Adrianne Calhoun the “”Pharmacy Technician”” attempts a jezebel take over using scriptures out of context.

  • JUST IN – September 14, 2016

“”Mr. Latham, I read your blog on this person, and wanted you to see a screen shot one of her facebook “friends” sent to me. Your blog doesn’t allow attachments, but I thought you may like to see how right you are about this demonic person. I’ve known this person for a very long time and she is just a vile human being. The things she has done to others is absolutely horrible. She has caused so much destruction, misery, and problems for everyone and anything she touches. I believe she worships the devil, I do NOT believe for one minute that she is now a “Christian,” because she still LIES about everything she has done, she still blames others for her choices, she is still a very nasty lying evil soul.””



  • Would you believe it?

    Would you believe it?

    Adrianne Calhoun Geez enough already! All the caption is saying is that the hospitals,doctors and pharmaceutical companies make big money from people being sick, and it suggests, not confirms that cures may be out there but not used because of the money gained by these “Businesses”. Whether this is true or not, we shall never know, but I sure hope not.
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  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – maybe you’re never know – but I already know. There are several cures for cancer. I’ve seen them work with my own eyes – and I’ve seen doctors stunned – but still rely only on FDA medications and continue to reject natural means – because they are bound by FDA to do so.Now … what do you mean by enough already ??? Are you attempting to CUT OFF and END conversations on my POST on my WALL ???Seriously …. that’s not a good thing to do – we are not connected in any kind of way here on FaceBook through any friends at all … and for you to come here BOLDLY as you have done – there are two things I can do and say about that.

    1.) the jezebel spirit is a control freak – and a manipulator .. and I know how to deal with this spirit – very easily.
    2.) Psalm 37:14 ►
    The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.

  • Dennis C. Latham Robert Alpert – just now reading and seeing your comment … here is my answer.1.) The purpose CHRIST was sent – was to MAKE and PREPARE a way for others to get to GOD and HEAVEN – but they have to go through CHRIST – CHRIST is THE ONLY WAY.
    2.) As a LOVER OF GOD, FOLLOWER OF CHRIST and RECEIVER and RECEPTOR of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD – one is to ACT, BE, and LIVE like CHRIST – That alone will lead ANYONE to CHRIST AUTOMATICALLY – if they chose to or want to. Not everyone was to be lead to CHRIST. Those are the ones we are not supposed to waste our time with – because while spending endless energy and time on someone who doesn’t want CHRIST – we will miss those who do`want CHRIST.
    3.) I have personally lead many to CHRIST – you probably have too – just didn’t know it maybe – but I always say – you can lead them – but you can’t make them –
    anyway …. I hope this answers your questions.
  • Adrianne Calhoun Dear Dennis,
    My comment starting with “Enough already” was not geared toward anyone at all. It was merely to point out and focus on what the caption is actually about. However, as for your insulting comments suggesting I am or have been touched by a Jezebel spirit, I do take offense, and therefore I must point out to you that the bible says:
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matt. 7:1″For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matt:7:2Romans 2:1
    You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.I shall pray for you Dennis.

  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – whethere you read this and LEARN from it or not – it up to you – you run nothing here – THIS MINISTRY will not be taken over by the likes of you.John 7:24 ►
    24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
    Proverbs 31:9 ►
    Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
    I righteously JUDGED your actions – not whether you were going to HEAVEN or to hell. There is A BIGGER and GREATER DIFFERENCE – whence you learn that – you will gain BETTER, BIGGER and GREATER KNOWLEDGE of THE MOST HIGH GOD.””My comment starting with “Enough already” was not geared toward anyone at all.””It was geared to my POST on my WALL to the people who are in a very great discussion – where a lot of LIGHT of THE TRUTH was brought forth.

    “” It was merely to point out and focus on what the caption is actually about.””

    No children commenting on this post – I have already CLEARED UP that government is covering up cancer cures.

    “” However, as for your insulting comments suggesting I am or have been touched by a Jezebel spirit, I do take offense,””

    Well…. maybe you should step lighter when commenting on other people’s POSTS you know nothing about. I keep order through CHRIST on my POSTS and my WALL.

    “” and therefore I must point out to you that the bible says:””

    I’ve already pointed out what the bible says in regards of how you approached a POST by someone you know probably NOTHING about – to attempt to shame people from having a discussion.

    “””Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matt. 7:1 “”

    You are using that scripture WAY OUT of context.
    This scripture is usually used to end or stop people from calling out disrespect, misconduct and sin of people who claim to be christians – but are not.

    “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged:””

    I live it….. you obviously don’t. THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST COMMANDS, DEMANDS, ENCOURAGES and REQUIRES for those who follow HIM – to JUDGE RIGHTEOUSLY – rebuke, refute and reject evil.. Even to call out evil and EXPOSE evil so all may know ….

    Just like in John 8:44 when JESUS called the scribes and the pharisees to their faces – in front of the people – HE told them that they were of their father the devil.

    “” and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matt:7:2″”

    living THE WORD is different than quoting scriptures in an attempt to silence me.

    “”Romans 2:1″”

    John 7:24 ►
    24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
    Proverbs 31:9 ►
    Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

    “”You, therefore, have no excuse,””

    Actually ? You came to A MINISTRY that THE LORD HIMSELF has put me over to manage. Therefore ? I have every right to correct you and put you in your place when it comes to THIS MINISTRY – you run nothing here.

    “” you who pass judgment on someone else,””

    I never said you were going to HEAVEN or hell. For that ? I have no idea – but I can tell where you are headed.

    “” for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself,””

    I AM not condemning myself – for addressing your attempt to high jack and take over this POST that I POSTED.

    “” because you who pass judgment do the same things.””

    I hope and pray one day you will attempt to actually know what those scriptures actually mean – and stop using them out of context.

    It’s the same thing that false prophets and false teacher do ….. since the beginning of america and before.

    “”I shall pray for you Dennis.””

    PLEASE. don’t pray for me – I don’t need your prayers – I would rather have someone praying for me that LOVES me – not someone who dispises me because I corrected them and showed them their evil ways to save their life.

    Ezekiel 33:6 ►
    But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.
    Ezekiel 3:18 ►
    When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.

  • Adrianne Calhoun I don’t despise you, rather I feel sorry for you. There is so much anger in your heart. So I shall keep praying for you.
  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – again – I told you not to pray for me – I don’t want you praying for me – you refuse to humble yourself to THE TRUTH OF GOD – instead you attempt to silence me with in THE MINISTRY that GOD HIMSELF put me over to manage.You should be praying for yourself – to learn THE SCRIPTURES so you can stop using them out of context – and stop bearing false witness against me.
  • Dennis C. Latham stop trying to win Adrianne Calhoun – but UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH of THE MOST HIGH GOD.
  • Adrianne Calhoun Lol! Win what? Well then if this is what you think, then in that sense I already have….
    It’s so easy for someone to condemn someone else by using religion to justify their Ignorance. If you really do live by the word of God then you wouldn’t be judging anyone. That is for God to do. You are clearly blind to what the bible says and I shall continue to pray that the Lord shall open your eyes. May God Bless you
  • Adrianne Calhoun Your enlightenment is in God’s hands now….
  • Adrianne Calhoun Oh and seriously ” you attempt to silence me with in THE MINISTRY that GOD HIMSELF put me over to manage.” now that’s a scary thought, you managing HIS MINISTRY!
  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – I MANAGE this account that is in my name – you will not take it over – you will not continue to dump demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness upon it. I guarantee you that.
  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – you purposely came to this post on your own FREEWILL – and now you falsely accuse me ? I didn’t judge whether you were going to HEAVEN or to hell – liar.
  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – read the scriptures – blind one.
    John 7:24 ►
    24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
    Proverbs 31:9 ►
    Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.
  • Dennis C. Latham I have EVERY RIGHT to address your nonsense – this is my FaceBook POST and WALL. You will not INFILTRATE or TAKE OVER my FaceBook POST or WALL. NEVER !!!! You will NEVER WIN when it comes to my FaceBook POST and WALL. liar.
  • Adrianne Calhoun I am glad you are showing your true colors more and more as you post! You have been hiding behind religion and the bible too long.Good bye, God’s work is done here.
  • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – you came here to cover up deceptions, lies and tricks – that I had already EXPOSED – if you would have read THE WHOLE rose up against me – to bear false witness against me …… the scripture BELOW proves I have EVERY RIGHT to condemn any tongue that rises against me.Isaiah 54:17 ►
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
  • Dennis C. Latham you showed your true colors when you made your first comment. I know this. GOD didn’t send you here. LOL
    Dennis C. Latham Oh … Now I see ….. she’s a “”Licensed Certified Pharmacy Technician, Walgreens and Pharmacy Technician”” So she has to protect her job of robbing people of their wholeness to peddle them drugs that destroys them ….. I picked your card Adrianne Calhoun …. you’re BUSTED.
    • Adrianne Calhoun Wow! That last post of yours… well let’s just say it speaks for itself
    • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – yes … that last post does speak for itself – you’re licensed to harm, hurt and kill people – with man made medications – THUS the reason you came to this post the way you did – you’re just mad because I called you out in your demonic, evil, satanic and wicked mess.
    • Dennis C. Latham “”Geez enough already!”” – your own words …..
    • Adrianne Calhoun So dispensing heart medications and high blood pressure medications that help people live long lives as well as antibiotics to kill infections that save people’s lives, is demonic and satanic? Am I mad? No you’re MAD!
    • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun “”So dispensing heart medications””heart medications that harm and hurt other parts of the body – with side effects ??? People don’t understand diets – because they have been conditioned to eat what they want – not what they need – a

      nd trained to go to doctores – who rarely tell them about diets minue salts and’re pathetic. You came here in an attempt to silence THE TRUTH. liar.

      “” and high blood pressure medications””

      There are simple cures for high blood pressure – you don’t offer any of them – because they are natural – and people can grow them in their own yards – but you’re bound by all you know – and that FDA and it’s plan, plot and quest to treat citizens has human lab rats

      “” that help people live long lives””


      “” as well as antibiotics to kill infections that save people’s lives,””

      there are natural cures for every disease on this earth – and it starts with CHRIST – for by HIS STRIPES we are healed – but by the command of your god – fda – you make your money – and use scriptures out of context in an attempt to silence me from RIGHTEOUSLY JUDGING your actions against THE TRUTH.

      “” is demonic and satanic?””

      yup …..

      “” Am I mad? No you’re MAD!””

      WRONG – you don’t have the AUTHORITY, POWER or WISDOM to make me angry, mad, outraged ot upset.

      I know this though – you will not usurp authority over me – you witch.

      1 Timothy 2:12 ►
      But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

    • Dennis C. Latham only a witch will lie about another person – and not repent or show remorse.
      only a witch – would attempt to justify their need to work for a corrupt government. NOT A CHILD OF GOD.
    • Dennis C. Latham not those who are under the oppression and thumb of the government though – because they are only going to justify their jobs and their money to support their family …..
    • Adrianne Calhoun Your hilarious! And as far as my work, which I am proud of my accomplishments, I dont even work in that industry anymore, just never updated my info. You are a real nutcase I hope you get some help
    • Adrianne Calhoun I am flying away now on my broom LOL NUTCASE
    • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – you say I AM a nut case….. well….Matthew 25:40 ►

      And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
      You provide THE PROOF that I AM a nut case. PROVE IT.
      and now I will address your first false statement about me.
      bearing false witness against me – lying about me.
      disrespectful and hateful actions – whether it’s due to you not fully comprehending previous comments or you just got tired of a conversation between…… Robert  and myself.

      You started out saying …..

      “”Oh I wouldn’t be surprised. It is all about greed!

      Then you came back with “”Geez enough already! “”

      That is the action that I called out. You don’t like it.
      like I said – you know little or nothing at all about me – and I SHARE and TEACH about the things that are not of GOD – DAILY and NIGHTLY.

      Then ……

      “”However, as for your insulting comments suggesting I am or have been touched by a Jezebel spirit,””

      I didn’t suggest – I was CLEAR in your return actions to this thread.

      “” I do take offense,””

      You took offense because I called out your actions.

      “” and therefore I must point out to you that the bible says:””

      There is nothing wrong with me calling out actions that go against THE TRUTH – specially of that which I have LIVED.

      “” “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matt. 7:1 “”

      I didn’t condemn, judge or say you were going to HEAVEN or hell.
      I can not and will not – because I don’t know.
      However – when you come here in an attempt to silence TRUTH being DISCUSSED and SPOKEN – I AM going to ADDRESS it – because.
      This is my POST on my WALL in which I manage.

      I say again – I know not what borught you here – but my FaceBook POSTS and WALL are open to the public. I don’t have anything to hide.
      Neither will I be silenced by anyone attempting to end or stop TRUTH from being SPREAD through this FaceBook Account.

    • Dennis C. Latham Adrianne Calhoun – “”Your hilarious!””ok. TRUTH does to people who reject it.

      “” And as far as my work, which I am proud of””

      I hope you are – I know I AM very proud of my work – because THE FRUITS of my labour are ALL FRESH as I go around PROVING GOD’S PROMISES are not VOID. Something you might not understand.

      “”my accomplishments,””

      are ???

      “” I dont even work in that industry anymore,””

      Well .. you have it listed.

      “” just never updated my info.””

      sound liek a personal problem to me ….
      Your first comment says one thing – that it’s probably possible.
      Your second comment says – the photo’s statement is not true or no one can prove it

      “” Whether this is true or not, we shall never know””

      Well… I already know – and I have already PROVEN IT.

      “” You are a real nutcase I hope you get some help””

      PROVE it.

    • Adrianne Calhoun You have already proved to everyone reading this you are a nutcase. bye now…..
    • Dennis C. Latham you just though you could come here and take over.
    • Dennis C. Latham bye and leave

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  1. I know this person. She’s a know it all, with this annoying authorituve voice. Can’t stand her. And when I see her I go the other way as fast as I can. She’s very judgemental, but refuses to turn that judgemental eye on herself. You did the right thing by challenging her, she never did understand that NO ONE LIKES her.

    • THANKS for your comment and confirmation. I do this to people who are disrespectful and hateful – so when their names are searched for – my blog will pop up if they have come to me with demonic, evil, satanic and wickedness. To be warned in ADVANCE.

  2. WOW, this “Christian” actually posted this on her page:

    Habib Rahman: I don’t understand, 10 years ago everything was being claimed by Al Qaida before that everything was getting claimed by talaban. … now anything happens in the world ISIS seem to claim responsibility. .. isn’t it amazing. … how convenient it is…. now you don’t hear anything from alqaida or talaban on the media … seems very strange isn’t it. … maybe they went on vacation. … those guys probably got laid off. ..
    Allen Eimers: You have a point…. I see a connection it’s islam. Islam need to be removed from the planet.
    Peter Muchena: It’s not Islam. It’s radical people who use religion as a driving force. All these group are all the same but Isis is the “crazy cousin”. They all fight for the same things but Isis wants more blood shed and is ruthless in doing so.

    This “Christian” is actually stating that Islam need[s] to be removed from the planet . . . Wow, not surprised this person is saying something like this. Then this “Christian” goes on to state:

    To Those Who Say Religion Is The Cause of Terrorist Acts:
    It is not religion in itself, but the evil people who use its name to justify their evil wrongdoings, as most religions,unless they are satanic worshipers, do not teach to kill or hate…….which is exactly what ISIS, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups have done by distorting the teachings of the Islamic/Muslim faith.

    Again, WOW, she talks about Satanic Worshipers, and YET, this “Christian” has NEVER admitted to her own behavior, I guess everyone is suppose to say OH, it’s all different now because she NOW claims to be a “Christian.” She actually THINKS people have FORGOTTEN what she has done to other souls. It is my opinion that this “Christian” is a hypocrite of the highest caliber. I could go on and on about what SHE has done, but I’m sure this “Christian” will talk about how all that is “forgiven.” Yet this “Christian” goes on to state that ALL ISLAM need[s] to be removed from the planet . . .there are approximately 1,226,000,000 souls that practice the Islamic faith, so does this “Christian” believe that those of this faith are all SOULESS and that murder is the only way. There are, I believe, many Christians that have wiped out entire peoples around the planet for NOT BELIEVING as THEY did, is this “Christian” forgetting about the Inquisition? Again, this “Christian” is a hypocrite. How sad for a “Christian” to advocate murder of an entire peoples based on their faith. So, in her sick mind, because those Islamic souls believe in their right to worship as they wish they need to be wiped from the planet, SINCE they don’t believe as she does that it’s OK be removed from the planet?

  3. Adrianne Calhoun

    A person makes a comment about a caption that is about “hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies making big money from people being sick, and it says that it suggests, not confirms that cures may be out there but not used because of the money gained by these “Businesses”. Whether this is true or not, we shall never know, but I sure hope not”….and then the person is labeled a jezebel, a satanic worshipper, a hiprocrite just to name a few, and then is accused of slandering other faiths and races which no where in the comment posted above does it say any of that…Hmmm I guess this must be the blog for cuckoos….

    • Look adrianne … “”A person makes a comment about a caption that is about “hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies making big money from people being sick, and it says that it suggests, not confirms that cures may be out there but not used because of the money gained by these “Businesses”.””

      Yes… I have that right – it’s part of FREEDOM OF SPEECH ….. if you don’t like it? Go to a place where they post the stuff you like.

      “” Whether this is true or not, we shall never know,””

      Maybe you’ll NEVER know – but I do know – I’ve been seeing it done for years … specially with cancers …and other diseases.
      That’s why so many doctors have been CAUGHT and EXPOSED as falsely diagnosing people with cancer – just to make money – as that patient who TRUSTS the doctors – makes money from TREATMENTS and way more VISITS than normal.

      I AM well knowledgeable in NATURAL CURES and HEALTHY EATING and FITNESS.
      Doctors in most cases are not allowed to tell patients about NATURAL CURES because they are bound by the fda – to only peddle their pharmaceuticals … so …. while my FaceBook Account is for MINISTRY ONLY – you don’t come to THE MINISTRY that GOD has ORDAINED me to be over – and come in and speak against THE TRUTH that I SHARE, SHED, SHOW,. SOW, SPEAK, SPREAD or TEACH.

      If you even go to WORSHIP SERVICE – you you interrupt the preacher when they are LEADING ? PREACHING ? or TEACHING ?
      I doubt you do or will. Knowing you though .. I AM not sure.

      “”but I sure hope not”….””

      No you don’t – you could care less – do some RESEARCH and STUDY on your own

      “”and then the person is labeled a jezebel,””

      jezebel – is a spirit – loves to control and manipulate MINISTRIES and PEOPLE OF GOD
      you attempted to control – manipulate and take over my POST and WALL – and THE MINISTRY OF GOD – that I have been ORDAINED to be over.

      “” a satanic worshipper,””

      you’re obviously not HEARING FROM or WORSHIPING GOD …. because if you were ?
      GOD would not have told you to come to my POST on my WALL and do and say – the things you did and said ….
      but you did – and that’s how I knew – we didn’t WORSHIP THE SAME GOD …
      and if you’re not worshiping GOD THE FATHER ? along with JESUS THE SON and THE HOLY GHOST ???

      you are worshiping satan – and the things of satan at that particular time.
      maybe .. JUST MAYBE – you got too emotional – about something in your career – that you didn’t like
      So you lashed out at me on my POST and my WALL – and we had not one FRIEND IN COMMON …
      so you came BOLDLY to NEW TERRITORY – that you knew NOTHING ABOUT – and began to make up lie, spread lie and tell lies.

      What would have been BEST ? Is if you asked me to provide EVIDENCE, PROOF or TRUTH
      instead – you rebuked, refuted and rejected TRUTH …
      MORE PROOF we didn’t serve THE SAME GOD OF HEAVEN ….

      “” a hiprocrite just to name a few,””

      you were following the ways of a hypocrite …. get over it – my proof is above.
      your statement – your words…

      “”you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.””

      I AM not doing the same and very things that I LEAD, PREACH, SPEAK and TEACH AGAINST ….
      so … you were using scriptures – out of context – and I only JUDGED RIGHTEOUSLY – your actions – not you – but your actions – and you proved just who you are and whom you serve.

      you proudly brought your own evils into THE LIGHT and I only REBUKED and spoke against your actions
      later ? It became CLEAR why you continued on the way you did.

      “” and then is accused of slandering””

      yup – I’ll give you one – you called me a nut case …. and you attacked and harassed me on my POST on my WALL … then you attempted to MOCK the fact that I AM over my FaceBook Account and that it is for MINISTRY REASONS ONLY – not a place for you to come and slander me or try to silence TRUTH that is being spoken.

      “” other faiths and races which no where in the comment posted above does it say any of that…””

      did I say anything about race ???
      No … I never mentioned race – but now that you brought it up – maybe …. JUST MAYBE – that thing they call white privilege – is probably why you continued on the way you did – because you felt like you were OVER me because you felt superior over me because of your skin color

      “”Hmmm I guess this must be the blog for cuckoos….””

      you’re the cuckoo …. not me – and this BLOG is my PROOF …. and so is the person who shared more of your hate and PROOF you are not A CHRISTIAN – but only someone who claims to be CHRISTIAN ….
      That’s why Larry came by and shared more talk from you – and it’s all demonic, evil, satanic and wicked.

  4. One of my neighbors told me about your blog and the person you are referring to was my neighbor for a number of years, and I can honestly say I was SO happy when these people, especially her, moved out. They were NOT good or nice neighbors.
    As with any new neighbors, you hope that they will fit well into the neighborhood, that they will be respectful, quiet, neighborly, clean, and maintain their home. Unfortunately, she was NOT a good neighbor in ANY way possible.
    Things started out so-so, this person TRIED to maintain the yard, and the outside of the house, but it soon became clear that she just didn’t know how, or didn’t care. The yard quickly became a storage/junk area. There was wood stacked up by the back fence, some kind of large vat was by the back steps, I learned later that it was a used hot tub, an old broken down pickup camper was then brought onto the property and that’s when these neighbors became intolerable. Especially her. There were broken windows, which were NEVER repaired while they lived there, they burned wood and the smoke stack for the smoke was too short and the smoke would come into my home, the yard was a BIG mess with junk, wood, campers, vats (hot tubs), broken back stairs, and FERAL cats. This person was allowing feral cats into her basement. These cats had fleas, ticks, infections, and litters and litters and litters. The cats sprayed all around her house and messed in her yard, but soon they began spraying urine, defecating, mating, and fighting around my home. I had to call animal control EVERY single day to get them to trap these mangy cats. SHE allowed these infected mangy flea bitten cats into her home and she had a kid and some old lady living there.
    I hardly seen the husband, he seemed to hardly be there, and when I did see him, he was always drunk. He didn’t seem to care for her or the old lady, but seemed to TRY with the kid. He seemed to be the only one that cared if the kid went to school, or was clean, and fed. She didn’t care about much except some man she brought to live in the broken down camper. This camper was NOT hooked up to any septic system and this man would just let his waste fall onto the ground. When I tried to talk to him about what he was doing, the smell was overwhelming, he told me, proudly, that he was one of the founders of a gang called TDJ. I never heard of them, but this guy was so rude, nasty, unclean, vulgar, and inappropriate, a PIG, and he always seemed high or drunk, AND very dangerous. She was out in this camper with this guy most of the day. I suspected that he was more than just a friend when one day her kid went out to this camper and I heard yelling and the kid came running out, so did she, and she just had a blanket around her. She told the kid that her and this guy were ‘naked wrestling’ and NEVER to come into the camper again. I tried talking to her about the cats and the waste and she seemed almost manic and her eyes looked odd, and she was very rude. She told me that her friend could do what he wanted and to mind my own business. I told her that I was going to call the health department, animal control, and the building inspectors, that I just was no longer willing to allow her nasty habits and even nastier friends to destroy the property values of the neighborhood. She gave me the finger.
    I called the different agencies and the next thing I knew, she was outside doing something with the water hose and her kid was with her, then her gang friend came out and put a bunch of stuff in his car and was leaving, I did inform him that I called the police about his veiled threats. She drops the hose and runs after the car crying for him. She jumped into the car, and it left. Her little kid, maybe 6 or 7 started running after her and the kid stopped in the middle of a very busy street just crying. I was able to get the kid out of the middle of the street and take the kid home. I had to knock and knock and knock to get the old woman to open the door. She had been sleeping and it was in the afternoon. The kid told me that grandma and mommie like to sleep a lot. When the old woman FINALLY opened the door, I told her what had happened and boy did she give me an ear full about her daughter, and NONE of it was kind. She was so upset. I told her about the different agencies that I felt FORECED to call and told her I was also going to call Child Protective Services. She literally BEGGED me not to do that. I called anyway. The child should have been in school and he wasn’t. The kid told me that grandma and mommie always overslept which meant no school for that day.
    Once she and the gang member left, then place was so peaceful. The place was still a mess, but the man that lived there cleaned up the waste under and in the camper, and didn’t allow the cats into the house any longer. He told me he had to use those flea bombs three times to get fleas out. I also had to have an exterminator come in and spray the inside and outside of my home because a lot of the fleas and roaches came into my home when that drunk flea bombed his home.
    Then many many many months later, SHE came back, I was so unhappy to see her again. She didn’t have that guy with her, but she was a MESS. The drunk moved out, those two had a nasty fight with her literally screaming profanity and threats at this guy, and she was doing this in front of her kid, the neighbors, and the old lady. Each time this guy would come around to see the kid and if she was there, which was HARDLY EVER, thank goodness, she would proceed to scream obscenities and threats at this guy and the kid seen and heard it all.
    About a year later, they MOVED, OH WAS I HAPPY! SHE was finally GONE for good. She was an absolute horrible neighbor. I always felt there was something very very wrong with her. She seemed demonic and just OFF in a very bad and nasty way.
    If you are having a battle with her sir, I feel so badly for you. The few times I had any interactions with her, she was a know-it-all, a BIG mouth, unbelievably insincere, and VULGAR. Plus she wears sooooooo much make up that she looks like a drunken clown on a three day binge. I know that is unkind, but it’s the truth. I never understood how someone could wear so much make up and wear such tight tight tight clothes and be THAT heavy. My other neighbor said that she didn’t think that this women is aware of how she looks, you know, sorta cheap looking. If you are having a battle with her sir, GOD BLESS!

    • Wow …. makes me even more glad that I EXPOSE this witch of wickedness. So others may find out.

    • Mr. Latham, this is Nancy. The post I sent to you was not meant about this person, I sent this to you in error. I mistook the name and I had the wrong name. I’m so sorry. Will it be possible for you to delete this post. I know how important it is to be truthful. Please accept my apology. Nancy

  5. My friend Nancy thought she had the wrong person, she thought the name was spelled Adrienne, I told her she had the right person. I was also a neighbor of this horrible person. Nancy hit the nail right on the head. It was as Nancy wrote living next to this person. It was a nightmare. Those feral cats, the camper not hooked up to any type of sewage system, the junk, the broken windows, the screaming rants of profanity and threats she had at the man that came to see the child, and the unkempt yard. I had to call my alderman numerous times about the nasty and sick feral cats. They started spraying around my home and that smell took years to go away. I kept all the documents of all the city departments I called. I then began to film the camper and the waste, the feral cats (there were so many of them), and of the public screaming rants she had. I felt that the creep that was living in that broken down camper was a menace and should NOT be trusted. I was so glad when he left and she left with him. Then when she came back my heart and stomach just sank because I KNEW it was going to start all over again. I was so happy when they finally moved. I got down on my knees and I thanked GOD for that blessing. If this person is claiming to be a Christian, I’m sorry, but I JUST don’t believe it. If you could see the tape I have on her and the vulgarness and ugliness that came OUT of that mouth. She treated her kid, the old lady, and herself like garbage. She put the neighborhood in peril with the feral cats and that creepy guy. I tried talking to her about the cats and the waste under the camper and she was as insincere as she always was, and did NOTHING about any of it. If you are having a problem with her, I feel for you, because I KNOW exactly what you are going through. I have NEVER had such an awful neighbor as those people. Each and EVERYONE of them were just NOT good neighbors. Wilma

  6. Mr. Latham, unfortunately I too knew this person, and I wish I never did. She claims to be a born again Christian, yet she still lies lies lies and lies. She is completely incapable of having ANY truth come from that lying vile filthy mouth. For if she were truly born again, she would admit her lies to the world and make amends to all those she has lied to and about repeatedly, to those she spitefully hurt, to those she is continually lying about, for all of her evilness, but since she is NOT truly born again, she will never do that. She has caused so much destruction. She is vengeful, hateful, ungrateful, spiteful, prideful, and sinful. She is conniving, sneaky, a thief, a destroyer of family, and lies about what really happened so that she can be the victim when she is the victimizer. She has taken the philosophy of lie lie lie and lie, and will then lie some more when her lies are uncovered. .

    I clearly remember her telling me about her use of the Ouija board with three others and how a demon came through and asked them to allow it into them and she laughed and allowed it to inhabit her. That demon is her one true love, not Christ.

    She will NEVER admit to her horrid and destructive behavior, her lies, her wickedness, what she did to hurt and defame others. How this piece of rat filth lives with herself is beyond me? How she can sleep at night is beyond me? But then again, God said it all about liars in John 8:44. Since this so called “born again” loves to use the Bible to beat people over the head with in order to get her own way, she should then be completely familiar with the following words from God:

    John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it

    Genesis 9:6 (I have “love letters” she wrote to a man named Larry confirming shedding of innocent blood)

    Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

    Jeremiah 1:5

    Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb

    Her philosophy is: Never admit fault or wrong
    Never accept blame
    Concentrate on those she considers the enemy and blame him/her for everything that goes wrong
    People will believe a BIG lie sooner than a little lie
    Say the lie often enough people will sooner or later believe it.

    This is her, a demon with a Jezebel spirit, which I know you are completely aware of when she tries to defend herself and calls you a cuckoo, and your work for God and those that expose her for the liar that she. Jesus has said that true Christians will be prosecuted in the end times, and she has done that to you repeatedly and to others that have dared tell the truth about her and her wickedness.

    She is following 2Timothy 3:2-4, this too is her philosophy

    For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    I seen how she treated her parents, I seen how she worried her mother and abused her mother, how she lied about her own father by blaming him for something that was self inflicted because of her OWN lifestyle choices. She LIED and blamed her father for it because she just cannot take responsibility for her own actions, choices, and decisions, she posted this big fat fairy tale about God talking to her when her mother was dying. All of it is lies. I had heard that story about God speaking to a mother whose son was dying, she just changed some of the wording and used it as her own.

  7. I had such a horrible experience with this nasty person too. The child’s father hired me to walk the child to and from school because the “mother” was never home or when she was home she was sleeping off a binge, as her own mother put it. I would be at the home with plenty of time to pick the child up and I would have to knock knock knock and knock just to get someone to answer the door. The “mother,” grandmother, and the child were always asleep and then the “mother” or grandmother would want me to wait, having my child be late for school, while the child got ready for school, if they even opened the door, which was hardly ever. Plus the child was always dressed poorly for the season, was dirty, hair not combed, teeth not brushed, it was apparent the child was not required to bathe, and of course no breakfast or lunch. This poor child was not fed at all and when I would ask him when he ate last he would say he didn’t know because mommy spent all the money on her d**gs. How sad. I had to stop becasue it was just too stressful. I called DCFS, not that they did anything, but the report was made. I hardly seen the child at school. He missed so much school that it was so sad. He was a very lonely and neglected child and the “mother” and grandmother just didn’t care. The father tried so hard, he even told me he used up his sick and vacations days going in late and leaving work early to take the child to school and pick him up once I refused to continue and he couldn’t get anyone else. The “mother” could care less. She is such a nasty nasty women and she had this smell on her that was like poison, I don’t know how to describe it any other way. She always seemed drunk or high and was so vulgar. Plus I stopped because there was this really creepy weird guy the child called Helper Larry that lived in this camper and he was so menencing and the “mother” seem to adore him. It was so sad.

  8. I too know this evil person, and she lies that she is “born again” and claims to be a Christian. And God said in James: Even the demons believes in God and shutters and they will not be saved. If you’re truly saved you have to renounce sin, and lying is not truly submitting to God. To be truly saved you have to repent, renounce sin and stand on the WORD of God. Even Satan can quote scripture to do as he does best, which is steal, kill, and destroy. This so called “born again” still to this day continues to lie about what she is and what she has done. To this day she still slanders the innocent and says she alone is the victim, when SHE is the victimizer. She is one of Satan’s hand maidens and Satan has commanded her to deceive as many as possible. I say IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST GET THEE FROM ME SATAN! I say this evil person with the lying tongue is a Jezebel and it shows in what she is and what she has done, and what is continues to do which not God’s work, but the work of Satan her master.

  9. I have first hand knowledge of this person. She is NOT truthful, if she is talking, there IS a lie in what she is saying. This is her nature. She uses Bible scripture in an attempt to convince people she is a Christian and saved by the blood of Christ. When we are truly saved we no longer do the bidding of Satan. Truly saved Christians find it repugnant to do as was done before the Spirit of the Lord fills their hearts. In saying this, I do not believe this person is filled with the Spirit of Christ. I say this because she took monies and other benefits that did not belong to her by law. She was obligated to inform the court of a change in circumstances, and SHE knows what I am talking about. She did not inform the court and continued to collect monies and benefits. She KNEW she was stealing and taking what did not belong to her nor the person she was collecting for. The person she was collecting for no longer had any legal rights to what was being collected before. When taken to court for this, she LIED and said that SHE was owed, yet these monies and benefits were NOT for her, but for another, but in court she stated SHE was owed! It was proved in court that no monies nor benefits were owed to HER or the other she was collecting for. She was required to repay all the monies she took illegally. To this day, she still lies about this as she lies about EVERYTHING! So how can she claim to be a true Christian when what she did would be repugnant. It’s all in the court documents. I’m continually surprised at how many people KNOW she is a LIAR and they do NOT call her out when she lies right to their faces and insults them, or CHECK to verify anything that comes out of her lying mouth. She is a child of SATAN. I truly hope anyone that even thinks of allowing this demon into their lives checks the web on her, checks the court records, check check check, and clicks on this blog. If they do, they will RUN from this child of Satan. We must as Christian warn others of the traps of Satan, and she is a TRAP. The proof is in what she has done, what she continues to do, and all the lies lies lies! SHE IS A LIAR! Unfortunately, she seems to get away with so much, because the DEVIL LOVES HIS OWN! Her reward will come when she is in the pit with her god, SATAN! So she isn’t getting away with anything, she just thinks she is.

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