rickey stokes – owner of rickey stokes news caught in his own lies – trying to make himself a hero – FAIL !!!

Some will condemn me. But they do not know the facts.Two gentleman failed to appear in court an d warrants are were ordered. I attempted to resolvepeqcefuuly. After explaining the situation I handcuffed them to the courtroom door. That lasted about 10 minutes.The court fin all ly did as requested and gave them a new court date.

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  • Patricia Carter Simmons I don’t condemn you…they failed to appear so that showed that they were not responsible . I applaud you. It was rather funny to me
  • Steven Bryan I LOVE THE IDEA! Sometimes the wheels of justice needs a swift kick in the fanny and you provided that in style. For those that say it was or is about race they are ignorant. Nothing to do with it.
  • Beverly Davis Miller Everyone has consequences for their actions, a fact forgotten by some people seeking bail/bonds.
  • Brandon Brock The bottom line is DO NOT FORGET UR COURT DATE and SHOW UP
  • Maurice Ward don’t even get me started
  • Mary Sue Bettencourt Give em heck Mr. Rickey! Make em act right!
  • Jim Cobia Then why give umm another court date put umm in jail let umm do some time ! Why waste your time and energy on people who don’t comply with your demands hell Rickey you let umm out they need to stay for w while!
  • Debbie Hubbard I know for a FACT that court dates are set and the defendants ARE NOT NOTIFIED. People are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Ignorance is bliss for some of you people out there living in Neverland!
  • Jim Cobia Always an excuse! Even here in Neverland……
  • Jenna Nicole Sullivan Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time… Good Job Rickey!
  • Jon Caldwell Jeez..seriously?
  • Molly McGill Robinson Just curious why are you not telling the whole story….like that bond forfeiture court was at 10 yesterday morning and it could have all been resolved then. Why is it that YOU don’t have to follow the same rules and process as others. It is a know fact had you had the proper paperwork and done things properly there would have been no issue. Do we really want police arresting citizens because YOU say to??? Or open the courtroom just for YOU Rickey? Come on…. You were told by police not to chain anyone to the doors and you disobeyed their order. Do you always advise your clients to directly disobey an officer of the law? Then again maybe your example is good for business….Don’t miss understand me, the city of Dothan has issues….but please don’t be like others and tell bits and pieces….why don’t you tell your great audience what the actual laws and policies are when it comes to this process. Then let them decide. As for me I will keep teaching my children to respect and obey members of law enforcement and that NEVER is there a reason to chain ANY human to anything unless their life is in danger.
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  • Cheryl Floyd I will say notices are never sent in timely manner. And yes this court system has issues. Unless u r part of the court system.them it’s good old boy.maybe chained was wrong but just call it detained for a few mins.
  • Gina Davis Estes Ummm u left out the detail that they turned themselves in. And even when the judge ordered for them to be released u walked away like u r above the law. U would have never have done this to white men but its not surprising since uve made ur fortune off the back of black folks since day 1. And n advance sorry massa.
  • Traci Dunlap not cool..
  • Connie Smith Acuna Do what you got to do is all I say
  • Connie Smith Acuna You tell people what they need to know they don’t need all details
  • Cheryl Floyd Black , really .I think it is u do the crime u do the time .No where did it say if you black…. come on people don’t go there!!!!!!!
  • Jon Caldwell Molly struck first!…Mr. Stokes is a racist ass ….I wrote a whole detailed story about my friend at Farley dying in a freak accident. (Not what happened, but how great of a guy he was)..and he deleted my post just so he could keep his face in the huge highlights of the Dothan Eagle and WTVY…


    not even a good chase story was behind it…

    Willingly turned themselves in…

    I will make sure if I ever screw up…it’s not you I call..

  • Jon Caldwell Fact:..you are not a man
  • Gina Davis Estes I’m sure ur tired of folks playing the ‘race card’ but imagine how tired ud be of being treated different if u would of been born ‘not white”. Its easy to say ‘they’re always using that’ when u look n the mirror at ur caucasian face. My kids are interracial and I can tell u IT IS EXTREME RACISM N DOTHAN. Case n point Lil Chris was gunned down due to mistaken identity and nothing was done. No media coverage or anything and the people who spoke up(elderly women) were arrested. Oh yea RAC matters.
  • Cheryl Floyd Their is never a good argument for racist, cause it goes both ways.and I will not argue over something like this but black or white these men were wrong for thinking they can just show up anytime and say ” my bad”.I know they have a cell phone or know someone who does , make a phone call and ask somebody. They have people who can tell you when your court date is. And u know if you should have one. So don’t play dumb and just show up. This is what could happen.
  • Timothy Hunter Hawkins way to go rickey!! keep up the good work!!! screw these idiots that don’t like it….

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