kevin elkins – on being courageous – even when wrong …..

Brad Sullivan had a sermon Sunday that dealt with being courageous. In all we do. Living, working, yes even dying. It does seem that A lot of people want the easy way out now . Are we as Christians really willing to put it on the line for what we believe?. I don’t think so , because if we were how can a small group of people like homosexuals have so much power on what goes on in our society in a so called Christian Nation ?. Don’t get me wrong everybody should be treated fairly in the secular rim of our society. But when it comes to changing our traditions and I believe that’s where we should hold the line. And be willing to sacrifice to do it jobs and are prestige and our position in society. In other words living courageously. So ask yourself are you willing to live courageously and Stand for what you say you believe???

  • William Green Preach brethren. Preach.
  • George Evans I am not ashamed of the gospel. !!!!!!!!
  • Terence Robinson Is this a Christian nation or a nation occupied mostly by Christians? I’d probably go with that latter.
  • Vince Cedrone The modern day American church is asleep. The major problem with churches is Pastors. Most pastors have settled on having a country club, agreeing with the world and holding on to there financially well off flock.
  • Terence Robinson Plus, there’s this little matter of the 1st Amendment. You know, the one where the nation at best, takes a hands off approach to religion. 

    You can’t be Christian, but be hands off & not declare anything. Sorry.
  • Jarvis Jerido yes I agree and let’s not for get all the souls of the innocent people who have been murdered in wars invented by the banking system and religious powers, and how we for the sake of the golden calf ( the American dream) swear our souls over to them, see on that tree of knowledge of good and evil there’s all kinds of fruit that the world is eating from which fruit are ye…..?
  • Joseph Long Kevin, you know as well as the rest of us, there are more reason’s for this then meet the eye ! The problem is , our action’s are determined mostly, but not entirely by the abundance of learned knowledge” which is in constant COMPETITION with the ” heart” the more Education you achieve, the less you listen to your heart”!!!!!!
  • Jerimiah Lee Our country is corrupt and it’s not by one party.The country is run by power and money. And access to power and money is dependent on the political system. Religion is only used as a goad. A problem at the forefront is people have been deceived into believing one party has a monopoly on Christianity–they don’t–to the point people will vote against their own better interest feeding that power and money greed. God recognizes a person’s relationship with him on an individual basis–no one will ever please God by the political party they espouse. The republican party is not going to prevent or stop gay marriage and homosexuality. It is joining instead of further distancing itself. It will incorporate homosexuals first before it ever incorporates Blacks and other minorities. It will turn out it’s reliance on racism is more important for it to maintain than it’s feigned disdain for homosexuality can ever be. Don’t continue to fool yourselves. Promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage is a world movement, not a US political party movement.

    Unfortunately, this is not a Christian country. Only Christians reside in it. I agree with most of you here, no doubt in my mind, God intended marriage to be the way it used to be. Man, not a political party, undermined that institution.…/quietly-the-republican…

  • Dennis Latham Kevin Elkins – Do as you requested others to do – attack what I say and not me personally – 

    1.) you’re not a Christian – for starters – you’re too double minded to be one – you nodded your head YES that all gays should be killed – which makes for MOR
    E PROOF you’re not a Christian.
    2.) CHRISTIANS correct and edify THE BODY OF CHRIST – you ? can’t, don’t and won’t receive correction or edification from TRUE MEN and WOMEN OF GOD – instead ? You … attack them personally – and not their ideology, philosophy, or theology that is brought to the table of discussion with you on your show and right here on FaceBook.
    3.) So… including yourself to be a Christian – is a flat out deception, false statement, and lie. Especially when you admitted on LIVE RADIO – if they agree with you – you let them talk – if they don’t agree with you – you cut them off ….. yet you turn around and brag about how you let people talk – that you don’t allow to talk. Like your caucasion caller you had yesterday – you allowed to call in TWICE !!!!!! Gave him all the time he needed to explain something you still admitted confused you even more.

    If that would have been someone my color ? or me ? The first words out of your mouth would have been –
    1.) you’ve called once already – CLICK !!!!!
    2.) what you doing calling back – CLICK !!!!!
    3.) one call per show – CLICK !!!!!!

  • Dennis Latham I HOPE and PRAY that Brad Sullivan made A CLEAR and PRECISE DESCRIPTION and EXPLANATION of being “”courageous. In all we do.””

    Most are not equipped in knowing GOD’S WILL, or THE TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST because most are under doing that which is of sat
    an and not GOD. Look around you. So telling someone who is an evildoer – to be strong in what they do – is not of GOD but of satan.

    “”how can a small group of people like homosexuals have so much power on what goes on in our society””

    Easy. They came together as a whole – and pushed what they wanted – and got it – because many people who claimed to be Christians – were OPENLY and PUBLICLY hating them – for all to see – setting the wrong example and not THE EXAMPLE OF CHRIST.

    If those who showed hatred – were ousted as they should have been.
    None of this would have happened – but most fake Christians can’t be told anything – and like a fool – can never be corrected – because they know everything there is to know.

    “” in a so called Christian Nation ?””

    This is not a Christian nation – to say so is a deception, false statement, and a lie.

    America has a core, foundation and roots of abuse, beating, cheating, destroying, harming, hurting, killing, murdering, raping, stealing and other wickedness.

    “”. Don’t get me wrong everybody should be treated fairly in the secular rim of our society.””

    What about the SPIRITUAL SECTOR Kevin Elkins ???
    You seem to only deal with leaders, preachers and teachers who are a scam – preaching and teaching to itching ears …..

    2 Timothy 4:3
    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    “” But when it comes to changing our traditions and I believe that’s where we should hold the line.””

    Most of the traditions that are bold in the many buildings now – that are fixed up, made up and painted up to look like A HOUSE OF GOD – are filled with demonic, evil, satanic, unrighteousness and wickedness.

    THUS the reason Shiloh walked so far off the cliff – because there was no correction or edification allowed.
    THUS the reason Pilgrim Rest and their pastor is being hidden from the air ways, media and news papers …. no correction or edification allowed

    “” And be willing to sacrifice””

    are you willing to sacrifice your evil and wicked ways kevin ???
    1.) 92 million people are unemployed …
    2.) hating any and everyone that has your skin color ???
    3.) allowing people to be and talk so nasty to people like 50/50 ? Miss Elizebeth ? Miss Fan ? Miss Daisey ???
    4.) are you going to stop attacking people’s characters and stop making and taking personal attacks against those whom do not agree with you ???

    “”In other words living courageously.””

    Even if you know you are doing and living wrong ?

    “” So ask yourself are you willing to live courageously and Stand for what you say you believe???””

    Personally ? I AM going to do GOD’S WILL and not my own.
    Until one knows GOD’S WILL, THE TRUE GOSPEL OF CHRIST or THE HOLY SPIRIT – one is not going to do or know GOD’S WILL.

    Matthew 6:24
    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    Let’s not be a hypocrite kevin – stand up and be a real man – and not a coward. Hold to your own rules – attack what I have done or said – not me – unless you just feel like doing your usual and attacking me personally – by calling me crazy, nuts and your usual slanderous wickedness.


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