Main Problems Of Today’s people who claim to be christians and their backward leaders, preachers and teachers.

I personally do not single out any particular sin – although lying – which is one of the worst sins – is the most practiced – even against each other – I AM a witness to this – because I have been lied about, lied on and lied to so many times it’s a waste of time to attempt trying to figure out – even if I attempted to add up those lies coming from the finger tips, minds and mouths of title holders – such as apostles, bishops, evangelists, ministers, pastors, preachers, prophets, and teachers.

However – I do have plenty of blogs of many of those conversations – been kicked out of several groups because of it, and be taken off the friends list of too many to count or name – because I EXPOSED a liar – and the people around didn’t like me EXPOSING their family member, friends, loved one and / or whom they treat as their savior – to be a liar – while PROVING it.

Today’s so called HOUSES fixed up, made up and painted up to look like A HOUSE OF GOD are actually houses of devils – brought forth by traditions of satanic practices being adapted and allowed into today’s so called worship services.

1.) One bad one – is calling a building a church – when it is the person that is the church. Leading people to believe – the building will make them whole or purify them in front of the view of the people. Giving them the delusion that they can now call themselves christians – part of an ELITE GROUP.

2.) Many people walking around calling one self a christian – while acting like the devil the majority of the time – with little or no opposition.

3.) Calling one self black – when they are not black – verses calling one self white – when they are not white.
This is only a weapon of satan – used against us – because we have become so accustomed to dividing ourselves through the color of our skin – keeping these very worship services segregated …

I know there are some multi cultural services – but the majority are segregated – and they are doing little or nothing at all to join with others to break this curse from GOD because they follow satan.

4.) Lastly – I have found several spirits – controlling the masses –
a.) for the males ? It is the fall of Adam – handing over his authority and power over to the serpent – by disobeying THE MOST HIGH GOD
b.) to many peacekeepers – which is not biblical – who avoid and cover up the problems – so they may continue – while there are very few peacemakers – which is biblical – who are attacked, avoided, murdered and slandered to keep the masses in a disarray ….
c.) the spirit of ahab – passive and submissive to evil – while being in a position of leadership and raising, teaching and training their flock to be passive and submissive to evil – to be overmerciful – seeing only the good in a person – while ignoring the evils of a person
d.) the spirit of jezebel – controlling and manipulative – with many other traits – all of these spirits are cast out of the world and into the people by the many false prophets and false teachers.

5.) It is the knowledge and wisdom of what I have just spoken on THIS DAY – is what is needed to be taught – to change and turn the masses from their evil and wicked ways – so they my pray and THE MOST HIGH GOD hear them and heal their land.


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