My Open and Public letter to those who actually don’t want what is called blacks targeted or treated like animals

How to solve the problems of:
1.) what america calls black on black crimes and killings,
2.) caucasion cops killing what america calls blacks and blacks unarmed,
3.) why those that america calls black – are seen as and treated like animals.

1.) A crowd of you house kneegrows see the crime or see the killing – yet when asked by authorities ? Not one of you saw anything.

2.) So many house kneegrows hanging on street corners – loitering at the front doors of a store – look’n all dirty and nasty – pants saggin – the trend of baggy clothes, acting and look’n like a thug – spending more time in the streets than reading a book and studying on how to IMPROVE yourself or your own community – and little or no outrage from the community because you are silent to evil and wickedness – and that only means you are submissive to evil and wickedness.

3.) a.) 1400 abortions a day – yet no marches, protests, or rally’s
b.) So many abusing the welfare system – yet no whistle blowers
c.) begging racists who hate you to help you – yet you don’t hold your own elected officials ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE or TRANSPARENT …. when they have OBVIOUSLY sold you out – yet no marches, protests, or rally’s
d.) blocking traffic and closing stores down – yet you won’t block or close down those elected officials you voted in office because they have your same skin color.
e.) burning down buildings, destroying properties, looting when you think you’ve been wronged ….
f.) allowing others to say all cops are evil or all caucasion are evil – yet you ignore those cops and those caucasion who are actually doing more than you are for your communities.
g.) so many house kneegrows filled with self destruction and self hate – yet you do little or nothing at all to show them and / or teach them how to LOVE themselves so they can LOVE others and how WONDERFUL they can be to change their own lives and their own communities.
h.) you sit back and allow fake and false leaders, preachers and teachers speak for you in mainstream media – yet no marches, protests, or rally’s against any of them
i.) The very people with your same skin color – who are out there actually making a difference so you may have a better chance at a better life – you hate them and kill them and slander them.
j.) you turn your backs on GOD, JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT – and expect GOD, JESUS or THE HOLY SPIRIT to help you – and when you don’t get what you want ? You hate GOD, JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT and anyone who is actually CALLED by GOD.
k.) Deuteronomy 32:20 ►
And he said, I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith.
l.) beware of leaders, preachers and teachers who claim to be about GOD, CHRIST or THE HOLY SPIRIT – who do not actually SHOW you or TEACH you – how to LOVE your neibour …

It was GOD’S WILL !!! For me to discuss and EXPOSE this on THIS DAY.
Dennis C. Latham


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