PROOF and REASON why I BLOCKED Maurice D Muhammad and Annie Hunter

I don’t allow any cussing – PERIOD on my FaceBook POSTS or WALL.Dennis C. Latham shared video.

Wow …. ruthless coward. Rehabilitation and years of MONITORED working with battered mothers and women should be one of his sentences after prison time – but those who wish death – are seeking after their own revenge and not allow room for GOD’S REVENGE.


THIS…..This makes me rage. What a coward.
What a piece of crap. Spread this around. This guy needs to go to jail if he hasn’t already.
The Police
Facebook for Every Phone

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  • MAN 1 Sad…he needs much punishment
  • WOMAN 1 Good as caught with this video
  • Maurice D Muhammad How many black women have white men did this too, over many generations? What he did was wrong, but I will not cry for her….Who cries for us??? What come around goes around… thou has done so shall it be done……Truth has come to you~
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  • Maurice D Muhammad Junglefled Purpose what do you see here? Annie Hunteram I wrong?
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  • WOMAN 3 damn dope feen !!
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  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – that returning evil for evil only curses you back ….. seriously …
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  • Maurice D Muhammad Dennis C. Latham I understand but I’m not saying it was right, I said what he did was wrong but I don’t cry for her, both of them are victims but the book does give us a law as thou has done so shall it be done that law we will never be able to escape from. So she is not innocent ……
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  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – you don’t know her background – nor her ancestors – she could be the offspring of an abolitionist … really need to back away from the color judgment and go by the character – not allcaucasions are evil or the devil ….Like I said on my broadcast – 98+% of the people who help along side me in the prison reform are caucasions

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  • Dennis C. Latham it’s the color judgment that keeps the race you belong to behind and at the bottom all the time – because of the color of their skin – you allow sell outs to have a say so in what you fight against and what you fight for.
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  • Maurice D Muhammad Dennis C. Latham White people should be first in line to help us and anybody who they have hurt. I don’t judge a people by their color I judge them by their actions. All people are not alike we disagree on that and it’s cool with me…..the scripture talk about You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me……Now the question must be is she of them that Hate God? And I say yes she is…..
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  • Maurice D Muhammad We don’t use color to judge anybody if they have knowledge of self and others. We are taught to go by the nature of the thing and you will not go wrong the problem with some blacks in America is that we have been under a wicked system call white supremacy…. and under such a system you will never be able to be yourself without the knowledge of self. We have a understanding of ourselves and others we should be seeing sellouts as soon as they open their mouth to speak….
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  • WOMAN 2 Black, white, Hispanic, etc. She is a woman doing her job, with a child that God blessed her with in her womb and this COWARD of a MAN, assaulted her. The only color he saw was green. Her beliefs, love, hatred, we don’t know for we don’t know her. In the video she was very pleasant to him and he did what he came to do. Hate God Maurice? Lol, the only two people displaying hate are, the assailant for what he did, and YOU, with your bias and vicious words. Do you know her? God forgive Me, bit you neef to stop taljing out of your a##, and istop making yourself look ignorant by feigning intelligence. God love all races and color. Lets be more like God and TRY to love one another regardless of what our exterior looks like. I will keep you in prayer because most of the time, the truth hurts. God bless.
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  • MAN 2 It doesn’t matter what color the thug is. The Bible nor the Quran supports this type of behavior. I must say, the Quran has a more effective way of dealing with people like this because if caught, they would chop off his hand and he would not be able to not only punch anyone with that hand but he would not be able to steal as well. No matter the religion, God gives all of us the ability to make a choice, this person made the wrong choice.
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  • WOMAN 2 To you Dennis, I apologize for getting into my feelings on your page. God Continue to Bless You. Keep up the wonderful work. (My heart is beating so hard, I can hardly breathe). Again I am sorry my brother. Can’t sta.d folks wgo use bible verses for their own gain just to prove how ignorant, dumb and stupid they are. Hmm, chuch people.
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  • Maurice D Muhammad WOMAN 2 let me get you straight right now, I said what he did was WRONG!! I don’t know how you missed that…..Now again I said I look at the NATURE of the people….I don’t know how you missed that point either…… I didn’t comment on what he saw or what he wanted I gave a biblical principal at work… WOMAN 2 you are so silly when is the truth hate???? My words were vicious really what words were vicious? You are showing how small minded you are with all of this fake emotions that don’t mean anything…..I don’t sound ignorant, nor am I but you on the other hand…’s showing big time…..Truth has come to you~
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  • Maurice D Muhammad Tommy Walker please show me where I approved of his action on the woman??? WOMAN 2 you too show me where I approved of what he did? Y’all are upset with me cause I don’t fall down and cry for her, please y’all should be ashamed of yourself….. I don’t cry for her….as I said they both are victims…… Truthfully speak y’all make me sick….with your weakness and fake knowledge of the scriptures……if WOMAN 2 I hurt your feeling then your are welcome on our network to prove me wrong which you can NEVER do….. Better yet…..Annie Hunter what say you about this……. Do WOMAN 2 have enough God in her to come to our side and lay down her foolishness…. I think not…..I would blow her butt and anybody with her….. out of the water……… Truth has come to you~
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  • WOMAN 2 Thank you sir. You just proved my point. God Bless.
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  • Maurice D Muhammad That’s exactly what I thought…….Truth has come to you~
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  • WOMAN 2 Never claimed to be the perfect Christian, just a victim of abuse. No more a victim, now by God’s grace victor. Once again, the truth not only hurts but infuriates. Take a deep breath, count to 20, and have a blessed day.
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  • Maurice D Muhammad See WOMAN 2 You have not spoken the truth about what I wrote, you gave your feeling about what I wrote…Annie Hunter talks about victim and I do suggest you speak with her about being a victim…..cause your not a victim….. and in no way did I ever say hitting a woman is right…..But I stand behind the truth I wrote, because it’s just that….so you should take the breath and count to 20…..Truth has come to you and you will never forget it, cause I promise you this conversation will remain with you cause you will meet this again…. Truth has come to you~
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  • WOMAN 2 Amen. Nevertheless this is Facebook, where everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That is mine and yours is yours. I am most definitely not a victim but a victor and God had blessed me to be a domestic violence advocate. Everything happens for a reason and maybe thats something that I had to go through to be blessed to be where I am today. So with all due respect Miss Hunter or anyone but God. Victory is mine today. On that note, its not about me but of the poor unfortunate victim on the video. You, my friend can think or say what you like about me, because just like you don’t know the victim, you don’t know me. I am better than blessed so others opinions about me,DON’T MOVE ME! I still love you and have never had the pleasure of meeting you. God bless and goood day.
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  • Out of all the clips you could have posted onn women brutality, you posted of clip of this sorry white Bitch who took one punch. She is lucky he didn’t kill her ass. What ab Every lick the Black woman has taken for the last 500 years. This is post Mediocre, and all of you brain washed coons can go straight to the white man’s hell that u believe in.
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  • WOMAN 2 God’s blessings be with Miss Hunter also. Keep up the good work. I believe when it comes to domestic violence, we might be on the same page. God’s wonderful gifts are given to those he chooses to, so if we share the same gift, then Amen.
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  • WOMAN 2 Oh my, Miss Hunter. Such hateful words from such a beautiful lady. I will keep you in prayer also.
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  • WOMAN 2 I love facebook. How do you block Haters again?
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  • Annie Hunter · 2 mutual friends

    People have sympathy for every woman except us, who is going to stand up for us, heal us, acknowledge all the wrong that was done and still goes on till this day. I will I do not believe in my enemies God, his education, or injustice system. Point Blank and to the Period.
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  • Maurice D Muhammad Annie Hunter you notice how black people who love their enemy will get mad at us and hate us for showing love to them, by giving them the truth. The bible teaches “there is no way to tell truth and not offend the guilty” Now for us not to cry for this white woman is hurtful to her, WOMAN 2 has a lot of growing up to do……Truth will be truth even though she hates it….Truth has come to her today even though she hates it….
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  • Annie Hunter · 2 mutual friends

    It’s sad Maurice D Muhammad but it’s true.
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  • WOMAN 2I LOVE THE TRUTH FOR THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE US FREE. GOD SENT HIS SON TO SAVE US FROM OUR SIN, NOT TO SIN. LOL, say what you like and ir what makes you feel better about your hateful bigotry. My conversation with you is over for I shall not entertain the Devil. So on that note, i wil’ll continue to love and pray for those who hate me. Hey, I can’t get mad. They hated Jesus too. Lol, God bless the both of you.
  • Dennis C. Latham Annie Hunter – you have a choice – you can edit out any cuss words that you used ? or I can delete your comments – I know Maurice D Muhammad doesn’t have the guts to tell you – so I will – because I don’t allow any cussing on my POSTS or my WALL……
  • Maurice D Muhammad Dennis C. What do you mean I don’t have the guts? Am I supposed to be afraid of you? I don’t work for you and I don’t sensor your page? Now if you have a problem with Annie Hunter then you have a problem with me. Don’t make it like I’m scared of you… Cause you know I’m not so let’s keep it real. Truth has come to you ~
  • Maurice D Muhammad I meant the other censor!!!
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – “”White people should be first in line to help us””No .. you should be THE FIRST – the very reason Obama isn’t doing anything of what you want – because you can’t come together on nothing – because you keep allowing sell outs into your camp, circles, homes and lives – all because their skin color is the same as yours.Seriously ? Let this be your last time commenting on my posts – where we disagree – my FaceBook POSTS and WALL is for me to SHARE, SHED, SHOW, SOW, SPEAK, SPREAD and TEACH THE WHOLE HOLY TRUTH.

    I didn’t invite you to my PULPIT to teach against what I AM teaching.

    THIS ??? Is the ministry that GOD has put me over to manage – and I will have and keep order IN IT.

    “” and anybody who they have hurt.””

    until you show me some proof of who this girl hurt ? You need to shut up and sit down – because you don’t know her – and you don’t know if she has done anything to help people with my skin color or not. you don’t know – you’re just guessing – and unrighteously judging her because of her skin color.

    “” I don’t judge a people by their color””

    you just lied – because you’ve judged her – by not crying or shedding a tear for what she went through – because of the color of her skin.

    How do you know her GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER wasn’t killed for setting slaves free ???? Do you have her HISTORY ???

    “” I judge them by their actions.””

    what are the actions of this girl against you and what you stand for ?

    “” All people are not alike we disagree on that and it’s cool with me…..””

    all people are not alike
    all caucasion are not devils
    all people with our skin color are not saints.

    “”the scripture talk about You shall not worship them or serve them;””

    I only worship GOD THE FATHER – and who is it that you accuse me of worshiping ???
    Whom do you accuse me of serving that I shouldn’t be serving …

    Please show me the scriptures … that back up what you say …..
    because ending each comment with the truth has come to you – doesn’t make it THE TRUTH

    “” for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me……””

    now all people with our skin color LOVE GOD – so what are you saying ?

    “”Now the question must be is she of them that Hate God? And I say yes she is…..””

    You know nothing about this woman – and you are saying she hates GOD – but in this video – it is OBVIOUS of who hates GOD

    you’re just making excuses for this scum to attack this woman –

  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – I don’t want you to be afraid or scared of me – but you will not continue coming to my POSTS and my WALL starting your mess – and inviting people to my POSTS and WALL who don’t know how to act.
  • Annie Hunter · 2 mutual friends

    Dennis C. Latham which 1 Bitch or Hell or both.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – I have ADDRESSED your comment THOROUGHLY – be a man – and ADDRESS each QUESTION I have asked you. You will not come to my POSTS and my WALL and slander me and not be and get dealt with …..
  • Dennis C. Latham Annie Hunter – don’t play ignorant – you have 60 seconds to edit out your cuss words – along with the new b word you just hatefully and ignorantly dropped on my FaceBook POST and WALL ……
  • Maurice D Muhammad WOMAN 2 Jesus didn’t die for your sins. You don’t even know the man. And he never taught no Christianity. Can you show evidence of the lies you just wrote? Don’t make me destroy your false so called religion… Truth has come to you ~
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – you need to address and answer my questions to you – and stop attacking people on my POSTS and WALL.
  • Dennis C. Latham WOMAN 2 – this coward is just like the guy in this video – and is about to get BLOCKED for real – along with the witch he brought here.
    4 mins · Like · 1
  • Annie Hunter · 2 mutual friends

    Fuck you Dennis, Delete the all mother fuckers Delete them all mother fuckers and kiss my black ass while you at it Bittttttttch
  • Dennis C. Latham Annie Hunter – you’re nothing but a witch – possessed with demons of self destruction and self hatred – to come here and do this – but there is RECORD of it …..
    1 min · Like
  • Annie Hunter · 2 mutual friends

    Motherfucker I wasn’t never yo friend
    1 min · Like · 1
  • Maurice D Muhammad Dennis C. Latham it’s clear to want to fight, let’s set it up, we can have that show down on this post or any comments I have made you can come on my show or I can come to yours.
  • Dennis C. Latham Annie Hunter – I never said you were my friend – however – I will admit you are my enemy.
  • Maurice D Muhammad Dennis C. Latham you called Annie Hunter a winch nigger have you lost your mother FUCKING mind!!!
  • WOMAN 2
     I Love You Dennis C, Latham. Love your column, love your spirit , and most of all I love to hear your truth. God bless you always. My true brother in Christ.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – now you come in with cussing ? LOL … you are something else – you think you can punk me ? You have lost your mind – my HEART doesn’t pump kool-aid ……. and my SPIRIT doesn’t have any sugar in it either – hater.
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – now .. you have 60 seconds to edit out your cuss words or I will DELETE your comments and then BLOCK you.
  • Maurice D Muhammad She is your enemy?? How in the hell is she your enemy. You need to take that Dennis C. Latham
  • Dennis C. Latham WOMAN 2 – see…. this coward won’t answer my questions – so he deflects with this cussing – because he knows I DO NOT PLAY
  • Maurice D Muhammad You got 60 second to take the comments about Annie back Dennis C. Latham
  • Dennis C. Latham Maurice D Muhammad – your time is up – and I will not take back my comments of calling her a witch – for cussing the way she did on my POST and my WALL …. now .. .DEAL WITH IT – and now you will be BLOCKED.
    1 min · Like
  • Dennis C. Latham See WOMAN 2 – they think they can come here and cause chaos – while I AM out in the COMMUNITY – doing my part and more – but you see how I ROLL.
  • WOMAN 2 Dennis C. Latham dont argue with the Devil and his imps. He knows his time is shot and he has to do whatever he can to TRY and take us with him. You already know this. So Devils, in the Holy a.d Powerful Name of JESUS we rebuke you back to tbe depths of Hell where you belong. Thank you Jesus for exposing the Devils.
    1 hr · Unlike · 1
  • WOMAN 2 And You shall know the truth. And the truth shall make you free. Glory to God.
    1 hr · Like
  • Dennis C. Latham WOMAN 2 – allow me to break down this clowns mental and spiritual wickedness ….“”WOMAN 2 Jesus didn’t die for your sins.””see.. he doesn’t know JESUS …. nor does he like or LOVE JESUS …..

    “” You don’t even know the man.””

    see… he’s saying to you – what needs to be said to him
    because maurice doesn’t know JESUS – for if he did ? he wouldn’t have acted the way that he did.

    “” And he never taught no Christianity.””

    JESUS taught everyone how to get to HEAVEN through HIM
    It’s called christianity – the TRUE MEANING is …
    1.) LOVER OF GOD

    “” Can you show evidence of the lies you just wrote?””

    he doesn’t want any evidence – because he doesn’t believe or know CHRIST. he just wanted to attack your beliefs – because he’s in the business of punking people into believing what he does – and if you don’t bow to him ? he continues to attack

    “” Don’t make me destroy your false so called religion…””

    he can’t destroy THE TRUTH … LOL ………

    “” Truth has come to you ~””

    and he thinks ending all of his comments with this mess – is going to make it automatically TRUE … BWHAHHHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAH !!!!!!

    1 hr · Like · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham WOMAN 2 – I don’t argue with them – they either remain in their lane and place or get BLOCKED and BOOTED OUT of this MINISTRY – PLAIN AND SIMPLE.
    1 hr · Like · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham WOMAN 2 – don’t EVER say you’re sorry to me for something like that … they are of satan and not GOD – they are only looking for a hand out – they aren’t doing anything but sitting back waiting on government to take care of them ….. they just looking for something FREE but in the wrong place – because JESUS is the ONLY one who GAVE HIS LIFE …..
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  • MAN 3  So I just read the whole coversation , missed some of Annie’s comments because they were deleted, but by Maurice word since this man punched a white woman, to get even as a white man seeing this I need to go out and start shooting black people right? Since black people shoot white people we have to get even right? What goes around comes around right? He is the biggest moron I have ever seen comment on post Dennis C. Latham he obviously doesn’t know what god is all about, bless you and WOMAN 2 for standing up to this idiotic fool.
    11 mins · Unlike · 1
  • Dennis C. Latham MAN 3 – of course he’s a moron …….mo·ron
    a stupid person.
    synonyms: fool, idiot, ass, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod; informalnitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, butthead, flake, lamer, lamebrain, zombie, nerd, peabrain, birdbrain, scissorbill, jughead, mouth-breather, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, hoser, schmuck, bozo, boob, turkey, schlep, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck, mook
    “what moron left ice cream on the stove?”
  • MAN 3 Yeah exactly Dennis C. Latham I hope him and Annie aren’t breeding together, seriously, their hatred is ridiculous.

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  1. Wow, you blocked us on Facebook now you wrote a blog about it…….Wow, well I guest you have the right to do this and we do have the right to respond…….It’d one thing to black us on Facebook and it’s another thing to write a blog about it…But that’s your choice and as I said we shall respond…..Truth has come to you~

    • “”Wow, you blocked us on Facebook””

      that’s right – because the witch you invited to my post – came in and started cussing – I asked her to stop and that witch continued on cussing even more.
      that witch had no respect.

      “” now you wrote a blog about it…….””

      yup ….. because you two are delusional and lost

      “”Wow, well I guest you have the right to do this and we do have the right to respond…….””

      That’s right – you have a right to respond – and you can cuss all you want on my blogs …..
      unlike the radio show you did as me as the topic – you had to make up lies about me
      but I understand you trying to gain connections from me and all – LOL
      I just see you as pathetic.

      “”It’d one thing to black us on Facebook and it’s another thing to write a blog about it…””

      Because I want people to know THE WHOLE TRUTH – not just some lies you spread.

      “”But that’s your choice and as I said we shall respond…..Truth has come to you~””

      you know what ? the most ignorant thing about you – is you ending your statement with the mess about TRUTH.
      kneegrow ? you have no truth

      • Negro why are you calling her out her name? Are you really that weak? I guess so….You say we are delusional but it’s you who believe in a spook…’s you who believe in your friends white people….so be as you wish negro……….and Truth has come to you~

      • “”Negro””

        you are the real and true kneegrow

        “”why are you calling her out her name?””

        I called her just what she was acting like – a witch ….
        she came in cussing – I asked her to edit out the cuss words
        she came back cussing even more – she showed no LOVE or respect for my FAMILY, FRIENDS and LOVE ONES … but she showed a whole lot of hate
        she refused to act like a lady

        You invited her to my post – you were too busy trying to get out that you hate all caucasions – you chose to disrespect me, my POST, my FAMILY, my FRIENDS and my LOVED ONES

        Are you really that weak?””

        Nope … but you are – like I said – you invited her – and at the end ? You started cussing – you simple and weak coward.

        “” I guess so….””

        Naw … you guessed wrong – just like you hate JESUS
        We don’t agree – so why even bother coming to my posts to spread your hate ….
        I have NEVER came to any of your posts or your wall to do or say anything
        You so ignorant – you posted your show on my wall – when you knew my broadcast aired at the same time
        you are a coward and you are ignorant …. as you come through attempting to DIVIDE and SNATCH up my followers to build on your evil, hate and wickedness.

        “”You say we are delusional but it’s you who believe in a spook…..””

        yup … I BELIEVE IN JESUS

        “”it’s you who believe in your friends white people….””

        yup … I have A WHOLE BUNCH of caucasion FAMILY, FRIENDS and LOVED ONES ……..

        “”so be as you wish negro……….””

        I AM not a negro – but you’re certainly a knee grow – and a house kneegrow at that.

        “”and Truth has come to you~””

        you’re pathetic – ending your statements with this mess doesn’t make it TRUE you coward.

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