Thaddeus Matthews – boy toy of satan and his 10’s of 1,000’s of followers – sample 1

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Just got word that it’s official that Frederick Smith and his congregation New Life Holiness are not considered a part of COGIC. Javier Bailey who acts as a adviser for church affairs for COGIC states that Supt . Linwood Dillard says that even though Smith was licensed and ordained as a COGIC minister when he joined the churches of the Nazerene he neither his church were considered any longer as COGIC.

Bailey who spoke with Smith this morning says that smith is very distraught and says that he does not know how he’s going to make it. Which is of no concern at all to me.

This story has taken on a life of it’s own a video post I made two days ago has been viewed over 350,000 times. I have had calls from around the country and will be appearing on a blog radio program Friday out if Chicago hosted by Dr . Katrina Sanders whose husband is a elder in COGIC and whose father in law is a jurisdictional Bishop.

The church and those who are believers must stand for what is right no matter what others may say or think . There are more wolves in the pulpit coming. By the way Elder Buckley of St .Paul COGIC allowed Smith to preach on his pulpit on Sunday, hmmm , this is the same Buckley that St. Paul took COGIC to court on because they didn’t want him as pastor because they felt he was gay but COGIC still allowed him to serve, hmmm maybe I need to pull the court documents.


  • Derrik Germany Yo, I got mad respect for you!!! But, you make me LAUGH!!! ‘when you are a man of God, and YOU like dick in yo mouth, and dick in yo @$&……..’ LOLOL
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  • Paul Battle Death is what those people will get it is law read Leviticus
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  • Drbarbara Norman Robertsphd I am not trying to fight anyone Mr. Crain. There are no lies in the Bible. I shall state the facts. Homosexuality is a sin and will keep a person(s) out of heaven. That is simple!
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  • Drbarbara Norman Robertsphd I have read Leviticus and you are most definitely RIGHT.
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  • Paul Battle It is the people that stands on truth obligation to expose evil, people are quoting scripture and don’t know what it means and what kills me is when these so called holy than thou idiots be quick to say that we are not living under the old law we are living under grace as if the people who lived during the old testament was not living under grace for any one to Say things of that nature is calling Allah (God) a liar God gave us the laws and we should try to live by them
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  • Sunnie SoLovely Sunshine Thad…I had a conversation about this church….last wk…this young man was razzling and dazzling a red satin jacket with rhinestones for the Pastor and his Asst Pstr….and when he told me about this church I was appauded….at such…and he ask me for my opinion….and I tried not to engage but I simply just had to….So I told him about the story in the bible about those two men who went to Lots’ house to commit the acts of homosexuality……on the stranger passing through the town…,and how that is the act and “sin of abomination”…..I told him maybe After the…… “Portraying of Gods’ Actions”….Maybe Some Will Become Saved and Repent and Change From Their Wicked Ways…while they are ….over there….. FAKING THE FUNK…..Because “Sin Is A Choice”…..and Not A Trait……”Be Ye Not Deceived One unto the Other”…..For you will… held accountable….. for what you tell….People of God’s. ….Getting to know what God has to say to you does not require you to be/go amongst and amidst….Satan…..To know to take the narrow road to Life and Christ…..surround yourself with the True Saints Of God…..
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  • Robert Crain @ Dennis, with all that scripture you quoted you forgot one underlying truth. You forgot to show me where your Bible says its wrong to speak out aganist fruity pastors. You use the scripture to try to cow ppl into submission which means you are not a person of true belief. Your kind is the reason the young ppl r fleeing the faith community. You are defending a pastor that is apparently a fecal freak whe own wife has left. Sir, you are equating a minister as being more than human which means you are saying the passa is god and you sir are a blasphemy supporter.
    Face facts, No real man pastor or not is going to sit back and watch another negro call him a sodemite. Yoy must be a muffin head member of that demon pit you call a church. If Thaddeus called me gay I would’ve had him to answer for that if its false. Face it that ain’t peanut butter around freds mouth and that sure isn’t creme in his coffee. If Thaddeus is the devil why are you on his page if that fecal freak pastor is innoncent? Why his wife leave? Answer that or take your sodemite behind on somewhere. I said clearly his church should comnence a church trial and if guilty deal with it.
    Sounds, to me you are a fecal freak yourself. You are a filthy sodemite arent you?
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  • Drbarbara Norman Robertsphd When people make a choice, I choose heaven and not hell. The Bible also says: And a lier will not tarry in my sight, wow, Pastor Fred, has made his choice. Yes, he can pray and ask for forgiveness. Like I stated earlier, it all is going to come out. There is a lot of sin in the pulpit and throughout churches. Just watch what’s ready to happen and is happening!
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  • Robert Crain @Dr. Barbara, I think you misunderstand me. You and I are in total agreement. I was saying Leviticus says a lot of things including saying what should happen to these pillow biting fecal freak sodemite sissies using a spirtual postion to hunt deviant sexual behaviors
  • Danielle X BowenSMDH!!!!!!::Peace&Blessings::#Pleasestoppreaching#imoverit
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  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Creme – you didn’t read my comments then ….. here are the scriptures again ……

    Ezekiel 3:18 ►
    When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.
    Ezekiel 33:6 ►
    But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

  • Drbarbara Norman Robertsphd Please forgive me @Robert Crain. I am in agreement with you. I re-read your post. Well stated. Keep up the greatness!
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  • Sunnie SoLovely Sunshine Amen….Mr.Battle….they dont even understand the true concept of Gods’Perpetual Laws…..Permanent Laws To Be Kept and Honored…,In Remembrance Of Christ….Im like you on some of these ppl understanding of the Scripture….Just like those who go to church out of tradition…..and…tell…folks….God said Forsaken Not To Gather In a Assembly In His Name…..they think thats just with going to church….when the church doors….does not…..stay nor be open for 24/7….which means be ye always ready and prepared to tell somebody about him and his words as we sojourn thru this life….dr.offices,grocery stores,schools,place of employments…and etc…any arena where there is two or more….gather……He said hes in the midst…..and….he will give you the right words at the right time for the right occassion….and thats anywhere and everywhere. ..My Lord….Is There……ppl establish your own profound relationship with God,so THAT you can not be DECEIVED BY THE MAN IN THE PULPIT….STUDY THE WORD OF GOD MEDITATE UPON IT. ….ASK FOR UNDERSTANDING AND IT SHALL BE GRANTED UNTO YOU… that Christ Light will be your Guide……
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  • Robert Crain @Dr.Barbara, its cool, I just wanted to clear that with you. I knew I wasn’t clear. We are in total agreement
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  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – did you know a lying tongue is also an abomination unto GOD ? shedding the blood of the innocent ? Are you this angry and mad about those ? as much as you are about gays ?

    You know ? Most people who raise so much hell against gay people – are the very people who are pissed because they have a desire to indulge – but they fear being caught by man and not GOD – like eddie long …..

  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – you ignore the fact that you can’t address each and every person that has called you something you are not.

    I have been called many things that I AM not by many people. However. I do have A LIVE RADIO and TV BROADCAST where I allow the callers to speak and address things that are brought to my attention.

    I also have proof of crooked preachers making up lies about me – even to the police – causing me to be arrested – yet I won in court and phone records PROVED i didn’t do what I was accused of.

    However – i do know this – you are all bent out of shape – trying to protect sin – by blasting another sin. I see right through you.

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  • Sunnie SoLovely Sunshine Ppl if we were not still under The Law Of Torah….God could have made two separate Bibles and not one…..He said…In the old and new…..for his Perpetual Laws are Permanent. …and not a tittle nor jot….should be changed….So it Is….. What it Is….Christ came to Save Us With and By his Grace to show mankind as flesh you can live according to the words of God which has been given unto us All….Its all about choices we make…..Christ was here and is still here within us to help us stay on the narrow road to righteousness….Christ made wise choices as the ppl around him indulged/engaged in Sinfulness…..but Christ /HE DID NOT SIN…..For he taught,shown and warn the ppl….about the Consequences Of Sin…..So Mankind….when we choose to sin we are making conscious choices…..
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  • Sunnie SoLovely Sunshine The bible does state speak no ill will of a man of God….bcuz this will cause you to be out of order….possibly a curse to come upon you and yours but to judge the action of another is safe. …so that you will know what to Refrain From….because some of these accusations are highly sexual inflammatory. …while pertaining to Gods’laws,wills,and ways…..Especially correlating them with his Words Of The Bible…
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  • No Weapons Formedagainst Meshallprosper Dr barbara the bible speaks n leviticus man kind shouldn’t lay with man kind as with women kind but also tht is the old testament which Jesus ame nd done away with some of those laws but I disagree with u wen u say they r hell bound only person tht kno tht is God himself I dnt agtee with pastors hiding their sexuality but I hav nothn to do with ny of it bc I dnt hav a heaven nor hell to put any1 n so I’ll leave all this to the 1 tru judge nd tht God himself we all not living n righteousness ourselves me included we all sin nd fall short of his glory tht y we ask for forgiveness evrdy
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  • Robert Crain @Dennis, thanks for confirming you are a sodemite. Sir, did you not hear me? I say again, If these allegations are true that if the dear passa likes the kind of peanut butter that stinks that his church elders should have a private church trial and if found guilty deal with it did I not. With all your ardent defense you STILL haven’t denied the allegations or answered why his beautiful first lady left. Hmmm, you must understand being a fecal freak is between God and the passa but all Freedie booty eaters mess is public consumption.
    Also, I would never trade a woman’s delights for some hairy demon filled fecal freaks behind. If you are suffering from that Dennis, I suggest you go deep in prayer. I believe Thaddeus, is right. His delivery is entertaining sometimes crude but haven’t heard one of you DENY fred likes a mans behind which makes him unqualified to preach Until he gets that under control ijs so you come on thaddeus page to get listeners dude you gay lol
  • Astonishing Ashley This pastor is going to hell before any gay person is… trust and believe that. HE is the wolve in sheeps clothing he is talking about.#FakeChurchesEverywhere
  • Robert Crain @no weapons, Are you calling Jesus a liar when he said I came to CONFIRM the law NOT DESTROY IT. Lol@ at yet another preacher worshipper instead of the one ALL MIGHTY GOD himself. Any member of a church that doesn’t at first PRIVATELY confront a pastors misdeed then make them public is crazy. You would not say all that if he was putting YOUR SON in touch with his feminine side. One word for you maam. Hypocritical nutcase well,2 words lol.of course, we all got our sin but Jesus, would NEVER lie on God as you are doing in your post. Don’t tell me what Paul said. Tell me what Jesus said. You ppl r nuts. Now, you will say Jesus started Christianity huh? The name comes from the Romans after Jesus departed. The early followers of Christ didn’t even beleive in his divinity that came at the Council of Niceia pardon the spelling. Its not about Dr. Barbara putting him in hell The word says that particular behavior will. Are you saying the word is a lie?
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  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – to address your demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness – I will give you more TRUTH and a clearer view of your own evils.

    “”@Dennis, thanks for confirming you are a sodemite.””

    1.) I AM not a sodomite – nor do I engage in sodomy – liar …
    2.) The correct spelling is sodomite – not sodemite.

    “” Sir, did you not hear me?””

    No … I can’t hear you – but I can read your words and see through you

    “” I say again, If these allegations are true that if the dear passa likes the kind of peanut butter that stinks that his church elders should have a private church trial and if found guilty deal with it did I not.””

    if the so called pastor is a pedophile or gay – and it is proven ?
    he should be removed – however – it seems you are basing all of your information from a cussing factory boy toy of satan

    “” With all your ardent defense””

    I AM not defending anyone in their evil – I AM only bringing LIGHT and TRUTH to a dark place you reside in

    “” you STILL haven’t denied the allegations””

    neither have you shown me any proof either …..
    why should I deny something I know little or nothing about ?
    you want me to just jump on the band wagon because you’re obsessed with gays ?

    “” or answered why his beautiful first lady left.””

    Where is the proof she left ?

    “” Hmmm, you must understand being a fecal freak is between God and the passa but all Freedie booty eaters mess is public consumption.””

    you have a very nasty mouth and mind

    “”Also, I would never trade a woman’s delights for some hairy demon filled fecal freaks behind.””

    I don’t know – you seem obsessed – you speak as if you have some hidden secrets yourself – and that you would like to indulge in – but you are scared of what man will say about you – and you care less about what GOD will say about it.

    “” If you are suffering from that Dennis, I suggest you go deep in prayer.””

    you are the one suffering – not me – you are the one who is filled with anger – as if these so called gay people can’t be DELIVERED, HEALED or SAVED ….

    “” I believe Thaddeus, is right. His delivery is entertaining sometimes crude””

    his delivery is of satan and not GOD.

    “” but haven’t heard one of you DENY fred likes a mans behind””

    don’t know the man like that – and have seen no proof – only a loud mouth cussing factory boy toy of satan

    “” which makes him unqualified to preach Until he gets that under control ijs””

    if it’s true ? yes – he should be removed from his position – but you still refuse to show me any proof –

    “”so you come on thaddeus page to get listeners dude you gay lol””

    naw … I didn’t come here to get listeners – liar – and no – I AM not gay – liar.

    Although – a lying tongue is also an abomination unto GOD – so let’s see how angry and mad you get at yourself – oh hypocrite with hidden desires and secrets

  • Robert Crain @Dennis, Boy if you ain’t fruity I don’t KNOW what is. Now, you come petty with spelling YOU defending this passa proves you have an affinity for sodemite ppl. Nit pick all you want sissy. Anybody, who has a show as you claim, but comes on another media persons page to promote himself is a desperate copy cat. Your crap is amusing to me.i gave my view you are a filthy fecal freak sodomite and I stand by that. Now, are you finished pillow biter? Am enjoying the show. I told you I like my WIFE and I don’t mean those boys you like I mean the REAL THING.
  • Dennis C. Latham thadius’ movements are very questionable ….. really feminine ….

    Weekdays, 7-9 pm Comcast Channel 31
  • Robert Crain @Dennis, you say show evidence? 1.That fine piece of cheesecake of a wife leaves. 2. He is caught at the fruity pick up spot at 1am with a 22yr old claiming he got jacked but yet pressed no charges and the brave victim verfied the sissy tried to get sexual favors. blk straight guy will NEVER let some dude bash his sexuality without the accusset answers for it. 4.He stole those good white folks money lol. If it walks like a sissy quakes like a sissy it is a sissy.i say its up his church of merry sissies to put him on trial in church if found guilty then step down ,get his fruity under control then if they want him back vote on it. . So, is my view clear? Now, may i see the last of the show ? Also, send the link to your show sissy. I will tune in.
  • Robert Crain @Dennis, since you like to correct spelling, its’ Thaddeus, not thadius. Get on sissy am busy watching the show and enjoying a real womans delights
  • Joey Bee Oh lawd!!! Who is this on the phone?!?!?!

    Joey Bee's photo.
  • Kerri Moffitt THIS TOO MUCH Altonio Chunky-Love Smith LORT GEEZUS! I AM FLATLINED______________

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  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – explain this please ……/thaddeus-matthews…

    Controversial Memphis radio talk show host Thaddeus…
  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – anyone who knows me – knows I PURPOSELY misspell people’s names who are of satan – just like I spell lucyfur – but feel free to defend, help, protect and serve your boy toy thadius …….
  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – can you provide me with just ONE LINK ??? Just ONE ???
  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – you call me a sissy. can you show some PROOF please ?
  • Kendra Parker Seriously I can believe that you all are arguing over this… and the deceiver is laughing at us all surely we losing focus of the bigger picture. I’m praying that all eyes will be open to the scheme as devices of the enemy
  • Dennis C. Latham Kendra Parker – believe this – thadius is no man of GOD nor SAVED …. and he’s abusive to children and women – so take your blinders off for a change and a while.

    Charlotte Bergmann responds to the vile attack on her…
  • Robert Crain @Dennis, you called me a heathen. Show me a link showing that and I will give a damn to validate my view of YOU being a pillow biter. Now, i have had a bit of fun laughing at you and your fellow sissies but now the old lady demands her nightly foot rub. I told you to send me the link for your show either here or inbox and I will call in.NOT defending Thaddeus but I have no right to put his delightful entertaining show down but on this subject He is right in MY VIEW. YOU most likely are a member of Pastors Fred pillow biter crew. Are you a member of that church? Now, until I get the link for your show later sissy
  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – find yourself – as you worship idol gods by the name of thadius .. as you defend his foul and vulgar language …..


    HE’ATHEN, n. Gr. from heath, that is, one who lives in the country or woods, as pagan from pagus, a village.

    1. A pagan; a Gentile; one who worships idols, or is unacquainted with the true God. In the Scriptures, the word seems to comprehend all nations except the Jews or Israelites, as they were all strangers to the true religion, and all addicted to idolatry. The word may now be applied perhaps to all nations, except to Christians and Mohammedans.

    Heathen, without the plural termination, is used plurally or collectively, for Gentiles or heathen nations.

    Ask of me, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance. Ps.2.

    Heathen, however, has a plural, expressing two or more individuals.

    If men have reason to be heathens in Japan–

    The precepts and examples of the ancient heathens.

    2. A rude, illiterate, barbarous person.

    HE’ATHEN, a. Gentile, pagan; as a heathen author.


    HE’ATHENISM, n. Gentilism; paganism; ignorance of the true God; idolatry; the rites or system of religion of a pagan nation.

    1. Rudeness; barbarism; ignorance.


    HE’ATHENIZE, v.t. To render heathen or heathenish.

  • Altonio Chunky-Love Smith Kerri Moffitt yeah this is to much, but I love it.
  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Crain – thanks for not address the child porn indictment – and running from that – and thanks for not providing any links to prove this preacher is gay …. I AM done. Ask for PROOF and excuses are fired back.
  • Teetee Malone-Mays Typing whole paragraphs to prove what? Dennis C. Latham you must be late in the game thaddeus got in trouble for sharing a pic to help find a child molester you must not be from Memphis cause you would know that thaddeus has not been convicted of any charges
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  • Teetee Malone-Mays And furthermore you been on his page all day so you basically indulging in foolishness so you sinning as well….lol…geez
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  • Robert Crain @Teetee, i have been laughing at dude for hours yanking his chain. Dude,says he has his own show BUT provides no link but is on here talking stuff because thaddeus exposed old Pastor peanut butter lol
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  • Robert Crain @Dennis, fool I told you I was rubbing my old ladies feet as per my nightly ritual. I work 11-7am. So my breakfast will be ready when I get home. Its called a heterosexual relationship. You should try it sodomite instead of chasing Thaddeus for exposing old Fred pastor peanut butter
  • Teetee Malone-Mays They not from this area so they posting what they think they know but people that has been in Memphis and was listening to thaddeus on the radio know what’s up…lol…it’s funny cause he typing whole essays…lol
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  • Robert Crain @Teetee, yeah dude is just some simple minded fecal freak. I have had a ball pulling his chain. Lol, Thaddeus has been exposing fools for years and simple fact is if they don’t like his delivery style why are they all over his page?sounds gay to me. Hehe
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  • Dennis C. Latham Teetee Malone-Mays – no … I AM spreading TRUTH – while others are spreading deceptions, lies and tricks …. but I understand the need to praise and worship males like this – so ya’ll have at it ….

    while you protect someone for posting kiddy porn because they were too caught up in shock jocking – to not blur out the child – therefore leading them to EXPLOIT the child …. have at it heathens ….

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