Dr. Boyce Watkins – my RESPONSE to your attempt to make money at the expense of your believers being blind of your true agenda


I just told CNN that I’m working to pull together a group of attorneys to sue Epic Records for the mass promotion of homicidal marketing messages to young black men. If you can’t market cigarettes and liquor to minors, you shouldn’t be allowed to market mass murder.

We’re waiting for their response.

  • Dennis C. Latham  – he’s a scam artist – trying to get paid – he doesn’t care about us – he only cares about making money to keep up with his wanted lifestyle and position in life and media at this time – trying to be and seem relevant this AGE and DAY.he turns his back on INNOCENT people who have PROOF of their innocence.
    he chooses to not help those INNOCENT by not doing stories on them – because they have THE PROOF – he treats them as if they are going to or trying to steal his spot light – so he continues to be a part of the problem and not the solution.

    i have no reason to lie about this male who is very childish and immature.
    however – just like the many false prophets and false teachers out there – they have a jam packed congregation – like eddie long – still in business after proving he was a con and scam artist ….

    Just like preachers we know – who should be REMOVED – but are still in place – because the people have been BRAINWASHED to believe they are not to speak against or up to a so called leader, preacher or teacher.

  • Dennis C. Latham  – if he were truly for us ? he would be suing BET, CENTRIC, BOUNCE TV and TVONE – for promoting all the negativity they pump into the minds of the people who watch that mess and the minds of those people they target ….. but as you can see – he will go after something totally different – only to play on the emotions of the people – who are blind, deaf, dumb, lost, simple and / or weak.
  • Dennis C. Latham – lastly ? If he really cared about us ? he would put on A REVOLUTION to RAISE, TEACH and TRAIN out CHILDREN, YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS and others to not be duped by the brainwashing and promotion of drugs, female disrespect and other traps the enemy has laid out before us and our children and our future.He would go after the current leaders, preachers and teachers in main stream media to join in and do what is right ….. PEACE … and if he deletes this ? I have a copy – because this is what I PREACH and TEACH DAILY for FREE.


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  1. I can bare witness you are telling the truth about him not printing stories about our people who have the evidence to support their issues. He is a good for nothing desiring to be a leader of our people…Truth has come to you~

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