Linda Lowe Brown just couldn’t resist …… oh well.

  • The Empowerment Experiment. Our Family. Our Movement.

    Check out this fantastic video on The
    Empowerment Experiment. The Anderson Family made a 1 year pledge to
    only purchase what they could from African-American owned businesses.
    We all need to follow this example. We spent $913 Billion in 2009 and
    only 2% of our dollars were spent with our own people. No other ethnic
    group is that economically dysfunctional.

  • Dennis C. Latham Q: Where did they get their internet service from ??? Where did the grocery stores get their food from ??? Where did their clothes originally come from ???
  • Linda Lowe Brown They said they weren’t able to only use black business so your questions Dennis C. Latham were pointless. I think we all should support black business everyone needs a chance to grow a business and have community support.
  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – pointless to you – maybe – but not pointless.
    1.) How many businesses have you opened ?
    2.) How many people have you helped to open up a business ?
    3.) How many companies have you helped to open new businesses ?
    4.) How many businesses have you helped to be presentable to ALL races and not just one race ?
    5.) How many business have you went in to help clean up not only the outside – but the bums and thugs that hang out – harassing potential long time customers for their change ?
    If you answer is less than 1 for each – then you are pointless in even addressing me in the manner of which you addressed me and have stepped into a lane you don’t even belong in – and there is a chance you might get ran slap over if you are not careful.

    I don’t make pointless statements and I don’t ask pointless questions.

    However – I AM working with others to have businesses only owned by racist caucasions and other races but none by those of my skin color ….. – but for ALL races. Things like FORENSICS, INVESTIGATIONS and VIOLENCE RESEARCH LABORATORIES – and even a few INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS – SUN AND WIND POWER COMPANIES and much more – way to much to list and name here.

    So … I forgive you for your attempt to belittle my questions …. but I dare you to answer my questions to you – unless you deem the pointless as well – and don’t have the spine to be adult enough to answer them – nor the spine to ask me to PROVE what I have stated.

  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – just for the reocrd ? Just last week – I helped a business – buy their clothes from another seller – where they could sell their clothes – just as cheap as everyone else – because they were able to buy their clothes WHOLESALE – like their competition.Have you eve done anything like this before ? YES or NO ???
    or is that pointless too – ????

  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – while you are deeming my questions as pointless ? I AM still out and about – cutting out all of the middle men – to help businesses GROW so they can come down on their prices – even making SIGNS for thier BUSINESSES and CHURCHES and GROUPS and ORGANIZATIONS – that beats all of my competition – because I do what I do through LIVING SCRIPTURES and not just talking about it. I do more SHOWING than telling.…/40462…


  • Dennis C. Latham even my side jobs bring in HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS – because of my CUSTOMER CARE SYSTEMS OF LIVING LIKE CHRIST.…/4968…


  • Dennis C. Latham I could go on – and on – but I have way better things to do through CHRIST than to back up what I do and say with PROOF to someone who calls my questions – pointless.
  • Linda Lowe Brown I called your questions pointless because you make your statements or questions based on their comments about supporting black businesses. They said they were not able to only use black business for somethings and they also don’t know who own the power companies and some of the other faceless owners of other big corporations which is why I said your questions were pointless because they pretty much had answered your questions. I do own my own business and as for your other questions I do what I can for everyone.
  • Linda Lowe Brown I’m a Christian that do not go around making threats because someone says something that I don’t go agree with. You threatened me and you know nothing about me or whether you can back that threat up. You shouldn’t do things like that not in this day and time with so much violence in the world because some people take threats seriously.
  • Linda Lowe Brown You say you do things through Christ does Jesus approve of people sending threats to others or will that be something that you will be confessing to tonight?? If my comment hurt your feelings then that is what you say to me but to go on a tangent about what you do and make threats is not necessary. You spout on about what you do, was that to make yourself look good or were you trying to make me look bad for calling your questions pointless?? Either way only what you do for CHRIST will last. I don’t go around making threats when someone says or does something that I don’t like or hurts my feelings I let Jesus fight my battles and I pray for that person. So I will be praying for you tonight and I forgive you for your pointless threats.
  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – I don’t threaten people – and you’re out of your lane – I could care less whether anyone agrees with me or not – I AM not here to get likes – nor am I here to please man.1.) You can’t and didn’t hurt my feelings.
    2.) I have no problem with them supporint only black businesses for a year – or more – that is their choice – and anyone else’s choice to do so if they please – however – something you don’t see is –
    a.) the foods that most stores sell that are owned by people with our skin color – and let me remind you – are not black – but brown. No one has black skin on this earth. Those stores get the cheapest – to compete – which is worse than the other stores that have so much poisons on their shelves – those foods on the shelves in the stores they shopped at are probably even worse – causing all kinds of diseases to us –
    3.) back in the day – just about every house hold knew how to sew – and the mothers taught their daughters – and many sons even learned how to sew – I AM one of them – and I still sew to this day – with several machines –
    4.) The race this country divides us in should have more than what they have.
    a.) they should have their own television stations – but they don’t.
    b.) they should have their own 24/7 news channel – but they don’t
    c.) they should have their own 24/7 education channel – but they don’t
    d.) they should have their own 24/7 skills channel – but they don’t
    e.) they should have their own 24/7 trades channel – but they don’t
    f.) they should have their own 24/7 family channel – but they don’t
    g.) they should have their own clothing manufacturers – but they don’t
    h.) they should have their own DNA Company – but they don’t
    i.) they should have much of their own by now – but they don’t
    5.) It looks more like I offended you – by my questions – becayse running you slap over is not a threat – it’s a figure of speech – for you attempting to call me out – as if I AM a nobody with nothing to offer but pointless questions.
    6.) You can mention threats all you want – go for it – but I don’t make threats. I make promises – even the police know that about me –
    7.) I didn’t go off into any tangent – I stayed on point – pertaining to my questions asked – and it seems you were bold enough to step to me in the manner you did – did THE HOLY SPIRIT guide you ? or did you emotions guide you ? Did you think I AM or was against them doing this process for a year ?

    Well let me tell you this – missy christian.

    I AM against separation because of skin color – GOD is against it. JESUS is against it and so is THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    THE ONLY WAY is through CHRIST and being IN CHRIST together –

    I have way more caucasions who step up to help and serve in the fight against prison reform in this country – yet those my skin color may have the majority in prison – they are rarely showing up for prison reform ACTIONS against the corrupt prison systems.

    Bottom Line – I AM no hypocrite …… that’s for sure.
    I stand just as hard against lie – as I do any other sins
    I stand just as hard against that which is twisted and wrong – as I stand for that which is STRIAGHT and RIGHT.

  • Dennis C. Latham Oh … I don’t have to brag about myself or about what I do – however – I do make it my business to be about my FAHTER’S BUSINESS and to leave something behind – that has PROOF and SHOWS others – what can be done and how to do – those things that do work in the favor of my FATHER’S KINGDOM here on earth and in HEAVEN.Just like most of the people who say BUY BLACK – they are mostly all talk.
    Just like most of the people who speak of community problems – complaining, crying and whining all day – I AM one who is out there almost EVERY DAY – doing my part – while those complaining, crying and whining are doing nothing but complaining, crying and whining all day and all night – just to have something to talk about – while they remain part of the problem and not a part of THE SOLUTION nor putting PROVEN SOLUTIONS into ACTION …

  • Linda Lowe Brown I was not offended by you, only your so called threat or promise as you call it. You are a hypocrite because Jesus is LOVE and I don’t hear love in any of the bs that you’re spouting. You judge also which the Bible says “judge not lest ye be judged” like I said you don’t know me and I don’t know you nor do I care to know you because I don’t do threats nor do I associate with people who act like you. You sir need Jesus. I have added you to my prayer list and I will continue to pray for you that you will have a spirit of love and not a spirit of hate because that is all you have sent my way. I have tried to explain my comment to you and again you attack me and my character. That’s not Christlike. Like I said only what you do for Christ will last.
  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – 1.) I don’t condem or judge peole – however – I do condemn and judge their actions that are not of GOD.
    2.) If you come up against THE HOLY SPIRIT that has given me WORDS TO SAY on this issue – you will get ran over because your out of your lane – not a threat – but a promise – but feel free to seek attention from those who think I have threatened you.
    3.) THE LOVE you are looking for is not LOVE but hate – to uphold you in your wrongs – to make you feel good when you have spoken against that which is TRUTH and specially that which is for THE EDIFICATION OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.
    “” I was not offended by you, only your so called threat or promise as you call it.””

    you were offended by my questions – which is why you called them pointless.
    you were also offended by me telling you and not asking you to stay in your lane – only satan divides by skin color – not GOD.

    I don’t agree with what these people chose to do – but that is their FREEWILL and FREEDOM OF CHOICE to do what they choose.

    However – my question were to PROVOKE one to think for themselves – and actually look and see why – a certain race has absolutely nothing compared to others – and it’s because as a whole – they have turned their backs on GOD and attempted the impossible – which is to spit in my FATHER’S FACE.

    “” You are a hypocrite because Jesus is LOVE””

    I’ve spoken nothing but TRUTH – however – you’re mixed up because I LOVE THE TRUTH more than I LOVE any human – and I won’t back down from THE TRUTH because someone doesn’t like it.

    “” and I don’t hear love in any of the bs that you’re spouting.””

    foul language now ? hmmmmm abbreviated words … hmmmm
    that’s not CHRIST LIKE – if I AM your enemy – you are to LOVE me – but then again – you’re way out of your lane – probably filled with what you hear on Sunday’s when you do go – but not what GOD SAYS ALL THROUGH THE WEEK.

    “” You judge also which the Bible says “judge not lest ye be judged”””

    Whom did I condemn or judge ot hell ??? Name ONE PERSON ….

    “” like I said you don’t know me and I don’t know you nor do I care to know you because I don’t do threats nor do I associate with people who act like you.””

    I don’t have to know you – I can go by your actions – and tell whether they are of GOD or not.

    1 John 4:1 ►
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Should have kept your mouth closed – if you didn’t like my questions ? You should have just kept it moving – but since you chose to come at me the way you did ? I chose to come back at you with TRUTH – and it seems you hated my PROOF – and chose to bear false witness against me.

    “” You sir need Jesus.””

    I sure do – EVERY DAY – that’s why I stay IN CHRIST – and don’t separate by skin color.

    “” I have added you to my prayer list and I will continue to pray for you that you will have a spirit of love and not a spirit of hate””

    Please. Don’t pray for me – I would rather someone pray for me that LOVES me – and not a person who bears false witness against me – or calls my questions pointless – and then turns to being a false witness when put in check – nor a person who’s pride made them respond to my questions with negativity.

    Proverbs 6:16-19 ►
    16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    “” because that is all you have sent my way.””

    you rejected TRUTH and you rejected PROOF of what I was speaking of – you don’t even want to admit – about the poisonous groceries that are served in the hoods across this country – so they can afford it – and the people who are poisoning their own communities ….. if they or you had any sense – you all would have started years ago with your own gardens at every building that is FIXED UP, MADE UP and PAINTED UP to look like A HOUSE OF GOD – to have FARMS, GARDENS and KITCHENS along with CANNING and FREEZING – but because so many have conformed to the ways of this world – they want to cling to it.

    Don’t worry – you can’t shake my FAITH – I know THE TRUTH hurts.

    “” I have tried to explain my comment to you and again you attack me and my character.””

    you attacked your own character when you came up against me with folly and not TRUTH – nor SCRIPTURALLY BASED REACTIONS … you came at me with your out of tune emotions.

    “” That’s not Christlike.””

    Since when did you become THE EXPERT MASTER at deliveries of CHRIST ????

    “” Like I said only what you do for Christ will last. “”

    and that’s why 1Latham Ministries is GROWING and LASTING – and the communities are picking up on THE GOOD HABITS that THE HOLY SPIRIT has SHOWN me to SHOW them …

  • Linda Lowe Brown Let me ask you a couple of questions.1. If you died right now are you sure you would go to heaven? 2. Heaven forbid; but suppose you died right now and you stood before God and He asked you “Why should I let you into my heaven?” What would you say?
  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – I hope you answer any of my questions – since I have done nothing but answer all of your questions to my knowledge.
    1.) If I died RIGHT NOW ? I will be SAVED for JUDGMENT DAY and I will be IN HEAVEN for ETERNITY.
    2.) If I stood beforSee More
  • Dennis C. Latham Linda Lowe Brown – Just as I thought – I knew you would not answer one of my questions. However – that’s all good – i know from whence you came when you first attempted to attack me – because I stood on TRUTH – you searched for ways to tear me down – since you were not able to do that – you continued on in your folly …. I know many people like you – I run across you all daily and nightly –Matthew 7:21-23
    21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


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