self hate “Surely you jest. Please review your comments on this thread.

  • Asim Muqtasid I guess our actions don’t define us… thanks for clearing that up
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – stomping out self destruction and self hatred by casting out and denouncing any leaders, preachers or teacher who raises, teaches, trains, preachers and teachers to be submissive to white supremacy – you coonEnforcing the laws of LOVE.
    LOVE does not mean abusing, beating, cheating, harming, hurting, murdering, raping and stealing. All of those are the characteristics of hatred and not love you sell out.

  • King Maulid unless you address the root cause of that disorganization and violence, which is poverty, discrimination and ignorance imposed by the system, you are just striving for palliation of the symptoms, yet again.
  • King Maulid Ahh. So now the ad hominems begin, how original and refreshing.
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid – look dummy – I raise, teach and train people how to OPEN their own businesses – I also TEACH and TRAIN in many skills and trades … and I do it for FREE you sellout who hates CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS
  • Dennis C. Latham King Maulid\] – I don’t play with the leaves on the tree – I deal only in the roots…… you have continued to falsely accuse me of things I AM not and of doing things I do not do. I have proven you wrong – and you refuse to retract any statement – and you are a coward.
  • King Maulid Do you feel better now? More in charge now that you have vented? Well then good for you! Everyone has their coping mechanisms. At least yours is better than drug abuse.
  • King Maulid Know this: How you treat others, is more reflective of what you feel about yourself, than anything else.
  • Dennis C. Latham you’re just a europeanized house kneegrow who plays like you are against white supremacy. When in reality ? You are for it and you are submissive to it. I AM finished discussing anything else with a sell out like you who is fake.
  • King Maulid The thing with projection is : If you spot it, you got it.,
  • Dennis C. Latham I treat A TRUTH TELLER LIKE A TRUTH TELLER. I treat liars like liars.
  • José Justino Bronze .
    Clearly our actions define the program / the social system installed in you. In the diaspora we seem to have none of our own. We letting those that destroyed it define us.
    Every one be moving (their business) to Africa but us.
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  • King Maulid Tell him Jose.
  • José Justino Bronze .
    Everyone is satisfied and served as long as we are inable to connect our selves with us.
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  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – do you treat A TRUTH TELLER like a liar ? and a liar like A TRUTH TELLER ?
  • José Justino Bronze .
    No. I ask questions and demand answers.
  • José Justino Bronze .
    Too often the answers TO us and FOR us are right in our faces. Namely the backward babble of brothers and systers embracing the goal of the soul enemy.
  • King Maulid Identification with the aggressor.
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  • José Justino Bronze .
    BRICS all over the globe, folks. Enough to finally build and pull us up. IF we ACT NOW!
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  • José Justino Bronze .
    What did you folks have in mind? Continue consuming and building for the IRS?
    5 mins · Like · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – so … you admit. You don’t treat TRUTH TELLERS like liars…. and you don’t treat liars like TRUTH TELLERS. THANK YOU.
  • José Justino Bronze .
    ‘admit’… interesting word choice.
    4 mins · Like · 1
  • King Maulid He just doesn’t get it. I’ve been trying all day.
  • Dennis C. Latham Well. I asked you a question and you said no.
  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – I have one more question if you don’t mind. what do you do about leaders, preachers and teachers who raise, teach and train people to be submissive to white supremacy ?
  • José Justino Bronze .
    What does that say. You want me to support everything you sayd with me answering what I think everyone should be doing: Distrust this system!?!
  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – if you think everyone should be doing what I have suggested about fake leaders, fake preachers and fake teachers …… two here disagree – with a mentality to just leave them along and allow them to do what they do. Forget about the people being misguided and misled.
  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – I don’t want you to agree with EVERYTHING that i say …. I AM just trying to see where you stand … and whom you stand for …
  • José Justino Bronze .
    I do NOTHING with leaders preachers teachers. Waiting for a savior has been our enemy’s best program set in our mind.
    I got two arms, legs and one head. I’m looking for equally minded folks willing to sacrifice for an eternal string of offspring.
  • José Justino Bronze .
    You are making (as expected) something rotten and dirty of my answer to your question. A question you yourself obviously did not get.
  • Dennis C. Latham so .. there it is again ….. no one wants to raise up against those who are misguiding and misleading our CHILDREN, YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS and others with our skin color. THANK YOU.
  • Dennis C. Latham <—– leaves this stank tank discussion to be PROSPEROUS ……… while shutting down the enemy – so others may do the same.
  • King Maulid to be prosperous within the system of white supremacy. Ironic. Moreover, materialism is an eurocentric concept. As is individualism.
    11 mins · Like · 1
  • José Justino Bronze .
    Non sense! What I am saying is that the cariers of these leaders should be TAKING THEM SELVES ACCOUNTABLE for the choices that got us in this mess.
    Why we want to copy the MLK portrayed by whites and integrationists and not rewind all the way back via Marcus Garvey?
  • Dennis C. Latham God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    ignorance will always attack CHRIST OF THE HOLYBILBE – because they can’t attack or deal with THE PROVEN SOLUTIONS that actually WORK when put into ACTION …… that are written in THE HOLY BIBLE – thus for this reason – GOD curses them and puts them under strong delusions that they may believe a lie – because they did not have LOVE OF THE TRUTH.2 Thessalonians 2:10-12
    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  • King Maulid See what I’m talking about?
  • Dennis C. Latham PWEEEUUUUUUN …. ————->
  • Asim Muqtasid King I think I get your point now.

    Dennis by attacking our views and making us out to be some type of uneducated negros how are you not feeding into the system right now with what you are posting? If you are so much about the education and up lift of our people why be so combative instead of hearing what we are saying and commenting? It appears as though you are trying to put us down to raise yourself up, and if that is not the case please clarify. I have made no comment ment to bait you into an argument, but I do not feel that from your replies. I want to understand, but if you don’t want me to just keep replying in the manner that you have through this whole post. No love lost my brother. Be the best “you” you can be…

    3 hrs · Like · 2
  • José Justino Bronze .
    What did I say about puberty?
    Many of us are broken inside and don’t realize.


    José Justino Bronze's photo.
    2 hrs · Like · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham Asim Muqtasid – some of the things you and that king whatever person said – just doesn’t work. It’s been proven not to work over time and it has been proven to NEVER WORK. Actually ? Those so called views you have along with king whatever ? Are views of failure.
  • Dennis C. Latham José Justino Bronze – Just because I left out of here like a bullet – with a sound effect – doesn’t make me broken – it makes me human to enjoy LIFE and to PLAY and have FUN when up against a bunch of idiots who like to make themselves seem as if they are about something that works – but just about everything you last 3 have posted – neither of you have did or said anything that is A PROVEN SOLUTION to fixing or solving any problems.
  • Dennis C. Latham <—- just got back from putting on a couple of coats of clear coat on an 8 FOOT GUITAR that I AM FINALIZING for a SIGN for A RECORDING STUDIO, FIXED A DRYER, and ORDERED OXYGEN and ACETYLENE REGULATORS for my ALL NEW BLACK SMITH, METAL FABRICATION and WELDING BUSINESS and TRAINING COMPANY and SCHOOL ……. and I know that pretty high up there in the area of being MATURE.

    Dennis C Latham Playing 8 Foot Guitar with NO…
  • Dennis C. Latham See José Justino Bronze – just like the cracker can’t, don’t and won’t tear me down ? Neither will the likes of you either. That’s my whole point from the beginning. However. None of you POSSESS the ABILITY or WILL to be protected against white supremacy – so ya’ll just sit around and complain, cry and whine about it – never offering up any PROVEN SOLUTIONS – because you don’t have any that actually work. However ? I DO.

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