All of this is bull crap – mixed with chicken crap …… all this trying to reinvent the wheel and blame america and whitey for your own mess ….. all of this is just a bunch of excuses …
1.) Set community standards as to what goes on in your community / house – keep drugs out
2.) make sure each child is not left behind – failure is not an option – pick up the slack for others
3.) get good grades – stay out of the streets – make sure your kids get and keep good grades
4.) keep your butt out of the clubs – and spend more time RAISING, TEACHING and TRAINING yourself and your kids.
5.) stop just voting – come together and pick someone to run for office – and make sure the people are in command of that person – once they are voted in – instead of waiting around – complaining, crying and whining – and voting for who the enemy gives you to vote for.
6.) all of those with skills and trades – come together in each community – RAISE, TEACH and TRAIN the CHILDREN, YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS and anyone else who wants to learn – then continue the process.
7.) stop looking to government to give you what they don’t have … they don’t have JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS or TRUTH.

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I AM A MASTER @ SPIRITUAL WARFARE – and ain’t sell’n noth’n – but SHOWING more than I AM tell’n.