still minister of satan – willie knight – 10-20-2014

Lady One

Listening to William Boyd Dennis Latham talk show on wkxn 102.7 fm in Montgomery #smacking #fainted #fellOutMyChair #Vote
  • Willie Knight The republicans will make a clean sweep for the governor, house of representatives, senate and Alvin Homes and Cunningham will win as Democrats.. But it’s too late to rally
  • Dennis Latham Lady One – Let me tell you someth’n ….you saw for yourself – fools don’t like THE TRUTH. Neither do they want to know the DIFFERENCE between A TRUE MAN OF GOD and a jack leg preacher of satan …..

    fools ???? they wanna stay oppressed

  • Dennis Latham Lady One – I gotta talk to Roscoe Miller about his streaming – but I do have half of it recorded – but not the callers …..
  • Dennis Latham THANKS Lady Two – I just want people to know the difference between RIGHT and wrong – and stop encouraging and lifting people in their wrong – but encourage and lift them out of their wrong …..
  • Dennis Latham <— is praying for willie knight … making false claims to the police – BUT GOD !!!! HALLELUJAH !!! I won that mess – GOD turned it into A MESSAGE – and I didn’t even have an attorney – willie bout to get A WAKE UP CALL FROM GOD if he don’t REPENT and turn from his wicked ways.
  • Willie Knight False? No you were found guilty twice but your efforts to even try to get my attention is pointless
  • Dennis Latham Not Guilty after the APPEAL – dummy – in Wetumpka – your pimp – pastor jiles williams doesn’t reach past GOD. Neither will the law suit being filed in a few days against you. Since I have PROOF from the courts – I never called you or any number you own …. you demonic, evil, satanic, unrighteous and wicked liar.
  • Dennis Latham yes .. I have PROOF of you calling me – and ADMITTING – you lied about me – to teach me a lesson – you coward.

    I keeps PROOF – and let the people have their own HEARTS, MINDS and SOULS …….. to DECIDE – who speaks TRUTH and who speaks lies – like you

  • Willie Knight That’s a lie but if you believe hey more power to you.. I don’t have to keep reliving the past with you instead of praying for me try praying for yourself.. That comedy show on Monday with you and Boyd won’t bring the people out to vote..
  • Dennis Latham what do you know about getting people to come out and get out to vote … how many votes did you get ? 2 ? BWAHHAHHHAHAHHAHHAAAAAH !!!!!!!!!
  • Willie Knight Go file. Lol ok keep hope alive
  • Dennis Latham Ran for willie cooks seat and got 2 votes – out of 20,000+ people ….. BWHAHHHHAHHAHHAHAAAAH !!!!
  • Dennis Latham only fools follow failures ……
  • Willie Knight 2 votes lol you can’t read but ok
  • Willie Knight Watch the turn out in 15 days lol this won’t be funny. People aren’t interested anymore
  • Dennis Latham How many votes did you get when you ran for willie cook’s seat ? 12 ? How many >???????
  • Willie Knight Pull it up computer wiz
  • Willie Knight It’s funny your have managed to slander a lot of names but I have learned nobody takes remotely serious at all.. I made a believer out of you so if you’re talking about suing lol lol lol lol lol lol go for it..
  • Dennis Latham Why don’t you just tell everyone here how many votes a looser like you got …. it’s too old to look up – a waste of my time – I know this – you was in LAST PLACE !!!!!!!!
  • Willie Knight Nope why don’t you post it? I didn’t come in last place if I did prove it Mr Latham.. I want to see this one..
  • Willie Knight Where is the” proof, facts and truth”?
  • Dennis Latham 3% ….. >BWHAHHHAHHAHAHHAAAH !!!!…/runoff-needed-to-decide…

    A runoff will be needed to decide a special election for Montgomery City Council district 6. The runoff will include Andre Bolding and Jon Dow. The runoff will be October 26th. These numbers may slightly|By Desmond Wingard
  • Dennis Latham that’s just as bad as 2%
  • Dennis Latham I AM done here – this house is CLEAN – until willie open’s his toof-less mouth again …..
  • Willie Knight Don’t look like last place to me
  • Dennis Latham one of these days – someone is going to sue you for that tooth you take in and out
  • Willie Knight Umm why don’t you do it? Snag?
  • Willie Knight I exposed you for the liar you are.. your still extremely embarrassed by it
  • Willie Knight I don’t blame you lol .. Hey remember that guy that slapped you silly at your church? The White Boy right? lol
  • Willie Knight He didn’t wait for you to finish your song lol
  • Dennis Latham <—- yawns .. please list ONE lie I have told minister of satan …. this link is proof of you being a liar

    THE PROOF – that willie knight – minister of satan – admitting to spreading false lies about me being a drug dealer to teach me a lesson – NOT BIBLICAL nor C…
  • Dennis Latham I keeps proof of your hatred of those doing more than you can ever imagine …

    rev willie knight – out to harm someone … how sad – Montgomery, AL
  • Dennis Latham you just mad because I didn’t bring your name up today – LOL – because you’ve been EXPOSED and it’s in THE BOOK

  • Dennis Latham <— is always PREPARED and READY
    Not just a bunch of words – but ACTION, PROOFS and TRUTH…/article-1-unholy…/

    By Dennis C. Latham June 13, 2012 Romans 16:17-18 17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18 For…
  • Willie Knight Do you Dennis at this point your old news.. Remember these words… Dennis Carlton Latham we the courts find you guilty guilty guilty..
  • Willie Knight You were exposed and people laughed at you.. Just pull the records from Millbrook City Court lol
  • Willie Knight You seen 1st how it felt to be horse whipped at your own game.. Then you lied on Kevin Elkins lol he let you down too..
  • Willie Knight These are facts.. You have lied on many people Carol, William Boyd, Jamel Brown, Chris Miles, David White, Rebecca Scott and me see you have a notorious history of lying your good at it..Minister of Satan’s Music Dennis C Latham
  • Dennis Latham I appealed that dummy – and won – PHONE RECORDS PROVED I never called you – you liar … anyway .. I have A RADIO BROADCAST to do – no more time to EXPOSE you any longer – the people who READ will know and fools will ignore THE TRUTH.

  • Willie Knight Sure will.. by the way I forgive you Dennis
  • Dennis Latham still NO PROOF – only talk
  • Dennis Latham wanna be – 3% of the voting – along with a few other looooooosers ….…/MONTGOMERY-CITY…

    Local News news from The Montgomery Advertiser.
  • Willie Knight Your point
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  • Dennis Latham my point is willie knight – you show NO PROOF – because you have NO PROOF – yet ? I continue to show PROOF and you still repeat lies, spread lies and tell lies.
  • Willie Knight What proof? Your a compulsive liar did I come in last place? LOL I asked you a question about that guy Jack slapping you while you were playing your song in church lol.. So continues to spread lies and make a fool out of yourself.. Your lying about been found not guilty you did some community service to have it remove Carlton stop lying all the time find one day you can be honest..
  • Willie Knight You never thought you’d see the day someone would get your information and man handle you in court like I did from your Georgia phone number to your address in Millbrook.. I shocked you lol lol lol lol lol.. Whatever lie you must spread to make yourself feel better about the situation keep it going..
  • Willie Knight Hey Dennis ain’t no one told you not guilty your probation is up and you did what they told you to do lol lol lol.. You can tag 1000 stories but you can’t discredit my message at all.. Check mate your a Minister of Satan’s Music..
  • Dennis Latham all just words out of your mouth that are lies. Not one piece of proof.

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