Matt Ward comes to defend himself on my FaceBook Post – but still failed in his false accusations about me

2 caucasions – James Mobley and Matt Ward – jumping the gun.

  • Matt Ward I didn’t comment on the unfortunate situation with the teen passing away. My comments were in defense of your attack on the character of the current police chief. Did you know he is black? If I am white, and I defend the character of a black man, how is race blinding me?
  • Dennis C. Latham Matt Ward – 1.) The new chief is not the chief until later this week – mr know everything but little at all.
    2.) The two puppets I AM and was speaking about are the two puppets that todd strange the liar replaced when he corruptly had CHIEF Kevin MurphSee More


  • Dennis C. Latham Matt Ward – I don’t know you – and you probably don’t know me – however – I would never make up anything about you – but I will respond to any lies or names thrown in my face that are false. I don’t just crawl away when you slander me. I take a stand and I don’t back down. The next move is up to you. I AM well prepared to END a battle just as well as I AM prepared to start one.l
  • Matt Ward I would like you to cut and paste what I said that shows any opinion i stated on the death of the individual. Good luck. I don’t have any opinion at all on the situation because I don’t know any of the details. You are the one slandering people based off conspiracy theories you have about the mayor.
  • Dennis C. Latham Matt Ward Here are your words about me ……“” ^Dumb “”

    “” He sounds like a whacko. The new Police Chief is a 30 year veteran of the Atlanta police department who said his lifelong dream has been to be a police chief of a major city. Certainly doesn’t sound like a puppet who doesn’t care. “”

    Now can take this any way you want. You attacked me personally – you didn’t even question me about what I even meant.
    You just labeled me dumb – and then said I sounded like a whacko.

    Now ….. That CHANGE and REVOLUTION I was talking about – are many corrupted officials are now out of office. Mainly ellen brooks and d t marshall – who both have committed crimes against me and many others.

    Lastly ? Kevin Murphy was breaking BIG GROUNDS and the mayor attempted to block and stop him – however – now he is going to be THE DEPUTY SHERIFF and his work will continue.

    That is the CHANGE and REVOLUTION I AM and was speaking of.

    Now – you’ve made your bed – and your choice. Now deal with it – you liar.

  • Dennis C. Latham Hey Matt Ward – you thanked James Mobley – but you didn’t bother to correct him when he made his false statements against me. You had every chance – you got the ball to rolling by your response from the beginning ……
    teaming up

    teaming up


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