Crazed Fans Interrupted Willie Speight Interview

If you think being wealthy having a handsome face with a perfect body and Intelligent don’t get you far in life think again. You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard about National Best Selling Author, Film Director Willie Speight new book, ‘White Women Have Stepped Their Game Up. Speight were recently promoting his new book on a CBS Radio Station in Atlanta broke the news to his fans that he was extremely excited to announced his daughter actor Zanna Speight will be back on the big screens starring in his Horror Movie, “Shut Eye.”

Zanna Speight starring in  "Shut Eye." Horror MovieZanna Speight starring in “Shut Eye.” Horror Movie

My office has been receiving letters and emails from fans EVERY DAY asking me why haven’t I put my daughter back on the big screens, Speight said. Zanna Speight best known for her role as ‘Felicia Smith’ as an African-American Banker in Speight first film, “Switching Roles,” later lost her job, her daughter, her home, and ends up eating garbage out of trash cans, because she let her desire to be someone else consume her life.

“She was not really grateful for the way God made her. Speight said he presented the Horror Script, ‘Shut Eye’ which will be filmed inside a underground home to his daughter and she loved the idea. When ask by fans why did he decide to do a horror film, Speight said there is not one single answer to “Why.” Why are horror movies scary” or even “rules for survival in a horror movie. There are also thousand of Horror Freaks out there with something to say on the matter.

My new feature film ‘Shut Eye’ will have you running out your seats in the theaters. This film is something that’s going to make parents think twice about leaving their children over their classmates home for a ‘Sleep Over.’ I’m specially fond of writing and directing this movie. A good scary flick never get old, because the scare that they give to your nerves blur your memory. Even if you watch a scary movie more than once, and know what’s gonna happen next, you still feel your heart skipping a beat when you watch that one scene which made you jump out of your skin.

Something like you are on your way to your home. Street lights are out, and the sky is putting up a good lightning show, making things bright for a second and blind, the next. So, while you are walking and humming some happy tune to yourself, suddenly you sense something moving behind you. It feels cold…. You never know what’s going to happen with my new film, ‘Shut Eye.’ Speight film, ‘Shut Eye’ has a $8 million Dollar Budget. Production for Shut Eyes begins in the Fall of 2013.


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  1. If I was single in my early twenty’s I would give those young chicks run for their money. Willie Speight is a very handsome man!!!

  2. If I was single in my early twenty’s I would give those young chicks a run for their money. Willie Speight is a very handsome man!!!

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