david white – attempting to cover up and dodge the TRUTH – that he teaches specific kids to hate arab, asians and caucasion kids.

Imagedavid white – flunky of christ miles and the hebrew israelites of Montgomery, AL

    David White The focus of people in this city is to use, get over, steal, and when all fails play the blame game
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    Dennis C. Latham well….. David – you’re in that city – so I guess you’re included. Since you are speaking of everyone in Montgomery, AL
    David White dude I have brought more change and some upgrade to this city than most of the people who have been here most of there lifes.
    Dennis C. Latham you mind listing some of that change ? Is it teaching children that arabs, asians and whites can’t and won’t go to HEAVEN no matter what ?
    David White dude get on with that! this is not about that. I have done more than talk. Talk is cheap.
    Dennis C. Latham It’s always about that – if you and chris miles and willie knight are teaching youth to hate arabs, asians and whites …….. maybe you don’t want to admit that you all do that …….
    David White I done put in work to make a change and the r
    Dennis C. Latham <—- figured he’d come back with incomplete sentences and fear to admit his hate for arabs, asians and whites ……..
    David White stay in your lane sir. you getting way off the topic. Arabe are not running the school system
  • Dennis C. Latham I AM in my lane – exposing those who have hate for others – because of their nationality or skin color – who are wolves – trying to put on sheep’s clothing to act like they care about all children – when I know you don’t – I AM dead on topic – the kids don’t need wolves in sheep’s clothing – with hidden agendas – who can’t say what changes they have brought or made.
  • Dennis C. Latham @david white – name or list what changes you have brought forth or what changes have been made because of you – and I will be happy to see what you have to name and / list – thank you if there are any – and EXPOSE for lying to try and deceive, lie to and trick people as if you are really doing something to help Children, Youth and Young Adults – besides clouding their minds with hatred and racist ignorance
  • David White dude me an a cousin of mind have paid for the last two years to play organize sports in thie city. what have you done? Not only that have coached in prattville, autagaville, and montgomery. Not only that help create a whole youth football league in the city so why dont you put that out there? Oh is it that you really dont know me to say that? So what are you doing again dennis?
  • Dennis C. Latham hip hop, slinging drugs and sports – ????? I don’t do with children, youth and young adults – I teach and train skills and trades – at several community centers – one in Millbrook and several others across the country – they can do sports at school – after school they should be learning a skill or a trade – every simple and weak chump runs to sports all the time ….. anyway … I AM up out this conversation – you ain’t doing diddly squat – but keeping youth hating arabs, asians and whites. I know you well enough for that. PEACE ALL.
    Dennis C. Latham <— pays attention to how long it took for him to come up with that – as I exit.
  • David White Also have helped plenty of kids stay in school but you dont put that up do you? Oh yeah you dont know that do you? Matter of fact you really dont know anything about me truly?
  • David White Now people who have read this. This is why is the way it is montgomery just look at dennis and his logic? lot of talking but no work behind it.
  • Michael Nunnally I am ready for my country to collapse. There is no one who knows it’s history, no one who really cares, truth doesn’t matter. The world is seen in two different colors white and black. There is no longer a God, “Hoka Hey”, it’s a good day to die. I am caught in a world I don’t belong. I prayed for hope and change and got more of the same lies and deceit, if not worse than before. You’re talking about kids who may be lucky to get a can a tuna in the end, because you do not see. Everyday I am saddened, when I see our once former enemy Soviet Union has more compassion toward it’s citizens than our own duly elected. 250 years, it was a good run….but we are no longer a country a collective hyphenated cultures, that no one knows anything about…we won’t survive.
    Dennis C. Latham I know enough about what you teach and train children in – hating arabs, asians and whites – I know that – and that enough.
  • Michael Nunnally So you know how to teach hate… I wonder if you’ll be able to feed yourself when there are no Asians, whites and arabs. Last I heard most blacks weren’t so good at farming after the civil war….maybe you can just grow and eat those EBTs.
  • Michael Nunnally It would be awesome to watch evolution go backwards…
  • Dennis C. Latham Michael Nunnally @david white ain’t man enough to man up and admit it openly anymore – but I have proof of his teachings – through chris miles and rev. willie knight – Kevin Elkins perks that he allows to talk as long as they want when they call his show ……..
  • David White have me or you dennid ever had a face conversation other than 4 years ago you stalking me in the store
    Michael Nunnally With that kind of attitude, I assume success eludes you. And I am supposed to respect you for what reason? I must have lost something on that one?
  • Dennis C. Latham @david white – see ??? There you go again with your lies – I was at Dollar Tree because I go there a lot – not stalking you – but I let you know I saw you – and I didn’t beat you down – for all the lies you told on me before – because I AM not that type of person – and plus – I could see you were about ready to crap and piss in your pants. Feel free to continue to ignore that you teach kids to hate arabs, asians and whites …. keep avoiding it – I could care less – I have THE PROOF.
  • Michael Nunnally Put it this way if ever in a situation, “I’ve got your 6 o’clock”, don’t worry
    Dennis C. Latham The CHILDREN need people who LOVE them – not people who have their own agenda as their priority – only to gain control, money and power – to only seek more control, money and power.
  • Michael Nunnally Yeah, I can feel the love in this thread….so much I wouldn’t let you know where near my kids.
  • Dennis C. Latham Michael Nunnally – um … I AM not out to hurt children and to teach them to hate others because of things they had no control over – like where they were born or the color of their skin – and it’s not hate – to expose those who teach hate. So ….. it is what it is.
  • Michael Nunnally I suppose it is…it’s sad, so much accomplished, so much lost..so much for those who tried to make it right.
  • Kevin Elkins Dennis, why is it you must take over every conversation with your religious vitriol , your kind of conversation, does more to hurt Christianity than help it!!
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  • David White So basically dennis thats a no. so another question sense you use Kevins page to promote yourself have you ever bought anything from him?
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  • Dennis C. Latham Kevin Elkins – you’re one who hates THE TRUTH – I AM against anyone who teaches kids to hate arabs, asians and whites – I will always be against it – no matter what you say.
  • Carl Greene why do you all entertain DENNIS. He is a non factor…lol
  • Dennis C. Latham and Kevin Elkins – I don’t deal in religion – I deal in LOVE FOR GOD, FOLLOWING CHRIST and being RECEPTIVE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.
  • Dennis C. Latham it seems that most of you would rather converse and be friends with those who teach children to hate others because of skin color …… WOW …
  • David White have you bought anything from kevin
  • Carl Greene DW you are going to make him LIE
  • Dennis C. Latham bought anything like what ? I repair and sell computers – I have no need to – have you stopped telling children arabs, asians and whites can’t and won’t go to HEAVEN @david white ?
  • Dennis C. Latham <— doesn’t see what buying something from kevin has to do with what the children need and EXPOSING the people who are against children and hate children. Anything to change the topic though.
  • David White so no but you use his page to promote yourself and dobt give him a dollar
  • Dennis C. Latham I promote THE TRUTH of the matters I know of. You ??? @david white ? seem to hate children who are arab, asian or white – unless you’ve left the hebrew isralite mess that chris seems to run ….
  • Dennis C. Latham Kevin Elkins – the only “”cruel and bitter criticism”” comes from those who attempt to misguide and mislead others about The Scriptures of THE HOLY BIBLE – just because I don’t and won’t bow down to you and compromise with your warped slanders of scriptures – doesn’t make me cruel and bitter – but only you – for rebuking, refuting and rejecting THE TRUTH of The Scriptures of THE HOLY BIBLE.
    David White so you use his page to come up on but dont promote his work
    Dennis C. Latham “” so you use his page to come up on””

    1.) I AM already up – i don’t need man to lift me up – JESUS has THE TRUE WAY – man has a delusional and evil ways.
    2.) If I see something I want to comment on in my news feed that I would like to comment on ? I AM going to do it – 
    3.) Anywhere I go – I AM going to PROMOTE JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS and TRUTH – nothing else.

    “” but dont promote his work””

    Why should I promote his work – when I have the same exact business as he does ? Bu wait – this is coming from someone who teaches kids to hate other kids who are arab, asian or white – yet – I see you have people here that are on your side – and not one time have you stated you don’t tell this to children …. because I know you do – Kevin Elkins knows that you do – and others know that you do – so .. with that being said – I don’t need man to validate me – GOD has already done it.

  • David White yeah yeah hide behind god ? I just meet with Kevin a couple of days ago face to face not hiding behind a hand or filming people while there not looking
  • Dennis C. Latham @david white – so do you still teach kids that arabs, asians and whites can’t and won’t be going to HEAVEN and that’s why they are so evil ? Do you still teach that ? YES or NO ?
  • David White we actually talked face to face and i have bought a computer from him and a good one at that. I told him to give me some cards so I can help promote his business. See what that is called putting in work. We dont agree all the time but who does. It has nothing to do with this matter at hand same as the hand you use as a puc dont helpor put in any work
  • Dennis C. Latham at least you are consistent in not denying your belief and teachings that arrabs, asians and whites are evil and can’t and won’t be going to HEAVEN ….. I give you that much …. THANKS for the conversation – and more proof ….
  • David White not about what I believe it is about what are you are doing and right now you are just facebook bitching
    Dennis C. Latham NOTICE: When you become a thorn in someone’s flesh – because of THE TRUTH – they will do any and everything – to shut you down and shut you up.
  • David White you can talk all day action speak loudervthqn
  • Dennis C. Latham I have already acknowledge that I teach skills and trades to children, youth, young adults – at several community centers – one in Millbrook and others.
  • David White yeah yeah
  • Dennis C. Latham I actually believe – the people who actually stand with you – like carl green and kevin – probably believe that mess you teach children – for they are only children themselves……

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