Troy Nkrumah “”I will be sure to take a few of you pigs out with me.””

  • Troy Nkrumah no such thing as good cops… lol f them all
  • Dennis C. Latham Troy Nkrumah – I know some good cops PERSONALLY – only those who are filled with blindness and ignorance says things of that nature as you have stated.

    When you grow up ? Get more mature ? instead of childish and immature as you are now ? You might be able to find or spot good cops.

    Good Cops stick out like a sour thumb – they EXPOSE the system they work in – to bring changes …. some leave to work in other departments to EXPOSE crooked law enforcement.

  • Troy Nkrumah lol dennis… if your good cops were so good they wouldn’t be cops they would leave the force since they haven’t been able to change shit… they could at least change sides! But they picked their side so fuck them too! The only good pigs are the ones that leave the force! How many of your good cops have arrested any of these murdering bastards? Not one, because these murdering pigs are still on the street. Your good cops are probably the first with their baton out waiting for the order to swing at protesters… I have yet to see a pig get between a dirty pig and a protester. ALL COPS ARE THE ENEMY! AND ALL OF THEM ARE VALID TARGETS!!!
  • Dennis C. Latham Troy Nkrumah – I see you didn’t COMPREHEND my statement – I stated that some leave – to work outside to EXPOSE crooked law enforcement. However – the good ones I know who remain in – have made GREAT CHANGES – even right here in Montgomery, AL – and you’re a liar – because you lack knowledge …

    with your ignorant mentality – you should LEAVE this world – since you ain’t changed it ……..

  • Dennis C. Latham Troy Nkrumah – here is proof you just lied again ….
    Here is a officer who got between a dirty cop and a person in cuffs.…/fired-buffalo-police-officer…/

  • Troy Nkrumah Looks like she proved my point.. She is no longer a pig right?
  • Dennis C. Latham Troy Nkrumah – since you are so blind and hard headed – living in that tiny box – I AM done with this conversation …..
  • Troy Nkrumah Naw Dennis I ain’t leaving this world any time so but if I do I will be sure to take a few of you pigs out with me. Yeah I called you a pig cuz you clearly are! Fuck all cops and their apologist..
  • Troy Nkrumah What’s your badge number pig?
  • Dennis C. Latham <—- shakes his head …… because I clearly said I know a few good cops – and in no way defended all cops – but I understand those who are filled with demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness are blind to TRUTH.
  • Troy Nkrumah Your truth is not my truth! The pigs defend the system that oppresses my people…. as long as they work for that system they are the enemy of the people. I dont care if they go home hug their wife and kids or beat them. Who they are when they take off the badge is irrelevant. Soon as they put that badge on they can be buried like the last two dirty pigs this past weekend in NYC. That is my truth, and if you are too ignorant to understand it, well that is your problem. We are at war, so fuck your good pig friends! My people are dying!
  • Dennis C. Latham your people are dying – while you praise and worship protesters who shut down interstates – blocking emergency vehicles from saving houses on fire and lives from getting to the hospitals to be saved ….. all you can say is ….. “” Shut shit down…. Bay style! “”

    because you’re too much of a coward and a punk – to shut down those elected official you all voted in – because they had your same skin color …….

    Dennis C. Latham @ALL – see how delusional people can be ? This lunatic says I AM a cop –

  • Troy Nkrumah and your idiot ass says i voted for someone that is my color? Dick head you have no idea who you are talking to. Yeah Shut shit down.. and when that doesnt work… shoot back. Oh look here.. pigs killed another black man in St Louis tonight. Must have been one of your buddies, one of them good cops. As if there was a such thing.
  • Troy Nkrumah now you can go back to trolling my page officer!
  • Dennis C. Latham Troy Nkrumah – I didn’t single you out as a voter – you lunatic – I spoke about the people protesting – and those praising and worshiping the protesters who block traffic.

    Those who voted people into office should be blocking those elected officials from going anywhere until they do what is right – by doing the job they were voted in to do ….


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