David White – 9/27/2014

  • David White …… “”who gives a crap about women”” Come on now I not even really a Kevin Elkins fan but this is a dumb comment to try to make a point about some body because you dont like there views.


  • Dennis C. Latham David White – it’s not about his views – it’s about his actions against children and women of his race that he hates. However – you hate anything I stand for anyway …. the very reason you were just like kevin when ya’ll saw me face to face. kevin was like a deer in head lights – just like you at that Dollar Tree in Prattville.talk your trash across the way – but face to face ? like little children on the porch with the REAL MEN. No you don’t have any business there – but you want to be and seem so relevant ….
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  • David White Dude I dont got around chasing down people its like the very way I did some work for you and you unknowingly didnt know that I did it. It works 2 ways Montgomery is not that big I see you way before you can see me.Point making dont use a mans comment to make your point. I dont like Kevins comment no more than the next man but at the same time trying to prove a worthless point for a personal agenda does not help anybody.
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  • David White And look for the record Dennis you aint no gangsta you dont scare anybody and never did. The same way Willie Knight shut you down it could have been done the same way. You followed me around the store unknowingly and then talk while you where sitting in your car where you felt safe so save that sad story for some one who does not know the Dennis Latham history.If you was a real dude you would have step to me while you walking around the store but we already know what kind of dude you are . You get no respect in the streets nor do you get it on the radio.
  • Joseph Long Thanks Dennis, remember in order to defeat evil, one must be more evil”!!!
  • Joseph Long David white, what’s going on man ? You and Dennis and about five others on this site are just to valuable to our city for this kind of behavior! We also have about four women on the site regularly that I admire, hopefully we all can be more excepting of each other’s views, or just be willing to sit down and have a cup of coffee or cold beer together and brainstorm it!!!
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  • David White Joseph Long that tired old mess Dennis Latham is talking most of it is some over hyped lies and one thing I know people do around here is stretch the truth.I dont care for Kevin Elkins opinions hardly ever but I aint going to go around town spreading rumors about him. I will call him out on what I see him do not speculate on what I think he is doing or go around guessing on things I know for fact I am not sure of.He is sitting here coming on this man page saying he hates women. When Kevin put up a post about helping a woman. He may feel like women should do this verses that but I have never seen or heard of him saying out right he hate women.If you dont like a man just admit you dont like him but dont make up a story to fit your cause because of you dont like what he says on a regular aint nobody forcing anybody to get up and listen to him every morning.
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  • Dennis C. Latham David White – I don’t exaggerate or stretch any truths into lies – listen to his radio show and you can here him project his hate toward children and women every week day dummy.I have proof on YouTube of what I say about kevin – you big dummy.
    I don’t have to make up anything to say about anyone.it’s not that I don’t like him. I don’t like the hate he spreads as aright winger,t-bagger, and I really don’t like the hate he spread as he lies about being a christian.so …. you need to take yourpanzy self somewhere else – and stop with the false accusations about me.For the record ? kevin didn’t post this – dummy – Jessie Tompkins posted it …. you’d never see kevin post anything like this – because it goes against his massa’s and masterss as he remains a house kneegrow. Sort of like you.

  • David White Your a joke Dennis nobody respect s you.
  • Dennis C. Latham that’s you’re and not your. Learn some english
  • David White Get some respect so you don’t have to hide. A grown man over 50 running around hiding
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – what exactly am I running from and where is your PROOF I AM running from anything ?
  • Dennis C. Latham Just as I thought …. cowards love to spread lies – but have no proof to back up what they say – then run like dogs with their tail between their legs.
  • David White That’s your favorite line I have proof. Even if you had truth it take you a whole show to get it out.
  • Dennis C. Latham Like I said … my proof is on YouTube – just like kevin nodding his head and agreeing that all gays should be killed.
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – where is your proof that I AM running and what is it I AM running from – you liar.
  • Dennis C. Latham Jessie Tompkins Joseph Long – see how kevin rubs off on people ?
  • David White You don’t have my time or respect to even prove a worthless point
  • Dennis C. Latham THANKS for your PROOF that doesn’t even exist… not go and get on the phone with your hebrew israelite cult buddies and gossip for the remainder of the night
  • David White Your boring Dennis the information you bring out is wasteful and useless. Nobody listens to you
  • David White And the funny part Kevin kicks you on and off his page. I mean you have to be begging him or something in order for him to let you back on. It is like your a clown show but the problem is your show is so horrible that people dont have time or the energy to waste for you to even finish the show.Its the same routine everybody lying on Dennis or somebody is coming up with false accusation on Dennis the same old sob story over and over.Blah Blah Blah.Nobody talks about you anymore because people have realized that you are sick and your whole life is based on some one giving you some attention.
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  • Dennis C. Latham I AM so glad you like that comment Kevin Elkins – because you’re just digging your ditch even deeper. thief.
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – you still have no proof to back up nothing you say about me. you and all your hebrew israelite cult buddies are the real joke – ya’ll are just being used and you don’t even know it. Remain in your delusions and reprobate minds with your hate for JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT – which you all don’t discuss …… little or not at all. and your hate for caucasions ….I mean… it is you nutts who say arabs, asians, and caucasions CAN NOT GO TO HEAVEN … yet your leader is married to an asian and has kids by that asian ….. how pathetic.
  • Dennis C. Latham kevin is just keeping you company on his page because he knows how you and your cult are against caucasions …. and he wants the hatred around to give him a purpose to have hate … .I BRING LIGHT AND TRUTH and that’s what most like you and kevin hate with passion.
  • David White Dude he has never kicked me off his page. I bring substance you bring a bunch of garbage. You said the man hates women. The man stated on this post he is welling to help and send money for this female.
  • David White You bring no substance to the conversation every thing goes back to me, me, me. and you need to play the accused in order for you to feel relevant in the conversation.
  • Dennis C. Latham he says that to get points – he doesn’t mean it – and he keeps you because you’re mixed up with chris miles and willie knight – all of ya’ll are nothing but criminals and crooks – claiming GOD so spread your message of hate that arabs, asians and caucasions can’t go to HEAVEN.
  • David White How in the hell do you know what he means. Are you ironing his pants at home?
  • Dennis C. Latham people like you turn to personal attacks – instead of discrediting THE TRUTH I speak and specially THE TRUTH about you and your demonic cult
  • Dennis C. Latham I know a con artist and a scam artist when I see one.
    I go by past and current actions and hatred against women for the past 4 or 5 years I have heard on his show.
  • David White So what have you seen him do that is so hateful to women?
  • David White Now this man has a wife and kid at home verses you having a beer and some Vaseline. How can you say this man hates women verses you?
  • David White Again you attacked this dude and then turn around and play the victim.
  • David White Come on Dennis these are not trick question here. If you know him so well show physical proof that he hates women?
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – I have not played any victim you lunatic. Does not your cult believe and say and tell people that arabs, asians and caucasions can not get into HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ????
  • David White Kevin Elkins Dennis Latham pulled the classic montgomery alabama move. Now he dont want to focus on the subject. He cant prove you hate women. He has no physical evidence that shows you hate women but yet he wants to put on your page you hate women.Now all the cameras and computer knowledge this whacky cat has why cant he prove you hate women?
  • Dennis C. Latham I have every right to call him out and anyone else who claims to be a christian – but acts like and evildoer …… but you’re trying to defend him – that’s good – IGNORE my question to you ……
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – answer one question. Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????
  • David White Yeah I am going to defend him because you telling a bunch of myths. You cants show that he hates women. In your house you have all kind of technical equipment to prove your point show me how he hates women.
  • Dennis C. Latham Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????answer that question David White ….. answer tough guy
  • David White Tell us how Kevin hates women? You cant do that can you?
  • Dennis C. Latham see … I bring out what’s been hiding in the dark – I drag out the skeletons of those who are false prophets and false teachers …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????
  • David White We aint talking about arabs and all of that you said Kevin hates women show how?
  • David White You stated it! Easy question to answer
  • David White Based on knowledge you dont even have a wife. How can you say he hates women and he has a wife and kid? If he hates women do you think his wife would be with him right now?
  • Dennis C. Latham answer the question David White …. it’s what you believe and what you lunatics teach …… answer the question .. stop running – be a man ….
  • David White Show how Kevin hates women!
  • Dennis C. Latham Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????
  • Dennis C. Latham answer the question and I will be glad to RE-POST the videos again that proves kevin hates women
  • David White You cant do it can you. You want to twist the subject but I aint letting you do that show how Kevin hates women?
  • David White Its your statement you should be able to back it up!
  • Dennis C. Latham here is one you lunatic – where he degrades those women who have made it into high offices of even the white house ..

  • Dennis C. Latham Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????
  • Dennis C. Latham every question you answer ? another video I will show
    Can arabs, asians or caucasions go to HEAVEN ? YES OR NO ??????
  • David White 2 mins in this video he aint said nothing about hating women!
  • David White You took what he said out of content man you are a joke!
  • David White This is the best you got? All the computer equipment you have and this is the best video you can come up with they are not really talking about women.
  • David White Then it is a video that goes back to 2011 Ha! ha! Man this dude is a straight clown! Ha! Ha!
  • David White This video right here is why nobody takes you serious. My point is proven.
  • Dennis C. Latham David White – I told you – for each question you answer – I will give up a video – although you will discredit each and everything I post – you still won’t answer my question … because you know – all these caucasions who are reading this – who even hate me for what I stand for – are reading this …. you are a low coward who refused to answer a simple question about your screwed up beliefs
  • David White Point is proven! I will not allow you to twist the topic. Like you tried to do
    Kevin s comments.
  • Dennis C. Latham you are ashamed to admit openly and publicly in front of the readers that you teach arabs, asians and caucasions can not go to HEAVEN and will not go to HEAVEN – you are ashamed of your own teachings – avoiding to even say no – you don’t believe that or teach that.See.. I EXPOSE the hidden agendas – just like I EXPOSE those of kevin elkins and many others who hide ….. you coward.

    Dennis C. Latham Everyone can see David White – you came here verbally attacking me on other issues that you can’t prove – but when I bring out the skeletons in your closet – you get quiet and attempt to avoid allowing the readers to know how you and your cult teach about arabs, asians and caucasions.

    you leader chris miles kisses up to mark montiel even to cover up ya’ll true intent – but I have proof you all teach that mess.
    So….. continue to be the coward you are. ASHAMED to admit it and ASHAMED to deny it – because you know I SPEAK TRUTH – and TRUTH is what you hate.
  • David White This ain’t got nothing to do with me this is about helping the lady on the post and you saying that Kevin hate women. I just bust you across the head
    With your false story
  • Dennis C. Latham again … you won’t answer my question – and don’t have the guts or the spine to ADMIT it or DENY it …… you’re just a coward …. just like when I saw you at that Dollar Tree – you was like a little lamb amongst LIONS.you wasn’t talk’n all this mess and trash – you were so humble meek and remorseful – like a dog running away with it’s tail between it’s legs.
  • David White Ha! Ha! I can care less about your raggedy question matter of fact F u as a whole. I have seen you plenty of time but the next time I see you it will not.be you sneak ing around dollar tree with.a.camera like a punk I am going to step to you man to man. You.cant run around.hiding.anymore
  • David White I know you are because that’s what you going to. See Willie did you in one time and you got ghost around town but me an Willie are different so when you dealing with me when you make your stories up I will narrate this time so it can be right
  • Dennis C. Latham willie knight lost in court – as he falsely accused me and signed warrants agaisnt me – claiming I called him threatening him and his family – it was PROVEN in court- I have never EVER called willie knight.

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